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I. Listen and fill the missing words.

Flavia Bujor
She looks and 1). like any other French 2).. as she sits with her
fruit juice in a Parisian caf, but there is a difference. 3) moving to Paris from Romania
when she was three, Flavia 4). reading the stories of Lord of the Rings writer JRR
Tolkien. When she was5) , she sat down and 6) a fantasy novel called The
Prophecy of the Stones. It has sold more than 51, 000 copies, is now available in 21 7). and
has made her a rich, young woman. 8)success .. her? No. Her parents do not treat
her 9).. .She still goes to school, does her homework and loves 10)
with her friends.
II. Fill in the blank:
A) She lost two of her front in an accident.
a) tooth b) tooths c)teeth d)teeths
B.) She is a nice girl,?
a)is she not b)isnt she c)is she d)aren`t she
C) She cant help you. She . the dinner things.
a)washes up b)has washed up c)has wash up d)is washing up
D) Many people gathered at the garden gate. . about fifty persons.
a) Were b)It was c)They were d)There were
E) The little girl . her new doll very, very much.
a) is liking b)likes c)is loving d)loves
F) I am a brave girl,..?
a)arent I b)am I not c)aint I d)isnt I
G) They buy her toys as if she still a child.
a) is b)be c)were d)is being
H) Help to more cake! the hostess said to her guests.
a) yourselves b)you c)yourself d)yourselfs
I) If you more seriously, you would have passed the exam.
a) worked b)had worked c)have worked d)would have worked
J) If she .. on time, she will miss him.
a) wont arrive b)didnt arrive c)doesnt arrive d)will not arrive
K) How old you when you graduated from school?
a) was b) were c)have been d)had been
L) He has been fishing in the pond five hours.
a)from b)as c)for d) since
M) What ?
a) Ann is eating b)eat Ann c) eats Ann d)is Ann eating
N) He has been an excellent worker he came to our factory.
a) from b)since c) as d)for
O) Im sorry, I havent got .. money on me.
a)some b)no c) any d)none
P) We have .. lunch at 1 oclock every day.
a) the b) - c) a d) an
Q) I here since 3 oclock.
a) am b) have been c) am being d) were
R) Last week I . fishing.
a) go b)gone c) went d)goes
S) Choose the correct comparative form of the adjective big
a) bigger b)more big c)biger d)more biger
T) Nobody knows what time the train for Bucharest..
a) is leaving b)leaves c)left d)leave

III. Read the text and answer the questions:

1. What toys was the company making before the big change?

2. Why did the ex-president come out of retirement?
3. What does the Meowlingual do?
4. What did one dream machine tester hope for?
5. What did he actually dream?

IV. Complete the sentences :