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... through Bertha Dudde

Gods messengers and their work ....
The willingness of an earthl !hild to re!ei"e Gods Word has the
effe!t that Gods messengers agree to hel# at all times$ thus all
who are willing to ser"e God unite within a short time .... The
work on the other side as well as on earth is solel intended for
those souls who are still misguided and walk the wrong wa ....
The %ord #re#ares e"er admission and gi"es to the !hildren
a!!ording to their s#iritual a&ilit ....
'"erone with the interest of earthl human &eings at heart
takes #art in this asso!iation &etween the earth and the
&eond .... The all ha"e lo"ed(ones left &ehind on earth or ha"e
a &ond with them & "irtue of Gods will and are now !onstantl
stri"ing to guide them onto the right #ath.
This is a "er diffi!ult undertaking as long as the human &eing
&elie"es that he !an walk alone. '"er misguided souls desire for
hel# will &e granted gladl and willingl .... e"er souls #leading
#raer will &e heard and e"er struggling soul will &e gi"en
assistan!e. Gods messengers are !a#a&le of doing mu!h &e!ause
Gods will is working through them ....
)nd thus ou* too* shall re!ei"e all the hel# ou desire &e!ause
all the &eings surrounding ou endea"our the same .... to work
for the %ord and +a"iour .... to lead souls to ,im and to sa"e
!ountless souls from hardshi# and anguish.
Where"er our work ser"es the same #ur#ose ou will &e
su##orted whene"er ou #ra ....
with e"er #ro!lamation one more message from a&o"e has &een
#assed on to ou .... e"er single message will ha"e a &enefi!ial
effe!t on earth .... and its !ontents will alwas ser"e to awaken
hearts and &ring light into the s#iritual darkness ....
There are man su!h straing souls on earth* all are in"ited &
the %ord .... and all will &e gi"en the information a&out the
eternal Deit &ut onl few desire the light. These few should &e
a##roa!hed with as mu!h lo"e as #ossi&le so that the ma find
the right #ath and remain willing to !ontinue on it as long as the
li"e on earth.
'"er moment is light that guides our thoughts to the Deit ....
)nd e"er #ath is right when ou take it with the will to rea!h
The will alone is suffi!ient for God to send ,is messengers to
meet ou .... then* alwas following the "oi!e of our heart* ou
!an no longer go astra.
-ou dont know how mu!h easier earthl life will &e!ome when
ou ha"e found God .... and how little ou fear death
afterwards .... &e!ause there will &e no more death for ou ....
ou will indeed li"e in eternit when ou li"e and die within the
%ord .... then death will onl &e a transition into eternal glor
where ou ma see God fa!e(to(fa!e ....
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