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We gather today as God’s beloved children to worship our Heavenly Father. We praise his

We gather today as God’s beloved children to worship our Heavenly Father. We praise his holy name, we listen eagerly for his words of comfort, hope, and challenge to us, and we offer ourselves to him in dedicated service. May you be blessed as you worship here today.

Leading and Assisting in Worship

September 21, 2014

Leaders: Pastor Stephen Wood

Organist: Olga Otte

Deacons: Mark Hoffmeier; Larry Guinn Greeters: Roger & Delores Douglass (8:00) Bill & Judy Wonning (10:15) Communion Assistant: Leon Seitz (10:15) Altar Care: Linda Seitz (10:15) Lectors: Mandy Otte (8:00) Laberta Otte (10:15) Acolytes: Morgan Jones (8:00) Cheyenne Douglass (10:15)

Projectors: Kaelen Eglen (8:00)

Marc Fountain (10:15) Flowers: Wilma Claycamp Welcome Center: Shirley Lewis (8:00) Judy Wonning (10:15)

St. Paul Lutheran Church

10792 North 210 East, Seymour, IN 47274



Annex & Fax





Web Site: Office hours: Monday-Friday


The Reverend Stephen Wood………………Pastor

Carolyn Jones

of Youth & Family


Ministries and Borchers Preschool Director

Michelle Wood…………

Team Director

Tyler Claycamp…

Amy Pierceall and Mandy Otte………………………………Custodians Jamie Baker………………. Director of Technology

Youth & Family Director

……………… Secretary

Trish Tangman………………



St. Paul Lutheran Church is a congrega-

tion of The Evangelical Lutheran Church in

America (E.L.C.A.). It is referred to as “Borchers” since Rev. Henry Borchers, who served our congregation from 1857-1881, advised and influenced a small group of pioneer settlers that wanted to establish a congregation in the area. This year we celebrate 162 years of life and ministry in this beautiful country setting in Southern Indiana. We look forward to many more years of growth and change as we seek continually to be faithful to God’s call to mission.

The Sacrament of Holy Communion is

offered at the 8:00 a.m. services on the 2 nd and 4 th Sundays and at the 10:15 a.m. ser- vice on the 1 st and the 3 rd Sundays of the month. Christians who believe in the true presence of Christ in the bread and wine for

our forgiveness and salvation are invited to

receive Holy Communion.

Sunday School classes are held each Sun-

day for all ages at 9:10 a.m. Visitors are welcome to attend.


head phones available for those in need of assistance with hearing. They are located on

the table at the entrance of the sanctuary.


are a handful of large print bulletins availa- ble. They are located on the table at the en- trance of the sanctuary.


This week:

September 21st-September 27th


Kid’s Bells Team 1 at both services

8:00 am

LBW Worship

9:15 am

Sunday School

10:15 am

LBW Communion

11:45 am

Confirmation class

5:30 pm Luther League at Buffalo Wild Wings

Monday 22nd

6:30 pm Financial Peace Newsletter Deadline

9:00 am


1:00 pm

Book Buzz

6:30 pm

Stephen Ministry

Wednesday 24th

9:00 am


9:15 am

Preschool Chapel

1:30 pm

Clothing Center


6:30 pm

Adult Bells

7:00 pm

Preschool Mother’s Tea

7:30 pm


Thursday 25th

9:00 am

Borchers Breakfast Club

7:30 pm

WELCA Meeting

Friday 26th

9:00 am


Jr. High Retreat at Lutheran Hills until Sept. 28

Next week:

September 28th-October 4th

Sunday 28th

8:00 am

LBW Communion

9:15 am

Sunday School

9:15 am

Mission Festival Breakfast

10:15 am

LBW Worship

6:30 pm

Financial Peace

Monday 29th

9:00 am


1:30 pm

Clothing Center

Wednesday 1st

9:00 am


5:30 pm

Kid’s Bells Team 1

6:00 pm

Kid’s Bells Team 2

6:30 pm

Kid’s Praise

6:30 pm

Adult Bells

Thursday 2nd

8:30 am

Devotions in Borchers Chapel

9:00 am

Borchers Breakfast Club

7:30 pm

Ruth Circle

Friday 3rd


7:30 pm Ruth Circle Friday 3rd NO PRESCHOOL CONGRATUALTIONS to Luke Schnitker and Katlynn Schneider who

CONGRATUALTIONS to Luke Schnitker and Katlynn Schneider who were married yesterday at Immanuel Lutheran Church. Luke is the son of Donald and Susie Schnitker. We pray for them as they begin a new chapter in their lives.

CONFIRMATION CLASS begins today! Lunch

will be served after the 10:15 service, and class

will end at 2:30 p.m. Sign-up sheets for parents to help with meals is on the bulletin board in the office. Any questions, please talk with Pastor Steve.

ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS will be reading and discussing Martin Luther’s Large Catechism beginning today. There will be copies of the specific parts we will study available at the Welcome Center.

LUTHER LEAGUE will meet tonight at 5:30 p.m. at Buffalo Wild Wings. We will planning the year’s events and looking at Mission Trip ideas for Summer 2015. Please bring money for your meal.

HARVEST HOME BAZAAR SIGNUP SHEETS are in the narthex. Sign up for your favorite job. Everyone’s help makes this event possible.

CRAFT MORNING will be held on Monday,

September 22 from 9:00-11:00 a.m. in the fellow- ship hall. Crafts will be made to sell at the ba- zaar. WINGS will have several easy craft pro- jects available to make, or feel free to bring your own project to work on. Any questions, ask Deb- bie Herbert. Everyone is welcome to come join in the fun!!

WE NEED YOU!—If you would like to help with projectors, be a lector, help assemble the news- letter for mailing, communion assistant, or help with altar care, please let Michelle know.

BOOK BUZZ will meet Monday, September 22 at 1:00 pm in the narthex. They will discuss this month’s book “The Ladies Room”. Please feel free to come even if you haven’t read the book! Any questions, talk to Trish Tangman or Michelle Wood.

KID’S BELLS will not meet on September 24th.

STEPHEN MINISTRY will meet in the adult Sunday School area Monday, September 22 from 6:30-9:00 PM. The session will begin with continuing education on the topic of "Caring For Recently Incarcerated Care Receivers". A speak- er will be present to share helpful information and answer questions for the group.


meet Monday, September 22, 2014 beginning at

7 p.m. at Zion Lutheran Church. Members from Borchers Lutheran Church will also host the meeting. Final plans for the Fall Luncheon and Bake Sale to be held Friday, October 17 th at Immanuel Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall will be discussed. All are invited to enjoy the even-

ing of fellowship and become more familiar with the ministry to individuals, marriages, and fami- lies throughout Jackson and Bartholomew coun-

ties. Please sign up at the Welcome Center to

donate food items. Sign up by TODAY.


for about a half hour and spend the time lifting up a variety of requests and whatever else is on people’s minds. We will meet on September

24th at 7:30 p.m. with Pastor Steve.

WELCA MEETING will be held on September

25th at 7:00 p.m. in the fellowship hall. All wom-

en of the church 18 and older are welcome!

JR. HIGH RETREAT AT LUTHERAN HILLS is September 26th-28th. Youth will leave Friday night at 6:30 pm. They should return to the church on September 28th around 11:15 am. Be sure to pack appropriate clothing for the

weekend. There are copies of what you need to bring in the folder on the bulletin board in the

office. Any questions, contact Carolyn Jones.

MISSION FESTIVAL will be on September 28th. We will have a breakfast during the Sun- day School time. Our guest speaker will be from the Wernle Home in Richmond, IN. See the signup sheet at the Welcome Center to help.

MILL RACE MARATHON is looking for volun-

teers. Race day is September 27th beginning at the Commons at 7:30 a.m. A Kid’s Fun Run is

September 26th at 6:00 p.m. at Mill Race Park.

Sign up at volunteer.

FOOD PANTRY item for September is tuna. Please place your donations in the basket by the main entrance or in the wooden box by the kitchen.

Any questions, please talk


Members at St. Paul-Borchers helped com-

plete this beautiful and functional home through various fundraisers, donations, and workdays. On Sunday, September 28th from 11:30-1:30 the Guffeys have invited anyone who helped with this project in any way to visit their home, at 8472 N. County Road 300E, for refreshments and a tour!

DEVOTIONAL SERVICE will be held in the Borchers Chapel on Thursday, October 2nd at 8:30 am.

KID’S PRAISE GROUP will practice on Wednesday, October 1st at 6:30 pm. Any chil- dren grades K-5 are invited to join us! They will sing at both services on October 5th.

RUTH CIRCLE will meet October 2nd

PIPE ORGAN CONCERT at Borchers Chap- el on Saturday, October 4th at 11:00 am with

Matt Gerhard as organist. A pitch-in picnic will

follow at the home of John Rust.


Tuesday, October 7th at YES! Cinema in Co- lumbus. A carpool will leave the church parking lot at 12:15 and return between 4:00 and 5:00 PM. Please sign up at the Welcome Center so transportation can be arranged. The movie's title will be available a few days prior to the

event at Questions?

Please contact Trish.

TWEENERS will be going to the Cornucopia Farm in Scottsburg on October 26th. We will meet in the fellowship hall after 10:15 service. You will need to bring a lunch. Sign up in the office by October 12th or contact Tyler at 812- 216-7027 or


and Sandwich Supper and Bake Sale will be

held on October 5th. Food will be served from 4:00-7:00 p.m

ST. PETER, WAYMANSVILLE FISH FRY will be held on October 19th. Food will be served from 4:00-7:00 p.m


Walking in Faith – Sowing Christ’s Love

The mission of St. Paul Lutheran Church is derived from our core values - the essence of our purpose for existence and the criteria we should use to guide our congregational decisions and actions.

Our Core Values:

1. Spirituality to worship and to grow and develop spiritually as Christians. 2. Outreach – To spread the message of God’s love and grace by word and by action. 3. Service to Others – To live Christ’s message to Love one another.

You can support the mission of our church by coming to worship, engaging in study, shar- ing the word, bringing a friend to church, taking part in Care Team initiatives, volunteering at church or in the community and loving one another. We invite you to join us in this journey.

Our Response to God’s Love

We Worshipped:

September 14th — 8:00 am service150

10:15 am service — 73

Total Offerings for September 14th: No financial reports this week. They will be included in next week’s bulletin.

{The weekly amount needed to cover expenses in the 2014 Spending Plan is $5,853.00} *This amount does not include the $5,900.00 monthly mortgage payment

Readings for September 28 th

Exodus 14:10-29

Psalm 114

Matthew 2:13-15


Lois Bryden (8:00) Hannah Wood (10:15)

Those assisting with worship September 28 th :

Communion Assistant:

Mark Rorick


Altar Care:

Wanda Engelau



Katie & Kori Otte



Jacob Rotert (10:15)


Doris Rorick (8:00) John Pierceall (10:15)


Wilma Claycamp

September 21,


Going Deeper

The purpose of this page is to provide a tool or instrument for your spiritual growth. This page contains a brief synopsis of the readings as well as some questions for your reflection to help you go deeper with the Word. On the back is a day by day listing of scripture readings with possible prayer request. Individuals are listed on their day of birthso that you might pray for them on their birthday. Also on the back is the prayer list for the congregation. Keep on Growing Spiritually!!

Readings for the Day:

Genesis 39:1-23: This is part of the story of Joseph. This section of the Joseph narrative picks up after he was sold into slavery by his brothers and ends up in the house of Potiphar. He has an encounter with Potiphar’s wife and this leads to Joseph being thrown into prison. Even though all this, God was with Joseph.

Matthew 5:1-12: In the beatitudes, Jesus provides a unique description of those who are blessed with God’s favor. His teaching is surprising and shocking to those who seek wealth, fame, and control over others.

From Sunday & Seasons, copyright 2014 Augsburg Fortress’

Questions To Ponder:

1How do you understand the story of Joseph? 2What does this story tell us about God? 3What astounds you about the story of Joseph? 4How does this story connect to the beatitudes from the Gospel of Matthew? 5What does this text say to us today?


Memory Verse: Genesis 39:3 3 His master saw that the LORD was with him, and that the LORD caused all that he did to prosper in his hands

Going Deeper in Prayer

Going Deeper in Prayer   Sunday 9/21 II Samuel 1:1-27 Matthew 26:1-75    World peace

Sunday 9/21


Samuel 1:1-27

Matthew 26:1-75


World peace

Monday 9/22


Samuel 2:1-32

Matthew 27:1-66


James Reinbold

Turning Point


Tuesday 9/23


Samuel 3:1-39

Matthew 28:1-20 Alvin Otte

people undergoing treatments


Wednesday 9/24


Samuel 4:1-12

Mark 1:1-45 Mildred Carter, Dana Henley, Sam Browning, Eli Wood

ELCA seminaries

  Thursday 9/25

II Samuel 5:1-25

Mark 2:1-28  Deryl Paswater, Anita Gault, Lois Bryden, Toby Kleffman, Jodi Brown, Terri Devoe

school teachers

Friday 9/26

II Samuel 6:1-23

Mark 3:1-35 Ralph Johnson, Robert Runge

Christians in Ghana

Saturday 9/27

II Samuel 7:1-29 Mark 4:1-41  the stewardship of the congregation

Prayer List

Prayer for Homebound Individuals: Phyllis Neidinger; Betty Hoene, Eunice Lutes, Evelyn Otte; Geneva Hoene; Orville Schnitker; Bill Lucas

Prayer for Long Term Care Issues: Helen Carter; Andy Runge, Peggy Meahl (Sarah Rotert’s sister-in- law); Pastor Ed and Joan Winter; Walter Von Fange (Bertha Otte’s brother in-law)

Recent Hospitalizations: Katarina Rieker (car accident Jerry & Pixie Otte’s granddaughter) Brenda Casey (heart episode - Karen Hoene's sister)

Other Prayer Requests: Amaya Pierceall(upcoming surgery on broken arm); Friends and family of Melissa Smith (sister of Leah Otte’s fiancé); Friends and family of Dean Claycamp (brother of Don Claycamp); Friends and family of David Rumph (brother of Linda Rust); Pastor Jim Kuchera (diabetes); Kack Hunnicutt (bladder cancer-cousin of Patty Herkamp); Kalee Allbering (cancer-friend of Linda Guinn); Gary Bradley

(heart transplant-friend of Carolyn Jones);

Ross (pulmonary hypertension-mother of Beth Claycamp); Brian Vaughn (cancer-neighbor of Merrell & Sara Otte); Richard Frischie (bone cancer-father of Renee Arney and Erin Rieker); Missy Walker (epilepsy - Karen Hoene's niece); Linda (Schafstall) Wischmeier (cancer); Carolyn Hughes (cancer-sister of Jo McGrew); Linda Witkemper (cancerfriend of Benny Kleffman); Nancy Greathouse (cancerfriend of Kathy Kleffman); Vicky Ent (cancerfriend of Judy Wonning); Matt; Ava Lewis (Nephroblastomatosis2 yr. old friend of Charlena Warfield); James Otte; Rex Sipes (cancerfriend of Dennis and Vickey Otte); Tom Elkins; Jeannie Isaacs (physical health-cousin of Karen Hoene); Kristie Wessel (Tracey Engelau’s sister); Tom Harris (cancer-friend of Leah Otte); Claudine Rowe (cancer- friend of Bill & Marlis Kidd); Amy Siefker (cancer reoccurrence - niece of Karen Hoene); Frances Lamberson (Terri DeVoe’s Mother); Shirley Darlage

Duncan (cancer-friend of Dena Schafstall)

Prayers for those in Military Service: DJ Snyder (Cathy Wente’s nephew); Steven Rieker (Jerry & Pixie Otte’s Grandson); Chad Brigdon, Evan Marshall, Tyler Kruse; Benjamin & Jacob Haymaker (sons of Dee Dee & Scott Haymaker)

(Names will be on the prayer list for 4 weeks, if you want the request extended, you may re-submit your request.)

Joe Ross (physical health-father of Beth Claycamp); Carolyn