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How Well Do You Know
Your Man?
Did you know there are secrets about a man you
didnt even know existed?
And NOT knowing these secrets is actually
harming your chances with your man yet you arent
even aware of it?
In the next few minutes, I will reveal things
about this strange creature called MAN that most
women will never come to know.
But let me warn you before hand what you are
about to hear can make you feel a sudden rush of
excitement or can even make you down right angry.
So I hope youre able to handle it
If you are currently in a relationship with a man
Want to be in a relationship with a man
Or are completely sick and tired of a man
Trust me, this is one of the most important videos
you are ever going to see. What youre going to
discover about men from this video might be the
most important 5 minutes you ever spend
Heres our link to uncover your hidden super
power, your power to: read a man and seduce his
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Signs He Wants To Make
You His Girlfriend
How Do You Know if He Wants You to Be His
Most women want to know if the man theyve just
started dating is looking for something casual or if
hes looking for his next girlfriend.
But with all the mixed signals men send and the bad
advice so many women get from their girlfriends
and self-help books, a mans motives can be pretty
tough to figure out.
Luckily, there are seven simple ways to determine if
the guy you like is into you enough to make it official.
Were going to go over a couple of the ways to tell in
todays newsletter. But if you want the full answer,
click here to read the full blog.
Sohow can you tell if he likes you enough to make
it official?
1. His words and actions match
This basically means he does what he says hes
going to do. If he says hes going to call you
on Wednesday, he calls you on Wednesday. No
2. He wants to meet your friends.
A guy who puts the effort into getting to know
your friends is a guy who is very interested in
making you happy and learning what youre
all about. This is a very good sign that the
girlfriend title is in your future.
3. He wants you to meet HIS friends.
Its a very good sign if he starts to bring you as
his date to parties, BBQs and social events with
his friends. This means he wants to show you
off, and he wants you to get to know the people
who are important to him.
If your guy is doing these three things, you have a
good shot at a commitment in the near future. If you
want to be 100 percent sure, check out todays blog
for the full list of signs your guy is looking at to make
your relationship official.
Heres to you, loving your love life.
From Sarah Marnis Dating With Dignity
videos and programs will knock your socks off and
give you such a feeling of strength and clarity youll
want to thank us at LoveRomanceRelationship for
finding her for you! Just go here to take your free
D-Factor Assessment, to watch her free videos, and
get her free newsletters to get what you WANT in
a relationship->
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How To Get Rid Of Your
Enemies Easily
Feeling Like You Are Surrounded By The Enemy?
We all think the enemy is somewhere out there, that
some person, force or nation is out to harm us in
some way.
Rather than live a life focused upon what they
want, many peoples lives center around protecting
themselves from their enemies, devising strategies
to beat them.
However, enemies consume time, attention,
resources, well-being and happiness in life itself.
And the odd thing about enemies is that even
when we defeat one, ten more seem to immediately
appear. Even when they think they are winning over
their enemies, they are losing a life of freedom,
health and good will.
The smartest, simplest and easiest way to get rid
of your enemy is to turn him/her into a friend. It
actually takes only a moment to do this. Stop for a
moment and ask yourself, who decided this person
or situation is my enemy?
You did.
Now you can turn that decision around and decide
the person is a friend. You can decide to become
a friend to that person, (or to that situation
or condition), to stop fighting and respond with
kindness and care.
You can choose to see other aspects of that person,
which are not in opposition to you. Once you step
out of the dance they are doing, how can they hurt
The True Enemy In Your Life
The next step would be to take a deep breath and
realize where the true enemy is hiding. What exactly
is it that is keeping you in constant turmoil?
This is the moment to realize that your true enemy
is within. It is your very own hatred, anger, fear and
The true enemy is the propensity we have for
projecting our anger and fear outside into the world,
for pinning it on people and situations and then
battling with them. It is extremely dis-empowering
to project your darkness upon someone else.
It gives the other person power over you. Until
we stop this, more and more enemies will keep
appearing. Ultimately, they are the creations of our
own mind and heart.
Below are some steps to take, to live a life free of
enemies. Try them and see how easy and enjoyable
they really are.
Step 1: Make Friends With Your
Allow yourself a moment of willingness to consider
the possibility that your enemy wants the same
things in life and is, most likely, just as afraid of you
as you are of them.
Say to yourself Like me, my enemy wants to be
happy and safe.
Like me, my enemy has suffered and wants to be free
of pain.
Like me, my enemy is lonely.
Like me, my enemy will one day face loss and death.
Step 2: Identify Your Enemy
Make a list of those people (or situations) you
feel are your enemies. (You may be astonished
to note that even those you love are fearful to
Write down three valuable qualities this enemy
Write down three ways you have gained from
knowing them.
Write down what is needed for you to see them
as a friend.
Step 3: Reclaiming Your Power
Upon whom have you projected most
What about this person is so unacceptable?
Can you see these qualities in yourself as well?
For just a moment, can you accept these
qualities in yourself? (This doesnt mean act
upon them, just accept them for what they are
Step 4: Turn It Around
Offer your enemy the gift of respect.
Offer your enemy the gift of really listening and
knowing them.
Stop judging your enemy. Let them be who they
Give your enemy what they want and need. Just
one time.
Do it again now.
Notice how wonderful it feels.
Take time to notice how it feels to live in a world
of friends!
by Dr. Brenda Shoshanna
From Sarah: Dr. Shoshannas amazing, and youll
love her book Save Your Relationship. Just go
here to read more about Dr. Shoshanna and get
quick, new help for your relationship and your life
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Avoid Dating Burnout by
Thinking More Like a Man
by Bobbi Palmer
This week I spoke with my client, Sue, who
recently entered the online dating world. Right off
the bat she had scoped out a profile she really liked
and emailed him. He seemed interested, attentive
and pretty fabulous on paper. The next thing you
knowshe had a date!
When they met in real life, he complimented her
generously, told her he felt so lucky to have met her,
and talked about doing lots of things together. At the
end of the date, they both agreed they wanted to see
each other again. She felt a major connection.
Sue was understandably thrilled and got that he-
could-be-the-one tingle thing goin. Im sure you
know that feeling.
But its likely you also know the end of this story: he
never followed through.
He didnt call when he said he would. He cancelled
two dates. He had long story for why each time
and professed his interest and desire to be with her
And then he stopped calling.
By the time, Sue and I connected, this entire story
had transpired. When I talked to her, she was in
damage mode.
Dating Damage Mode:
You know: rumination hell, where we gals cant help
but go.
Why had he said all those things to me? What did
I do wrong? Do you think he ever liked me? Maybe
he just has too much going on in his life right now
should I tell him Ill wait? Why do guys keep doing
this and not following through???
Sue was emotionally drained, and her dating
confidence was in the dumps. She was exhausted.
And then those words I hate to hear started coming:
Why does this always happen? Im done! This is
Listening, I felt the same here-we-go-again feeling.
But it wasnt about the guy; it was about her.
First, let me answer her questions:
1. Why had he said all those things to me?
Because he probably liked you.
2. What did I do wrong?
If you showed up, had fun, and were real
absolutely nothing.
3. Do you think he ever liked me?
Again, yes. I dowhen he was with you.
4. Should I wait?
NO! For what?
5. Why does this always happen to me?
It doesnt. Youve gone out with about 10
guys in the past several months, and this
disappearing act has happened twice. That
doesnt count as always in my book.
And the major, most important answer I gave her
was this: You will never know what happened. Ever.
And it doesnt matter.
She didnt even know this guy. She was totally
disregarding his bad behavior and holding on to her
initial, uninformed impression. She was hitching
her wagon to a fantasy: a wish that she was finally in
the presence of The One (at least potentially). After
one date she jumped in HEART firstand created
her own crash and burn drama.
And the kicker is, while she was spending all
her energy on a relationship that never existed,
she wasnt responding to the dozens of men in
her inbox waiting for her attention.
Dating From His Perspective:
Now let me guess the guys side of this: Oh, she was
nice and kinda pretty. Fun to hang with. Yeah, It
would be nice to see her again. Ill make a date. Oh
look! Something shiny!
That shiny thing could have been another woman,
his career or some family thing. Who knows? But
he found something hed rather do, and he did it. I
agree it would have been gentlemanly of him to tell
her that he was moving on, but I dont think he was
a jerk or a liar. He was not yet invested in her, and
he was taking care of himself.
Ladies, it would help you to approach dating a little
more like the guys.
Yes, I said it: like the guys. Most women go on a
date hoping hes the one. Even though he might be
seriously looking for the one, most men go on dates
thinking something like, She seems nice. Itll be
cool to see her and get to know a little about her.
And if what he learns doesnt knock his socks off, he
may get waylaid if something shiny comes along.
Remember, the purpose of dating is to DISCOVER
whether hes your guy, not to DECIDE if hes your
guy. Thats what a relationship is for. It isnt about
getting him to like you or making him fit your
Not only did Sue lose three weeks of potential
fun dates, but she burned herself out and brought
herself to the verge of giving up on finding loveall
over a guy she never knew.
Start slow, keep an open mind, stay in the moment
and dont go ALL IN on anyone too soon. This
is the grownup girl part of dating: manage your
expectations and keep your fantasies in check no
matter how strong the guy comes on. Balance your
heart with your head.
By choosing the crazy womans path of dashed
hopes and disappointments (I think I can say that
because that was me for many years), you will likely
burn yourself out. The ups and downs will get the
best of you. And then you miss out on so many
opportunities to enjoy yourself and to stay open to
many guys, one of which will your last first date.
Slow and steady wins THIS raceand the right guy.
From Sarah: Bobbi is absolutely adorable! You
will SO identify with her and her story personally,
and her FREE Man-O-Meter test is really helpful.
Just go here to take the test and get Bobbis great
free stuff and advice about how to Date Like A
Grownup to get the man, relationship and dating
confidence and fun you want->>
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Speak Your Truth To Your
by Dominique
Have you found yourself feeling upset in your
relationship over something your man said or didnt
say? Did or didnt do? And you feel compelled to let
him know; you want to lash out, make him wrong,
blame him, hurt him in return possibly.
And since youve heard its a bad thing to hold
in your feelings, that its a good thing to say whats
on your mind, all of it, whatever it might be, then
speaking up would be a good thing, wouldnt it?
Sharing brings you closer, doesnt it? You cant say
the wrong thing to the right man after all.
And in theory MAYBE this is so, yet in reality, things
are not usually so black and white.
There is also a notion or theory which I subscribe
to which is that the relationship is FAR more
important than being right. Yet where do you draw
the line or rather set your boundaries? How would
you know when to say something or not?
Where to Draw the Line for
the Relationship and for You
One thing to keep in mind is that there are many
perspectives, and each one is as valid as the next.
There isnt necessarily a right or a wrong in a
given situation.
Another VERY Important thing to remember is that
there is a limit to every mans (or womans for
that matter) tolerance for spilling out every emotion
which flows through you. You experience hundreds
of emotions a day, most of them fleeting, MANY of
them having NOTHING to do with whats at hand.
Over sharing though, i.e giving a voice to most every
feeling you have, ESPECIALLY the bad feeling ones
will feel awful to your man, nagging at best or abuse
at worst. He will soon begin to think that he can
never make you happy, that seemingly no matter
what he says or does, its not right or good enough.
He will eventually give up.
And if you tend to look to your man for most of
your validation, i.e. asking him to fill a void which
is your responsibility to fill, when youre expressing
insecurity more of the time than not, when youre
being overly clingy or needy, he will want to run
away, and eventually he will.
I want to be very clear though that the insecurity,
clinginess, and neediness we ALL experience from
time to time is a not necessarily a negative. It can
actually be a positive thing, a wonderful opportunity
to allow vulnerability and deepen intimacy by being
REAL and AUTHENTIC which might look like
asking for support and comfort.
Additionally, anything which looks like mothering
or smothering to him, i.e. leaning forward, when
doled out in anything but small doses WILL kill
attraction over time too and sooner more likely than
Its About What Works for Your
Now if youve gained some knowledge around what
does and doesnt seem to work with your man, and
you have some experience with expressing yourself
in ways he can hear you which likely you do, at
least a little, you might instead work to formulate a
feeling message or three to express your confusion,
hurt, pain, or irritation.
Or you might retreat to compose a little speech.
These last two can and are VERY useful, either one
of which a direction I would encourage you to go in.
Which one would likely depend on the situation.
Yet there is another way to look at this which
you may not have considered. Remember bringing
things back to you?
That maybe whatever which just happened is NOT
how you perceived it. That MAYBE this is all you and
where you are in this moment. For example maybe
youre not feeling well, eg. you have a headache,
cramps, are fighting a cold, or something else and
didnt really register this consciously.
Or maybe youre carrying some tension in your
body of which youre unaware. Or maybe youre still
carrying residue from words you exchanged with a
friend, co worker, family member, work superior, or
someone else. Or maybe an old trigger came to call
out of seemingly nowhere.
Any one of these can and will easily alter your ability
to interpret the truth of the moment and thus create
something which actually isnt really there at all.
So when it comes to your man, how youre feeling
whether it be physically or emotionally will directly
affect how your see, perceive, interpret his behavior,
and it will also directly affect how you respond to
him. You not feeling well, you not feeling clear, you
not really being in this moment with him because of
what youre carrying with you which feels bad WILL
color things negative even when theyre actually not
at all. They could even be quite rosy.
So whatever it was he said or didnt say, did or didnt
do may be not at all as you are taking it in. It may
be him simply being him, quirks, idiosyncrasies,
and all. It may have even been a well-intentioned
comment or action.
Yes your man can sometimes be a bit clueless. He
may act like such the man, unaware at times of how
his boy talk can affect you in ways which dont feel
But I can promise this if this is the man for you, he
WANTS to see you happy. He WANTS to be a part
of, maybe the BIGGEST part of what makes you feel
good. SO whatever it is coming out of his mouth,
whatever it is hes forgotten or omitted, whatever it
is he did seemingly carelessly or thoughtlessly its
not necessarily anything negative at all. Chances are
HUGE its isnt.
And here is where one my favorite suggestions
comes in Patience. It truly is a virtue, and most
often I use it when talking to you, when youre being
hard on yourself, when youre feeling frustrated
with yourself, when you want your changes to come
now in the relationship.
Yet patience can also come in when dealing with
your man in situations such as these. And it
can sometimes be far more useful and far more
important than speaking your truth in the moment,
for often we dont really know what our truth even
is. When your vision is being disguised, covered over
with other stuff, you wont really know.
So I encourage you to draw on your patience
first BEFORE speaking your truth so that you
can feel sure this is indeed your truth and not
your tension, ailment, pain, old stuff, i.e. triggers
speaking, masking your TRUE truth.
And after youve given yourself some time to get
clear on what you feel and what might really be
going on, you can then ask yourself whether its
really worth addressing, if you still feel the need to
speak up or deliver a little speech.
If its still sitting inside you festering after a certain
amount of time which only you can determine, then
you absolutely can speak your truth. And I would
encourage you to do so calmly and making it ALL
about YOU and how YOU FEEL.
So you dont necessarily have to choose between
patience and speaking your truth. You CAN have
Love to you all, Dominique
From The Editors: We love Dominique as a person,
and think shes one of the best coaches around. Shes
the ONLY coach we recommend to women who
want to open their hearts and find their true selves
in a deep emotional, physical, spiritual, sensual
and sexual way. Start with her ebook Sex and
Heart and then email her for coaching for your
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Intensity Can Be
Passionate And Exciting
To A Man Or It Can Feel
Draining To Him Which
Kind of Intense Are
YOU? Rori Raye
Okay, so whats the difference between intense
passion and intense draining?
Whats the difference between passion and
excitement or even powerful feelings like rage,
terror and grief and the intensity that causes
tension, draining and causes a man to disappear?
When youre intense in a draining way youre not
letting any of your real self out. Instead of allowing
your inner light to shine even a bit, so that it can
warm a man who gets close to you, its as though
the only light you have is what you can borrow from
He not only feels depended upon in an emotional
sense as if you need him to be happy he feels
depended upon in a survival sense as if you need
him to LIVE.
And thats pretty scary for a man for most of us,
Most of us cant stand the feeling of being helpless.
And so when were sad and confused, we dont want
to be putting that out.
We dont want to be the sad and confused person.
We TALK about our sadness and confusion, anyway,
with our friends, but even when we talk about
it, mostly we cover up the deeper feelings with
DEPRESSION, a kind of general ABSENCE of
And when we do it ALL THE TIME, its like our light
goes out. The only time we can let down is when
were alone, and even then its hard because its
so frightening to allow our sadness and confusion to
come to the surface.
And the worst part about it is keeping all that
stuff covered up gives us the ILLUSION that were
okay. We keep putting one foot in front of the other.
And so we work hard AGAINST ourselves. If were
convinced were okay, we often dont get the help
we need because we dont want to change.
Not really. Because changing would mean taking off
the covers and looking at the pain and sadness and
confusion thats really underneath.
So heres your next step: If you notice someone
leaning away from you, lean back. If they stay
leaning away, take a look at the intensity of what
youre feeling. Go into the bathroom wherever you
are and be alone with yourself for a moment.
Now, ask yourself what youre feeling. See if its
anger thats usually the most common emotion
that triggers depression, covering up and that kind
of intensity that drains other people.
If you discover some anger, stomp it out in the
bathroom, or use any of my Tools to get into the
feeling, feel it completely, and then walk yourself
out into a better-feeling place (my Reconnect Your
Relationship program has the great Take Yourself
Through The Tunnel Tool).
Love, Rori
From Sarah: Roris got such powerful relationship
advice, and her Have The Relationship You Want
ebook is always the first place I go when I
need help. Her stuff works. Shes got simple but
incredible free tools to use to strengthen your
confidence, joy and self-esteem and attract the kind
of man you want in your life. Check her out, get her
free newsletters, and fill your life with passion!
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What Hes Not Telling
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