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README File for SAPLPD Version 6.

To be used with SAP R/3 Releases 7.x, 6.x, 4.x, 3.x and 2.x.
+Version 6.29

- Fix crash with malformatted command

+Version 6.28
- Support for cascading fonts
+Version 6.27
- Remove wrong event log entry

+Version 6.26
- Minor changes in event logging

+Version 6.25

- 2 Thai modes, event log entry before abort
+Version 6.24

- Use termination instead of process restart in case of network problems: rest
art did not work correctly
+Version 6.23

- Preparation for Unicode Arabic SAPWIN
+Version 6.22

- Event log entries

+Version 6.21 (6.20 not delivered)

- SAPding problem, additional trace output
+Version 6.19

- Open DBG and printfiles in temporary directory if SAPLPD directory has no wr
ite access

+Version 6.18

- Startoption -e (forces process to stop in case of serious error)
- Remove SAPFAX help

+Version 6.17
- Fix problem with Japanese default printer
- Enhance job queue size to 50000
- Support new icons
+Version 6.16
- Fix problem with changing orientation (note 637304)
- Support pathes for filenames up to 1024 length
+Version 6.15
- Extend temporary path name variable (note 594597)
+Version 6.14
- Fix -d0 option
+Version 6.13
- -C option to ignore collation (note 41913)
+Version 6.12
- Extend barcode buffer (note 511185)
+Version 6.11
- Only internal cleanup
+Version 6.10
- Cache for registry and ini file access (for Citrix environment)
+Version 6.09
- Fix for Java GUI creating temporary files (note 420761)
+Version 6.08
- Fix for Terminal Server (start only 1 SAPLPD and avoid double filenames)
+Version 6.07
- fix for Hebrew printing (using old RTL algorithm again)
+Version 6.06
- allow for 0x-notation of profile parameters in registry
- UNICODE space compensation (has to be activated with space_comp=1)
for languages with double width chars (e.g. Japanese, Chinese)
+Version 6.05
- For lpq: return no jobs with status printed
+Version 6.04
- Fix for non-Unicode Bitmap printing (broken in version 6.02-6.03)
+Version 6.03
- Fix for missing SAPBTMP.DLL (icon printing caused dump in this case)
- Fix for bad icons in SAPBTMP.DLL (missing workaround in version 6.00-6.02)
+Version 6.02
- Fix for UNICODE & Bitmap printing
- Preparation for RTL & UNICODE (no parallel use of THAI & RTL !!!)
- Load metric information only if output by single char requested
+Version 6.01
- Allow EMF spooling (parameter SwinDataType)
- Yet another fix for profile parameter debugging
- several fixes for UNICODE printing (still no RTL support)
- Fix for ESC G L (line drawing command) line end style changed
- Fix for ESC > (multi page printing) correction of page counter
+Version 6.00
- Support for UNICODE data stream
- Problem with SAPscript text color and icon/ding printing fixed
- Fix problem for old icon encodings (ESC i) used for R/3 up to 4.5B
(S added for resource name)
- Fix for icon printing (could result in access violation)
(copy to own memory now)
- Fix for -d9 and multithreading at startup (access violation)
+Version 5.02
- allow macro redefinition
+Version 5.01
- fix for debugging
+Version 5.00
- fix for string profile parameter debugging
- fix for -d -g option (creation of debug files)
error from version 4.36
+Version 4.37
- Parameter use_copies (default = 0) 1: use n single copies
+Version 4.36
- debug output of profile variables (level 8)
- new icons for SAPLPD executable
+Version 4.35
- Single command line parameter (filename) for printing
- Correction for different resolutions X/Y and landscape printing.
- Support for arabic ligatures. New handling for RTL languages.
+Version 4.34
- Checkbox printing for multiple pages corrected
- -M command line option for font information of UNICODE fonts
+Version 4.33
- Fix for bitmaps if greyscale mode is selected
+Version 4.32
- Fix for copycount with -s (scan) option
- -s option now only re-inserts jobs in internal queue (so SAPLPD
can listen for new print requests faster)
+Version 4.31
- Fixes for Thai printing: Error in buffer for LeadChar fixed
No space compensation for SAPscript
+Version 4.30
- Query with access method 'S' did not work with lowercase printer names
(Error introduced in version 4.27)
- Access method 'U' (remote printer / lpr printing) generates unique
tempfile name.
- Write .slp information files, so that jobs are automatically
retried upon startup (command line option -s ('scan'))
- Codepage setting from version 4.25 corrected
- Parameter barcode_yshift (default 50) for setting Y-offset for
barcodes (cursor is moved down by that value before barcode).
+Version 4.29
- Critical section for FAX access during whole printjob processing
- Handle leak in multi-threading mode fixed
+Version 4.28
- Fontsize according to vertical dots/inch value (not horizontal)
Set variable "use_old_fontsize" in Section "SAPLPD" to 2
(3 if you want to have change from version 2.46 also) for
old calculation
- Accept connections from LOCAL_HOST even if SNC is enforced
- Support for Arabic
- ESC L; to reset locale to previous value
+Version 4.27
- Remove Win 3.1 coding
- EnableRemotePrinters removed. Any UNC name can be used directly.
+Version 4.26
- Let unknown file formats (not l,f,x) pass through
+Version 4.25
- Output spaces in word mode (typical SAPscript output)
Parameter: print_spaces default 0
- Set codepage according to WinCharSet (solves problem with Japanese
Windows & OCR font)
- ESC q mmmm; command to set paper length to mmmm * 1/10 millimeter
(does not work with most line printers)
- Repair for ESC GL command (line drawing)
+Version 4.24
- COL0V changed to SAPLPD 2.x behaviour (bug from release 4.x)
- Output spaces in single char mode as they may be underlined
Parameter: print_spaces default 0
- Command line parameter &P for printer names with spaces as last
argument (useful for WTS)
- Fix for greyscale bitmaps on color printers (printed in color even
if greyscale was selected)
+Version 4.23
- Fix for multiple printjobs with single TCP connection
(this is against RFC1179)
+Version 4.22
- Fix for long job names (> 40 char) in control file
+Version 4.21
- Accept internal (2 char) Names for icons (ESC R)
+Version 4.20
- Macro definition (V4.18) fixed
- Parameter DcAllFields to repeat settings for all DcMode fields
+Version 4.19
- Parameter DcMode to set behaviour of ResetDC command
(default is 0x0800)
bit encoding is as follows:
a = mode bits 0000 = old operation
0010 = send command only on changes & immediately
0100 = send command always & immediately
1000 = send command only on changes & at start of page
1100 = send command always & at start of page
b = orientation ---
c = paper size |------ the bits determine what commands should be
d = duplex | repeated together with other commands.
e = paper tray --- e.g. b = 101 means orientation command
repeats paper size & tray
but not the duplex setting
- map (255,0,255) background of new icons to white color
+Version 4.18
- ESC f r,g,b; set text color
- Macro definition for graphics ESC G M and ESC G m
+Version 4.17
- Critical section for barcode printing (BARCODE.DLL) in multithreaded mode
+Version 4.16
- add S to resource names so that all icons are found in SAPBTMP.DLL
+Version 4.15
- fix for ESC > command (first line on follow-up pages was wrong)
- 2 page printing on single page +-----------+ +-------+
ESC < 2 |+---+ +---+| |+-----+|
|| | | || || ||
|| | | || |+-----+|
|+---+ +---+| |+-----+|
+-----------+ || ||
- 4 page printing +----------+
ESC < 4 |+---++---+|
|| || ||
|| || ||
|| || ||
|| || ||
- XX-command to abort jobs during transmission (access method 'S')
- Clean up of temp file in case of error
- Transparent bitmaps now work on all devices
+Version 4.14
- Accept SPACE NEWLINE for device query from Solaris operating system
(This did not result in any error for R/3 operation)
- Printer names extendend from 50 chars to 100 chars
+Version 4.13
- Prints out OS version info upon startup
- Memory leak in multi-threading mode fixed
+Version 4.12
- Checkboxes as real boxes.
- Error handling improved. Continues to print after error.
- Handling of icons with resource names fixed.
- Passthrough command with private buffer (80 chars).
- Positioning of icons for SAPscript changed (baseline command)
- Error reading profiles from registry fixed.
- parameter enable_phys_margins = 2 uses physical paper margins
whenever a change is requested or the baseline command is used.
Default stays logical (for list output)!
+Version 4.11
- error with dynamic DEVMODE from version 4.10 fixed
(resulted in SAPLPD dump with device type non-SAPWIN)
- parameter handling changed
WIN32: load search order: registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER, SAPLPD.INI, WIN.INI
store writes to HKEY_CURRENT_USER only
Registry keys in Software->SAP->SAPlpd->SAPLPD
WIN16: load search order: SAPLPD.INI, WIN.INI
store writes to SAPLPD.INI
[snc] both versions read order: SAPLPD.INI and WIN.INI
(no registry support)
+Version 4.10
- DEVMODE allocated dynamically (static buffer was to small for HP DeskJets)
- SNC changed (reply to OIK? command)
- Shut down SAPLPD cleanly on servere errors
+Version 4.09
- reset CPI to 0 with ESC w command
- changed default font for THAI
- error reporting for access method 'S' device type non-SAPWIN fixed
+Version 4.08
- fixed SAPscript error for command \ep
(resulted in PP or PL being printed on page)
- avoid right to left for Hebrew
- saved some internal spaces for THAI
- no output to window for remote query of SAPLPD queue
- Loading of SAPBTMP.DLL improved (did not work, when working directory
different from program directory)
+Version 4.07
- new handling of THAI space compensation
- fixes error with backgrounds
- no insertion at ASCII chars
- Splitting of THAI lead characters avoided
- printing of horizontal lines fixed
(error occurred not with normal ABAP lists!)
- fixed pages with lines only (were assumed to be blank)
- printing of wide lists
ESC > m,n; m pages with n chars per page
+Version 4.06
- THAI space insertion after 2 spaces or at frame chars
- super-/subscript preserved across font changes
+Version 4.05
- fontmetric information for Win95/3.1 repaired
- Loading of SAPBTMP.DLL from parent directory works now
- memory leak (since version 3.00) repaired. Affected only access
method 'S'.
+Version 4.04
- fixed left & top margin commands
- removed ThaiSetting
- Corrections for thai printing (frames, colors, ASCII)
+Version 4.03
- Metric information is always reported for 12pt font
- Empty font substitution is ignored
- SAPLPD should shut down without error now
- Default to portrait mode again (error was introduced with
SAPLPD 3.00)
This error could also cause printout to be only half as large
as intended.
- Handling of metric information changed (output error, if font
not found)
- -I for starting SAPLPD iconified
- ESC t <hex> for passthrough to printer
- Font selection for Win95/Win3.1 fixed
- Normal output can be suppressed by setting NoOutput=1 in
section [SAPLPD] in WIN.INI (-> Win95 Num-Lock problem)
+Version 4.02
- error of -f option for NON-SAPWIN fixed
- ESC r <resource name>; for unlimited icon support
- Switching between color and b&w icons works now
- spooltitle changed so that query on Win95 (MS-bug!) works now
+Version 4.01
- transparency for text changed for color printers
- transparent bitmaps for graphics
- grayscale bitmaps, if color disabled
- include changes from SAPLPD 2.X concerning Japanese/multibyte support
+Version 4.00
- new numbering scheme for SAPLPD releases
- supports icons up to @80@
- uses nirlib with multi-threading support
- use getpeername to detect hanging query
+Version 3.08
- command line option -i ib for italics/bold i,b = 0/1
- command line option -w to set WinCharSet
- Fontmetric information version 1.4
- SetLocale supported (ESC L c;)
- WinCharSet (ESC W x;) can be selected dynamically
+Version 3.07
- Lock released if query aborts due to TCP/IP error
+Version 3.06
- Use SAPBTMP.DLL for printing icons
- Device specific parameters in WIN.INI possible
Syntax: <printer name>:<parameter>=<value>
- Setting of replacement colors for list output possible
in WIN.INI possible
Syntax: [<printer name>]:<color>=
+Version 3.05
- Hanging query affects only one printer
+Version 3.04
- Error with faxing in NT fixed
- same changes as Version 2.53
+Version 3.03
- OPT:FILE:<filename> for direct printing to file
- Error in list of active printers fixed
(resulted in stalled output when using different
printers in multi-threaded mode)
- Query in multi-threaded mode returns only jobs for
specified printer not all pending jobs in SAPLPD queue.
+Version 3.02
- Error in internal queue fixed
+Version 3.01
- Error recovery in multi-threaded mode fixed
- Number of jobs which are passed to windows spooler is limited to
90 for Win 3.1 as it can handle only 100 pending jobs at a time.
- Support for multiple copies without multiple data transfer (mopiers)
(32 bit version only)
+Version 3.00
- Multithreading support for Windows NT (activated with -b on command
Each different R/3 hostprinter name gets a separate thread, so that
all printers can be served simultaneously.
If you use the same hostprinter name in all R/3 printer defintions
printouts will come out in order. If you use different hostprinter
names for the same physical device printouts will be mixed. That
way it is possible to have different queues. One for large jobs and
one for small jobs.
Separate thread waiting for network connections, so that no timeouts
should occur.
Another thread just for user interaction (menus etc.)
- GUI-Compression-Algorithm also used for SAPLPD
(is used automatically by any R/3 3.X release!; great improvement
over previous algorithm)
- Logging possible: if file SAPLPD_F.LOG exists in working directory
the 'main' events will be logged in that file.
(cleared upon startup)
-g<debug-level> will create the file and log all events belonging
to the specified debug-level (use 0 for start and finish messages).
- Copy count for command line printing (option -c)
- Font information for TrueType fonts:
-p <printer name> -m <font name>
generates file saplpd.met which can be imported into R/3
+Version 2.55
- Accept negative coordinates for ESC m (moveto command)
+Version 2.54
- Accept N (Name of source file RFC1179) as identifier, if
no jobname given (needed for HP-UX remote printers)
- Accept R/3 4.0 system extension in spool number
+Version 2.53
- ESC G f <filename> can be terminated by '\0' or ';'
- Error with debug-output fixed
- Transfer of receiver & division for faxing
- -d<level> creates file SAPLPD.DBG and loggs INDEPENDANT
of <level>
+Version 2.52
- Decoding of long spool numbers (R/3 Rel. 4.0)
+Version 2.51
- Printing of ABAP list without single character positioning
Use command ESC Oa1 in printer initialization and don't set CPI
- 'Correction' for THAI from version 2.48 undone
+Version 2.50
- Variable "NiReadLoopBreak" introduced (see note 40643)
- Default for "NiReadTimeout" is 100 again.
+Version 2.49
- Set variable "use_old_fontsize" in Section "SAPLPD" to 1, if you
want old calculation of font sizes (which was wrong)
+Version 2.48
- Printer names up to 50 chars with access method S (was 30)
and U (was 39)
- Thai correction for char 211
+Version 2.47
- Support for long hostspool-id's (relevant with release 3.1G)
+Version 2.46
- Windows bug? when printing bitmaps (Win95 / Win 3.11) fixed.
+Version 2.45:
- Defaults to LPT1 if no default printer defined
(runtime error in older versions)
- Tray selection and duplex printing
- 32 bit only: Icons printable as bitmaps and in color
(to switch back to font for icons set
variable "IconMode" to "IconsFromFont" in WIN.INI section SAPLPD)
- 32 bit only: When choosing the bitmap mode for icon printing, all
icons are printable with R/3 release 3.1G.
(run report ZICONS00 on 3.0X systems to enable this and
do a R3TR TABU TCP07/1134* to transport the new definitions)
+Version 2.44:
- Much faster line drawing algorithm (also saves space in
windows spooler)
- DEFAULT now also works with Win3.11
- __DEFAULT as alternativ name for %DEFAULT% possible
(makes it compatible to UNIX spoolers)
- Printers in 16 bit version can be accessed by their
real names (as in the 32 bit version)
Variable: use_real_names=1 (default=0)
- Color mode of printers is detected automatically
- Bug in replacement characters for lines fixed.
+Version 2.43:
- Error -1 from NEWFRAME fixed.
(Was in 32-Bit SAPLPD Versions 2.41 and 2.42)
- Empty pages can be suppressed with the variable
no_empty_pages (default = 1)
- Jobs are completed when they leave the WINDOWS spooler
not when they leave SAPLPD (32 Bit version only)
- Switching between RAW and TEXT mode possible
Variable: DataType (RAW = default)
TEXT mode solves CR/LF problem when printing from UNIX
but PCL-output is no longer possible then.
- Default for NiRead/WriteTimeout is blocking I/O
+Version 2.42:
- Improved error feedback for access method 'S' and device
type non-SAPWIN
- New interface for Fax support (FaxStartJob)
- Windows default printer can be used by entering
%DEFAULT% as printer name in SPAD
- Executable is named SAPLPD.EXE on all platforms
- Windows 95 and 32-Bit-SAPLPD works for non-SAPWIN devices
- SAPFAX aborts when Telenum can not be transmitted to FAX software
Variable: AbortOnManualDial (1=default)
- SAPLPD can search for remote printers with are not locally defined
Variable: EnableRemotePrinters (0=default)
- 32-Bit executable is secured against virus attacks
+Version 2.41:
Use lpdnt.exe for Windows 95 (use lpdso.exe, if you use fax or barcode)
- Version Information updated
- Faster Output to Window
- GDI resources released after output (not as late as before next printout)
- SAPLPD continous even if Hostname can not be found
(may cause SNC or barcode problems!)
- Fix for bug introduced in Version 2.37
(resulted in Error: controlfile missing)
+Version 2.40:
- Works again with NT version 3.5
- Support for proportional fonts with R/3 3.0D device type SAPWIN
- Selection of fontsizes in Windows NT fixed
- LOAD LETTER when changing from portrait to landscape mode eliminated
(WINDOWS bug!)
- Added SNC support
+Version 2.39:
- Character spacing for SAPscript output fixed (was wrong in Versions
2.37 and 2.38)
* ATTENTION: You need to modify the Device Initialization *
* (Deutsch: Aufbereitung fr Gertetyp) for device type SAPWIN *
* according to Note 35797 or you need the new SAPscript driver *
* which is shipped with R/3 Version 3.0D. *
* *
* Contents of note 35797: *
* Please insert \eOs1 (that is Letter O) *
* in all SAPscript device initializations for device type SAPWIN *
* *
* Bitte \eOs1 (Buchstabe O) in alle Druckerinitialisierungen fuer *
* SAPscript-Aufbereitungen des Geraetetyps SAPWIN eintragen *
- Printing with proportional fonts (font replacement) improved.
+Version 2.38:
- Bug in printing colored icons/dings fixed.
- Local printing with non SAPWIN-Files allowed.
- Background queue management repaired (somtimes jobs in the background queue
were forgotten by the SAPLPD).
- Bug when answering multi-option request (resulted in broken connection
ESHUTDOWN: Can't send after socket schutdown) fixed.
- THAI-Language support
- Queue status messages repaired (4th was missing)
+Version 2.37:
- Works with faulty lpd's which do not open a separate connection
for each spool request.
- Can print icons with colored backgrounds.
- List formatting is changed, so that columns are o.k.
+Version 2.35:
Bugfix: FAX Number was sometimes deleted
Bugfix: Job_IDs > SAP_9999 caused problems with DOS Filenames
+Bugfix 2.33
- LPDNT can use all printernames
- spourious error with doublebyte characters fixed
+New Features in 2.32
- Workaround for the ResetDC problem
Switching between portrait and landscapemode should be working now
for more printertypes.
- Support for SWIN driver in SAPscript (3.0B)
(with proportinal fonts [yes, really!] )
+Bugfix 2.31
- set margin for SAPWIN didnt work. fixed.
+Bugfix 2.30
- SAPLPD on NT: Networkconnects were sometimes ignored (fixed)
+Bugfix 2.29
- errenous errormessage fixed when using method S with raw data.
- errenous errormessage at connectproblem fixed.
This happened when the PC was too busy to answer a connectrequest
from R/3 in time.
+New Features in 2.28
- support for SAPicons and SAPdings (R/3 Release 3.0)
- size of jobqueue can be configured:
file WIN.INI
section [SAPLPD]
parameter background_q_size
default Windows 3.1 is now 150 ( was 50 fixed on older releases)
maximum Windows 3.1 is 172 due to system limitations
default Windows/NT is now 300 ( was 50 fixed on older releases)
maximun Windows/NT is 10000.
- query unknown jobs from R/3
If jobs not known to saplpd are queried from R/3 the reaction is now selectab
file WIN.INI
section [SAPLPD]
parameter report_unknown_status
1 (default) report the problem 'status unknown' to R/3
0 report the status 'done' to R/3
- fixed bug:
doublebyte characters were sometimes corrupted
+New Features in 2.27
- Compatible to SNI Spool 4 and Windows/NT IP printing
+New Features in 2.25
- Attention FAX users:
Some FAX software (esp. WinFAX) must be loaded before
starting SAPLPD or SAPGUI !!!
Otherwise WINFAX will get confused!
- known problem:
if you send a fax without a faxnumber set, WINFAX will get confused.
- known problem:
output via WINFAX is slow. This will be improved in one of the next
SAPLPD. Check the SAP support server for newer versions.
- bugfix: faxinterface use the right faxnumber now
+New features in 2.24
- improved network speed
+New features in 2.23
- internationalisation
File LPD.MSG contains the messages.
This release comes with english (build in) and german messages.
- complete control over case sensitivity for portnames.
Controled via WIN.INI, section "SAPLPD".
Set "ignore_printer_case" to 1 (default for LPDSO) for
case insensitivity.
Set "ignore_printer_case" to 0 (default for future LPDNT versions)
for case senitivity.
- LPDMS and LPDNOV are no longer supported as the new SAPLPD
requiers functions which are only avaible from the WINSOCK interface.
Recent versions of LAN Manager and Lan Workplace are compatible with
the WINSOCK interface.
- SAPFAX Bug corrected.
+New features in 2.21
- sapwin data recognition via berkeley protokoll
+New features in 2.20
- doublebyte fontnames in fontsubstitution menu
+New features in 2.19
- Support for doublebyte charactersets
- windows character set can be set via profile parameter:
File WIN.INI, Section SAPLPD,
WinCharSet=0 for ANSI_CHARSET (default)
=1 for no charset assumption
=255 for OEM_CHARSET
+New features in SAPLPD 2.17
- improved network library, esp. Wfw 3.11 will not consume so much memory
- Userselectable options, how to handle with color and listgraphics
- If printing to the port, where the windows defaultprinter is defined
then this printertype will be used by SAPLPD/SAPWIN.
- ATTENTION: Output to some printers in landscapemode can be awfully
slow. This seem to be true esp. for the HP DeskJet.
Try to print in portrait mode whenever possible.
- ATTENTION: Colorprintig with HP DeskJet: Do not use the driver V4.0!
It is VERY SLOW. Try it with driver V3.2 ( the one without "ColorSmart" ).
This one is "only" slow. sorry about this, but other drivers with
the same date perform 10+ times faster.
+New features in SAPLPD 2.15
- SAPWIN: Supports color printers
( requires SAP Release 2.1G+ or 2.2A)
- SAPWIN: Translates colors for monochrome printers
( requires SAP Release 2.1G+ or 2.2A)
- SAPWIN is much faster now but the speed depends also on
the printerdriver for your patricular model.
( about 10 pages/min for HP LaserJet on a 486/33,
but only 0,6 pages/min for HP DeskjetC )
- Bug fix: SAPWIN: SAPscript output fixed.
- More detailed errormessages in case of problems
- Errormessages from SAP network library (nilib) are routed
to the standard SAPLPD window.
- Bug fix: In case of network problems the connection is now
closed properly and the SAPLPD will continue working.
- Known to work in an OS/2 2.1 Windowsbox.
( Tested with IBM TCP/IP 2.0 and winsock DLL., not supported )
+New features in SAPLPD 2.10
- Winsocket TCP/IP is supported (executable LPDSO.EXE) .
- Better user interface
- Printer type "SAPWIN" now prints MUCH faster!
You can select printer fonts for SAPFontnames, which means
that SAPWIN can use printer fonts rather than TrueType fonts
for output. This allows much faster printing.
The default mapping is "Courier New" to printerfont "Courier". If your
printer does not support "Courier" or if you want a TrueType font, you
should change this mapping ( Menu: Optionen/Fontersetzung (Options/Replace fo
nt ).
- Bug fix: Multiple copies for printertype SAPWIN.
+new features in SAPLPD 2.07 (not released)
- Connect to SAPFAX.DLL (from SAP).
This library is used to dial the fax number which is supplied with the
job. Ask the SAPcomm-Group for details. Currently WinFax Pro
3.0 is supported.
- Bugfix: Koppelart 'S' works now with all printer types
(2.06 worked only with 'SAPWIN')
+new features in SAPLPD 2.06
- SAPWIN print requests are queued inside SAPLPD.
This shortens the connection time between SAPLPD and rspoget2. This
was necessary because printing larger jobs with TrueType fonts was
too slow to be done while the connection was established. The jobs
will be processed in a background queue, while SAPLPD is listening
for new requests.
+new features in SAPLPD 2.05
- The connection method 'S' (german 'Koppelart',
english 'print process?') allows direct communication between the
SAP-system and the SAPLPD program without the limitations of the
berkeley-protocol ( method 'U').
- All Windows-compatible printers can be used to print report
and SAPscript output. The SAP-system formats all output for a
virtual printer type which is implemented by the windows driver for the
individual printer.
+ 3 Executables:
LPDNOV.EXE : SAPLPD for Novell Lan Workplace 4.01 and 4.1 LPDMS.EXE
: SAPLPD for Microsoft Lan Manager 2.1 LPDSO.EXE : SAPLPD for
Winsocket interface.
Windows Spool must be activated. Printer can be locally attached to
the PC or a network printer.
+ Installation:
Run the EXE from Windows.
(You may put it into the autostart folder.)
Make sure that the working directory is writable!!
If you install the executable on a server, you must supply a
working directory which is local and writable.
You should therefore set the working directory at the lpd icon.
If you get a 'bind error', you already have a version of SAPLPD
running. If you are sure that this is not the case, you will have to
reboot the PC because some TCP packets didn't release the TCP ports,
when a process died.
Hint for LAN Manager 2.1: You must invoke SOCKETS.EXE before you
start Windows. If you do not do so, LPDMS ends with the error
message: TCP/IP protocol not installed.
If the SAPLPD does not work as expected: Please test it on a plain
Windows 3.1 only with the TCP/IP package installed.
Novell Netware and Windows for Workgroups are known to cause problems
in some installations.
+ Configuration in SAP
Transaction SPAD - Printer names Create or Change Device
Change Output Device Screen:
- If you have a HP-LaserJet, Kyocera Prescribe, Postscript printer or
any other printer that you want to use in its own native printing modes,
you can send raw printer data to this printer. That allows full use
of all printer features from SAPscript, as long as the printer has
its own driver (HP-LJ, postscript, prescribe). The printer type must
to be known in detail to the SAP System. There must be a device type
for the printer ( see transaction SPAD in R/3). Some networks are
not able to catch catch?raw printer data on the interface that they use to
GDI. If you have trouble, try using printer type SAPWIN (see
Printer type: <physical printertype> e.g. HPLJIIID
Aufbereitungsrechner: real hostname where the spool work process
Vermittlungsrechner: <PC-Name> PC on which SAPLPD runs.
Host printer: LPT1 printer's port.
Print process: S print via SAPLPD protocol
( 'U' is still OK )
LPQ format : B
- If you have a printer which is not supported by SAP, you can
use the printer type SAPWIN. This defines a virtual printer type
that uses the Windows-API for printing. Windows will use its own
printer driver to access your printer, so it need not to be known to
the SAP System in detail. Because evetything is done through the
Windows-API, all network printers should be usable.
Printertype: SAPWIN
Aufbereitungsrechner: real hostname where the spool work process
Vermittlungsrechner: <PC-Name> PCon which SAPLPD runs.
Host printer: LPT1 printer port.
Print process: S print via SAPLPD protocol
LPQ format : B
+ Networks
Some networks cannot redirect printer outputthat is supplied on the
GDI-Spool interface. In these networks, you can only use the
printer type 'SAPWIN'. SAPWIN uses the graphical interface, which
should be redirectable on all networks.
SAPLPD needs a writable working directory. If you install SAPLPD on a
network disk, you should always start it with a local writable
working directory (Windows program property).
+ Barcodes
You can print barcodes on all windowsprinters if an apropriate
BARCODE.DLL is installed on your system. It converts the data into
graphics, so the printer does not need any fontcartridge. To be
usable, the DLL must export the following two functions:
-- int BarcodeInit( char * buff, int buff_len)
Initialize the barcodesystem and put a message in the buffer.
Return 0 if OK.
-- int BarcodePrint( HDC * hdc, struct bcinfo * bci )
Print a barcode to the printer. This structure must contain the
following fields:
int xpos; /* Startposition */
int ypos;
int hsize; /* Size */
int vsize;
char * str; /* Data */
int strlength;
int check; /* compute checksum */
int beschrift; /* annotate the barcode */
enum codeid = { /* which Barcode to use */
BC25INDU, 2 of 5 industrial
BC25MATRIX, 2 of 5 matrix
BC25INTER, 2 of 5 interleave
BCCODE39, Code 39
BCCODE39EXT, Code 39 Extended
BCCODE93, Code 93
BCCODE93EXT, Code 93 Extended
BCCODE128, Code 128
BCEAN8P2, EAN 8 + 2
BCEAN8P5, EAN 8 + 5
BCEAN13P2, EAN 13 + 2
BCEAN13P5, EAN 13 + 5
BCUPCEP5, UPC-E + 5 };
int scale_s1; /* Size of lines and spaces */
int scale_s2;
int scale_s3;
int scale_s4;
int scale_l1;
int scale_l2;
int scale_l3;
int scale_l4;
char * errmsg; /* Possible Errormessage */
The BARCODE.DLL is searched for in the current directory, windows
and windows/system directory and in the origin of SAPLPD.EXE. PATH
is not used.
We know about one DLL, which meets this specification. It is avaible
from 'Birger Rauh Systemtechnik, Pillauer Strasse 48a,
D-22047 Hamburg'. Phone and FAX number is +49-40-6951089. They also
have a demo version, so you can check, that the printresult from
your printer can be read by your scanner. Other compatible DLL's
for barcodeprinting with windows are not known to us. If any other
barcode DLL shows up, we will check, if they can be used with
SAPLPD. For details, please have a look at notes 14561, 19699 and 25344.
There is one barcode example defined for the printertype SAPWIN
(SAPscript and printcontrol). There is more information comming
with the DLL.