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... through Bertha Dudde

Admonition to exercise self-control ....
Gentleness - eacefulness ....
Learn to restrain yourselves and become gentle and
for !our time on earth is gi"en to !ou as a #ro$ationar! #eriod
during %hich !ou should reach full maturit!& training and sha#ing
!oursel"es for the $enefit of !our soul. 'ou %ill hardl! $e a$le to
fulfil !our earthl! tas( if !ou don)t strive for this first, for all
your souls difficulties arise from your own lack of self-
And thus hear %hat the *ord +imself is #roclaiming to !ou,
'ou& -! children on earth& ha"e to ma(e an effort to treat each
other %ith lo"e .... 'ou ha"e chosen this sta! on earth in the
(no%ledge of %hat !ou are lac(ing. !ou ha"e man! o##ortunities
to com$at !our %ea(nesses and mista(es& !et !ou must also
ha"e the good %ill to ma(e use of the #ossi$ilities offered and&
through constant self-restraint& gro% stronger and overcome
your mistakes.
Bear in mind& -! children& %ith ho% much #atience / ha"e to
o"erloo( !our %ea(nesses again and again& and !et -! lo"e for
!ou does not diminish .... 0onsider ho% much more reason /
%ould ha"e to $ecome im#atient& and ho% /& ne"ertheless& in
utmost #atience and merc!& em$race -! children again and
lo"ingl! forgi"e them %hen the! ha"e tres#assed ....
consider that -! life on earth demanded an a$undance of
#atience to%ards sinful humanit!& %hich ne"ertheless did not
recognise -! lo"e and re#aid all the good / did for #eo#le %ith
ingratitude& and finall! made -e suffer so indescri$a$l! ....
+o% much did the! humiliate -e and de"ised all sorts of
torments and& %ithout an! $lame& handed -e o"er to $e crucified
.... And / #atientl! shouldered e"en this most $itter in1ustice and
ne"ertheless did not %ithdra% -! merc! from those %ho
%ronged -e .... / im#lored the Father in hea"en to forgi"e them
their sins and did not turn a%a! from humanit! $ut tried to %in
them o"er %ith #atience and lo"e and there$! $ring them
And therefore !ou should also #ractise the "irtue of self-denial&
one should li"e for the other and onl! e"er endea"our to ease
each other)s suffering& so that !ou %ill $ecome #erfect and %ill
not ha"e li"ed !our earthl! life in "ain.
And sacrifice all your worries and pains to Me, and you will
become as gentle as doves and communicate with each
other patiently and with love& and inner calm %ill enter !our
hearts .... and / %ill hel# !ou if !ou are in danger of losing
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