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October 2014

Volume 16 Issue 9

Glimpses of Grace
Grace United Methodist Church

Grace UMC
2113 Old Monrovia Road
Huntsville, AL 35806
(256) 430-0003

Sunday Services

9:00 am

Sunday School
10:05 am

Traditional Worship
11:00 am

Grace Staff

Senior Pastor
Bryan Sisson

Associate Pastor
Todd Noren-Hentz

Director of Youth
Adam McNeil

Office Administrator
Vicki Sheehy

Music Director
Gianna Gimenez

Praise & Worship Leader
Doug Wright

Curtis Lindsay

Facilities Manager
Ben Allen

Nursery Coordinator
Kalyn Polatty

Grace UMC 2015 Stewardship
to Begin SOON!
The experience of Stewardship (giving to the ministries and annual
budget of Grace UMC) is upon us, and our churchs theme this year
is Jesus Teachings: Parables for LIFE Stewardship. This year we will be
studying several Jesus parables in order that we might begin to
understand that stewardship not just a season, but a life calling.

Stewardship will begin Sunday, October 12, and will be our worship
emphasis for October 19

and October 26. Each Sunday you will
have opportunity to pick up your Stewardship Prayer Packets outside
the church Sanctuary and consider how God might be encouraging
you to give - financially and spiritually - to the ministries of Grace
UMC. Sunday, October 26, will be our Celebration Sunday when
we will turn in our Estimate of Giving cards and Every Member a
Ministry response sheets. If you cant be in worship that day we ask
that you mail these to the church prior to October 26.

All are encouraged to be in prayer as we seek to give God
our gifts in 2015. Be in prayer for your church during this special
Stewardship season...for church leaders and ministries...for the lives
of those who will be changed as a result of your giving to God.
Lets embrace this time as Gods Body of Faith and live out
our call to give with willing hearts!

Pastors Ponderings
And he sat down opposite the treasury and watched the people putting
money into the offering box. Many rich people put in large sums.
a poor widow came and put in two small copper coins, which make a
And he called his disciples to him and said to them, Truly, I
say to you, this poor widow has put in more than all those who are
contributing to the offering box.
For they all contributed out of their
abundance, but she out of her poverty has put in everything she had, all
she had to live on. - Mark 12:41-44, English Standard Version

At the beginning of last month I had the privilege of serving
alongside several from Grace UMC at Manna House on the
Parkway. The Missions Team had organized that we serve a
meal there that Saturday and also provide leadership for a
worship service for the homeless in the area. I have to say
it was a HUGE blessing to be a part of the witness offered
that day. There were volunteers leading music and offering
the gift of worship and Holy Communionthere were folks
helping to sort through and organize donations of clothing
and foodthere were servants preparing and setting up a
meal for Manna Houses clients after the service. Along with
members of Grace, there were volunteers representing other
churches and denominations working alongside and offering
the gift of Gods love through warm smiles and kind words.
It was grace Gods grace in actionBut my favorite
part?!? Watching the handful of children from our church
falling in line and offering themselves in service as well. I
have to be honest and say that my initial thought was that
they might not be able to physically do a majority of the work
the leaders of Manna House needed accomplished that day:
they wouldnt be able to set up tables and chairs and shelter
for shade, grill hamburgers and hotdogs, even help with the
labor of moving supplies from one area to the warehouse to
another. BOY, WAS I WRONG! Many of the kids worked
harder than a few of the adults! They were right there in the
middle of things as we sorted and cleaned and served and
loved. They found ways - always with smiles on their faces -
to be positive and grace-filled witnesses for Jesus Christ. With
joy, these children gave all they had

The text Ive shared is one of my favoritesHere we have
Jesus spending time with his disciples in worship in the
Temple. People are coming in to offer themselves and their
gifts, and out of the corner of his eye Jesus spies an
unassuming woman, a widow. At first glance the thought
could be, What, REALLY, does she have to offer? In relation to
all the others crowding in and sharing wealth, what does she have to
give? And for Jesus, this is the point. She gives what she has
all that she has trusting that God can and will do
something with her meager gift. The offerings of all the
others are just as important, and yet Jesus focuses on this
womans gift because she shares not out of her surplus but
out of trusting faith. She gives all that she has

As a church, this month we will be embarking upon the
season of Stewardship, a time in which, as faithful followers,
we have opportunity to prayerfully consider and commit to
giving ourselves, again, to God. And for some of us, its a call
to more than just a physical offering its an offering of our very
livesIts more than just committing to a fiscal budget or
funding a ministry of the church its a process through which
God transforms us into servants. Through Stewardship were able
to give thanks for Gods wonderful gift of grace-filled
forgiveness and provision by responding with our own gifts
of money and spiritual gifts and service. Its opportunity to
give our all to the very one who gave us His all. Its a
response of faithful LIVING

Our theme this year for Stewardship will be Jesus
Teachings: Parables for LIFE Stewardship, and
throughout the month of October well have the opportunity
through the teachings of Jesus to consider our own
response of giving. Sunday, October 26, will be our
Celebration Sunday when we will commit our gifts and service
to God through worship, so please make every effort to be a
part. Join with your church family as we pray for Grace UMC
and the ways were all challenged to GIVE OUR ALL!

Serving alongside,
- Pastor Bryan


Happenings At Grace
World Communion Sunday
Please mark your calendars for a very special, upcoming
worship serviceWorld Communion Sunday, October 5!
Join your Grace church family as we celebrate Holy
Communion at both services this meaningful day and
highlight our upcoming foreign mission trip to Costa Rica.

Upcoming Finance Team Meeting
Please be aware that we will have an IMPORTANT Finance
Team meeting on Tuesday, October 14, at 6:00 pm at the
church. All Team Members are asked to make every effort
to be present. We need all hands on deck as we discuss
our present financial situation and look to 2015 in planning
the budget.

2014 Church-Wide Picnic
Monte Sano State Park
October 12 from 2:30 - 5:30 pm
The Family Life Ministry Team hosts the Annual Church
picnic every year, and it is a great time for fellowship, to invite
guests to get to know people at Grace, to meet people in our
church you dont know, and to interact with your church
family in a recreational setting. Our 2014 Church Picnic will
be on Sunday, October 12, from 2:30 - 5:30 pm at Monte Sano
State Park (Large Pavilion near playground). Were
beginning a bit later this year to give folks time to arrive after
church. We will start eating at 3:00 pm, so you may want to
plan on having a small snack after worship so you can be
ready for the big feast at 3:00 pm.
Please bring a dish to share for the potluck. There is no
signup for dishes, just bring something delicious. If you tell
the gate attendant at the park entrance that youre with Grace
UMC, there should be no fee to enter the park. Well provide
the drinks. If you would like to bring meat for the potluck, we
will have a grill ready around 2:30 pm.
A few new things this year:
The Disc-Gracefull golfers will be playing the Disc Golf
course at 1:00 pm if youd like to join us before the picnic!
Club 45 and the Youth Group will be competing in a
scavenger hunt beginning at 2:00 pm from the church on
the way up to Monte Sano State Park. See Adam McNeil
( or Holly Cecil
( for more information on the
scavenger hunt.
Please Note: The GraceFull Singers are rehearsing after
church from 12:00 - 2:00 this day (pizza lunch provided).
Discover Your Spiritual Gifts
As part of our upcoming Stewardship emphasis, we'll have an
opportunity to consider the ways in which God may be calling
us into some form of service at Grace or beyond. One tool
that can be very helpful in discovering the ways in which God
has gifted you to serve is the StrengthsFinders inventory.
Pastor Todd will lead a workshop from 4:00 - 5:30 pm on
Sunday, October 19, designed to help you discover your
strengths and how they might be used here at Grace UMC.
Please sign up in the hallway by Wednesday, October 15, as
you will need to take the StrengthFinders inventory online
before the workshop on the 19

Costa Rica Mission Trip Meeting
On Sunday, October 19, there will be an
informational meeting regarding our Costa Rica
Mission trip in 2015. Anyone interested in finding out more
about the trip is encouraged to join us in the Sanctuary during
the Sunday School hour that morning.

Mission Trip Deposit
For those wanting to participate in the 2015 Costa Rica
Mission Trip, deposits of $200/person are due by
November 1. For more information, contact Brian Mitchell
at (256) 527-4583 or

Family Fun Fest
Wednesday, October 29 from 5:30 - 7:30 pm
On Wednesday, October 29, Grace UMCs
Childrens Team will host a Family Fun Fest!
Join us as we have food and fun times
together. Activities include a campfire
(bring on the smores!), Cake Walk, Petting
Zoo, Games (with candy prizes), Face
Painting, Raffle prizes, Hay Ride, and Costume Contest.
Well have Corn Dogs and chips, Popcorn, Carmel Apples,
and drinks. Plus, well watch a movie outdoors on a BIG
screen! Kids are encouraged to wear child-friendly costumes
and bring something to put treats in. Remember to invite your
neighbors and friends to this fun, FREE outreach event!
You will receive one free raffle ticket as you sign in for the event.
Additional raffle tickets can be bought for $1 each. All proceeds go to
support Graces 2015 mission trip to Costa Rica.
Contact Tracy Sisson ( or Carol
Reynolds ( if you might
be willing to volunteer to help with this special event.

Family Life Ministry News
Men of Grace
Each week at 11:30 am various men from Grace UMC and
their friends gather for lunch at a local restaurant to talk about
life, faith, and our church. We rotate to a different day of the
week each month. In October, we will meet on
Thursdays. To receive information about upcoming lunch
gatherings or if you have problems receiving the emails, please
contact Buddy McMullin at (256) 683-4164 or, and he will make sure you are

Pick-up Basketball
We have Pick-up Basketball every Wednesday evening at 7:30
pm in the gym. Interested in staying informed about Pick-up
Basketball? Ask Pastor Todd to put you on the email list! We
also have a Facebook and Twitter for basketball if youd like
to keep up that way.
Twitter: @GraceUMCBB

Grace Family Fun Fly
Sunday, October 5, from 1:00 - 4:00 pm
Pilots, family, and friends get together in the Grace Ministry
Center Gym once a month to fly our small indoor electric
radio-controlled airplanes, helicopters, and multi-copters.
New pilots, experienced pilots, and spectators of all ages are
always welcome to join us. We also have several small electric
R/C race cars available for younger children to drive. Contact
Jim Marconnet at or (256) 772-3946
for more information.

Grace Disc Golf Association
The Grace Disc Golf Association is for all ages and
skill levels. Disc Golf is free to play and easy to learn.
If you dont have your own discs, weve got some to
share. Our next outing will be on Sunday, October
12, at Monte Sano State Park immediately after church
and before the church picnic.. Check out the church website
for future dates and locations. For more information, contact
John Lawson at (256) 503-2700 or Pastor Todd at

Grace Golf Association
The Grace Golf Association (GGA) is an informal golf group
open to all members and friends of Grace United Methodist
Church. GGA plays once per month between March and
October, and our mission is to enjoy Christian fellowship and
friendly competition playing a game we enjoy. Men and
women, juniors, seniors, hackers, and scratch players are all
welcome. Contact Scott Kowerduck ( for
more information or to get on the email list for information
pertaining to GGA events. The next GGA outing will be on
Saturday, October 18, to Quail Creek in Hartselle, Alabama.

Parents Night Out
PNO is for infants and children up to 5
Grade and is
conducted on select Friday evenings. PNO is a drop-in type
program and is open for participating parents and children
between 5:00 and 10:00 pm. PNO relies upon adult
volunteers, paid nursery staff, and youth helpers. We hope you
will invite your friends, neighbors, and co-workers to be a part
of this program.
Our next PNO is Friday, December 5, from 5:00 - 10:00 pm
and costs $10 per child, with a $20 family maximum. Children
5 and under are asked to be picked up by 9:00 pm. You can
register online at

Fall Offerings at
The Vine Pastoral Counseling Center:
Service of Worship and Healing
October 14, November 4, and December 9
12:00 - 12:45 pm at the Gideon Blackburn House of 1

Presbyterian Church
Emotional Health for Teens
November 2 from 6:00 - 7:30 p.m.
First Baptist Church in Huntsville
Free pizza for youth of Grace UMC (a supporting church)
Marriage Ministry
Marriage Intervention: a more intensive education approach to
building blocks of a healthy marriage (8 sessions)
Marriage Checkup: an assessment for health of marriage and
spiritual aspects of marriage (2 sessions)
Call for appointment
Free to Grace UMC members as long as funds set aside for this
ministry are available.
For more info, call The Vine at (256) 270-7399 or go to


Missions That We Regularly Support
with Donations:

Huntsville Assistance Program Food donations
Blount Hospitality House Personal-sized toiletry items
Redbird Community Soup barcodes from Campbells
Labels for Education
Ronald McDonald House Pop tabs from soda cans
New Futures Homeless Shelter Monetary donations

Volunteer Your Time with
These Important Ministries:

Salvation Army Soup Kitchen Make sandwiches at Grace at
8:30 am on Mondays, October 13 & 27.
Contact: Imogene Johns, (256) 837-0324
Meals-on-Wheels Meet at the Huntsville Senior Center on
Drake at 10:15 am on Friday, October 17
to serve meals to the homebound.
Contact: Donna Evans, (256) 420-6401
Wheelchair Ramp Installation Meet at the church at
8:30 am on Saturday, October 11.
Contact: Chuck Evans, (256) 527-2413

Huntsville Assistance Program Needs
HAP is in need of donations to help those without enough
food in our area. In an attempt to bring awareness and
reminders to everyone, we highlight the most needed items in
the newsletter each month. For October we are requesting
peanut butter and feminine products. Please bring your
non-expired, non-perishable food items to the Food Pantry in
Fellowship Hall #3. HAP is always in need of basic food
items. We ask for additional non-food items because
individuals can not use Food Stamps to purchase any paper
products or soap products.

Upcoming Food Pantry Changes
Through the remainder of 2014, Grace will continue to
support the Huntsville Assistance Program. Beginning in
January of 2015, due to our increasing involvement, we're
going to focus our support on Manna House. Manna House
is an organization that ministers to the needs of the homeless
of Huntsville. Grace has been increasing our support of
Manna House through Outdoor Church and food and
clothing donations over the past few years. So that our
actions can have the most impact, any canned food, pet food,
or clothing donations made in 2015 will go directly to Manna
House. Please contact Brian Mitchell if you have any
questions or would like to help out.

Meals to Grow - Backpack Food Program
Our community has a great number of children who
dont get enough to eat at home. During the school
year, the free lunch program helps provide for these
children during the week, but the weekend can seem
very long when you are hungry. Trinity United Methodist
Church in Huntsville started addressing this problem in 2008
with the Meals to Grow program (
Every Friday, bags of food are placed inside the backpacks of
children at high risk of hunger during the weekend. In 2012,
we began collecting and packing food at Grace to contribute
to the great need at University Place Elementary School.

As the program has grown, we have been able to serve other
schools. In 2013, we began serving children next door at
Providence Elementary School and students at Montview
Elementary School. Its humbling to see the gratitude of the
children, teachers, principals, and staff at each of the schools.
The childrens eyes grow wide with delight when they see us
bringing in food. The team of people working at the school,
who know the needs better than anyone, thank us endlessly. I
am grateful our congregation has been so generous
responding to the need.

If you are called to serve in this ministry, there are many ways
to help. We always need food, monetary donations, and
prayer. We need help packing bags, too. Contact Rachael
Benton at for more details on how
you can get involved.

We pack on the 3
Monday of every month at 6:00 pm. The
next packing is scheduled for October 20.

The following items are needed for each bag:

1 Pop-top can of soup with meat (such as Progresso,
Chunky, etc.)
1 Pop-top canned meal (such as Chef Boyardee Ravioli,
1 Fruit cup or pop-top can of fruit
2 Packages of peanut butter crackers or cheese crackers
2 Individual sized boxes of cereal or 2 cereal bars (or
breakfast product)
4 Healty snacks (such as granola bars, Cheez-Its, packages
of crackers, fruit snacks, Rice Krispie Treats, raisins, Sun
Chips, etc.
1 Shelf-stable milk in juice-box size (such as Yoohoo! Or
Hersheys, etc.)

- Rachael Benton

Join the Fun at Grace

Literary Ladies
All women of the church are invited to join
the Literary Ladies in their monthly discussion
of a book. They meet the third Monday of each month at
10:00 am. Nursery care can be made available if needed. For
more information, contact Callie Vincent at (256) 539-9870 or
Our upcoming books are:
October 20: Boys In the Boat by Daniel James Brown
Nine Americans and their quest for gold
in the 1936 Olympics
November 17: All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony
A blind French girl and a German boy in
occupied France during WWII
January 19: The Traitors Wife by Allison Pataki
The woman behind Benedict Arnold and
the plan to betray America
February 16: Killing Kennedy: The End of Camalot by Bill
Narration of the events leading up to the
assignation of President Kennedy as well
as the events aftermaths

GraceFull Players/GraceFull Players Dancers
Luncheon on Sunday, October 19
Our next GraceFull Players/Dancers luncheon will be on
Sunday, October 19, after the second service at 12:00 pm.
Please plan to join us and bring a covered-dish for lunch,
fellowship and planning. Discover the wonderful ways you
can give and receive through our ministry of sacred dance and
drama. We would love to see some new faces involved! For
more information, contact either Shannon Rosenthal at or (256) 895-0253, or Susan Allen at
(256) 895-9191 or

Scrapbook/Craft Night
The Scrapping/Crafters will meet at the church on Friday,
October 3, from 5:00 - 11:00 pm. We would love to see you
there. Its always a good time of food and fellowship. You can
come for the entire time or for only part of the time. Please
join us and bring a snack and beverage to share. Feel free to
bring a friend or two or three, and enjoy this time together.
For more information, contact Susan Brown at (256) 722-3898

Fun Timers News
Overview of Our Last Meeting
On September 8, the Fun Timers enjoyed a day out and lunch
in Bell Buckle, TN. For the nineteen people that participated,
the food was good, and the fellowship was outstanding. Even
the weather cooperated with less humidity and a cool breeze.
Several of the ladies got in some serious shopping in shops
along the main drag of Bell Buckle.
Upcoming Meeting
Mark Your Calendars for Monday, October 6!
Reservations have been made for Tuesday, October 7, for a
tour of the Explorations in Antiquity Center in LaGrange,
GA. We will travel to LaGrange on Monday, October 6,
spend the night and do the tour on the 7
with the Garden
Tour at 10:30 am, the Biblical Meal at 12:00 and the Biblical
Life Artifacts Gallery at 1:30. The cost for the tours and meal
is $36 per person.
We welcome anyone who is interested in going. You will need
to make your own plans to drive to LaGrange, and make your
own hotel reservations. There are several hotels in the area.
The Explorations in Antiquity Center is like exploring the
Holy Land close to home. If youve never been to Israel, you
will have a much better idea of what it was like to live there
2000 years ago after visiting the Center. It simply brings
history to life.
You can experience the biblical life and times as you:
Sit in an authentic goat hair tent like the nomadic
shepherds have lived in for thousands of years.
See tombs like those Abraham and Jesus were buried in
and catacombs like early Christians used for worship.
Visit a village and city gate area to see what life was like
2000 years ago.
Dine with the ancients as you share a Passover Meal much
like that which Jesus ate at the Last Supper.
Enter the Time Tunnel and learn about the worship
practices of pagans, Jews, and Christians from 2500 BCE
to 500 CE by exploring replicas of excavated houses of
worship from Israel.
Sit in the new Roman Theater, still under construction,
based on ancient theaters around the Roman world.
See 250 ancient artifacts in real life settings in the Biblical
Life Artifacts Gallery.
These are just some of the numerous opportunities that are
available to see at the Center. For more information on the
Center go to the website:
An accurate count of those going must be given to JoAnn
Clem by Friday, October 3. The count has to be confirmed
with the Center on this date. JoAnn Clem can be contacted by
email at or by phone at
(256) 682-2446 or (256)536-3904.

For Your Information

Grace United Methodist Women
Friendship Circle News
The Grace United Methodist Women will have their August
meeting on Thursday, October 23, at 12:30 pm. All are
invited to bring a sack lunch and join us! A dessert will be
furnished. For further information, contact Betty Lawson at
(256) 837-2824.

Prayer Shawl Ministry Not Meeting in October
The Prayer Shawl Ministry group that usually meets on the
second Sunday of each month at 3:00 pm will not be meeting in
October due to the Church-Wide Picnic on Monte Sano on
October 12. We will resume meeting on November 9. If you
have any questions, please contact Faith Polatty at

Mark your calendars for Saturday, November 1. All morning
we will have work groups to help winterize homes for the
elderly in our community. Following all your hard work, there
will be a great lunch waiting for you at the church! If you are
willing to participate or lead a group, please contact the church
office or see Don Love for more information. If you would be
willing to bring food for the lunch, there will be a sign up sheet
outside the Worship Center soon.

Operation Christmas Child
It is that time again! This worthwhile project
brings the love of Christ to children all around
the world in their own languages. What a great
way to spread the word of God! All of the
instructions and materials needed are on the
Operation Christmas Child table outside the sanctuary, so
please prayerfully consider participating this year! The deadline
to turn in filled boxes is Sunday, November 16. If you have
been saving your shoeboxes please bring in any extras that you
have to share.

Thank You to Everyone who Supported Jenny
Through the Fundraiser!
The Talent and Treats to Triumph Fundraiser for my
best friend Jenny Rhodens anorexia treatment was
a huge success. Praise God! Thank you very, very
much for your generous donations, your prayers,
and your support. We raised $1,373! This money
will be extremely helpful in making sure that Jenny
can still receive the care and intervention that she so desperately
needs and wants in order to make a complete recovery. I was
able to speak to Jenny on the phone briefly after the fundraiser,
and she wants to send each of you her deep thanks. She is
overwhelmed by your loving kindness.
Thank you again, and God bless you!
Ashley Sheehy

Memorial & Honorary Gifts to Grace

Choir Robe Fund
In honor of Gianna Gimenez & Curtis Lindsay
- given by Jerry & Joann Wiemers

*To make a memorial or honorary gift, please make checks
payable to Grace UMC. On the memo line, list the name of
the person being honored or memorialized, and the fund in
which you wish the money to be deposited.
Prayer Concerns:
Helen Matthews, Joann Wiemers, Jim Martin,
Martha Rothermel, and Stacey McIntyre.
Welcome to Our Newest Members!
We are so happy to have you in our Grace Family!

James & Wilda McCurry
153 Intracoastal Drive
Madison, AL 35758
(256) 922-0457

Mike & Patti Runyan
18 Braxton Street
Huntsville, AL 35806
(469) 585-5968 - Mikes cell
(214) 695-2622 - Pattis cell

The Grace Youth Times

Issue #49 October 2014
Due to budget cutbacks, weve eliminated all fact checking from the Grace Youth Times. Therefore, you
may not be able to believe anything you read on this page.

GUMY Director Adam McNeil has issued a challenge to the
youth group: if they can fill a charter bus (45 students) to
Behold, then he will shave his head. All of it. Beard, hair,
everything but eyebrows because thats just weird

There are a few rules. All 45 student seats on the charter bus
must be filled by October 31 at noon. A seat is full when a
permission slip and deposit are turned in to Adam. If there
are empty seats at noon on October 31, then the youth have
failed the challenge.

Behold is a MLK weekend retreat at Camp Sumatanga each
year attended by youth groups from around the North
Alabama Conference. Last year, we worshiped and played
alongside 900 other students. This year the tickets are selling
fast. Registration for Behold opens on October 5, the cost is
$170 per person. Students are able to pre-order a Behold
t-shirt for $21 (turned in with their balance). Deposit of $30
is due by November 16 to reserve a spot. Chaperons will be
asked to pay deposit only, and $21 if they would like a t-shirt

HUNTSVILLE, AL Its something they just really want
to do. says one GUMY parent, I wont deny my teenager
the right to throw stuff at his friends.

Associate Pastor Todd Noren(hyphen)Hentz added,
They are just obsessed with hitting one another with
flying objects. I saw this trend beginning when I was
Youth Pastor. GUMY will be travelling to Shakalaka
Trampoline Park on Monday, November 10, at 7:00 pm.
At the park, students are free to bounce around, jump
off the walls, and throw dodgeballs at each other. Great
fun will be had by all. Students are welcome to meet us
at Shakalaka that night. The cost is $17 per student.

Dates to Remember

October. 5 Behold Registration opens at Noon

October 12 Church Picnic at Monte Sano 2:00 pm

October 19 Youth Council Budget Meeting 4:00 pm

October 26 Youth Trip to Haunted House
(Location and time TBA)

October 29 Grace Fall Fest & GUMY Costume Contest
5:00 pm


Childrens Ministry Notes

Our Childrens Ministry exists to be a
place where kids:
Know the love and joy of Jesus Christ
Invite everyone to know Him
Develop a heart of service
Seek God and his Word
With each letter in our KIDS Logo having a meaning, we
hope that this assists each of us in sharing with others what
Grace KIDS ministry is all about.

Children's Church - Worship and Wonder
During the 9:00 and 11:00 services, following the childrens
message, children ages 4 through 2
Grade are invited to
worship using our new curriculum called Worship and Wonder.
Children hear, see and experience the sacred stories and
parables of God, led by storytellers and greeters. If you like
to tell stories to children, this is a great opportunity! A short
training can be done to orient you to the new program.

If you are interested in being a storyteller or greeter (teens
included!), please contact Shelley Lenahan at or (256) 651-9359.

Club 45 Meets Sundays at 5:30 pm!
Are your tweens feeling left out? One program is too
young, and the other program is too old. Come
check out Club 45, a program for all 4
and 5

Grade students led by Jim and Holly Cecil. The
program is designed to meet the intellectual, social, and
spiritual needs of our upper elementary students. We are
using materials designed by Preteen Ministries. Do you have
questions, concerns, or are you excited to help? Please contact the
Cecils at (256) 828-1387.

Mission Madness
On Wednesdays from 6:00 - 7:00 pm, bring your kids ages,
Kindergarten - 5
Grade, to Grace to learn about
missionaries and the countries they serve. Currently we are
learning about John Wesley, England, and the English people.
Come join us as we learn, sing songs, play games, and eat!

If you have an idea or would like to speak with the kids about
missions, contact please contact the Cecils at (256) 828-1387.

Movie Mania for Grace Kids
Join us for our next Movie Night for Graces
Kids on Saturday, November 8. The movie
has no yet been decided on, so check future
bulletins to find out what movie we pick! If movies are not
your childs thing, bring a board game to share. Watch for
more details coming soon. This will be a great time of
fellowship and fun for the kids.

Nursery Ministries
Grace UMC is blessed to have the following
Individuals serve on the Nursery Ministries Team:
Nursery Coordinator: Kalyn Polatty
Brittany Allen Olivia Bell
Sarah Davis Caroline Dobbie
Deanna Gipson Samantha Ramsey
Jenny Shaw Ashley Sylvester
Brittany Walton Samantha Weir
Family Fun Fest
Wednesday, October 29 - 5:30 - 7:30 pm
Calling all kids and families! Make sure to join us
for loads of food and fun on Wednesday,
October 29, for our annual Family Fun Fest.
Well have games, prizes, and all kinds of great
activities here at the church. Were also having a
Costume Contest, so wear yours and join in! See
page 2 of the Newsletter for more information on
this special night. Dont
forget to invite your family
and friends to be a part of
this fun event!

Grace Family Events


Dear Church Family,
Thank you so much for the Steak-Out gift card.
Charles was very excited. We will enjoy our meal.
Also, many thanks for your prayers.
Jane Stull

Dear Grace UMC,
Thank you so much for thoughts, prayers, and dinner after the
passing of Gregs father. We fell so blessed to have Grace as
our church home.
Greg, Jill, Nicholas, and Jessica Reese

Dear Reverend Sisson,
Thank you for your generous donation of $500! Looking back
over our last fiscal year, our volunteers and loyal donors made it
possible for CASA (Care Assurance System for the Aging and
Homebound) of Madison County to:

Provide services to more than 3,000 seniors and
homebound individuals
Install more than 197 grab bars and handrails for elderly
living in Madison County
Build 94 wheelchair ramps
Deliver 978 bags of produce to our local seniors

The CASA staff and volunteers are able to help our clients
remain safe and independent in their own homes because you
cared enough to contribute to our cause. Your ongoing
support provides direct services that make a real difference in
the lives of the elderly and homebound in your community.
With an average of 30 or more new clients a month, the
demand for our services continues to increase.
On behalf of Madison Countys seniors and homebound, as
well as their families and caregivers, I thank you.
Ann N. Anderson
Executive Director

Dear Friends of Grace UMC,
Thank you so much for your donation of $450.00 in The Vine
for general support of the overall ministry of The Vine. We
appreciate your churchs faithful financial support as we grow
our services to be able to provide more counseling sessions to
individuals in our community. Your continued support will
allow us to continue in our ministry of providing healing and
wholeness to individuals, couples, and families as well as
provide scholarships for those in need of financial help.
Mary Lynn Corl, Office Manager
Due to the large number of events at Grace, only a few
important church events are highlighted here. Visit
our online calendar at
for full details. A weekly calendar is also posted on the
church office door.
Important Grace Events in October
October 1 (Wednesday) 6:00 pm Kids Mission Madness &
Youth Small Groups
October 3 (Friday) 5:00 pm Scrapbook/Crafters Night
October 5 (Sunday) World Communion Sunday
October 5 (Sunday) 1:00 pm Grace Family Fun Fly
October 5 (Sunday) 5:30 pm Club 45 & MYF
October 7& 8 (Monday-Tuesday) Fun Timers Trip
October 8 (Wednesday) 10:00 am Kids Mission Madness
October 11 (Saturday) 8:30 am Wheelchair Ramp Install
October 13 (Monday) 8:30 am Salvation Army Sandwiches
October 12 (Sunday) 12:00 pm GraceFull Singers Practice
October 12 (Sunday) 12:00 pm Disc-GraceFull Golfers
October 12 (Sunday) 2:30 pm Church-Wide Picnic at Monte
Sano Large Pavilion
October 14 (Tuesday) 6:00 pm Finance Meeting
October 15 (Wednesday) 6:00 pm Kids Mission Madness &
Youth Small Groups
October 17 (Friday) 10:30 am Meals on Wheels
October 19 (Sunday) 10:00 am Costa Rica Mission Trip
Informational Meeting
October 19 (Sunday) 4:00 pm GraceFull Singers Practice
October 19 (Sunday) 5:30 pm Club 45 & MYF
October 20 (Monday) Newsletter Deadline
October 20 (Monday) 10:00 am Literary Ladies
October 20 (Monday) 6:00 pm Meals to Grow Packing
October 22 (Wednesday) 6:00 pm Kids Mission Madness &
Youth Small Groups
October 23 (Thursday) 12:30 pm United Methodist Women
October 26 (Sunday) Celebration Sunday
October 26 (Sunday) 5:30 pm Club 45 & MYF
October 27 (Monday) 8:30 am Salvation Army Sandwiches
October 29 (Saturday) 5:30 pm Family Fun Fest
November 1 (Saturday) 8:30 pm CASA TEMP$
November 1 (Saturday) Costa Rica Mission Trip Deposit Due
November 2 (Sunday) All Saints Day


9:00 am
5 Mary Iffrig/Mary Graham
12 Gail Linton/Andrew Riley
19 Liz Hayes/Mary Allen
26 Dave & Sun Hickman

11:00 am
5 Tony & Dawn Lee
12 Caroline Shaw/Debbie McMullin
19 Steve & Charli Goetz
26 Joanne Weis/Tracy Higginbotham
Acolytes (11:00 am)

5 Robbie Pierson/Harper Rasmussen
12 Harper Rasmussen/Reid Brown
19 John & Mark Allison
26 Ainsley Lenahan/Riley Brown
Guest Deliveries
5 Carl Ivey
12 Tonia Stulting
19 Don Love
26 Jennie Rountree
1 Nathan Hanks
1 Meagan Imsand
2 Lacey Strickland
4 Jesslyn Strickland
5 Betty Hoft
6 Tracy Higginbotham
6 Garrett Lenahan
8 Ben Allen
8 Sandra Hood
10 Steve Goetz
10 Graham Owen
11 Callie Vincent
14 Holly Cecil
14 Michelle Hurley
14 Amanda Sheehy
14 Ashley Sheehy
15 Tony Lee
15 Samantha Weir
16 Imogene Johns
17 Joy Beeson
17 Chad Brown
17 Chris Sanders
18 Brian Lenahan
20 Barbara Curry
21 Mike Gruber
21 Alex Smith
24 Josie Sisson
24 Riley Sisson
24 Brittany Robertson
25 Michael Blackwell
25 Derryn Jones
26 Joshua Brown
26 Denise Marden
26 Everett Mitchell
28 Michaela Bolyard
28 Lindsey Brannen
28 Jim Cecil
28 Vickie Coleman
31 Jess McHugh
11:00 am Childrens Church

5 Todd Noren-Hentz
12 Betsy Allison/Anna Willis
19 Carol Reynolds/Penni Grant/Corey Tolbert
26 Donna Willis/Eva Schoen
9:00 am Childrens Church

5 Todd Noren-Hentz/Holly Cecil
12 Shelley Lenahan/Mandy Mitchell
19 Gina Barlow/McKenna or Peyton Barlow
26 Phala Rasmussen

2113 Old Monrovia Rd.
Huntsville, AL 35806

The church office hours are Monday through Thursday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. Our pastors and staff are
available by appointment in the afternoons. If you need to contact Pastor Bryan on Friday or Saturday, call his
mobile phone at (256) 527-5042.
The deadline for information for the church bulletin is Tuesday afternoon. Please contact Vicki Sheehy at
(256) 430-0003 about information that needs to be included.

If you have e-mail, we encourage you to join our announcements list. You can sign up online from the church
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Monday of each month. Articles are due by the 3
Monday of
the month. Articles are received by e-mail: OR place articles in newsletter
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Grace UMC is a Safe Sanctuary Church.
Summaries of our Child and Youth Protection Policy are always available.