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Screencasting Activity

This will be a screencast for a lesson on creating a SafeAssign assignment on Blackboard, an

online classroom program. SafeAssign is a plagiarism detecting tool built into Blackboard
classroom shells, but each assignment must be set up individually to use this tool.
Task Analysis:
1. Log into Blackboard
2. Click on one of the classes where you are a Teacher on the upper right hand side of the
3. In the left column click on one of your class shells
4. In upper right corner change Edit Mode to On
5. Under large class title hover over Assessments to access drop down menu
6. Click on Assignments in menu
7. Type in Name of Assignment and choose color (if desired)
8. Type in Instructions for completing and submitting assignment in textbox provided
9. Attach file(s) for assignment (if necessary) by clicking Browse My Computer
10. Check little box to choose a Due Date
11. Click on Calendar icon to the right to choose a due date
12. Click on Clock icon to the right of Calendar icon to choose time for date due
13. Type in number of points this assignment is worth in Points Possible box
14. Click on Submission Details
15. Choose Assignment Type (Individual Submission is the default)
16. Choose Number of Attempts (Single Attempt is the default)
17. Choose Plagiarism Tools check box for Check Submissions for Plagiarism using
18. Check box Allow Students to View Originality Report if you want students to see the
results of the scan
19. Click on Grading Options and choose one described if it is applicable (Default is one grader
20. Click on Display of Grades, read options and descriptions and alter if desired
21. In Availability section if you are ready to display the assignment in order for students to see
it, do not uncheck the Make Assignment Available box
22. Choose the appropriate Availability Dates if desired
23. Check box for Track Number of Views if tracking is desired
24. Click red Submit button

Step Screen Action Script
1 Log in screen & Blackboard
Home Page
Once you have logged into Blackboard, look on the upper
right side of the screen and choose and click on one of the
classes where you are the teacher that is linked in Blue.
2 Announcements page with
menu on left side of screen
Next look at the far left column. You should choose the
class shell for the assignment you are creating and click
on it.
3 Class Shell Home screen In the upper right corner of the screen find the Edit Mode
and click to turn it ON. Then, look to the right and
under the large class title, hover over Assessments and
a drop down menu should appear. Click on
Assignments in this menu.
4 Assignments window In this window you will have to make a series of choices
to set up the assignment. First type in the title of the
assignment and choose a background color (if you feel so
inclined). Under the title you see a large textbox for
typing instructions for creating and submitting the
assignments, or whatever instructions you feel are
important. If you need to attach any files, such as a
guidelines handout, rubrics, etc., click on Browse My
Computer, find file and attach. If there is a firm due
date, check the little box next to Due Date and the
boxes and icons to the right will become active. Click on
the Calendar icon to choose a date, and click on the Clock
icon to choose a time. Any assignments submitted after
that date and time will be stamped Late. Very
convenient and cuts down on all the But I turned it in on
time excuses. Type in your points total in the Points
Possible box.
5 Submission Details link in
Assignments window
Click on Submission Details and choose an
Assignment Type. Only if the assignment is a group
project, should you deviate from the default of
Individual Submission. Next choose Number of
Attempts. The default is Single Attempt, but if you
want your students to be able to submit more than once,
choose from the drop down menu. If you leave it at the
default and the student needs to resubmit for some
reason, you will have to go back in later and manually
delete the attempt. Next, choose Plagiarism Tools by
checking the box for Check Submissions for plagiarism
using SafeAssign originality report. This assignment
will now automatically be run through an extensive
Internet-based detection tool. It will also check the
submission against any other assignments submitted
through SafeAssign in other Blackboard classes. It is
awesome! If you want your students to see their own
SafeAssign originality report once its generated, check
Allow Students to View box.

6 Grading Options link in
Assignments window
Click on Grading Options and choose one of the
options described if it is applicable; otherwise, the default
is for one grader only, and no boxes need to be checked.
Click on Display of Grades, read options and
descriptions, and alter if desired. The default settings are
the most common grading displays.
7 Availability section in
Assignments window
If you are ready to post the assignment for students to see
in their class shell, do not uncheck Make Assignment
Available box. If you only want the assignment to be
visible in the students shell for a certain amount of time,
choose the applicable Availability Dates using the
Calendar icons. If you want to track the number of views
of the assignment, check the Track Number of Views
box. This is a nice tool to have if you want to light a fire
under your slackers. You will know who has viewed the
assignment and who hasnt!
8 Bottow right hand corner of
I suggest you go back and review all of your choices,
files, and wording before your finalize. If you are
confident you have what you need, click on the red
Submit button, and you are finished!