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SIMs for iFIX 4.

Last updated 06/25/2009
iFIX45_1668890121B Workspace: Genera
* Text object's inline editing did not work with double bytes characters when deleting chars by
Backspace and Delete key. (1-!"#!"$!%
* &hen creating Text object with 'ulti lines( 'o)ing cursor up( and then re'o)ing chars( then
adding chars did not account *+ correctly. (1-!"#!#$%
* ,nhance'ent- ,nable or disable autoplay.autorun o/ *D and 01B de)ices( enable or disable
syste' tray balloon tips( based on the 2task switching2 application /eature. (1-$$##341!1%
* 5lar' 1u''ary 6*7 doesn't allow user to /ilter by the 5*8 colu'n. (1-$49:3394%
* &orkspace crashes when )alidating a user in the ,lectronic 1ignature dialog. (1-$$!!!319%
* &hen dropping ;ipe into <roup in the syste' tree( ;ipe's actual bound rectangle was not taken
into <roup's bound rectangle recalculation( so ;ipe was not redrawn correctly.(1-1"#":##1%
* =ind.+eplace doesn't work correctly. (1-$1""33!91%
* 5dded a warning that alerts users to the /act that their con)erted ;501, co''and (i.e.
*on)ert+T>;ause% will call Do,)ents. (1-$:44#:91%
* ;ictures don't re/resh i/ they are opened on D1T switch day and D1T switch ti'e is at 'idnight
(1!-44 5?%.(1-$!1"1!994%
* 5dded new security application /eatures /or Batch *a'paign ?anager.(1-$3#3:41%
* Dyna'o 0pdater o)erwrites datasources in dyna'o instances e)en when no datasources ha)e
been changed.(1-$#!14$331%
* &ork1pace generates an exception when switching to 2*on/igure2 'ode a/ter creating ?icroso/t
6//ice *hart 11.4 5cti)e7 object )ia a script in 2+0@2 'ode. (1-99$1::""1%
* &orkspace crashes when using <et1elected0serDe/=ields 'ethod on a record containing
e'pty user de/ined /ields in the alar' su''ary.(1-$11$1$41%
* 1chedule entry doesn't highlight once user click on any /ield in the spreadsheet. (1-!313:$"$%
* &orkspace crashes on startup i/ the &indows user has the security policy 2Do not keep history
o/ recently opened docu'ents2 enabled. (1-93:#!!4!4%
* The 5lar' 1u''ary displays garbage characters when so'e alar's initially show up. (1-
* Double byte dash 2-2 is not recogniAed /or a object na'e. (1-33"$311%
* i=B7 allows login to a disabled &indows account. (1-$!"4$#4!1%
* B/ the i=B7 security pri'ary path is di//erent /ro' local path or secondary path( the security
con/iguration /iles will not synchroniAe when using ;ro/icy *hange ?anage'ent /unctions.(1-
* The ;*? 0tility is run when you get the latest project /iles and security /iles do not get copied to
the pri'ary and backup security paths i/ they are not i=B7's C6*5C path. (1-$4"134:39%
* ;icture*on)erter is unable to con)ert pictures na'ed with Dapanese characters.(1-!331141%
* ;ushbutton stays in pushed-in state a/ter right 'ouse is clicked. (1-914"3!:%
* 5lar' 1u''ary link repeatedly ju'ps back to the top when user is scrolling through alar's
using the down arrow key. (1-9"3:$931%
* Tag 1tatus ;icture 1low to 1how Data /or +e'ote Tag. (1-919#1$$#1%
* &orkspace crashes when the 5lar' 1u''ary 6*7 recei)es alar's that ha)e been generated
by the ,;5 (,urother'% CB@ Dri)er.(1-$:4:1!$"%
* &orkspace 'e'ory leaks when opening and closing pictures and dyna'o sets that contain
grouped connected objects 'ultiple ti'es when picture cache is disabled. (1-"":!:#91%
* ;orted utility ih=B7*tl.exe /ro' =B7:! so that i=B7 users can use it to start and stop i=B7 data
collector (ih=B7*ollector.exe% when i=B7 is running as a ser)ice. (1-$!""!13"%
* 5pplication Ealidator +eports @on-,xistent =ile Di//erences. (1-9"11$:1%
* 6n a 1panish or =rench syste'( shortcut is not created /ro' Caunch. (1-:##!!31%
* Tooltip containing 25FFB2 Does @ot Display *orrectly. (1-91"":491:%
* Bnstallation o/ i=B79>93!4#1$1: - would cause &orkspace to crash on closing o/ tag status
pictures. (1-:"#3:#%
* &orkspace crashes when switching to picture retrie)ing iGistorian data. (1-$1$#$31%
* Eisibility ,xpert shows incorrect condition. (1-:4#9#9$91%
* 1low per/or'ance in workspace run 'ode on client node when selecting a group object that is
selectable and contains a lot o/ ani'ations using D1$'s /ields as data sources or acti)ating an
open docu'ent that has such a group object selected. (1-1##4#11%
* &orkspace crashes i/ adding historical point through the ,xpression Builder and 'ore than
$ tag /ilters ha)e been used on the ;ro/icy Gistorian tab. (1-:##13#1!%
* Disable edit e)ent on copy F paste /ro' =D1 into a picture. (1-9"$114##%
* &hen a bit'ap is stretched such as opening on di//erent screen resolution( pixels are thin down
so looks getting less Huality (1-99$"::39%
* During runti'e data entry( text is inserted backwards. (1-$4$!#4:##%
* ;ipe object does not re-scale when re-scaling display in run ti'e (1-:491:4#1%
* Duplication o/ ;ipe connector object resets properties (1-:4:1"#4$%
* 5lar' 1u''ary colu'n /or'at contains duplicate colu'ns and at runti'e cannot
acknowledge single alar's in a picture sa)ed on a pre-9.4 syste'. (1-$:3#3115%
* *opying and pasting a shape /ro' ?1 &ord( such as the arrow or sHuare(
would result in a large black blob on the screen. (1-93$!!1$%
* 0nable to paste ,nhanced ?eta=ile in i=ix9. (1-919$":91%
* ?icroso/t &eb Browser caused workspace to crash i/ *T+C key is pressed. (1-:1411!##%
* &orkspace and other applications shut down unexpectedly a/ter getting
2os>get>current>user- in)alid user2 error. (1-9!11!!1 1-9"3$""9$1 1-$!"391"1%
* During picture con)ersion (.6D= to .<+=%( datalinks with large (I :!"$#% operator li'its are not
con)erted by the 1cript *on)erter. (1-!#3$39%
* During picture con)ersion (.6D= to .<+=%( )isibility ani'ations are not con)erted properly. (1-
* &orkspace crashes when switching to run 'ode with custo'ers picture. (1-$:3#311%
* +ando' crash inside the =ix<raphic*onnectiondll.dll when updating the caption o/ a text object.
* &orkspace crashes when the 1tatus Bar is unchecked and *T+C-; is pressed (1-9!3###4%
* The user doesn't get any in/or'ation when a picture cannot be displayed due to ha)ing run out
o/ syste' resource. (1-!#:9"9"%
* 6;* Datalink to byte data type being set to incorrectly to character type (1-9"1443$1%
* During runti'e data entry( datalink locks up 'ouse and clicks to other objects are ignored. ( 1-
* During runti'e data entry( replace'ent text is not inserted at the correct position. (1-
* ;icture *on)erter crashes when con)erting =ix:! 6D= that contains chart object. (1-
* Datalink with raw /or'at o/ JsJ crashes workspace in run 'ode. (1-9393$3:!1%
* Datalink with raw /or'at o/ J".!/J drops succeeding characters. (1-94143$31%
* GTD does not display iGistorian data /or pens with long tagna'es. GTD does not display
iGistorian taglist. (1-:!:$!!$3$%
* 1ecurity syste' )ariables do not update a/ter an auto'atic logout. (1-9#9"$43"%
* ,rror displayed in &orkspace run 'ode when Tag group sy'bol substitution contains single
Huotes. (1-1419911%
* &orkspace crash using a 5lar'su''ary6*7 on a picture opened by a EB5 re/erence. (1-
* Build Dyna'o &iAard clips tagna'es that use dashes in their na'e. (1-4!341411%
* 5dded new error strings /or better descripti)e error dialog when interacting with i=B7 .4. (1-
* &hen 'igrating a chart group with a /ixed date ti'e group /ro' =ix:!( there is an error
(?ethod '1tart Ti'e' o/ =ix!D;en =ailed% when applying the con)erted chart group to an i=ix 9.4
chart. (1-:93:91"$4%
* *harts loading *<& /iles containing T>D5T5 sources will grow out o/ control. (1-99134331%
* *ursor not responding correctly when editing a text object in *on/igure 'ode using in-line
editing. (1-9#$#:#$!"%
* Double click on a text object which sits on top o/ a rectangle brings up the rectangle's ani'ation
dialog. (1-:31#!1%
* *annot add a new alar' area containing *yrillic (+ussian% characters. (1-93!4#1$1:( 1-
* ;icture cannot be sa)ed in &orkspace because o/ 2;ara'eter is Bncorrect2 error. (1-
* 0nable to acknowledge Bndi)idual 5lar's or 5lar' ;age when using CB@ dri)er and Canguage
/or @on-0nicode ;rogra's is set to *hinese in +egional 1ettings. (1-991:#$!%
* 0sing the *hart <roup &iAard( cannot enter a large duration( /or exa'ple( ! days. ?isleading
error 'essage( 2This /ield accepts inputs in dd-hh-''-ss /or'at2( is shown. (1-9"3#199!1%
* Dyna'o sets and pictures need an independent Disable5uto1cale property. (1-9"1!!#1%
* 1yste'.=ix<et0serBn/o returns only the /irst group a user belongs to. +eHuire entire list.
*reated new toolkit =unction =ix<et0ser<roup (1-9131411%
* +eplace ;icture stops working when clicking pushbutton second ti'e (1-93"19:%
* There are new applications contained in Batch 1;1 that reHuire additional i=ix security
application /eatures. (1-99!4"$$"1%
* 1ecurity1ynchroniAer crashes on i=ix9.+0. ("$%
* Gda5dd@t/ gi)es error 1144#.=T8>B5D@T=.2Bn)alid @T= /or'at entered( expecting @-T.= or
@-T2 i/ the tag na'e contains 1wedish letters KLM. (1-9:9##"$$1%
* Datalink with raw /or'at o/ J".!/J crashes workspace in run 'ode. (1-94143$31%
* +ectangle with ani'ated Blend property shows incorrect gradient /ill when picture is opened in
+un 'ode. (1-:4114$$31%
* 6pening a picture or a custo' dyna'o created in i=B7 9.4 crashes workspace in i=B7 9.. (1-
* ToggleDigital;oint cannot write to an 6;* address with ite' BD beginning with 252. (1-
* +ealti'e 6DB* inter/ace does not return 5>*E /or 5+ (1-91#!:1%
* Backup.+estore &iAard displays 2Disk =ull2 when there is a'ple disk space a)ailable. (1-
* ,)ent 'essaging no longer works /or D6 blocks. (1-!319#4"$$%
* 5lign Top.Botto'.Ce/t.+ight ,xperts don't align lines correctly i/ the lines' edge widths are
greater than 1. (1-91:11"#1%
* @ew registry key optional para'eter in the 6;* datasource con/iguration /or ;;1 (1-
* ,diting a datalink with tag group substitution on picture created in a pre)ious )ersion o/ i=ix
does a picture-wide replace'ent o/ the sy'bols (1-99"""9"%
* 5lign Top.Botto'.Ce/t.+ight ,xperts don't align lines correctly i/ the lines' edge widths are
greater than 1. (1-91:11"#1%
* ?e'ory leaks /ro' &orkspace when accessing the =ind+eplace object in EB5. (1-:$#:$"1%
* 5 chart doesn't display seconds o/ the start ti'e correctly i/ being applied a chart group /ile that
was con)erted /ro' =ix:! and contains seconds in the /ixed start ti'e. (1-9:3!"!#3#%
* &hen 'igrating a chart group /ro' =ix:!( there is an error when applying the con)erted ti'e
group to an i=ix 9.4 chart. 5lso( =ixed Bnter)al /ield does not 'igrate correctly. (1-!!3!$311:%
* 1etting a pen's /ixed start ti'e with only ti'e in a chart group /ile causes a type 'is'atch error
when you apply the chart group /ile. (1-9193$":"%
* <radient /ollowing the ani'ated object (1-:4!:!$:$%
* *annot Aoo' a chart pen to less than 1 percent o/ tag's ,<0 range. (1-!34:4"39%
* *hart does not update correctly when changing tag group /ile that re/erences t>data (1-
* The user changes the *aption o/ picture through 5pplication.5cti)e&indow.*aption property(
the caption is lost when the picture loses /ocus. (1-91$913:11%
* Data ?is'atch ,rror when using ToggleDigital;oint with 8epware 1er)er when toggling /ro' 1
to 4. (1-!"4:3441%
* <et T<,=ile*on)ert error -!19"91"#9# 2?ethod 'N' o/ object 'N' /ailed2 when con)erting a =B7:!
tag group /ile (.T<, /ile% to a i=B7 .T<D or .*1E /ile using the Tag <roup *on)erter( i/ the .T<,
/ile has an old /ile /or'at ()ersion1( which is created pre-=B7$.1x or pre-133"%. (1-94"139!91%
* ;icture,xporter encounters exception exporting datalink with opc datasource (1-91#!1$$41%
* 5lar' 1u''ary no longer allows you to change /ont siAe )ia 1tatus=ont1iAe ;roperty. (1-
* Data,ntry expert does not show correct deci'al separator in non-,nglish regional settings
* *hart unable to retrie)e 'ore than !9 days o/ data /ro' iGistorian. (1-91!391!41%
* Dapanese translator could not change /ont siAe in launch dialog (939%
* +ussian hard coded strings contained in ,xpertglobals and dyna'o wiAard. (939:%
iFIX45_16!0!40205 S"ppe#en$ar%
* -s co''and line para'eter does not =ilter errors in =B7 desktop. (1-$:4:94!4%
* &hen 5lar' su''ary object is too thin on so'e custo'er pictures( )iew crashes (1-
* 5>*E /ield changes to 1cienti/ic @otation unexpectedly. (1-9:##"!#1:%
* =ix Desktop datalink you get a deci'al separator a/ter 4 i/ the )alue is 4. (1-9"3:1:!:4%
* =B7 Desktop - when deleting alar's on the backup( the Eiew /reeAes. (1-9"999$!:%
* 1low per/or'ance when opening up a tag status (BD=% /ile in =B7 Desktop Eiew on EB,& node.
* Eiew crashes when 5ni'ation Cow and Gigh Ci'its set to 4. (1-9!3"3141%
* Desktop Draw crashes when picture contains long or 'ulti-line text object and sa)ing to +eport.
* *usto' Coadable blocks 'ay cause a &orkspace crash i/ calling the 'ethod btk>set>dsout. (1-
* 5/ter installing i=ix9>193":#1!:( 5+ Block cannot write to 5>*E. (1-:!$:9$!1%
* 5pplication error while writing to 5>*E /ield o/ D+ block i/ )alue exceeds # *haracters. (1-
* ;< block not executing co''and that reads or writes an 5+ tag. ,rror when i'porting a ;<
tag. (1-93":#1!:( 1-93:93$!1%
* @eed a new /unction in CDB5 to get access to globals used during catch-all processing o/ 5+!
and D+! (loadable% blocks. (1-4$419"!"%
* i=B7 as a 1er)ice on &indows !44: ter'inates when logging o// using a +D; (?1T1*.,7,%
.console session. (1-9"":###4:%
* 5>TE /ields /or *5C* block display garbage in picture in run 'ode (1-9$1$9"!1%
* Desktop Draw crashes when trying to sa)e as a +eport. (1-9"313!4#!%
* Duplicate e)ent 'essages /or non-si'ulation tags in the alar' typers o/ the non-acti)e 1*5D5
node. (1-9!$39!#1%
* 5lar's generated by Bristol ;C* do not show up correctly in 5lar' 1u''ary 6*7. (1-
* Desktop Eiew crashes when using ?ulti-;en *hart with Eariable (1-93:1111%
* The triggering ti'e o/ a 1OT block dri/ts increasingly i/ a scan ti'e o/ one hour (1G% is used on
the block. (1-9!1"!##1%
* Eiew crashing when using 1OC state'ent in co''and language (1-9!11:91%
* &hen i=B7 is running as a ser)ice( the =ix1r).exe stops with exception when
=ixBackground1er)er.exe is in tasks list and the current window user logs out. (1-9:"""1%
* ?ain window and 'essage box title was not translated in =ix 1tartup( 5lar' Gistory( and
Gistorical Display.
* =rench install crashing.
* i=B7 crash on =rench.
* The 1OT block the =>1OC1T and the 5>DB,++ is not reset on startup. (1-::":"11#%
* The 1OT block 'isses the con/ir'ation bit being set. (1-!3:14#3"1%
* 8?,.,7, crashes when opening custo' 8?7 /iles. (1-9!#113$91%
* Gistorical display crashes when opening a chart i/ there are 'ore 144 charts in chart list. (1-
* &hen using 6;,@;B* with para'eters Desktop Eiew crashes. (1-94"$39#1%
* &hen using a )ariable as an argu'ent /or the 6;,@;B* *o''and( Eiew crashes upon
executing the co''and. (1-94!"!4:1%

* &hen adding or 'odi/ying a script in =ix Desktop that contains strings longer than 94
characters( Draw shuts down. (1-91!#!!"%
* ?e'ory leak in EB,&.,7, a/ter installing 1B? i=B79>1:3""3$:$! (1-9!431#991%
* Desktop Eiew Datalink does not display correctly when regional settings set to 1wedish. (1-
* Thousands separators are placed incorrectly /or so'e negati)e )alues o/ =B7 Desktop datalinks.
* 5lar' Gorn does not sound on certain alar' priorities( such as *ritical( lolo( etc. (1-9:4$3!$:%
iFIX45_1499110&81 'a$a(ase Mana)er
* Database ?anager prints garbage characters /or 8anji (1-933114"#1%
* ;DB /ro' =B7:! gi)es a /atal error D5 blocks does not con)ert correctly (1-4#"9!9%
* 5lar' Ci'its /or 5B1 block are not being con)erted correctly. This si' will reHuire the latest
installation o/ the 5B1 9. block prior to con)erting your database. (1-9"3!!1919%
* Database?anager hangs a/ter adding chained blocks. (1-9"1:3!#11%
* Database?anager crashes when exporting a tagna'e contains a J (1-94"9!3#"%
* DB? get crashes when exporting database to <DB /ile. (1-:3""3$::1%
* DB? crashes when i'porting database consisting o/ @on-existing loadable blocks. (1-
iFIX45_1464640892 *+, -ar# an. /0en$s
* 1B? i=B794>1:$"$#91$: introduced proble' where the =or'at o/ DB ,)ent ?essages being
collected by the Gistorian 5F, changed. (1-:::4!!%
* &hen using i=ix 6;* 5, ser)er to collect alar's and e)ents( alar' extension /ields associated
with alar' acknowledge'ents are not being captured and sent to Gistorian. (1-:$"$#91$:%
* ,)ent 'essages /or 56 and D6 tags are not sent to ;ro/icy Gistorian by the i=B76;*5,
1er)er. (1-:$193":14%
iFIX45_1452!612&1 1e$2orkin)
* @5*.,7, crashes on shutdown. (1-9!:$1!"1%
* @*B leaks when closing connections due to so'e socket errors. (1-9!194"349%
iFIX45_14968&19!1 I3* 'a$a Scope
* ?ission *ontrol - Datascope does not show up when dri)er is $.7 (1-93$#"13:1%
iFIX45_14512&1921 -ar# *'B, 45apanese on%6
* 5l'6DB* restores alar's which are in 5l'6DB*.t'p to +DB at e)ery i=B7 startupP (1-
iFIX45_1502942559 S78 9 *'B,
* 1end1igned6perator?essage causes 5l'6DB* to *rash when 0serBD is e'pty (1-
* 5C?6DB* crashing on i=ix9.=+
* 1OC co''and executed /ro' cache lea)es blanks in 1OT block's 1OC 1tate /ield (5>1OC1T%
instead o/ setting it to 2444442 as it does when the co''and does not execute /ro' cache. (1-
* =or troubleshooting purposes( need to see the )alue o/ para'eters sent and returned by an
1OC co''and. (1-:3$9$#"#1%
* &1OC6D* would not start when trying to connect is 6racle 14g (1-1$"$4$!3%
iFIX45_1405081401 *+,iFIX
* ;*!4i=ix leaks handles and 'e'ory when co''unicating with iBatch (1-944#1941%
* *an not change )alue o/ =>TE1 /ield jo/ *5C* block through opci/ix (1-4##:!#!%
* 6;*!4B=ix was taking a exceedingly long ti'e to enable large lists o/ ite's. (1-:3#:411%
iFIX45_14!6!04211 *'B,
* &ith the =ix Dyna'ics +eal Ti'e Data( when using 6+ in Huery( all dri)er pollblocks are
triggered to poll e)en i/ block types and.or tag na'es are speci/ied in the &G,+, clause. (1-
iFIX45_1!99051491 Sec"ri$%
* 1hell call to 2login.exe -o2 brings up Cogin dialog. (1-:3341931%
* &hen showing 21ecurity is currently disabled on this node.2( 'essage box title is not translated.
iFIX45_14&8!26&6& Sa#pe S%s$e#
* Bnstallation o/ i=B79>19:1433#3" causes the 1a'ple 1yste' to crash on exit. (1-9"#:!$"$"%
This is only an issue with ,nglish i=B7.