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Dragonlance Campaign 2013 Part 1

When Galan Dracos expunged himself from the Universe to avoid the wrath of Takhisis at the end of
the Dragonwar he actually entered into the Far Realm. Now, in the time between the War of the
Lance and the War of the Twins and with Raistlin away Plane Travelling, hes back

Partial action to disengage a blade from a Baaz Draconian (so cannot do after a charge or if
dazed etc.)
Aurak Draconian dies with a Chain Lightning at its HD/Level on its killer and the killers
surrounding allies.

Kender NPC
Has a Ring of Nine Lives
Will talk innocently about being killed by party members gee you didnt mean to do

Starting Items
Gauntlets of Takhisis
o +6 enhancement to STR
o Convert negative Blackguard abilities (aura etc.) to Paladin

Circlet of Magius
o +6 enhancement to INT
o Guardianship of the Tower
Guardians Aerial Servant and Stone Golem
Clerical Domains

Act 1 - Introduction
Each character (or rather their order as they are sent as a representative) receives an
invitation to the Shoikan Grove.
o If there is a Kender PC (or NPC) they just happen to be there but may filch the
invitation from another character as they are addressed to whom it may concern
An Invisible servant/stalker arrives in a hooded black robe with a Night Jewel and silently
points them towards the tower.
Undead fight Night jewel saving throw will keep undead at bay and just out of Bleak born
aura (though describe as numbing cold). A new save will drive them back for a round.
Following the test the tower returns to normal and Dalamar awaits (with Dalamars items,
Wand, Ring of Healing, Bracelet of MR etc.) and introduces the characters to the problem
that he had doubts about the Neutral party and had reactivated the Tower of Palanthus
testing facilities.
Gifts for Passing Test : Amulet of Health +4, Belt of Rapid Casting (as Circlet), Scabbard of
Keen Edges.

Inside the Tower of
The tower is a wreck
dashed rocks and
cracks run up the
Stairwell Abishai
(Blue and Red)
Raistlins Chambers
Wizard Locked,
Magic Trap, revealed
by Detect Magic -
may be dispelled at
level (inner
doors only at 20

level). Map to
Chamber of Seeing
specifying distance
for Dimension Door.
Chamber of Seeing
Chaos Beast attacks
(morph/mix of
separate but now
fused grotesque
forms). Chamber will
allow Scrying into top
of tower which
shows the laboratory
and the portal to the
Abyss being open.
Between chambers
of Raistlin and
Dalamar the stairwell
is blocked (as well as
above Dalamars
chambers) but allows
access to the
minarets . Either Minaret has Gargoyles looking down from the Deathwalk above it. Two will drop
every round the party are out in the open. Party may Jump or Fly across gap (Jump DC 15). Fall 40
to wedge between tower and minaret may climb back up with rope (Climb DC 20 without).
Laboratory has gear but portal is open and behind can be seen a Stone Golem fighting off lesser
Abishai which seek to gain entrance. Closing the portal will require a Spellcraft check DC 15 from an
Arcane or Divine Spell caster but the Portal is guarded by a Nalfeshnee that wont use its Smite until
round 2 (goes off in round 3).

Gargoyle, Fighter 6 CR 10
Usually Chaotic Evil Medium Monstrous Humanoid ([Earth])
Init +3
AC 17 FF 14 Touch 13
HD: 10
HP: 100 but 50HP will cause to crash (does not land during combat)
Fort +12 Ref +9 Will +5
Speed 40 ft. (8 squares), fly 60 ft. (average)
Base Atk +10 Grapple +14
Full Attack: 2 claws +14 1d4+4
Abilities Str 19(+4) Dex 17(+3) Con 22(+6) Int 8(-1) Wis 8(-1) Cha 6(-2)
Skills: Climb +5, Craft(Alchemy) +0, Handle Animal -1, Hide +6, Intimidate -
1, Jump +5, Listen +2, Ride+4, Spot +2, Swim +5
Damage reduction(Ex): 10/magic Darkvision (Ex): 60 ft.

Act 2
Cyan Bloodbane has entered the Kagonesti (Wild Elves land) and spoken with the (Neutral) Druids
there. He is teaching them dark and corrupting arts to help them fend off the predations of the
Silvanesti and Qualinesti.
Speaking with Galan Dracos last living apprentice Cyan Bloodbane
o Cyans wyrmling progeny
o Draconians!
o Wood Elves
o Dark/Corrupted Plant Life and Animals
o Elven Druids
Oaca, female wild elf Drd14; CR 14; HD 14d8-14; hp 44; Init -1; Spd 20 ft; AC 18/15, touch 10, flat-footed
18/15 (-1 Dex,+1 nat,+3 armor,+1 armor enh.,+2 shield,+1 shield enh.,+1 defl.); BAB +10; Melee quarterstaff
+10/+5 two-handed (1d6), or sickle +10/+5 light (1d6); Ranged shortbow +13/+8 (1d6+2/x3); SQ +2 save vs.
enchantment, a thousand faces, animal companion, find hidden portals, low-light vision, nature sense, resist
nature's lure, sleep immunity, trackless step, venom immunity, wild shape (dire), wild shape (large), wild shape
(tiny), wild shape 5/day, woodland stride; AL N; SV Fort +8, Ref +3, Will +14; Str 9(-1), Dex 8(-1), Con 8(-1), Int
7(-2), Wis 20(+5), Cha 8(-1).
Skills and Feats: HIDE+6, SPOT+7, LISTEN+7, MOVE SILENTLY-4, balance-4, climb-4, concentration+8(9), escape
artist-4, jump-3(1), knowledge(nature)+5(7), search+0, spellcraft+1(3), wilderness lore+18(13); heighten spell,
quick draw, quicken spell, silent spell, weapon focus(shortbow).
Drd Spells Prepared: (6/7/6/5/5/4/3/2) (DC = 15 + spell level) 0--Create Water, Cure Minor
Wounds (2), Guidance, Resistance, Virtue; 1--Detect Animals or Plants, Entangle (2), Invisibility to
Animals, Obscuring Mist (2), Pass Without Trace; 2--Chill Metal (2), Delay Poison (2), Flame Blade, Flaming
Sphere; 3--Call Lightning, Dominate Animal, Greater Magic Fang, Poison, Stone Shape; 4--Control
Plants, Rusting Grasp, Scrying, Sleet Storm, Spike Stones; 5--Awaken,Transmute Mud to Rock, Wall of Fire (2);
6--Fire Seeds (2), Stone Tell; 7--Changestaff, True Seeing.
Equipment: +1 shortbow, +1 sickle, 20 +2 arrow(s), +1 quarterstaff, +1 hide (`shadow), +1 large wooden shield
(light fortification), Dust of Appearance,Feather Token (tree), Figurine of Wondrous Power (silver
raven), Necklace of Fireballs (Type V), `Amulet of Natural Armor (+1), `Periapt of Wisdom +2, `Ring - Protection
+1, Potion of Aid, Potion of Cat's Grace, Potion of Vision, Scroll of Creeping Doom (CL13), Scroll of Entangle
(CL1), Scroll of Neutralize Poison (CL5), Scroll of Remove Disease (CL5), 5 gp.

Languages: common, elf.

Type Baaz Fighter 6
Bozak Sorcerer 4
Aurak Sorcerer 4

HD 8 8 12
HP 50 35 90
Initiative 4 4 9
Speed 30 30 30
Claw +6
Energy Ray (Touch) +9
2 x 1D8+2
22 (M.A.)
Fort 9 5 6
Ref 5 5 7
Will 4 8 6
Spell Resistance 16 16 24
Listen/Spot 6 7 11
Death Throes Petrify Explode (2D6, 10r) Chain Lightning (12D6)
Spells 1
- (6) (6)
Spells 2
- (6) (6)
Spells 3
- (5) (6)
Spells 4
- (3) (6)
Spells 5
- - (5)
Spells 6
- - (3)

: Mage Armour, Magic Missile,
: Scorching Ray, Web, Mirror Image
: Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Vampiric Touch
: Evards Black Tentacles, Enervation
: Cone of Cold, Teleport
: Chain Lightning

The Dark Grove

Act 3 Northern Ergoth and The Dark Grove

Ogre, Warrior 6
Init +0
AC 14 FF 14 Touch 9
HD: 10
HP: 91
Fort +13 Ref +3 Will +2
Speed 40ft
Base Atk +9 Grapple +20 Attack: Greatclub +16 2d8+10 (20, x2)
Space 10 ft. (2 squares) Reach 10 ft. (2 squares)
Abilities Str 25(+7) Dex 11(+0) Con 18(+4) Int 8(-1) Wis 8(-1) Cha 6(-2)
Skills: Climb +9, Handle Animal +0, Intimidate +0, Jump +9, Ride +2, Swim +9

Oacou of Hiddukel, male human Clr13; CR 13; HD 13d8+13; hp 79; Init -2; Spd 20 ft; AC 27/24, touch 11, flat-
footed 27/24 (-2 Dex,+2 nat,+8 armor,+3 armor enh.,+2 shield,+1 shield enh.,+3 defl.); BAB +9; Melee heavy
mace +10/+5 (1d8+1), or spiked gauntlet +10/+5 light (1d4+1+1d6 fire); Ranged javelin +8/+3 (1d6+1); SA turn
undead 4/day; SQ divination spells +1 caster lvl; AL LG; SV Fort +9, Ref +4, Will +12; Str 10(+0), Dex 6(-2), Con
12(+1), Int 9(-1), Wis 19(+4), Cha 12(+1).
Skills and Feats: HIDE-8, SPOT+4, LISTEN+4, MOVE SILENTLY+2, balance-8, climb-6, concentration+14(13),
escape artist-8, jump-6, knowledge(religion)+13(14), spellcraft+4(5); brew potion, enlarge spell, lightning
reflexes, scribe scroll, spell penetration, still spell.
Clr Spells Prepared: (6/6+1/6+1/5+1/5+1/3+1/2+1/1+1) (DC = 14 + spell level) 0--Cure Minor Wounds, Detect
Magic (2), Light (2), Virtue; 1--Bless, Magic Weapon, Protection from Law, Random Action, Shield of
Faith (2), `Change Self; 2--Consecrate, Death Knell, Endurance, Enthrall, Resist Elements, Shatter,`Invisibility; 3--
Daylight, Invisibility Purge (2), Locate Object (2), `Clairaudience/Clairvoyance; 4--Death Ward, Dimensional
Anchor, Dismissal, Giant Vermin,Imbue with Spell Ability, `Confusion; 5--Healing Circle, Mark of Justice, Spell
Resistance, `False Vision; 6--Banishment, Greater Dispelling, `Find the Path; 7--Blasphemy, `Legend Lore.
Domain Spells: (trickery, knowledge): 1--Change Self, Detect Secret Doors; 2--Invisibility, Detect Thoughts; 3--
Nondetection, Clairaudience/Clairvoyance; 4--Confusion, Divination; 5--False Vision, True Seeing; 6--
Mislead, Find the Path; 7--Screen, Legend Lore.
Equipment: +1 javelin (returning), +1 spiked gauntlet (`flaming), +1 heavy mace (gnoll bane), +1 adamantine
full plate (`silent moves), +1 large steel shield (light fortification), Rod - Flame Extinguishing, Stone of
Alarm, `Amulet of Natural Armor (+2), `Periapt of Wisdom +2, `Ring - Protection +3, Potion of Charisma, Scroll
of Aid (CL3), Scroll of Giant Vermin (CL7), Scroll of Sunburst (CL15), 21 gp.
Divine Scrolls : Shatter (2
), Disintegrate (7
), Dimension Door (4
), Cone of Cold (5

Umpaere of Chemosh female human Clr13; CR 13; HD 13d8+29; hp 94; Init -1; Spd 20 ft; AC 27/24, touch 12,
flat-footed 27/24 (-1 Dex,+1 nat,+8 armor,+3 armor enh.,+2 shield,+1 shield enh.,+3 defl.); BAB +9; Melee club
+10/+5 (1d6+1), or dagger +9/+4 light (1d4/19-20); Ranged light crossbow +11 (1d8+3/19-20) (from bolt(s):
+1d6 fire); SA death touch (13d6), turn undead 4/day; SQ healing spells +1 caster lvl; AL CE; SV Fort +9, Ref +5,
Will +12; Str 9(-1), Dex 8(-1), Con 14(+2), Int 9(-1), Wis 19(+4), Cha 13(+1).
Skills and Feats: HIDE-6, SPOT+4, LISTEN+4, MOVE SILENTLY-6, balance-6, climb-6, concentration+10(8),
disguise+2(1), escape artist-6, jump-6, knowledge(religion)+12(13), spellcraft+8(9); enlarge spell, lightning
reflexes, maximize spell, point blank shot, scribe scroll, toughness.
Clr Spells Prepared: (6/6+1/6+1/5+1/5+1/3+1/2+1/1+1) (DC = 14 + spell level) 0--Cure Minor Wounds, Detect
Magic, Mending, Purify Food and Drink,Read Magic, Resistance; 1--Bane, Curse Water, Divine
Favor (2), Entropic Shield (2), `Cure Light Wounds; 2--Aid, Consecrate, Endurance, Gentle Repose,Lesser
Restoration, Zone of Truth, `Cure Moderate Wounds; 3--Contagion, Deeper Darkness, Dispel Magic, Obscure
Object, Remove Disease, `Animate Dead; 4--Control Water, Cure Critical Wounds, Dimensional Anchor, Imbue
with Spell Ability, Tenser's Transformation, `Cure Critical Wounds; 5--Break Enchantment,Plane Shift, Spell
Resistance, `Slay Living; 6--Etherealness, Wind Walk, `Create Undead; 7--Refuge, `Regenerate.
Domain Spells: (death, healing): 1--Cause Fear, Cure Light Wounds; 2--Death Knell, Cure Moderate Wounds; 3--
Animate Dead, Cure Serious Wounds; 4--Death Ward, Cure Critical Wounds; 5--Slay Living, Healing Circle; 6--
Create Undead, Heal; 7--Destruction, Regenerate.
Equipment: +2 light crossbow, +1 dagger (defending), 34 +1 bolt(s) (`flaming), +2 club (spell storing), +2
adamantine full plate, +1 mithral large shield (bashing), Bead of Force, Ring - Counterspells, Wand - Bull's
Strength (24 charges), Wand - Darkness (27 charges), `Amulet of Health (+2), `Amulet of Natural Armor
(+1), `Periapt of Wisdom +2, `Ring - Protection +3, Potion of Blur, Potion of Ghoul Touch, Potion of Protection
From Elements (cold), Scroll of Detect Law (CL1), Scroll of Dispel Magic (CL7), Scroll of Geas/Quest (CL11), Scroll
of Lesser Planar Ally (CL7), Scroll of Magic Circle against Evil (CL5), Scroll of Magic Weapon (CL1), 89 gp.

Vuwoa of Morgion female human Clr13; CR 13; HD 13d8; hp 66; Init -4; Spd 20 ft; AC 24/21, touch 8, flat-
footed 24/21 (-4 Dex,+2 nat,+8 armor,+3 armor enh.,+2 shield,+1 shield enh.,+2 defl.); BAB +9; Melee
halfspear +10/+5 (1d6+1/x3), or spiked gauntlet +9/+4 light (1d4/19-20); Ranged javelin +6/+1 (1d6); SA
rebuke plant 3/day, smite (+4/+13) 1/day, turn undead 3/day; AL NG; SV Fort +8, Ref +2, Will +15; Str 9(-1),
Dex 3(-4), Con 11(+0), Int 16(+3), Wis 20(+5), Cha 11(+0).
Skills and Feats: HIDE-9(1), SPOT+5, LISTEN+8(3), MOVE SILENTLY-8(2), alchemy+4(1), appraise+5(2), balance-
10, climb-7, concentration+11(11), craft(gemcutter)+4(1), diplomacy+4(4), disguise+3(3), escape artist-10,
jump-7, knowledge(religion)+16(13), perform+4(4), scry+14(11), sense motive+9(4), spellcraft+19(16); combat
casting, enlarge spell, heighten spell, iron will, lightning reflexes, spell penetration.
Skill Extras: +4 concentration when casting in combat.
Clr Spells Prepared: (6/7+1/6+1/5+1/5+1/4+1/2+1/1+1) (DC = 15 + spell level) 0--Create Water, Detect
Magic (2), Guidance, Mending, Virtue; 1--Bless Water, Detect Good, Detect Undead, Obscuring Mist, Protection
from Chaos, Protection from Law, Summon Monster I, `Inflict Light Wounds; 2--Darkness (2),Death
Knell, Desecrate, Find Traps, Silence, `Barkskin; 3--Bestow
Curse, Blindness/Deafness, Daylight (2), Prayer, `Contagion; 4--Death Ward (2), Divine Power, Imbue with Spell
Ability, Lesser Planar Ally, `Control Plants; 5--Dispel Good, Dispel Law, Scrying, Spell Resistance, `Wall of Thorns;
6--Blade Barrier,Greater Glyph of Warding, `Repel Wood; 7--Resurrection, `Changestaff.
Domain Spells: (destruction, plant): 1--Inflict Light Wounds, Entangle; 2--Shatter, Barkskin; 3--Contagion, Plant
Growth; 4--Inflict Critical Wounds, Control Plants; 5--Circle of Doom, Wall of Thorns; 6--Harm, Repel Wood; 7--
Disintegrate, Changestaff.
Equipment: +1 javelin (returning), +1 spiked gauntlet (`keen), +2 halfspear (spell storing), +1 adamantine full
plate, +1 adamantine large shield (bashing),Bag of Holding (Bag 4), Feather Token (fan), Handy
Haversack, Necklace of Fireballs (Type II), Periapt of Proof against Poison, Stone Horse (courser),`Amulet of
Natural Armor (+2), `Periapt of Wisdom +2, `Ring - Protection +2, Potion of Darkvision, Potion of Vision, Scroll of
Control Water (CL7), Scroll of Detect Good (CL1), Scroll of Inflict Light Wounds (CL1), Scroll of Lesser Restoration
(CL3), Scroll of Locate Object (CL5), Scroll of Magic Circle against Evil (CL5), Thunderstone, 77 gp.
Act 4 The Citadel of Magius
The Citadel of Magius actually a sixth Tower of High Sorcery
the safety of his citadel, located in a secluded grove in the lands of Ergoth
Northern Ergoth, northeast of Hillfort
Originally plan for seven Towers of High Sorcery but only five were built the other two
were the Lost Citadel and the Citadel of Magius.
Citadel of Mysteries (The Lost Citadel)
Citadel of Magius
Party (Martin) may use and attune to after the adventure.
Items of Magius which have returned there?
Knights of Solamnia impaled naked on spikes followed by battles with a platoon of helmed
Galen Dracos has Dragonflesh Golem.
Galen Dracos is attuned to the tower using the Circlet (a Headband of Intellect +6)
Galen Dracos time in the Far Realms has degenerated his mind. His INT is currently 18 with
the Circlet thus he has access only to 8
level spells. Rendering the circlet non-functional
will rob him of the ability to use spells above 2
Is a Sorcerer.
Sina's Wondrous Artifacts and Relics
The shop is a single storey building of polished marble, with dwarf-wrought iron furnishings. Several
snakes slither along shelves filled with bizarre items.
The shopkeeper is a tall female gnome named Sina. She will purchase items for one-third value, no
questions asked.
Arcane Scroll (Blink (375 gp), Daylight (525 gp), Nondetection (425 gp), Stinking Cloud (375 gp)) (total
1700 gp)
Arcane Scroll (Daylight (525 gp)) (total 525 gp)
Divine Scroll (Shillelagh (25 gp), Lesser Restoration (150 gp)) (total 175 gp)
Divine Scroll (Summon Nature's Ally I (25 gp), Summon Swarm (150 gp), Summon Monster III (375
gp)) (total 550 gp)
Druid's Vestment (3750 gp)
Longsword (Medium) (Mithral) (+3 weapon) (18315 gp)
Mithral Shirt (1100 gp) (Medium)
Oil of Darkness (300 gp)
Potion of Aid (300 gp)
Potion of Hide from Undead (50 gp)
Ring of Wizardry (II) (40000 gp) (design provides clue to function)
Scarab of Protection (38000 gp) (design provides clue to function)
Shortspear (Small) (+2 weapon, Shock) (18302 gp)
Staff of Healing (43 of 50 charges) (23865 gp)
Staff of Passage (21 of 50 charges) (design provides clue to function) (71610 gp)
Wand of Magic Missile (9th) (5 of 50 charges) (675 gp)
Wand of Searing Light (6th) (34 of 50 charges) (9180 gp)

Hoard #1
Coins 6000 gp
Magic Items
Arcane Scroll (Knock (150 gp), Phantom Trap (200 gp), See Invisibility (150 gp)) (total 500 gp)
Potion of Misdirection (300 gp)
Potion of Spider Climb (300 gp)
Wand of Knock (10 of 50 charges) (inscription provides clue to function) (900 gp)
Total value = 2000 gp
Total value 8000 gp
Hoard #2
Coins 1000 pp
Magic Items
Arcane Scroll (Floating Disk (25 gp), Blur (150 gp), Explosive Runes (375 gp)) (total 550 gp)
Longsword (Small) (+2 weapon) (8315 gp)
Potion of Invisibility (300 gp)
Ring of Counterspells (4000 gp)
Total value = 13165 gp
Total value 23165 gp
Hoard #3
Coins 3000 gp
Magic Items
Bag of Holding (IV) (10000 gp)
Total value = 10000 gp
Total value 13000 gp
Hoard #4
Coins 3000 gp
Magic Items
Ring of Improved Climbing (10000 gp) (inscription provides clue to function)
Total value = 10000 gp
Total value 13000 gp

Hoard #5
Coins 5000 gp
Magic Items
Greatsword (Small) (+2 weapon) (8350 gp)
Total value = 8350 gp
Total value 13350 gp
Hoard #6
Coins 2000 gp
Magic Items
Potion of Protection from Cold (750 gp)
Total value = 750 gp
Total value 2750 gp
1. Poisoned Guillotine Blade: CR 12; mechanical; location trigger; manual reset; Atk +14 melee
(11d6/19-20 plus poison); poison (purple worm poison [injury, Fort DC 24, 1d6 Str/2d6 Str]);
Search DC 24; Disable Device DC 26
2. Rune of Hypnosis: CR 12; magic device; proximity trigger (alarm); no reset; hypnosis (fascinated
for 1d4 rounds, DC 16 Will save negates); multiple targets (all targets in a 10 ft. radius burst);
Search DC 28; Disable Device DC 26
3. Rune of Fear: CR 12; magic device; proximity trigger (alarm); no reset; fear (shaken for 1d4
rounds, DC 16 Will save negates); multiple targets (all targets in a 10 ft. radius burst); Search DC
24; Disable Device DC 28
4. Flamethrower Turret: CR 12; magic device; proximity trigger (alarm); duration 5 rounds; no reset;
flame blast (10d6 fire damage, DC 14 Reflex save for half damage); multiple targets (all targets in
a 20 ft. cone); Search DC 26; Disable Device DC 26
5. Bolter Turret: CR 12; mechanical; visual trigger (arcane eye); duration 6 rounds; manual reset; Atk
+16 ranged (12d6/x3); multiple targets (up to three targets within 10 ft. of each other); Search DC
24; Disable Device DC 28
6. Animated Net Trap: CR 12; mechanical; location trigger; manual reset; Atk +14 ranged (grappled,
Escape Artist DC 24 to escape); multiple targets (all targets in a 10 ft. square area); Search DC 28;
Disable Device DC 24
7. Spiked Chain Flail: CR 12; mechanical; location trigger; repair reset; Atk +12 melee (11d6/19-20
and knocked prone); multiple targets (all targets in a 10 ft. radius burst); Search DC 28; Disable
Device DC 26
8. Collapsing Ceiling: CR 12; mechanical; location trigger; no reset; Atk +12 melee (12d6); multiple
targets (all targets in a 40 ft. line); Search DC 26; Disable Device DC 26
9. Bolter Turret: CR 12; mechanical; visual trigger (arcane eye); duration 6 rounds; manual reset; Atk
+16 ranged (12d6/x3); multiple targets (up to three targets within 10 ft. of each other); Search DC
26; Disable Device DC 24

Northern Ergoth
Before the Cataclysm, Northern Ergoth was once part of the mainland of Ansalon, and a greater part of the Ergothian empire. The
Ergothian empire once held sway over a large tract of the mainland of Ansalon, being founded by the warlord Ackal Ergot in 2600 PC. It
was later diminished somewhat by the rise of Istar and Solamnia, and during the Cataclysm it split away and now resides to the north-west
of the mainland. Northern Ergoth is divided by the Sentinel Mountains that run down the length of the island and is considered separate
from the kender nation of Hylo, which is perched on the eastern part of the region. Other than Hylo, the island is home to four separate
realms, the barbarian realm of Ackal Province, the human realm of Ergoth Proper, the trollish realm of Ogaral, and the goblin realm of
Sikk'et Hul.
Beacon (Hamlet)
The hamlet of Beacon resides at the north-western tip of Northern Ergoth in the Ackal Province. Constructed in 310 AC by sailors from
Saifhum, the hamlet has it's own lighthouse to guide sailors at night, and a large number of settlements. Beacon is the capital of the Ackal
Province and home to the Overchief of the Ackals, ruler of all the tribes. The hamlet is inhabited by the Ackalite barbarians, and is a den
for pirates and thieves.
Castle Crimson (Geographical Feature)
Further south-west from Tantyvil along the Emperor's Road, is where Castle Crimson is located. The grand structure is built from red stone
and resides on a large hill so it overlooks the surrounding lands. Once ruled by a member of dwarven nobility, the castle has since fallen
into the hands of half-elves. The presiding lord of Castle Crimson has a Qualinesti elf for a mother, and his father was an Ergothian noble
and a direct relation to the emperor of Ergoth Proper. The Lord of Castle Crimson normally occupies a seat in the Imperial Senate, and has
a powerful legion of soldiers at his disposal within the castle. Surrounding settlements are situated at the base of Castle Crimson, and are
home to guild thieves, bards and Qualinesti refugees who are considered as the protected and favored by the rulers of Castle Crimson.
Castle Di Thon (Geographical Feature)
On the south-western coast of Northern Ergoth, in the realm of Ergoth Proper, lie the ruins of Castle Di Thon. Slight east of Thonvil, Castle
Di Thon was once home to the noble Di Thon family. The last descendant of the family, Bram Di Thon, vanished around the Summer of
Chaos, and since then the castle has been abandoned. Ghosts and faerie folk are rumored to now dwell in the derelict castle.
Depre (Hamlet)
North-west of the capital of Manic, in the goblin nation of Sikk'et Hul, is the hamlet of Depre. The goblin settlement control a mine at the
base of the Sentinel Mountains, which they delve for ore. The goblins of Depre trade the ore with their Ackalite neighbours in Ker-Manth,
as well as their cousins in Manic. A minor chieftain rules over Depre and treats his goblin-kin fairly.
Even (Geographical Feature)
In the central eastern border of Ergoth Proper, lie the ruins of the town of Even. Perched at the foot of Sentinel Mountains, Even was once
a wealthy town that traded food delicacies to Gwynned and the other towns within Ergoth Proper. However rampaging Ackalites razed the
town and killed the citizens, on one of their fiercest raids shortly after the Cataclysm. The ruins of Even are reported to be haunted and
Ergothians no longer even visit the area.
Fav (Geographical Feature)
In pre-Cataclysmic times, Fav was an elaborate city and a jewel of the Ergothian empire. It fell into ruins during the Cataclysm however,
and resides in the central area of Sikk'et Hul, south-east of Ker-Manth. The ruins are home to gully dwarves who have managed to drive
off the goblins who have entered, however rumors persist that the wondrous treasures of Fav still lie in the ruins.
Gulfport (Large Town)
South of Hillfal, along the once-great Emperor's Road is situated the town of Gulfport. Possessing the largest merchant harbor in Northern
Ergoth, Gulfport is also home to many weaponsmiths and artists, who work with the rich metals that are mined from nearby Wind Dancer
Mine. The mine possesses some of the richest veins of ore and other minerals in all of Ansalon, and provides lucrative items to trade with
other settlements in Ergoth, as well as the other nations of Ansalon. Gulfport is governed by the nobility of Ergoth Proper.
Gwynned (Large City)
On the south-western part of Northern Ergoth, northwards of Castle Di Thon and Thonvil, lies the imperial capital of Gwynned. Originally
named Tuskanvil in pre-Cataclysmic times, the city was a summer retreat for the emperors of Ergoth. With the Cataclysm and loss of the
former capital of Daltigoth, the empire renamed Tuskanvil to Gwynned in respect to the last emperor before the Cataclysm, and it was
made the new capital of Ergoth Proper. Throughout the city is the Emperor's Palace, the manors of the Imperial Senate, the Imperial
University, opera houses, gladiatorial arenas, vast marketplaces and every imaginable business and establishment. A broad harbor has also
been established in Gwynned, to house the imperial warships. As the capital of Ergoth Proper, the city is ruled by the Emperor of Ergoth,
and all administrative decisions are made by the Imperial Senate.

Hillfal (Small Town)
On the southern banks of the Alunatal River, on the north-western border of Ergoth Proper, stands the fortified town of Hillfal. The town is
the northernmost defensive settlement which guards against the barbaric hordes of Ackal Province. Originally the town was a minor
outpost which was destroyed by Ackalites shortly after the Cataclysm. The inhabitants from Ergoth Proper moved northwards and
resettled Hillfal in 230 AC, constructing a large fortress and surrounding settlements to protect against the northern invaders. The town is
filled with numerous shops and businesses, and has a thriving black market as well as a gladiatorial arena. Hillfal is governed by a general
from the army of Ergoth Proper.
Hillfort (Small Town)
On the southern border of Ergoth Proper and Sikk'et Hul, lies the small town of Hillfort. Established by Ergothians originally as an outpost
to protect a local mine and further entry into the lands of Ergoth Proper, the town is now home to Solamnic refugees as well as
Ergothians. Solamnics who have proven themselves to the emperor or the Imperial Senate are granted positions of power within Hillfort,
and the town is governed by a former refugee who served in the Ergothian military for some time. A number of shops are setup in Hillfort,
and trade occurs with Thonvil and Gwynned, and there is some minor trade with the goblins in Lusid.
Isle of the Serpent (Geographical Feature)
The Isle of the Serpent is a minor isle which is home to one structure, the ruins of Fort Ogaral. Once a vast fortress, Fort Ogaral now only
has one remaining tower since the Cataclysm which houses the naga who rules the Ogaral Province. The fort is also inhabited by trolls who
serve the naga, and receives visits from dark knights, Ackalites, minotaurs and other servants of the dark gods, who wish to pay for the
supposedly accurate visions that the naga receives.
Ker-Brindal (Village)
Southward of Beacon lies the village of Ker-Brindal, home to the Brindal tribe of Ackalites. The village is primarily used as an agricultural
centre, where sheep and horses are bred, as well as crops to provide food for all of the Ackal Province. The Brindal tribesman trade sheep
wool with the kender of Hylo, in return for timber to build their dwellings. The chieftain of the Brindal tribe rules over the village and is
loyal to the Overchief.
Ker-Karthan (Village)
On the banks of the Moon River, to the south-east of Ker-Tran, lies the village of Ker-Karthan. The Karthan tribe are known as the
shipbuilders of the Ackalite barbarians, and build ships which are second in quality only to the Saifhum ships, in all of Ansalon. The village
is ruled by the chieftain of the Karthan tribe, and the Karthans are amongst the most bloody and violent of all the Ackalite tribes. The
Karthans are known to enjoy three things above all others: piracy and murder of non-Ackalites, ship building, and learning new techniques
to advance the quality, navigation and design of their ships. The only non-Ackalites that the Karthans venerate are those who can aid them
in ship building in some way. The Karthans tolerate the kender of Hylo, who supply them with the lumber they require for their ships, in
exchange for weapons from Ker-Tran.
Ker-Li (Hamlet)
The settlement of Ker-Li lies at the foot of the Sentinel Mountains, just to the north-east of Werim. Home to the Li tribe of Ackalite
barbarians, the hamlet is home to several cottages and small wooden houses. The Ackalites founded Ker-Li after a series of raids left them
displaced from their own homeland. Because of the remote location of their village, and their alliance with the warlords of Werim, the
barbarians have been tolerated within the borders of Ergoth Proper. There are few shops within Ker-Li, as the barbarians are fed and
clothed by the warlords of Werim.
Ker-Manth (Village)
In the northern section of Sikk'et Hul, somewhat south of Raekel's Pit, is located the Ackalite village of Ker-Manth. The Manth tribe are led
by their single chieftain, and are far more peaceful than the Ackalites tribe in Ackal Province. The folk of Ker-Manth trade with the goblins
of Depre for ore and other metals, with which they craft weaponry, which they trade with other settlements in Sikk'et Hul, and also with
the kender of Hylo for lumber and food.
Ker-Tran (Village)
The village of Ker-Tran is positioned in the centre of the Ackal Province, and is the home of most of the weaponsmiths and metalworkers
in the realm. The village is the residence of the Tran tribe and they control the only viable mine in all of the Ackal Province. Because of this,
the Tran tribe are respected as the craftsmen and providers of weaponry. The village is surrounded by a high defensive wall, from which
traps and defensive equipment is laid out to drive off any who would lay siege to Ker-Tran. The chieftain of the Tran tribe rules Ker-Tran
and is fiercely loyal to his own people first and foremost, and then the Overchief.

Ker-Vakt (Village)
Northward of Hillfal, on the northern banks of the Alunatal River is situated the village of Ker-Vakt. Ker-Vakt is actually a large fortress,
from which an overseer designated by the Overchief of the Ackalites, rules over the settlement. The fortress is circled by a moat and
protected with numerous traps, and the bodies of traitors or enemies of the Ackalites are often lying at the base of the keep or found
floating down the Alunatal River. Inside the keep are the settlements of the varied Ackalite tribes, whose sole purpose is to defend their
land against the Ergothians to the south. Ker-Vakt is also a staging point from which Ackalites hordes mount raids into Ergoth Proper.
Lancton (Small City)
Directly east of Castle Crimson. situated along the banks of the Dermount River is the city of Lancton. The city is the centre of trade for
Ergoth Proper, and most traders and merchants pass through Lancton to export to the other settlements. Lancton is also known as a
centre of art and music within Ansalon, and is home to the College of the Bard, which is the foremost centre for bards in the entire
continent. Also within the city is the Thieves Guild, the largest of it's kind anywhere in Northern Ergoth. Those who dabble in the sneakier
arts can find like-minded folk in the hidden guild of Lancton, headed by their mysterious guildmaster. Lancton, like almost every other
settlement in Ergoth Proper, is governed by Ergothian nobility, who are chosen by the ruling emperor of the realm.
Landfall (Geographical Feature)
In between Gwynned and Castle Crimson, along the western coast of Northern Ergoth is situated the gnomish tower of Landfall. The tower
was originally constructed by gnomes who were chasing the Graygem long ago. In later times, it was claimed by the Ergothians of Ergoth
Proper, and used as a fortification to defend the western coast against invaders. Landfall has a small militia which are sent from Gwynned.
The guard is changed on a frequent basis, as there is little of interest in this ancient gnomish tower, other than traps and a view of the
ocean sprawling westward to Sancrist.
Lusid (Hamlet)
The hamlet of Lusid is located in the south-western area of Sikk'et Hul, somewhat south-east of Hillfort. The goblins of Lusid primarily live
off fishing and farming, however there are open hostilities from the Solamnic refugees in both Hillfort and also Thonvil to the west. The
goblins live a fairly peaceful existence with a small number of kender in their hamlet, which is a grouping of small huts and structures
along an area of beachside coves. A small series of docks also lines the edge of Lusid, from which fishing boats are tied.
Manic (Small Town)
The capital of the goblin realm of Sikk'et Hul is perched on the south-eastern portion of Northern Ergoth. It is chiefly home to the goblins
of the realm and is ruled by a goblin lord, who is chosen as the most intelligent and clever goblin, after a series of tests. The town is
dominated by a lovely manor house, which is the residence of the Lord of Sikk'et Hul, and has abodes for goblins, kender and also sea
barbarians, since all three dwell in large numbers in Manic. The town is slightly run down from it's pre-Cataclysmic days under the
Ergothian empire, however it is still maintained in fairly good condition by the goblins. Manic is also one of the centres of trade in
Northern Ergoth, as many merchants and traders prefer to deal with the honest goblins of Sikk'et Hul, rather than the violent Ackalites or
the arrogant Ergothians (and no-one in their right mind wants to trade with a kender).
Moon Steps (Geographical Feature)
In the Sentinel Mountains along the southern border of the Ackal Province, just slightly northward of Wind Dancer, lies the site known as
the Moon Steps. This structure was once a vast staircase that wandered upwards into the clouds, and was believed to have being a
celestial ladder that led to the home of Lunitari. It was second only in importance to mystics and believers to the Silver Stair on Schallsea.
An Academy of High Sorcery also once sat at the base of the steps, and was a home to wizards and magic-users to meditate and study.
However with the disappearance of the gods during the Summer of Chaos, the Moon Steps collapsed and the shrines of the wizards were
destroyed. With the return of the gods, the mystical site is again a home to wizards and sorcerers alike, who tap into the arcane energy
surrounding the area. The shrines have been restored, although the Moon Steps themselves have been left in ruins for now.
Ogaral (Geographical Feature)
The troll province of Ogaral is situated between Ackal Province to the north and the kender nation of Hylo to the south. Much of the
province is filled with marshy swampland and rocky hills. The province is split between the land simply called Ogaral and the isle to the
north-east known as the Isle of the Serpent. Ogaral is inhabited entirely by trolls, who enslave or kill any fool enough to enter their lands.
The trolls serve their naga ruler on the Isle of the Serpent, and can be identified as two distinct tribes of trolls. The beasts occasionally raid
Hylo, but otherwise keep to themselves most of the time.
Raekel's Pit (Geographical Feature)
In the southern branch of the Sentinel Mountains, north of Ker-Manth and just within the borders of Sikk'et Hul, is the site of Raekel's Pit.
This large chasm is the home to shadows and mists and rumors tells of children that crawl out of the pit to continue Raekel's dark legacy.
Past histories tell that a priest known as Raekel plotted to complete a ritual to the dark gods that would crush the Ergothian empire and
grant dominance to the dark gods over Ansalon. Raekel was defeated, however since the Summer of Chaos supposedly thirty-three
children will rise from the pit to become mystics and complete his black prayer.

Solamnian South (Geographical Feature)
In the heart of Ergoth Proper, lies the open plains known as the Solamnian South. Several farming communities, such as New Winterholm,
have been established here by Solamnic refugees who fled their nation during the coming of the Dragon Overlords. The open plains are
lush and rich for agriculture, and all within pay fealty to the Emperor of Ergoth. The Solamnic refugees have a tenuous alliance with the
goblins of Sikk'et Hul, although still find it hard dealing with them, as they are used to their more barbaric cousins in Throtl.
Tantyvil (Hamlet)
Somewhat south of Gulfport, lies the hamlet of Tantyvil. It was originally built in 300 AC by the son of the ruling governor of Gulfport. The
governor would not step down from power, so his son decided to move southward and create his own town to rule from. His fortune went
into creating a lovely manor for his family, as well as outlying homes, docks, inns, smithies and all manner of other businesses. Residing on
the western coastline of Ergoth, Tantyvil has some trade with local fishermen and various traders from across the sea, however it still
remains a minor port town that is governed by the descendants of it's founder.
The Monolith (Geographical Feature)
On the western edge of Sikk'et Hul, near the shores of Huldre Bay, is the site simply known as the Monolith. Reported to have been a site
of the huldrefolk long ago, odd lights and sounds can be seen within the Monolith. Most folk stay away from the area, although kender
have been known to visit the Monolith, and most disappear without a trace.
Thonvil (Small Town)
The town of Thonvil lies westward of Castle Di Thon, and was long ruled by the noble Di Thon family. With the Age of Mortals and loss of
the Di Thon family however, the town has continued on it's own. This small town has a large fishing market, and a small series of docks.
Thriving marketplaces and bustling shops fill the town. Thonvil is governed by a local mayor, appointed by the people and loyal to the
Emperor of Ergoth Proper.
Truth (Geographical Feature)
At the base of the northern branch of the Sentinel Mountains lies the once-great city of Truth. In pre-Cataclysmic times, Truth was a centre
for religion for the Ergothian empire, and housed temples and shrines for all of the gods of the pantheon, as well as minor shrines for
nature spirits and lesser deities. Shortly before the Cataclysm all the priests of the city vanished, being good and true clerics of the gods.
The city escaped untouched during the Cataclysm however it was completely destroyed by rampaging Ackalites who put every inhabitant
to the sword, in retaliation for the gods abandoning them. Truth has remained a ghost town ever since, and is guarded by patrolling
Ackalites who hunt down treasure seekers and any who would try to enter the ruins. The only inhabitants of Truth now are gully dwarves
and the undead.
Werim (Small Town)
Werim is a small town which is situated to the south-east of Lancton, along the Emperor's Road. The curious town of Werim is populated
by villagers who have long been under the rule of local tyrants. A series of warlords have ruled Werim, dominating the town and it's
populace. The warlords have maintained alliances with the Ackalite barbarians of Ker-Li to the north-east, who beat any villager into
submission, should they speak against the presiding warlord. The emperor of Ergoth Proper has long left the folk of Werim to their own
devices and whilst he does not giving his blessing to the warlord, nor does he raise arms against the tyrant. The thieves of Lancton have
long been known to travel to Werim to cause trouble for the warlord. All profits of local businesses in the town go to the warlord. The
structures of Werim are worn-down and dirty. The only impressive building in Werim is the Warlord's Manor.
Wind Dancer (Geographical Feature)
Wind Dancer is set in the Sentinel Mountains along the northern border of Ergoth Proper. Long ago it was a kyrie settlement, and can only
be reached by those who have the ability to fly. Treasures reportedly still exist within Wind Dancer, however the kyrie people are long
gone. The settlement is untouched by all but time, and all the buildings, courtyards and halls remain clean and covered with a fine layer of
World's Heart (Geographical Feature)
Just to the south of Truth, high in the Sentinel Mountains is the World's Heart. This curious artifact is a reddish stone which pulses like a
beating heart. Since the creation of Krynn, this stone has always resided here and was originally known as the Heart of Takhisis to the
ancient High Ogres who first built their city around it. The city was destroyed and lost to time, however later Ackal Ergot discovered the
ruins and found the World's Heart, which granted him a vision of greatness that inspired him to form his own empire. The Ackalites now
guard the World's Heart and will not allow any outsiders to access the artifact. The site is where all inter-tribal meetings are held, as well
as challenges to the Overchief and the right to defeat him in combat and take his place. Even with the loss and return of the gods
throughout the ages, the World's Heart has never missed a single beat.

Quasit, Adept 12 CR 12
Init +6 (+2 dex, +4 Improved Initiative)
AC 17 FF 15 Touch 14
(+2 size, +2 Dex , +3 natural)
HD: 15
HP: 70 (3d8+3, 12d6+12)
Fort +8 Ref +9 Will +14
Speed 20 ft. (4 squares), fly 50 ft. (perfect)
Full Attack: 2 claws +13 1d3+0, bite +8 1d4+0
Abilities Str 10(+0) Dex 14(+2) Con 13(+1) Int 10(+0) Wis
17(+3) Cha 14(+2)
Skills: Bluff +6, Concentration +5, Craft(Weaponsmithing)
+4, Diplomacy +6, Disguise +6, Handle Animal +6, Heal +7,
Hide +6, Intimidate +6, Knowledge(Local) +4,
Knowledge(Nobility and Royalty) +4, Listen +7, Move
Silently +6, Profession +7, Search +4, Spellcraft +4, Spot +7,
Survival +7
Poison(Ex): Fortitude save DC 14Injury, Fortitude , initial
damage 1d4 Dex, secondary damage 2d4 Dex. The save DC is Constitution-based and includes a +2
racial bonus.
spell-like abilities(Sp): Fortitude save DC 12
Spell-Like Abilities: At will-detect good, detect magic, and invisibility (self only); 1/day-cause fear (as
the spell, except that its area is a 30-foot radius from the quasit, save ). Caster level 6th.The save DCs
are Charisma-based.Once per week a quasit can use commune to ask six questions. The ability
otherwise works as the spell (caster level 12th).
damage reduction(Ex): 5/cold iron or good
darkvision(Ex): 60 ft fast healing(Ex): 2 immunity to poison(Ex): fire resistance(Ex): 10
1st Level burning hands, command, obscuring mist, protection from chaos, sleep.
2nd Level cure moderate wounds, darkness, scorching ray, see invisibility, web.
3rd Level animate dead, bestow curse, contagion, lightning bolt, neutralize poison, remove curse,
4th Level cure critical wounds, minor creation, wall of fire.
5th Level baleful polymorph, break enchantment,

Galan Dracos, male human Sor20; CR 20; HD 20d4+100; hp 148; Init +2; Spd 30 ft; AC 30, touch 17, flat-footed
28 (+2 Dex,+5 nat,+8 armor enh.,+5 defl.); BAB +10; Melee shortspear +15/+10 two-handed (1d8+6/x3), or
spiked gauntlet +15/+10 light (1d4+5/19-20); Ranged dart +14/+9 (1d4+4); SQ summon familiar; AL CN; SV Fort
+10, Ref +8, Will +12; Str 14(+2), Dex 15(+2), Con 20(+5), Int 11(+0), Wis 11(+0), Cha 28(+9).
Skills and Feats: HIDE+2, SPOT+0, LISTEN+0, MOVE SILENTLY+2, alchemy+1(1), concentration+28(23),
intimidate+10(1), profession(herdsman)+4(4), scry+18(18), spellcraft+21(21); combat casting, empower spell,
enlarge spell, extend spell, great fortitude, heighten spell, scribe scroll, silent spell.
Skill Extras: +4 concentration when casting in combat.
Sor Spells Known: (cast 6/9/8/8/8/8/7/7/7/7) (DC = 19 + spell level) 0--Dancing Lights, Daze, Detect
Magic, Detect Poison, Mending, Open/Close,Prestidigitation, Ray of Frost, Read Magic; 1--Detect
Undead, Magic Missile, Nystul's Magical Aura, Obscuring Mist, Silent Image; 2--Continual
Flame,Daylight, Invisibility, Knock, Obscure Object; 3--Hold Person, Lightning Bolt, Nondetection, Sepia Snake
Sigil; 4--Confusion, Dimension Door, Improved Invisibility, Remove Curse; 5--Cloudkill, Seeming, Shadow
Evocation, Telekinesis; 6--Antimagic Field, Greater Dispelling, Guards and Wards; 7--Control
Undead, Mordenkainen's Sword, Shadow Walk; 8--Binding, Polymorph Any Object, Power Word, Blind
Equipment: +2 dart (brilliant energy), +3 spiked gauntlet (`keen), 17 +1 dart(s), +3 shortspear (dancing), +8
Bracers of Armor, Carpet of Flying (4 ft. by 6 ft.), Gloves of Arrow Snaring, Iron Bands of Binding, Ring - Friend
Shield, Ring - Invisibility, Slippers of Spider Climbing, Sustaining Spoon, Wand - Color Spray (12 charges), Wand -
Knock (29 charges), Wand - Shatter (34 charges), Wand - Summon Monster I (44 charges), Wand - Summon
Monster IV (32 charges), `Amulet of Health (+2), `Amulet of Health (+4), `Amulet of Natural Armor (+2), `Circlet
of Persuasion, `Cloak of Charisma +4, `Ring - Protection +2 ,Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, Potion of
Nondetection, Potion of Protection From Elements (cold), Potion of Vision, Potion of Water Breathing, Scroll of
Cloudkill (CL9), Scroll of Crushing Hand (CL17), Scroll of Finger of Death (CL13), Scroll of Freezing Sphere
(CL11), Scroll of Interposing Hand (CL9),Scroll of Mass Charm (CL15), Scroll of Shield (CL1), Scroll of Vampiric
Touch (CL5), Scroll of Wall of Fire (CL7), Antitoxin (vial), 93 gp.
Prot. Energy
Cure Critical Wounds
Spell Resistance
Animate Plants
Mind Blank

1. Phionusop's Parchments: This cryptic book is written in red wax upon linen pages and bound
in monstrous hide. When first opened, the reader becomes permanently left-handed. This
spellbook contains the spells Alarm, Animate Rope, Detect Secret Doors, Endure Elements,
Feather Fall, Magic Missile, Magic Weapon, Protection from Chaos/Evil/Good/Law, Silent
Image, Summon Monster I, Unseen Servant. Price: 550 gp, Weight: 5 lb.
2. The Tome of Gytharmo: This tome is bound in monstrous hide trimmed with bone. It is
written in Infernal. This spellbook contains the spells Mending, Open/Close, Touch of
Fatigue. Price: 75 gp, Weight: 4 lb.
3. Borin's Articles: This compendium is written in blood and bound in monstrous hide trimmed
with bone. This spellbook contains the spells Identify, Jump, Magic Missile. Price: 150 gp,
Weight: 6 lb.
4. The Deni Incunabulum: This folio of parchments is contained in a yew box inlaid with bronze.
An individual who reads this tome, which requires 64 hours over a minimum of 8 days, gains
the spell-like ability to use See Invisibility once per day. Price: 4320 gp, Weight: 3 lb.
5. The Demonic Incunabulum of Idas: This set of inscribed wooden slates is wrapped in linen
cloth. An individual who reads this tome, which requires 64 hours over a minimum of 8 days,
gains the spell-like ability to use Touch of Idiocy once per day. Price: 4320 gp, Weight: 3 lb.
6. The Celestial Compendium of Bode: This obscure book is written upon parchment and
bound in leather with steel hinges and fittings. This spellbook contains the spells Arcane
Mark, Dancing Lights, Daze, Disrupt Undead, Light, Mage Hand, Mending, Open/Close,
Prestidigitation, Resistance, Touch of Fatigue. Price: 275 gp, Weight: 3 lb.
7. Cuni's Articles: This compendium is written upon parchment and bound in iron plates and
locked. An individual who reads this tome, which requires 32 hours over a minimum of 4
days, gains a +1 temporary (1 week) inherent bonus to Jump checks. Price: 50 gp, Weight: 6
8. The Celestial Book of Faror: This book is bound in silver plates and locked. It is written in an
archaic form of Common. This spellbook contains the spells Arcane Mark, Dancing Lights,
Daze, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Flare, Mage Hand, Mending, Open/Close, Read Magic,
Resistance, Touch of Fatigue. Price: 300 gp, Weight: 7 lb.
9. The Tesisim Shards: This folio of parchments is contained in a willow box inlaid with gold. An
individual who reads this tome, which requires 32 hours over a minimum of 4 days, gains
Spell Penetration as a bonus feat. Price: 10000 gp, Weight: 8 lb.
10. The Demonic Fragments of Maila: This heavy compendium is bound in carved wood plates. It
is locked by magic, and can only be opened by a maiden's kiss. This spellbook contains the
spells Bear's Endurance, Blindness/Deafness, Continual Flame, False Life, Fox's Cunning,
Hypnotic Pattern, Pyrotechnics, Whispering Wind. Price: 800 gp, Weight: 4 lb.

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