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An article n yoga relating our mind

By Kailash ch Sabat!"#!$$%!$&
In one of my previous companies almost I had lost my job on performance
basis.However some employees stood by me and a litmus test finally was
determined.I was told that the company has to issue 3 cheques and the cheque
book has only 3 cheques left and it was urgent and the writing has to be flawless
else we dont have extra cheques to issue in case of cancelled.nd unmistakably
writing was my job.!therwise a great question on my performance.
I failed and lost the job.
nother incident I was told to find one file I failed to notice that place in one
convenient place."ame thing repeated many times.
#e leave jobs or oppurtunities on minor occasions and these are incidents show our
defective mind and yoga is supposed to rectify this.
friend once asked how we know our chakra activated.$he answer is on this line
Dharma ar'an dhana sari
Se dharma (ra(ta narahari)
%eaning you put your money and effort to earn gods favour and due to that favour
you earn good people to help you.
"o your success level or the level of help you derive in the society is the mark of of
your achievement in yoga I answered.
$o cure a defective mind &eiki says
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"o we should not be stubborn on minor issues to have a healthy body.
lady when was misbehaved by his husband erroneously to carry on his shoes got
so much hurt that that continuous secret stress turned in to cancer disease.
)od *udha is a symbol of love and peace is clear when he wanted the swan to be
rescued from getting killed.
*ath +oga (reaches
*apu kushatwam
+ayan sunirmalam
+ada sputikam
*adane prasannata
+adi sudhi
gnee depam
To be the sign o, yoga success)
So badane (rasannata means you accept any kind of adverse situation else you
are dissatisfied.
In *hagawat )eeta ,rishna god tells the nature of mind the cause of many ills and
the way to control that.
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"o the defective mind is changed into stress and ultimately different diseases.Hence
self analysis has to monitor the role of stress on our body and mind.
!ur eyes- kidney or heart functioning gets hindered in certain over reacting
minds.Hence minds should be normal and elastic.
#hen we become conscious about the role of our mind and soul on our physical
body we become energetic.
Hence wise people.even my grandfather was used to say know yourself first before
doing some higher yoga.
master is not only able to move his own mind and soul for different purposes but
also becomes able to control the mind -health and to some extent the soul of other
related people who learn the art from him.
n article by kailash
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