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Course name : Research Methodology

Course code : KXGX6101

Name : Elyana Binti Kosri
Matric number : KGL140001
Field of study : Biomedical Engineering
Date of submission : 4
October 2014
e!ral stem cells "#$s% are common no&adays as a treatment 'or s(in regeneration
'or in)!red or diseased tiss!e as these cells are a*ailable 'rom many di''erent so!rces inside
o!r h!man body+ ,es-ite o' being !sed enormo!sly. there still some iss!es regarding stem
cells &hich are -rolong cells s!r*i*al+ Beca!se o' this reason. hydrogels are -re'erable to !se
in tiss!e engineering as it is hydro-hilic+ /hese characteristic o' hydrogels increased cell0s
long e1-ectancy by con*eying stem cell signal on their o&n &ays+ 2ydrogels str!ct!re and
design -rocess itsel' is di''erent de-ends on the origin o' the so!rces+ Beca!se o' that. it is
di''ic!lt to di''erentiate the origin o' the hydrogels itsel' as many scienti'ic re-orts ha*e been
-!blished+ /he ob)ecti*e o' this re*ie& -a-er is to gather ty-es o' hydrogels based on nat!ral
and synthetic hydrogels !sed in li*ing organism 'oc!sing on h!man tiss!e engineering.
-ro*iding characteristic and -olymeri3ation design o' each hydrogels+
Table of Contents
#ha-ter 1 5 6ntrod!ction
#ha-ter 2 5 2ydrogel
2+1 ,e'inition
2+1+1 Biological hydrogels
2+1+2 $ynthetic hydrogels
2+2 #haracteristic
2+7 ,esign o' -olymeri3ation
#ha-ter 7 5 #oncl!sions
#ha-ter 4 5 Limitations and '!t!re &or(s
4+1 8roblems
4+2 9!t!re im-ro*ement
6 &o!ld li(e to e1-ress my gratit!de to 8ro'esor ,r+ $aad Me(hile' 'or his (ind assistance +
:1; Engineering ne!ral stem cell 'ates &ith hydrogel design 'or central ner*o!s system
regeneration < Xiao&ei Li. Eleni Katsane*a(is. Xiaoyan Li!. ing =hang. X!e)!n >en
:2; 2ydrogel5 8re-aration. characteri3ation.and a--lications < Enas M+ 4hmed
:7; 2ydrogel?based de*ices 'or biomedical a--lications < Kosmas ,elig(aris. /adele
$hi'era& /adele. >o!ter Olth!is. 4lbert *an den Berg
:4; 2ighly stretchable sel'?healing -oly ".?dimethylacrylamide% hydrogels < Mele( 8am!(
4lgi. Og!3 O(ay
:@; Re*ie& 5 $ynthetic -olymer hydrogels 'or biomedical a--lications < 6&ona Gibas. 2elena
:6;$mart 8olymers and /heir 4--lications as Biomaterials < M+R+4g!ilar. #+ El*ira. 4+
Gallardo. B+ BC3D!e3. and A+$+ RomCn
:E;Biomedical a--lications o' -olymer?com-osite materials 5 4 re*ie& < $+Rama(rishna.
A+Mayer. E+>intermantel. Kam >+ Leong
:F; 4n inno*ati*e method 'or -re-aration o' nanometal hydro1ide s!-erabsorbent hydrogel <
Enas M+ 4hmed. 9atma $+ 4ggor. 4hmed M+ 4&ad. 4hmed /+ El?4re'
:G; $!-erabsorbent hydrogel com-osite made o' cell!lose nano'ibrils and chitosan?graft?
-oly"acrylic acid% < #ristiane $-agnol. 9rancisco 2+4+ Rodrig!es. 4ntonio G+B+ 8ereira.
4ndrH R+ 9a)ardo. 4dley 9+ R!bira. Ed*ani #+ M!ni3
:10; Medical a--lications o' membranes5 ,r!g deli*ery. arti'icial organs and tiss!e
engineering < ,imitrios 9+ $tamatialis. Bern(e A+ 8a-enb!rg. Miriam GironIes. $ai'!l $ai'!l.
$ri*atsa +M+ Bettahalli. $te-hanie $chmitmeier. Matthias >essling