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by Reshma
Curriculum plays very important
role in the feld of education. For every course
curriculum is back bone hich re!ects the structure of
the course and clears all the dimension aims and
ob"ectives instructional strategies and so on.
Curriculum should be relevant to the changing time# if
there is a lag beteen the re$uirements and
components in the curriculum. %hen all the task of
teaching&learning became futile. Curriculum should be
update. 'n the modern scenario many changes are
taken place e. g( 'C% has taken predominant position in
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every alk of life. %here is an emergence of learning
society not only information# but building of knoledge
is e$ually important. 'n this regards all these changes
should re!ected in the curriculum then and only
application of learning is possible
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Curriculum is one of the most
important items in the educative process. 't is useless
to talk ho or hen to teach ithout frst deciding hat
to teach. Curriculum is a medium through hich the
pupil made an e8ort to achieve the ob"ectives of
education. 'n addition to it curriculum act as a pivot in
organising educational e8ort of some manageable basis
and undoubtedly the head of the school.
-ccording to the recent developments emerging trends
folloing aspects should be re!ected in curriculum of
all the braches of study.
1.Need based Curriculums
Researches in all the felds resulted in
to speciali9ation. *eed based curriculum is the
foremost need of the present education system.
2.Mdular Curriculum
6odular curriculum gives real freedom
of learning .especially in the open learning system his
approach has been adopted at frst but no ma"ority of
traditional universities also accepting his system: this is
a real emerging trend in the modern curriculum.
3. S!ills based curriculum
-ll the curriculums of various courses
should focus on 10st century skills. Skills like
collaboration# critical thinking# e8ective
communication# multitasking stress management#
empathy are must for all the personals.
".I#$er#a$i#al U#ders$a#di#% i# curriculum
.lobali9ation has made converted the orld in
to global village. ;e should consider orld as a one
family and for this international understanding must be
inculcate through curriculum.
&.C#s$ruc$i'ism i# curriculum
Constructivist approach believes that learner
should be given freedom to construct his<her
knoledge. Spoon feeding must be avoided. 'f a learner
is fully active in construction of knoledge then
learning process ill be highly e8ective. 'n all the
curriculums constructivist strategies must be given
important place.
(.Di%i$al Di'ersi$) i# curriculum
,resent age is an age o f 'C% technology has
touched to al the akes of human life. %echnology has
made various tasks easy# convenient and of $uality. %o
survive in the concern fled it is necessary for everyone
to have a knoledge and skill of technology. /ducation
makes man enable to contribute# it strengthens the
capabilities. For the e8ective transaction of curriculum
'C% is must. ;eb 1.0 applications must be used for the
e8ective teaching learning process. Curriculum makers
should give clear guidelines regarding 'C%
%hese are the emerging trends in curriculum
development. %hese trends should be given proper
"ustice hile developing curriculum.
=uality of people in every country is
depended on the $uality of education. /ducation plays
important role in the development of every country.
/ducation is a best tool ever for the overall
development of a person and to make a nation
civili9ed. Curriculum that satisfes the changing needs
of the society is $uality curriculum. Such type of
curriculum only can bring desired changes and positive
1.+asic ,ri#ci,les - curriculum a#d
i#s$ruc$i#.T)lr R./
2.Researc0 i# $eac0i#% scial s$udies.