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New Logo Design by Bubba Stallcup & Gary Stone

Bubba Stallcup | Technology Director

ou have probably already
noticed that things are start-
ing to look a litle diferent
around our church. None of these
changes have come out of the blue (an
apropos pun given our color scheme),
but, rather, have been in the works for
well over a year.
When I rst visited First Baptist
Church of Marble Falls in January of
2010, my wife and I had just moved to
Odessa, TX. Prior to that, we had been
living in Spring Branch, just South of
here on 281. I was greeted as I came in
by who have quickly become some of
my favorite people on the planet; our
wonderful greeters. As with the vast
majority of churches out there, I was
given a bulletin. There was something
on there that caught my eye. The logo.
I had the sneaking suspicion that I
had seen it somewhere before. This is
not uncommon among churches. Ac-
cording to the Hartford Institute for
Religious Research, in 2010 alone there
were over 328,000 Christian churches
in the U.S. Chances are prety high that
some of us will share a logo. There are
even websites and branding services
that will sell logos designed specically
for church use.
I came on staf in 2012, and quickly
turned my atention to our logo. Gary
Stone and I had already talked about
where we actually were, and where we
needed to go. When we added Pastor
Ross Chandler to the mix, we were all
in agreement.
Pastor Ross was concerned that our
new logo needed to express to both our
church, and the community, who we
He cast a this vision for the logo:
I see a sun rising/seting over the
hills of the Texas Hill Country, and a
river owing through it.
He then charged Gary and I with
creating the logo, and we began almost
immediately. Looking at the logo, you
might not think this was a large task,
but I assure you that it was. We draf-
ed almost 10 diferent versions of this
concept, and several more iterations
of the nal design, before reaching
our decision. Some of you may have
been a part of that process. Afer Gary
presented a few of the designs to Bill
Smyrl in passing, he suggested that
we incorporate the double cross of the
prayer tower.
We hope you are pleased with the
way that it turned out, and look for-
ward to another 125 years of great ser-
vice to our community. Look for this to
cover all areas of our churchs media by
the end of the year.
It doesnt say any-
thing about OUR
church body.
Our Churchs New Look
The Journey
VOL. 2.1
Wednesday, September 17th, 2014
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Weldon French | Assosiate Pastor
Preparing for One Service Sunday
e have a great day in
the life of our church
coming on Septem-
ber 28. We will be able to go
to our new, partly completed
building in order to write on the
walls! We can write scriptures,
prayers, and blessings on the
walls so they will become a per-
manent part of the construction,
unseen by us but known by God!
The schedule will have to be
very diferent that day, so here it
is: All classes will meet for Sun-
day School at 9:00 AM here at
our current location. Then wor-
ship will begin at the La Venta-
na location at 11:00 AM. This
should allow ample time for
travel and parking. If you can
carpool with another family or
several people, that will certain-
ly ease the parking crowding.
Adult classes will meet as fol-
Veritas 1, 2, & 3
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Thursday, Sept. 18th
Food Pantry
Copeland Class Party (Fellowship Hall)
Celebrate Recovery ( M-202, Weldons Ofce)
Co-ed Volleyball (Family Life Center Gym)
Friday, Sept, 19th
Saturday, Sept. 20th
Sunday, Sept. 21st
Traditional Worship, Bible Study for All Ages, Veritas
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Flag Football (MFHS Practice Field)
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Monday, Sept. 22nd
Church Growth Team (M-102)
Tuesday, Sept. 23rd
Creative Hearts Ministry (Fellowship Hall, North)
Food Pantry
Mens Basketball (Family Life Center Gym)
Wedesday, Sept. 24th
FLASH (Family Life Center Gym)
Church Family Meal - Chicken Nuggets & Fries (Fellowship Hall)
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