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Project Report

Find out the entire HACCP in Atta mill

Course- P.G.D.F.S.Q.M.
Enrollment No. 125057106
Executive Summary
Title of project
Objectives and sources
Deterioration ways of flour safety
Title of Project: Find out the entire HA! in Atta mill"
Objective: #dentify all ""!" of Atta $ill
Wheat flour is a powder made from the grinding of wheat used for human consumption" $ore
wheat flour is produced than any other flour" %heat varieties are called &clean&' &white&' &brown&
or &hard& if they have high gluten content' and they are called &soft& or &wea(& flour
if gluten content is low" Hard flour' or bread flour' is high in gluten' with )*+ to ),+ gluten
content' and has elastic toughness that holds its shape well once ba(ed" -oft flour is
comparatively low in gluten and thus results in a finer or crumbly te.ture" -oft flour is usually
divided into ca(e flour' which is the lowest in gluten' and pastry flour' which has slightly more
gluten than ca(e flour"
#n terms of the parts of the grain /the grass fruit0 used in flour1the endosperm or
protein2starchy part' the germ or protein2fat2vitamin3rich part' and the bran or fiber part1there
are three general types of flour" %hite flour is made from the endosperm only" %hole
grainor wholemeal flour is made from the entire grain' including the bran' endosperm' and germ"
4erm flour is made from the endosperm and germ' e.cluding the bran"
The factors that form food safety ris( in flour production are intertwined and can be basically
classified as physical' biological and chemical"
$% Ph&'ical Ri'('
The physical ris(s mostly coming with the wheat consist of animal and vegetable organic
substances li(e stal(s' straw' food waste' gum' cigarette butts' weed seeds' rodent hairs' insect
parts' feces' etc" and inorganic substances li(e stone' soil' sand' metal and glass" All organic
and inorganic substances should be separated from the wheat well before the storing and
milling operations because of both the ris(s in their chemical components and the microbial
loads they carry" As the inorganic impurities cause disruption of the integrity of grain and the
grains not matured enough include high grain water content' they both can become the source
of mold infections"
)% *iolo+ical Ri'('
The most important biological ris(s endangering flour safety are microorganisms and pests"
4rains are really open to the microorganism and pest contamination due to production'
harvesting and transport conditions" There is an important amount of bacteria' yeast and mold
load on the grains because of these contaminations" $olds create more important ris(s on flour
safety compared to bacteria and yeasts as they can breed in low water activity and heat
conditions due to their physiologies and form dangerous mycoto.ins with high heat resistance
- Mold and bacteria
$old growth depends on environmental factors li(e heat' relative humidity and o.ygen content
and the water content of wheat (ernel" $old activity increases together with the heat increase
after the (ernel water e.ceeds ), + value that is the critical water content and the relative
humidity of the environment e.ceeds 56 + that is the critical relative humidity rate" -tarting in
the regions with high water content firstly' the mold activity creates important threats on wheat
and flour safety by continuing to grow in the (ernels which lose their mechanical integrity and in
the embryo parts of the (ernels"
The molds can contaminate mostly to the species of Aspergillus spp"' !enicillum spp"' Fusarium
spp" and Alternaria spp" types of grain" The mold types of these species can create important
threats on flour safety as they produce dangerous to.ic metabolites called mycoto.ins such as'' 7earalenone' patulin' deo.ynivalenol' trichothecene and fumonisin"
These mycoto.ins that do not decay during the ba(ing process cause various damages on the
vital systems of human and animals and also cancer" As a produced by Aspergillus
mold that can grow fast on the grains li(e wheat' is defined as a first3degree
carcinogen by #nternational Agency for Research on ancer /#AR0" 8eing in an al(aloid
structure and produced by laviceps purpurea /ergot of rye' ergot mold0 mold' lysergic acid
causes a serious and malignant disease called as ergotism /Antony fever0"
#n some instances the moldy grains deteriorated because of bad storage' can be put in the
mar(et by being processed after some operations li(e washing" As a result of this' an e.tremely
dangerous situation and e.posure come out as these products contain carcinogenic mycoto.ins
such as and and grain based products are widely consumed by the entire
community" !eople are not even aware of this situation"
As the environment heat and humidity conditions become more appropriate for yeast and
bacteria activities after mold activities' these microorganisms cause more deterioration of the
product and threat for the customer"
- Pests
%hile the rats that threaten the flour safety are split into three groups as Rattus norveginucus
/9orway rat' brown rat0' Rattus rattus /roof or ship rat' blac( rat0 and $us musculus /home rat0:
birds are defined as local bird species living in the business area" As an important ris( element'
bird residues and feces are (nown as the main contamination source for salmonella bacteria;s
contamination to the flour which can cause serious food poisonings"
8ecause of their numbers and breeding speed insects and mites constitute the most important
pest group that gives damages to the grains and threatens the flour safety" As a result of the
activities of these pests: besides wheat loss in the storage' important health problems come out
in the product' some problems on the technological processability and sensory properties of the
product occur and flour safety is imperiled"
%hile the insect activity is scarcely any low in the appro.imately )< + (ernel water content and
at 6=' it can reach to the highest level in )> + (ernel water content and at *)=" %hen the
o.ygen rate of the atmosphere inside the storage is lower than * + and2or the carbon dio.ide
rate is higher than )* +' the insect and mite activities are minimi7ed"
8eing milled together with the wheat or formation of these insects themselves and their body
rash /larval sloughs' pupa coverings and body residues of deceased persons0' feces and nets
made by the larval of especially ?epidoptera insects in the flour can cause important @uality
losses in the flour and health problems of the consumer" 8esides causing bad smells in the
flour' mite feces cause health problems li(e allergic s(in and lung diseases /asthma0 for the
,% Chemical Ri'('
hemical factors that threaten the flour safety consist of pesticides used in the fields' pesticides
used in the businesses for insects and rodents' fumigation' hygiene and sanitation products'
personal hygiene materials' metals' heavy metals' dyes' radioactivity' etc" 8esides the
mycoto.ins formed by the molds' the chemicals in the insect feces and rash and the al(aloids of
the weeds also ris( the flour food safety"
#n the event of that the wheat is milled for flour before the weed seeds li(e ryegrass /?olium
temulentum0' corncoc(le /Agrostemma githago0 and -yrian scabious /ephalaria syriaca0 are
cleaned away completely: the to.ic substances in these seeds may cause serious health
problems for the consumer" The temulin al(aloid in the ryegrass seeds can create effects on the
neural system of the livings that result with death"
Fo! C"art on #"eat Mi Process
Visual inspection/ Test at supplier
premises (If required for new
$oisture% &ectoliter
weig&t% foreign matter%
insect infestation etc'
Visual/ test of samples (efore
unloading in () concern person
#nforcement of
**!+ (*anitation
,leaning of coarse foreign
-nloaded w&eat at primar)
separator (coarse)
#nforcement of
,leaning of w&eat
*eprator./% 0.si1e 2lters% powerful
magnet% air fan collector
#nforcement of
,leaning of w&eat
Reel $/,./% Filters% Fine% ,attle feed
#nforcement of
,leaning of w&eat
.*toner% $agnet% Air fan collector%
dust collector% straw collector
#nforcement of
Anal)sis report of water ()
out source la(orator)
Treatment controlled 3t)% Was&ing
of W&eat
3ualit) of water
Retention time of was&ed
Intermediate storage of was&ed
w&eat in silos/(ins
#nforcement of
,leaning of w&eat
*eprator.4% magnet% air fan
*anitation 5
#nforcement of

Anal)sis of cleaned w&eat
in la(orator) for inorganic
foreign matter
$agnet separator
#nforcement of
6rinding of cleaned w&eat
*tone grinders (,&a77ies 08 Nos')%
ose and 9ow controllers% si1e
Fragmented stone
#nforcement of
*ie:ing/ 2ltration of atta +lan s&ifter
#nforcement of
Anal)sis report of 2nal atta
in la(orator)
#nforcement of
;atc& coding on outer
Atta 2lling in inner pouc&es and
pac7ing () manuall)
Wor7ers personal
ation #nforcement
of **!+
*tac7ing of atta in a
proper wa)
#nforcement of
,leaning of truc7/<orr)
and proper ,o:ering wit&
tarpaulin and fumigation is
done% if required
#nforcement of
-N#R *-+#RVI*I!N !F: *u(mitted ():
Mr. Shushil Tyagi Rohit Sharma (8285581288)
Manager Quality Control, PGDFSQM
Shakti Bhog Foods Ltd Enrollment No. 125057106