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Courier Management System - Our Specialty

We are working with various courier companies since 2000. Thus very aware of every need of the
industry and developed a range of software to suit different perspective.

SIT provide software for following.

International Courier Management.

Domestic Courier Management.

Franchise Management System

Document Management System.

A software to manage courier company

A unique software for the organization who hire no. of courier for distribution of their bulk
document as telephone bill, A/C statement, etc.

We have developed software that manage packet distribution to Couriers Company and support
excellent reporting, billing and control over Courier Company and thus provide clear report to
management ‘how the courier company are performing their assigned job' These are few names
of the organization who are enjoying a benefit of the software INDIA BULLS, RELIANCE,

Context Diagram :
Features :
The main features of this Software solution namely Courier Management System are enlisted as

The utmost features Packet Entry

The Franchise for Delivery
Updating the delivery status for the
Printing of the bills invoice
Client Management
Employee Management
Initial Settings

The utmost feature being the automation of the packet entry at the time of receiving the packet
from the clients so as to ease the primary activity of the company. This includes :

Generating a unique tracking no. (AWB NO.) for each packet received
Specifying the client/customer who has given this packet for delivering (i.e. whether one time
customer/regular client).
Entering the information about the address where the packet is to be delivered.
Calculating the charge of the packet delivery at the time of packet entry. Packet charge is
calculated based on the following criteria :
Packet Weight
Packet Delivery Area
Local (Within Delhi)
Satellite (Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad and
Metro (Mumbai, Kolkata, Banglore, and chennai)
North India
Rest Of India
The rates as decided with that client for the above
Allowing for modifications to the details of the packet so entered for rectifying any
typographical errors.

Assigning the packets to the Franchise for delivery. This part of the objectives includes a
assigning the packets to a delivery on the basis of :

The area in which they deliver packets.

The face value of the packets (Packet

Updating the delivery status of the packets– (e.g. whether packet is delivered, pending or
returned back to the client etc.) after received the proof of delivery (POD) from the delivery
boys. The POD includes the following details about receiving the packet –

Details of the person who received with the address [self in case packet is packet is received by
the addressee], contact information etc).
In case of non-delivery of the packet, the reasons for the same
Date and time of packet delivery (or an attempt for the same).

Printing of the bills invoice for the clientsagainst the packet received for the delivery. This
includes three parts :

Preparing the bills invoice. Depending on the rates, respective packet weights and their
destination areas. the bills invoice is prepared for that client for all the packets received during
that month.
Printing of the bills invoice to be handed over to that client for payment.
Corrections to the bills invoice – this part allows the management to correct the erroneous one.

One of the important objectives being Client Management.

It has two major parts-

Proposed Client Management- This part allows the managing the details of clients proposed by
managing executives.
Regular Client management- this includes entering, modifying, and managing clients contact
details and respective rates.
Allowing the client and management to query about the delivery status and generating reports
about the packets.
Employee Management-
This part allows the entry, modification of every employee by assigning him a unique ID and
categorizing them on the nature of work. This part also works for the different categories of
employees for ex. Delivery boy, marketing executive etc. to keep track of their performance.

Initial Settings-
Even before the entry of the packets received from a client, the environment must be set. So this
part deals with additions/modification to the main criteria on which the company’s business work.
This is set in following manner-

Packet rates setting- these are based on the delivery area, weight and packet type (i.e.,
document for ex. Letter, DD etc. or non-document for ex. Gift, moveable property) and client
type (cash clients or credit clients).
Area setting for packet- under this kind of setting a list of area specified for packet delivery in
following two categories Here each user is assigned a user name, password, and access type to
the application.

Query Processing
According to :

Packets- To query on the packet status based on AEB No., FDR No. Or other criteria
(Booking date, place, city etc.).
Clients- To gets the details of a client.
Employee- To gets the details of an Employee.
Delivery area-To gets the details of a particular area on the basis of place, city, area and

This application also includes generation of the following category of reports -

Packets - It has two sub reports -

Pick up detail - Pick up detail- For details regarding the number of packets received by the
company from a particular client on a particular date.
Detailed Packet Report - Generated for client to provide the information about their packet
deliveries in a given date range.

Franchise -It has three sub reports -

Area list - this report gives the details list of Franchise under a particular route.
Packet status - this report is generated for keeping an eye on the Franchise’s performance on
assigned packet delivery.
Listing - It gives the detail list of employees of the company along with their contact
information. This list can be sub-divided into the following categories.

1. Data Entry
2. Marketing Executive.
3. All Employees

Route - This type of report is also for the use of management

Area - This kind gives a list of area that fall under a particular route.

Packets - This gives a list of packets that are destined for that route in a given date-range.

Marketing - This generates reports corresponding to the marketing division of company i.e.

Client Detail - To gets contact detail of client.

Client Rates - To get rate of packet deliveries as decided with each of the client.

Proposed Client - To get list of proposed clients along with their contacts.