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Combinations for Prostitutes and Adultery in Hindu Astrology
It is beyond my comprehension to visualize why this topic has been selected for Script Seminar by
the Sponsor. However, I am writing this article only to throw some light on the topic and not with
a view to participate in the seminar. The editor has rightly said that very little has been written in
Hindu manuscripts of astrology on this topic. The reason for such an omission might be that there
were very negligible/no instances worth mentioning on prostitution in Treta and Dwapara yugas
and the early days of Kali Yuga during which period our ancients had written books on astrology.
Commencing with Maharishi Parasara, of late prostitution has become a novelty as part of
civilization or for making out a living by the helpless pitiable women in the lower rungs of society.
Hindu mythology speaks of adultery here and there. There are several reasons for that, for
example let us consider the case of Ahalya in Ramayana. No less than king of Devas is said to
have stooped to this heinous level of seducing the wife of a Maharishi and that she knowingly and
willingly committed the sin as evidenced by Valmiki Ramayana. Her husband Gowthoma cursed
Indra and as a result of which he lost both his testicles. On return to his place Indra tells Devatas
and Rishis that he resorted to such an action for fulfilment of Deva Karma. This was agreed to by
all in an unanimous manner as a just reason and they replaced his testicles by that of a goat.
There is much to be said in the matter. But for the purpose of this article I have mentioned a case
as an example.

It is our common experience that no woman visits an astrologer to confess her sins. It is as well
impossible for an astrologer to put questions doubting her chastity. As such collection of relevant
planetary positions that lead to prostitution and adultery are practically impossible.

According to Oxford Dictionary, Adultery means voluntary sexual intercourse of a married person
with a person to whom he or she is not married.
Prostitute means one who offers himself/herself for sexual intercourse for payment.

Sexual intercourse with an unmarried person is not adultery. No married woman/man will come
forward to admit the illegal intimacy with another person. Prostitutes are in thousands all over the
world and no astrologer, I presume is interested to approach them and collect their date of birth,
place and time. This serves no purpose and it is not only wasting the precious time but also
lowering ones dignity/self respect. It is easy for medical people to know the sinner but they are
not interested to furnish necessary data for an astrologer to study. Sexual intercourse is there for
various reasons right from the upper class to the lower class. But prostitution is clear where
money is the important factor. Normally there is no question of a prostitute being loyal to one. But
cases are there where they are loyal, even while committing prostitution with others. Such cases
can be found among Devadasis of yester years.

Even though as I said earlier that it is not possible to collect data, yet some planetary positions in
a given chart indicate the weak character of a woman or man. Mahadeva vide his famous book
Jataka Tatva says (Some of the yogas are mentioned here).

1. If Venus and Budha occupy any one of the houses viz. 7th, 8th or 10th the native will be a

2. If Venus and Mars (Kuja) occupy 10th and 7th houses the native will be an adulterer. Here the
aspect of Mars on Venus is important.

3. If the lords 10 and 4 be Venus and Mars the native is an adulterer (Here also the mutual
relationship of Venus & Mars figures).

4. If Venus occupies 10th house from Moon and Sani occupies 10th from thence the native will be
a profligate. (Here the mutual aspect of Sani & Moon is present. Sani is not aspecting Venus. As
such why Venus is introduced is not known Sani should be in 11 to Venus).

5. Venus, Budha and Sani should be in 7 or 10 to Lagna in a house owned by Venus to make on a

6. When lord of 6 occupies any one Dustana the native is a Vyabhichari.

7. Lord of 2, 7 and 10 in 10 make one a Vyabhichari.

8. When the lord of 7th house is in conjunction with Nodes and aspected by a malefic make the
native a profligate.

9. Venus occupying a Varga of Mars or Sani and be aspected by them respectively make one a

10. When Venus and Mars are posited in 12 to Karakamsa the native will be of loose morals.

11. Same is the case if Ketu is in 9 to Karakamsa.

12. Lord of 2 in 3 or 4 to Lagna.

13. Lord of 7 in 1 or 7, lord of 7 in 2 or 12.

14. Venus in 7 occupying the Varga of Mars or Sani or aspected by Sani or Mars.

15. Moon with Mars and Sani in 7th house the native and his wife will be adulterous.

16. When Moon or Venus posited in a Kendra related to a malefic occupy a Krura Shastyamsa and
with very little exaltation strength the native will commit incest with his own mother, same is the
result when Moon and Ravi related to malefics occupy a Kendra, malefics in 4 aspected by malefic
and results are above.

17. Lord of 4 related to a malefic and be devoid of any benefic relationship and when the lord of
lagna is weaker than lord of 7 the Native will have intercourse with a woman equal to or on par
with the mother.

18. Lord of 7 in 4 related to a malefic and posited in malefic Shastyamsa the native will have
intercourse with his sister. Same is the result when Sani is in 4 and related to a malefic.

19. Ravi in 7 makes one to have intercourse with a barren lady. Same is the result if Mars is in 7th
house but here the time of intercourse will be when she is in her monthly course.

20. Venus or Rahu in 7 - the Union will be with a pregnant woman.

21. Moon in conjunction with a malefic occupies 9th house, the native will meet his teachers wife.
Same is the result if Moon and the lord of 9, or Venus with lord of 9 be conjoined with a malefic.

22. Moon in 9 make one to meet a woman for advance in age.

23. Lord of 9th house in debilitation the intercourse will be with a relative of his preceptor.

24. Lord of 1 and 6 in conjunction with Malefics-an adulterer.

25. Waning Moon with a malefic in 7th house or if lord of 8 & 9 are together.

26. Lord of 7th be conjoined with a malefic. Budha in 7; Venus and Guru with malefics occupy 2, 6
or 7 Bhavas, Lord of Lagna with a malefic, Lord of Lagna in Lagna.
27. If three of the Kendras are occupied by malefics, the native will cohabit like a quadruped.

28. Note the planet occupying the Navamsa occupied by the lord of 7, if the lord of Navamsa
occupied by the planet be conjoined with a benefic, has attained parvatha or higher Vargas and be
strong, the native will have intercourse with a hundred females.

29. When lord of 6, 8 and 9 houses are in conjunction with malefics and also be aspected by
malefics the wife of the native will be an adulterous. Same is the case result when lord of 8
occupies 8th house; Ravi, Mars, Budha, Venus and Sani occupy a Dustana the result is the same;
the same is the result when Venus related to Mars, Sani and Rahu is conjoined with lord of 7 while
Bhavas 2 & 12 are occupied by malefics, Budha as lord of 7 occupying Meena Rasi or Karkataka
Rasi duly aspected by malefics and posited in a Dustana with papargala.

30. The woman commits adultery when Rahu with Sani occupy lagna.

31. Budha with Sukra and Sani occupy 7 or 10 Bhavas owned by Venus make his wife an
adulteress or when the Navamsa of 7th Bhava occupies a malefic Rasi or when lord of 1 & 7 are in
conjunction and eclipsed or malefics in 7 and 12 while waning Moon occupies 5th Bhava or 7th
Bhava; or Sani, Mars, Rahu or Ketu occupying 10th Bhava devoid of benefic relationship; or lord of
3 occupying 4 or 5 Bhavas devoid of benefic aspect; or lord of 7 in 4 or 11 while lord or 8 occupies
8th; lord of 7 related to Rahu occupies the lagna; or lord of 7 in conjunction with Mars, Venus and
Rahu; or Venus and Mars related to Sani occupy Sani Rasi; or when 7th Bhava is posited in Sani
Rasi while Venus and Mars devoid of benefic influence occupy Mars or Venus Rasi in Navamsa; or
Venus and Mars in Parivarthana and being aspected by Sani and Rahu; or Moon and Lagna when
are devoid of Gurus aspect while lord of Lagna occupies an inimical Navamsa; or lord of 5 in 5
with Sani while Rahu is conjoined with Moon; or Guru in 8 and Moon in 12 are aspected by
malefics; or Rahu with lord of 5 occupies 5th Bhava when Moon is aspected by Guru; or Guru
occupying an inimical house while his disposition duly aspected by a malefic occupies the 5th
house; or Guru conjoined with Venus or Budha occupies 5th Bhava duly aspected by Ravi and
Mars, or Ravi in conjunction Moon devoid of Gurus aspect while lagna lord occupies an inimical
Navamsa make ones wife beget children by committing adultery.

32. Some more yogas where a woman begets children by committing adultery are Lord of 5 or 7
related to lord of 6 and are devoid of benefic aspect, or lord of 7 in 2 in conjunction with a malefic
and aspected by Mars.

Some more yogas where a married woman commits adultery: for Makara Lagna Moon conjoined
with a malefic occupies a malefic Navamsa; weak Mars as lord of 7 posited in a Krura Shastyamsa
in debilitation/inimical/ eclipsed state happen to occupy a Vihaga Drekkana, or Budha as lord of 7
in conjunction with malefics is posited in 8th Bhava in debilitation/inimical/ eclipsed state with
papargala and malefic aspect; or Venus as lord of 7th in the above defined state occupies Krura
shastyamsa; or Sani as lord of 7 in the above state aspected by malefics and posited in a Dustana
owned by a malefic or one of the nodes in conjunction with Mars are posited in a Krunavamsa; or a
Benefic in 7 in debilitation/inimical house; or Moon with Venus and Sani posited in 7th house duly
aspected by Mars.

33. His mother commits adultery in whose chart lords of 6 and 8 in conjunction with Moon and
Mars occupy 4th Bhava; or lord of 3 or 4 or 7 occupy 4th house conjoined with Venus or Mars and
lord of lagna; or lord of 7 occupies 2nd Bhava with malefic duly aspected by Mars; or Mars with
Venus posited in Sani houses are aspected by Sani; or Sani with Rahu occupies 2nd Bhava to
upapada, or malefics occupy Karkamsa.

There are some more yogas connecting Mon, Mars, Venus and Sani with 3 or 4 or 7 or 12 Bhavas
or 12th Bhava to Karakamsa.



Today (July92008) I deal with immorality in women and its prediction based on
birth chart. Varahamihira in his Brihat Jataka wrote : Aagneyair vidhavaastha raasi-
sahiathai mishraihi kroore haani, balesthage sva-pathinaa soume ksethe prognihaa;
anyonya amsa gayoh sitaa avanijayornyaprasakthagnanaavdhune vaa yadi
sheetharaasimasahithau bharthrusthadaa anugnayaa. (Sanskrit verse). = (1) If there
are several malefics ( Mars and Saturn) in the 7
house (bhartru=husbad), she
becomes widow. (2) If malefic and benefic planets stay conjunct in 7
house, she
gets married to a second husband. If a powerful malefic planet stays in 7
and is aspected (seen) by a benefic, the woman will be rejected by her husband. (3)
If Venus and Mars exchange their houses in Nava-amsa chart, the woman will be
adulterous (prostitute). (4) If Moon is also conjunct with Mars and Venus, the woman
becomes a prostitute with her husbands consent / connivance.
Venus should be in the nava-amsa (Aries or Scorpio) of Mars and Mars is to be
placed in the nava-amsa (Taurus or Libra) of nava-amsa of Venus to make the
woman a prostitute. If Venus, Mars and Moon are conjunct, then the woman
practises debauchery encouraged / forced by her husband. Often we find women
encouraged to do prostitution and perform illicit sexual-intercourse by her close-
friends, relatives, parents, brothers or sisters or even husbands. In royal families and
high-official circles, this illicit sex-traffic is most prevalent to derive temporal benefits.
Most men force / encourage their wives, sisters or daughters to do illicit sexual
practices to get some benefits for their own self, like promotion, high position,
financial gains and the like. Now I explain the above points with old-time charts.
These women are not alive now.
Rahu Gemini

Example: 1 Raasi
Became an Early
-11- Leo

Example:1 :-The 7
house (Virgo) is
aspected by two malefic planets, Mars &
Saturn. Jupiter is the lord of 1
,and 10
house stays in 7th house (kendra-
adhipatya dosha). So she became a widow
a few months after her marriage, at an early
age of 19 years (teens only)

Rahu Aries Jupiter

Example : 2 :-Raasi
Her husband
deserted this woman

-2- Leo

Example: 2 :- Venus (significator of
husband) is in 12
(Vyaya) & is aspected
by Saturn (3
). Also 7
house is aspected
by Saturm (10
).. Moon, Mars and Saturn
are conjunct in one house. She is deserted
by her husband. After separation, she
indulges in illicit sexual relations with other

Example: 3 :-Nava
amsa Chart
Immoral Woman
Rahu -2-

Example :3 :-This Nava-amsa chart has
exchange (Parivarthana) of houses of
Venus and Mars. So she is an immoral
woman. She is adulterous and indulges in
incestuous sexual intercourse very

Ketu Gemini
Example : 4 Raasi
of a Prostitute
-4- Leo

Example : 4 :- Moon and Mars are conjunct
in 7
house, (the house of husband). She is
separated from sher husbands.Now she
leads the life of a prostitute.