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A Reflection Paper on Bullying

Salvador, Roliz Mae D.

Bulacan State University
I. Bullying as portrayed in the film
The film tackles about different kinds of bullying, from cyber to pranks.
However, I would like to focus more on how the lead role overcome being a victim
that perhaps will make his life worthwhile after. The lead role has experienced
bullying since he was a child and growing up it does not stop. Humor has been, the
bullies seem to be loyal and faithful to him. From childhood to college, this has been
their goal. As observed that they are indeed determined to bully him in particular.
We witnessed the leadrole experience downs and downs again in life. From
being alone, to being pranked, to being cyber bullied and into being offered a fake
friendship. We also witnessed him broke his heart because of unrequited love.
But then again, at all odds, he has gained courage to speak up and seek support
from oragnizations. And it made hima a hero in the end.
II. Bullying in my workplace
Industrial Setting
Pascul Laboratories, Inc.
Occurrence of Bullying
It is a common connotation that bullying exists only in schoold and among
students. Fact is, bullying also happens in a workplace where we think that mature
and professional people work together for a common goal.
Workplace bullying can be obvious or come in subtle forms, but either of the
two affects the victims life. Awareness of the real meaning and kinds of bullying, I
have experienced both forms. As Ive observed, because employees have worked
together for a long time, their jokes contain languages that put the victim in a
shameful situation. Familiarity breeds, contempt to say that if you know a person you
can easily lose respect for that person.
Gossips as an informal conversation can come in a very simple yet upsetting
way. This is often about other peoples private affairs and I considered the most
common bullying form in Pascual Laboratories. This may involve making fun of the
victims behavior in his work, his little awkward attitude or even his personal life. This
comes in belittling, degrading, embarrassing of humiliating someone whos is under
their control just because he is new and coping up with with the workplace situation.
Or, even just using your authority to demean people, for your own gratification.
Running errands for personal and work needs has been considered the basic
training of lower rank employees, however, the demarcation line separating this and
being power-played by your superiors is very thin. Another thing is the occurrence of
neglect. Being an invisible part of the workforce and social group would leave the
victim alone. With all his thoughts by himself.
Moreover is pretentions. Pretending to be a friend in front of the victim while
stabing his back when he is not around is a common situation. Whereas it attacks the
emotional aspect of the victim, who believes that finally he has someone to depend
and relate on.
I have seen this things happen in my internship and some of which, I have
experienced. With this, I think that even in a mature setting, bullying may still occur.
And I think that the common denomination on this is envy.
How bullying was dealt

Unfortunately, only few senior employee who are present in those situation tried
to stop the bully by reminding them that bullying were not to be done by mature and
intelligent professionals.
III. Personal Thoughts on Bullying
Bullying is a reversed blade, it does not jus wound the victim but it makes the bully
I believe that any bad thing, situation or left marks of bullying instances can still
be stoped. All it takes is the realization in the part of the bully and determination
for change in the part of the victims. Since, bullying occurs in no particular time or
situation, as long as the victim permits the bully will attack. Hence, the best way
on demeanishing bullying lies within the indidual who is bullied.
Since bullying isa a common tactic ofpeople whos eek attention, never give
them what they aspire. Bullies attack people whom they think is weaker than
them, Be smart so bullies will not attack you. Now, if you have overcome this, why
not help other victims.
Attention, Action and Cooperation are key words to stop bullying. Give attention to
bullying situations, focus on the reason why the bullies behave in such a way. Save
them from being overwhelmed ny their envy. Do action with appropriate practice
if the reason is clearly defined. Cooperate with the personnel who are purring
actions towards bullying.
And most of all, never tolerate instances of bullying in any forms, learn to speak
Bullying does not only harm their personality or emotions but it impact the
whole being of the people involved.