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Nationality: Syrian Residence Cell: +966 50 41414 95

Birth: October 22nd 1983 Jeddah - KSA e-mail:

Marital Status: Single
Iqama Status: Transferable
Driving Licenses: Saudi, Syrian

Amer M. Kharboutle
Personal Profile:

Telecom Engineer experienced in 2G-3G BTS and Digital Microwave transmission systems.
Described hard working, self-driven, pro-active, initiative, innovative, quick learning and developing,
results oriented. Strong attitude to work in a team, but even capable of solving problems


To acquire a position in Communication / IT fields and look for a leading organization to further
develop expertise and grow internally for a long and successful career.

Princess Sumaya University for Technology [ PSUT ] Amman Jordan
BSc. in Electronics Engineering Oct 2001 June 2006

Achievements: Graduated with Honor Degree: Ranked 1st (class 2006) avg: 86.8%
Ranked 3rd in Jordanian national certification
Projects: - Implemented a cooling system interfaced with a micro processor
- Built / programmed (VB) an innovative educational software **

Aleppo American School Aleppo Syria

High School Level Sep 1998 June 2001

Najd Schools Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Elementary & Secondary Levels Sep 1993 June 1998

Training Courses:
College of Telecommunication & Electronics [ CTE ] Jeddah Saudi Arabia

• WiMAX Technology for Mobile June 2009

Princess Sumaya University for Technology [ PSUT ] Amman Jordan

• CISCO Networking Academy (CCNA) Feb 2006

• MATLAB Digital Signal Processing Sep 2005

Languages: Native in Arabic, Fluent in English, Basic in French
Computer: Windows, MS office, C++,, MATLAB
GSM: Nokia all Hopper, BTS & Flexi software, Siemens LCT
Work Experience:

Al Hashemiyah Company for Contracting [ HATCO ] Saudi Arabia

Telecom Engineer Jul 2007 Present
Transmission & GSM

Tasks and roles:

Installing, Commissioning, Integrating & Troubleshooting:

Nokia Flexi 2G-3G, Ultra, Metro and Mini BTS
Nokia FlexiHybrid, FIU 19 E Flexi and Metro Hopper -PDH- Links
Nokia BSC 3i* installation, Siemens SRA4 -SDH- Links, SRT*, HiT* and Dehydrators installation.
Nera IFU Evolution Series microwave radio -SDH- IFU R8A.
Alignment: Single and Protected PDH and SDH Links (HSB, Space & Phase Div).
MDT & TCN: Expansion, Allocation for: EDAP – LAPD – CBCCH – LBS – Q1, antenna swap
link upgrade, traffic transfer, E1 & STM1 rehoming and reroute.
DXC: Digital Cross Connection. Excellent in DXC -especially in Nokia-.
CWO: AT&T, Lucent, Nokia, Huawei, Siemens, Nera.
Sweep test: Using Site Master -Anritsu, Wiltron- to check VSWR and DTF.
Drive test: Assisting drive testers to optimize performance of sites.
FLM: First Line Maintenance for links and sites.
O&M: Operation and Maintenance for links and sites during Hajj days.
PAT: Preliminary Acceptance Test and handover sites and links.

* Only Installation


Ramadan & Hajj 1430 ** NSN - STC Jun 2009 Present

3G / P3, P4 & P5 NSN - STC May 2009 Present
Digital MW Swap NSN - STC Oct 2008 Present
Coverage Improvement "CI" NSN - STC Apr 2008 Present
Ramadan & Hajj 1429 ** NSN - STC Apr 2008 Dec 2008
P1 & P2 NSN - Zain Feb 2008 May 2008
PO3 Nokia - STC Nov 2007 Mar 2008
Ramadan & Hajj 1428 ** Nokia - STC Jul 2007 Dec 2007

Cites: Western and Southern area

Locations: Holy Haram, Masha’er Area for Hajj (Arafat-Muzdalfah-Mina), Jamarat Bridge, VIP sites
Safa Royal Palace, DOKAEP, Dar- Al Taoheed Intercontinental, Hilton-Makkah, ARAMCO, Military
Bases, Airports, Exchanges and Cores, King Abdul-Aziz University, Metropolitan and Main Roads.

Available upon Request