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Term-End Examination
June, 2011
Time : 3 hours Maximum Marks : 70
Note : Answer any five questions. Use of calculator is permitted.
1. (a) The following forces act at a point :
(i) 20 N inclined at 30 towards North of
(ii) 25 N towards North
(iii) 30 N towards North west, and
(iv) 35 N inclined at 40 towards South of
Find the magnitude and direction of the
resultant force.
BME-016 1 P.T.O.
(b) An electric light fixture weighing 15 N
hangs from a point C, by two strings AC
and BC. The string AC is inclined at 60 to
the horizontal at BC at 45 to the horizontal
as shown in Fig.1.
Fig. 1
Determine the tension in each string.
2. (a) A semi circular area is removed from a
trapezium as shown in Fig. 2. Determine
the centroid of remaining area.

60 mm

40 40
mm mm
Fig. 2
BME-016 2
(b) Find the moment of inertia of a T section
with flange as 150 mm x 50 mm and web
as 150 mm x 50 mm about X-X and Y-Y
axis through the centroid of the section as
in Fig. 3.
150 mm
150 mm
150 mm
50 nun
Fig. 3
3. (a) A truss shown in Fig. 4 is carrying a point 7+7
load of 5 kN at E. Find the forces in members
CE, CD and BD of the truss.
Fig. 4
5 kN
BME-016 3
(b) A truss of 12 m span is loaded as shown in
Fig. 5. Determine the forces in the members
BD, CE and CD of the truss.
10 kN
10 kN 4 m
Fig. 5
4. (a) A stone is dropped from the top of a tower 7+7
50 m high. At the same time another stone
is thrown upwards from the foot of the
tower with a velocity of 25 m/s. Where and
when the two stones cross each other ?
(b) A particle is thrown with a velocity of
5 m/s at an elevation of 60 to the
horizontal. Find the velocity of another
particle thrown at an elevation of 45 which
will have (a) equal horizontal range (b) equal
max height, and (c) equal time of flight.
5. (a) A fly wheel is making 180 rpm and after 7+7
20 sec it is running at 120 rpm. How many
revolutions will it make and what time will
elapse before it stops, if the reaction is
uniform ?
BME-016 4
20 kgj
/////// //// ///// //// //
Fig. 6
400 N i30 B
(b) Two bodies A and B of mass 80 kg and
20 kg are connected by a thread and move
along a rough horizontal plane under the
action of a force 400 N applied to the first
body of mass 80 kg as shown in Fig. 6. If
= 0.3, determine the acceleration of the
two bodies and tension in thread.
6. (a) Two smooth inclined planes whose 7+7
inclinations with the horizontal are 30 and
20 are placed back to back. Two bodies of
mass 10 kg and 6 kg are placed on them
and are connected by a light in extensible
string passing over a smooth pulley as
shown in Fig. 7. Find the tension in the
string. Take g =9.8 m/s2.
Fig. 7
(b) A truck of mass 15 tonnes travelling at
1.6 m/s impacts with a buffer spring, which
compresses 1.25 mm per kN. Find the max.
Compression of the spring.
BME-016 5 P.T.O.
7. (a) Two bodies A and B of masses 800 kg and 7+7
600 kg are attached at the ends of a flexible
rope. The rope passes over a pulley of
800 mm diameter. The pulley has a mass
100 kg with a radius of gyration as 400 mm
about it's axis of rotation. Find its torque
which must be applied to its pulley to raise
the 800 kg body with an acceleration of
1 m/
Neglect friction of spindle.
(b) A ball of mass 1 kg moving with a velocity of
2 m/s impinges directly on a ball of mass
2 kg at rest. The first ball, after impinging,
come to rest. Find its velocity of the second
ball after impact and coefficient of restitution.

8. (a) Explain perpendicular axis theorem and 6+8

parallel axis theorem.
(b) Determine the angle that its line AB makes
with the vertical when its shaded area is
suspended at A.
BME-016 6
9. (a) In a differential Screw Jack, the screw 7+7
threads have pitch of 10 mm and 7 mm. If
the efficiency of screw jack is 28%, find the
effort required at thread of an arm 360 mm
long to lift a load of 5 kN.
(b) Find the force required to move a load of
300 N up a rough plane, the force being
applied parallel to the plane. The inclination
of the plane is such that when the same load
is kept on a perfects smooth plane inclined
at the same angle, a force of 60 N is applied
at an inclination of 30 to the plane, keeps
the same load in equilibrium. Assume
= 0.3.
BME-016 7