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Grade CLASS :
I Complete with Wh Questions : (!"p ea#h$
%&&&&''is this( This is m) in*ention'
"&&&&''do )ou do( +ine! than,s'
-&&&&''are )our parents( At home'
.&&&&'''is the part)( /n the "
o0 1une'
2&&&&&is this man( 3e4s m) un#le! 5a*id'
6&&&&&are )ou so happ)( I don4t ,now
II' Gi*e the plural to these nouns: ('"p ea#h $
%to)7 -&&&&&& % #hild7 2&&&&&&&&&'
% 8rush 9 . &&&&&&&' % ,ni0e 9 7&&&&&&&&&
%8utter0l)7 :&&&&&&&&'' % pen#il78o; 9 " &&&&&&&
% mouse 9 7&&&&&&&&' Co00ee 9 -&&&''o0 &&&&''
III' <ut the #omparati*e or superlati*e o0 the ad=e#ti*e : ( !-p ea#h $
This 8uildin> is&&&&&&&&&&&&(8i>$ in town'
?our 8rother is&&&&&&&&&&&&'(0unn)$ than )ou'
It4s &&&&&&&&('8ad$ 8oo, o0 all' I4m sure )ou won4t li,e it'
@iolo>) is&&&&&&&&&&&&&'(>ood$ than Chemistr)'
The Nile is&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&(lon>$ ri*er o0 all'A
1ane is &&&&&&&&&&&&&&(8eauti0ul$ than )ou'
IB Cead the te;t :
The an#ient E>)ptians li*ed 8) the 8an,s o0 the Ci*er Nile a8out 2 )ears
a>o' Their #i*iliDation lasted 0or o*er three thousand )ears' The an#ient
E>)ptians 8elie*ed in li0e a0ter death' The power0ul ,in>s and Eueens o0 E>)pt!
the <haraohs! 8uilt ma>ni0i#ent tom8s! #alled p)ramids' When an important
person died! the 8od) was mummi0ied' The 8od) was treated with #hemi#als and
wrapped in 8anda>es' The p)ramids were houses 0or the dead <haraohs' The
An#ient E>)ptians put 8eds! ta8les and #hairs inside the p)ramids 0or the dead
rulers' The) also put 0ood 0or the ,in>s inside the p)ramids' The Sphin; is one
o0 the worldFs lar>est and oldest statues' It >uards the p)ramids at GiDa' It has
the 8od) o0 a lion and a human head'
G Write i0 the 0ollowin> senten#es are T (True$ or + (+alse$: (!-p ea#h $
The ,in>s and Eueens o0 E>)pt 8uilt the p)ramids a8out 2 )ears a>o&&&'
<)ramids were houses 0or the an#ient E>)ptians' '''''''''''''''
The power0ul rulers o0 the an#ient E>)ptians were #alled pharaohs' ''''''''''''''
When an important person died! the 8od) was treated with #hemi#als and
wrapped in 8anda>es&&&&&''
GiDa has the 8od) o0 a ti>er and a human head' '''''''''''''''''
G Answer the Euestions' Write 0ull senten#es' (!-p ea#h $
Wh) did the E>)ptians mummi0) their dead(
What did the an#ient E>)ptians put inside the p)ramids(
Wh) do )ou thin, the an#ient E>)ptians put all those thin>s inside the
B ' 5es#ri8e a #ele8ration' Start 8) tellin> the reader the name! pla#e
and time o0 the e*ent as well as the reason people #ele8rate it' ( 2
words $
("p $