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Total Produ ctive Maintenan ce

Developing New Machines a n d Products

With least cost in short time

15 16 February 2013 : Chennai

One of most important aspect in TPM is the utilization of the huge amount of
knowledge gained through the process of implementation of TPM in the
shop floor for the benefit of the organization in a very systematic manner.
This enormous knowledge, gained from successful implementation of activi-
ties under different pillars can be put to use in the process of New Product
Development or New Equipment Development.
The Development Management Pillar of TPM is the best tool for bridg-
ing the Unique Methodology with the TPM Experiences.

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For the Design
For the Shopfloor
From TPM angle,
Reduced project cost
Reduced project time
Vertical startup (highest
OEE at the shortest time)
Lesser LCC
Simple equipment easy
to handle
An Equipment which re-
duces the load on the
Maintenance Crew
Higher on MTBF
Reduced MTTR
ZERO equipment failures
ZERO production defects
ZERO accidents
100% deliveries
Reduced costs of opera-

To spread the message of How the Development Management Pillar and its Methodology has
helped industries in their New Equipment development and New Product Development, TPM
Club India is organizing this seminar for the manufacturing organisations to understand and respond
the Voice of the Customer in a better way

The above in TPM termi nology relates to increased Reliability, Maintainability, Jishu Hozenability,
Operability, Flexibility, Power Saving, Cost Reduction & Safety.
The concept of Easy to Produce and Easy to sell is again a main focus area of this seminar.

This will also give a clear idea of understanding the loss, analysis for the loss, Kaizen improvement,
the relevant Maintenance Preventions sheet and the knowledge spreading tool of One Point Lesson
Above all, the concept of linking the company KMI, with factory level KPI and Kai will be the key
area to be understood. This will also help in improving the lead time and raw material yield wastage
due to design.
Mr. P M Janagiraman

Mr Janakiraman is Senior Counsellor with TPM Club India of CII -Institute of Quality and has more than 23 years of Industrial
experience. He was the Head of Manufacturing and TPM secretariat, worked on TPM implementation in TTK LIG for 15
years. The Virudhnagar plant was successfully challenged 3 levels JIPM Award during his period. He has also worked for MRF
Tyres and MM Forgings on TPM implementation.
He has won the global Innovation Award by SSL International London UK in 2004.He is the recipient of JIPM TPM
Consistency award for TTK LIG Ltd for the year 2005.He has rich knowledge of TPM subjects as well as implementation of
the same for over 14yrs.Apart From regular consultancy on TPM, he is also giving special consultancy for the companies going
for JIPM award. Under his consultancy, three of his companies have won the TPM Excellence award in the year 2010.

Who should attend

Projects engineers and head, Senior managers supervisors & Managers of Manufacturing & Quality, Engineering, Process
from the Industries.
The Course is suitable for delegates wanting to gain a detailed understanding of the concepts, structure and approach to DM . It
is aimed at those directly involved in the application of TPM. Ideally the company will have decided it intends to adopt TPM
and candidates will understand the roles and responsibilities at all levels in the organization.