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Press Release

October 2014
Oliver Wight share how to get businesses fit for the future at
Autumn Supply hain !orum
"usiness improvement specialists# Oliver Wight# will e$plain how business can get fit
for the future at %he Supply hain !orum# an event &e&icate& to presenting new
thin'ing an& new solutions for senior logistics professionals( %he forum is on 21
October 2014 at )astwoo& *all in +ottingham(
As organisations change focus from survival to growth, more and more companies are
asking themselves if they are ready to meet the changing market conditions, explains Oliver
Wight Managing Partner, tewart !elly" #t all $oils down to the health and readiness of your
$usiness and its core processes% supply chain, demand and product management"
As part of Oliver Wight&s ongoing 'fit for the future& campaign, !elly will present at the event,
sharing insight into how, through $enchmarking and a $usiness maturity assessment,
organisations can esta$lish where they are, so they can get to where they want to $e"
(elegates will gain an understanding of how to esta$lish organisational readiness, improve
customer service through demand segmentation, and $uild a resilient and profita$le supply
)he price of not knowing where you stand, and then failing to service customer demand
effectively is potentially fatal" *usinesses need to take rapid action to pinpoint failure modes
and improve their core processes $efore it&s too late, says !elly"
+eaturing other exciting keynote speakers such as former ,ed Arrows leader, -as .awker,
and actor/comedian .ugh (ennis, alongside interactive workshops and discussions, the
autumn forum will look at the $ig picture of the future of the logistics industry, as well as
drilling down into the issues that matter" #n addition to $eing eligi$le for a 0ontinuing
Professional (evelopment 10P(2 certificate, delegates will leave the event armed with insight
into how to $est prepare their $usiness for the future, whatever lies ahead"
+or further information please contact 3oe"davis4oliverwight5eame"com or visit the we$site%
+otes to e&itors
About Oliver Wight
At Oliver Wight, we $elieve sustaina$le $usiness improvement can only $e delivered$y your own people6 so,
unlike other consultancy firms, we transfer our knowledge to you" Pioneers of ales and Operations Planning and
originators of the fundamentals $ehind supply chain planning, Oliver Wight professionals are the acknowledged
industry thought leaders for #ntegrated *usiness Planning 1#*P2"
#ntegrated *usiness Planning allows your senior executives to plan and manage the entire organisation over a 785
month hori3on, while Oliver Wight&s extended upply 0hain Planning and Optimi3ation ensures your supply chain
is designed and structured to deliver $est5in5class customer service with minimal costs" 9sing the Oliver Wight
Maturity Model to pursue our glo$ally recognised 0lass A standard for $est practice will determinea tailored
improvement :ourney for you to develop your organisation&s processes, and reach and sustain excellent $usiness
performance" With a track record ofmore than 8; years of helping some of the world&s $est5known organisations,
Oliver Wight will help you define your company&s vision for the future and deliver performance and financial results
that last"
,ore information
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Oliver Wight )A,) RO+-+ ,ar'eting .imite&
3oe"davis4oliverwight5eame"com >88 1;2 7; ??7@ A;8;
www"oliverwight5eame"com stevel4roninmarketing"co"uk