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|agIc 8us ndIa Headquarters, Poom # 5, Floor, A WIng, TodI Estate, SunmIll Compound, Lower Parel, |umbaI, |aharashtra

ashtra 40001J
Tel. : 91224JJJ9J9J, EmaIl : Web
|agIc 8us ndIa FoundatIon
|agIc 8us |agIc 8us works to move some of the world's
poorest chIldren out of poverty. t uses mentors to engage
chIldren and ensure that they make the rIght choIces from
chIldhood all the way through to better lIvelIhoods as
Dur phIlosophy revolves around the concept of mentorIng.
We foster young adults to delIver our programme and to
become role models to the chIldren wIth whom we work.
These communIty leaders are fromthe same communIty as
the chIldren and serve as agents of change. We traIn these
mentors to delIver the researched, actIvItybased
currIcula we have pIoneered to brIng about behavIor
change. A large part of theIr work Is to promote gender
equalIty, access to educatIon and health servIces, as well
as developIng a chIld's socIal and emotIonal skIlls.
Four hundred mIllIon people lIvIng on less than Ps. 50 a day
(S 1 a day) In ndIa are matched by three and a half mIllIon
nonprofIt organIsatIons maInly focused on Investment In
schools and medIcal Infrastructure. ThIs works out to one
NCD for every 100 people. However lack of access,
opportunIty and partIcIpatIon contInue to be key
challenges to movIng people away from poverty. n fact,
there are sIxty mIllIon more people lIvIng In poverty now
than there were 20 years ago.
n vIew of thIs, |agIc 8us works to empower chIldren,
youth and communItIes to engage In the areas of
educatIon, health, gender, leadershIp and lIvelIhood,
enablIng them to break the poverty cycle. We work wIth
exIstIng structures In local communItIes, such as NCDs,
local schools, and Panchayats. Dur work fIts In wIth the
goals and programmes of exIstIng NCDs and the
government. Dur aIm Is to embed our programme In the
communIty so that It becomes self sustaInIng.
Dur mentorIng programme begIns when a chIld Is 8 years
old, follows theIr journey through chIldhood and aIms to
create confIdent young people.
The programme we delIver has Its groundIng In academIc
research. SportIng actIvItIes and games are structured Into
each sessIon to make them fun and appealIng to our
chIldren. SessIons are desIgned to represent reallIfe
sItuatIons and challenges so chIldren are able to relate
these back to theIr daIly lIves.
Dff the traInIng fIeld, we supplement our actIvItIes by
workIng wIth the communItIes our chIldren come from.
8esIdes regular meetIngs wIth chIldren and parents, we
hold rallIes, cleanlIness drIves and communItywIde
sportIng events aImed at empowerIng and strengthenIng
these communItIes.
For young people completIng our programme, we provIde
a youth development platform called Connect. Through
thIs programme we offer leadershIp and employabIlIty
skIlls traInIng as well as a counselIng servIce on theIr next
steps. Through thIs process we are able to CDNNECT youth
to further educatIon, vocatIonal courses, and entry
opportunItIes Into the job market.
|agIc 8us aIms to work wIth exIstIng structures In local
communItIes such as NCDs, local schools and Panchayats.
We do thIs In order to leverage theIr experIence wIth our
work complementIng theIr goals. n the longer term, our
aIm Is to embed our programme wIthIn communItIes so
that It becomes self sustaInIng.
Why |agIc 8us:
What We 0o
Howwe work
Key Facts
Dur mpact
We are on course to have 1 mIllIon chIldren enrolled In our programme by
Who We Are
A|agIc 8us SessIon
|agIc 8us Is one of the fastest growIng IndIgenous NCDs In ndIa and
one of the largest sport for development organIsatIons In the world
n 201112, |agIc 8us enrolled 200,000 chIldren at just Ps. 1200 (S 25)
per chIld per year
|agIc 8us currently runs programmes In 7 ndIan states, wIth plans to
Increase to 10 by 2015. The states we work In are Andhra Pradesh,
0elhI, Haryana, Karnataka, |aharashtra, DdIsha, TamIl Nadu
The |agIc 8us programme content Is beIng Integrated Into the
ndIan Covernment currIculum
Programmes aIm to be 50 fInancIally self sustaInIng wIthIn 5 years of
each newoperatIon
Dur partners Include: PremIer League; Laureus; 8|W; NIke; 8arclays
Spaces for Sports; the Covernments of ndIa, UK, AustralIa; HS8C and
We have created change for 200,000 chIldren and 7,000 youth
Health: 7 In 10 |agIc 8us chIldren Improve theIr health, fItness and
nutrItIon levels
Cender: 4 In 10 |agIc 8us chIldren are gIrls. 40 of the volunteer
mentors are women
EducatIon: 7 In 10 |agIc 8us chIldren who have dropped out, re
enroll and stay In school
LIvelIhood: 85 of |agIc 8us youth enroll In our employabIlIty
programme, Connect. 90 of these youth are In further educatIon.
*mpact EvaluatIon of |agIc 8us Programme. SubmItted by PraxIs,
Dctober 2010.[ PraxIs nstItute for PartIcIpatory PractIces]
AtypIcal |agIc 8us sessIon lasts for 2 hours and Is dIvIded Into J parts:
Warmup: The development goal Is Introduced usIng InteractIve actIvItIes
|aInActIvIty: The development goal Is reInforced usIng sports and actIvItIes
PevIew: A dIscussIon Is facIlItated to draw parallels to reallIfe sItuatIons and
sumup the learnIng objectIves.
StartIng wIth a sIngle programme In a |umbaI slumIn 1999, |agIc 8us nowhas
over 20 offIces across ndIa. We have 700 staff members of whom 584 are
dIrectly Involved In delIverIng our programmes.

ParvatI's Story

Contact Addresses
ParvatI PujarI, 21, Is a college student, completIng a 8achelor's degree In
Commerce from |umbaI UnIversIty. When she Is not studyIng, she Is
workIng as a communIty leader for |agIc 8us or traInIng to be a football
What makes all thIs specIal Is that ParvatI Is from one of |umbaI's 4
mIllIon extremely poor famIlIes that lIve on less than 592 (S 11.9) per
person, per month. Her parents were constructIons workers In |umbaI,
helpIng buIld a fIve star |all In central |umbaI. Dnce constructIon was
completed, they were moved Into one 8 x 12 feet temporary room whIch
floods every monsoon. "Dur lIvIng condItIon Is such that we get to see all
seasons at close quarters," laughs ParvatI. ParvatI's famIly consIsts of
nIne people, makIng It dIffIcult to make sure everyone gets enough to eat.
"We mostly make do wIth khIchdI," she says.
What created change for ParvatI was the belIef In her power to change her
own, and her famIly's future by makIng sure she used every opportunIty
that was avaIlable In the system, but not fully utIlIsed. ParvatI completed
school as her frIends got marrIed off as chIld brIdes. WhIle her peers were
strugglIng wIth premature pregnancIes, ParvatI was takIng actIvItyand
sportbased coachIng classes for younger chIldren, joInIng a job, workIng
on her football course, and travellIng abroad to raIse funds for |agIc 8us.
Through her experIence wIth |agIc 8us, ParvatI has shown that It Is
possIble to break out of poverty.
|agIc 8us ndIa Head Quarters Post: Poom 5, Floor, A WIng, TodI Estate, SunmIlls Compound, Lower
Parel, |umbaI, |aharashtra 40001J ndIa Tel: +91 22 4JJJ 9J9J
|agIc 8us (NatIonal Programme) Post: st Floor, A 75, Sector 58, ND0A, Uttar Pradesh 201J01 ndIa
Tel: +91 120 4787400
|agIc 8us Hyderabad DffIce House no. 22, PolIshettI Enclave, 7IkrampurI Colony, Karkhana
Secunderabad 500009 ndIa Telephone: +91 040 4240 541J
|agIc 8us 8angalore DffIce 501, 7th Cross, 7th |aIn, JP Nagar Jrd Phase 8angalore560078, ndIa
Tel: 08026581225
|agIc 8us UK Post: Cround Floor, J2J6, Loman Street, London SE10EH UK Tel: +44 0207 922 7717
|agIc 8us e7 Cermany Post: C/o 8|W StIftung Herbert Quandt, Hanauer Str 46, 80992 |unchen
Tel: +49 0 89 J8227504, Fax: +49 0 J2121040464
|agIc 8us USA Post: 848 Folsom Street, SuIte 201, San FrancIsco, CA 94107 Tel: +1 415 96J J525,
Fax: +1 415 96J J520
Awards and AssocIatIons
Ashoka FellowshIp
World 8ank 0evelopment |arketplace Award
HumanItarIan of the Year Award Ambassador for
8eyond Sports
Future Plans
|agIc 8us has buIlt strong InternatIonal/natIonal strategIc
partnershIps and raIses funds actIvely wIthIn ndIa. Each of our
State DffIces, for Instance, must raIse 50 of theIr budget locally
wIthIn fIve years of operatIon. We are In the process of creatIng a
substantIal revenue arm, the |agIc 8us EnterprIse, whIch wIll
contrIbute fInancIally to the work of the charIty. t wIll operate
three vertIcals: Dutdoor LearnIng and 0evelopment Centers,
|erchandIse and Soccer Schools.
|atthew SpacIe won the In 2002. n 2004, |agIc
8us won the and the
. |atthew Is also an
|agIc 8us has presented at the UnIted NatIons In New York, the
UnIted NatIons In SwItzerland, and the ndIan ParlIament, makIng a
case for sport and actIvItIes as an InnovatIve tool for development.
|agIc 8us partners the Covernment of ndIa's PanchayatI Yuva Khel
Evam KrIda AbhIyan (PYKKA) and the LakshmIbaI NatIonal UnIversIty
of PhysIcal EducatIon (LNUPE) In delIverIng traInIng programmes on
sport for development.
n |arch 2012, |agIc 8us's Alka Shesha won a Woman AchIever of
the Year In the L'DrealFemIna Awards In the EducatIon category for
|agIc 8us's sport for development currIculum.
|agIc 8us Is also represented as a member In the 0raftIng
CommIttee of the next 5 Year plan, PlannIng CommIssIon,
Covernment of ndIa.
Dver the next three years |agIc 8us wIll scale up to reach
1,000,000 chIldren. t wIll need 1506 mIllIon
(S25 mIllIon) to do so. We wIll enhance our
sustaInabIlIty wIth the support of the |agIc 8us
Projected FundIng Sources by 2015:
- 45 from ndIan offIces
- J5 from the nternatIonal offIces
- 20 from the |agIc 8us EnterprIse

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15 years old Culafsha AnsarI from |umbaI's 0haravI area gets blessIngs from her father after wInnIng a global onlIne votIng
contest to wIn a trIp to the London DlympIcs, 2012. Culafsha has been a |agIc 8us chIld sInce she was nIne.