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-------- FIRST SUNDAY ---------


Political Law and Public International Law
Constitutional Law
Political Law
Administrative Law (only the basic doctrines, excluding implementing rules and regulations of government agencies)
Law on Public Officers
Public Corporations
Public International Law

Labor and Social Legislation
Labor Law (Labor Code of the Philippines, excluding the implementing rules and regulations)
Social Legislation
Social Security Law
Revised Government Service Insurance Act of 1977 (including Employees Compensation Act of 1977)
Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law


General principles of Taxation
Republic Act No. 1125, creating the Court of Tax Appeals
National Internal Revenue Code (including the Expanded Value Added Tax or EVAT)
Tariff and Customs Code (excluding Arrastre and Classification of Commodities)

--------- SECOND SUNDAY --------


Civil Law
Civil Code of the Philippines (excluding the Code of Muslim Personal Laws, Water Code, Rental Law, Law on Sale of Subdivision of Lots and
Family Code of the Philippines (including the Child and Youth Welfare Code)
Property Registration Decree (excluding the Public Land Law)
Conflict of Laws (Private International Law)


Mercantile Law
Negotiable Instruments Law and Other Allied Laws
Negotiable Instruments Law (with the Uniform Currency Act)
Merchants and Commercial Transactions (including Articles 1 to 63 of the Code of Commerce, Retail Trade Law, Bulk Sales
Letters of Credit under the Code of Commerce
Insurance Code
Transportation Laws
Common Carriers (Articles 1732 to 1766 of the New Civil Code)
Commercial Contracts for Transportation Over Land (Articles 349 to 379 of the Code of Commerce)
Maritime Commerce
Public Service Act
Corporation Law
Corporation Code
Securities Act
Banking Laws
Laws on Secrecy of Bank Deposits
Deposit Insurance Corporation
Trust Receipts Law (excluding the General Banking Act)
Other Special Laws
Chattel Mortgage Law
Warehouse Receipts Law
Laws on Intellectual Creations
Copyright Law
Patent Law
Trademark Law
Insolvency Law
Truth in Lending Act

--------- THIRD SUNDAY ---------


Remedial Law
Revised Rules of Court
1991 Revised Rule on Summary Procedure
Local Government Code on Conciliation Procedures (Chapter VII)
Judiciary Reorganization Act of 1980 (excluding purely administrative provisions, Military Justice Law, Judiciary Act of 1948, and the Law
Reorganizing the Court of Agrarian Relations)

Legal Ethics and Practical Exercises
Legal Ethics
Judicial Ethics
Code of Professional Responsibility
Grievance Procedures (Rules 139-B, Revised Rules of Court)


Criminal Law
Revised Penal Code (Books I & II excluding penalties for specific felonies)
Indeterminate Sentence Law
Probation Law
Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act
Anti-Fencing Law
Bouncing Checks Law
Dangerous Drugs Act of 1972
Heinous Crimes Law (excluding penalties)

--------- FOURTH SUNDAY ---------


Trial Memorandum


Legal Opinion with one Legal Form


Remedial Law 20%
Civil Law 15%
Mercantile Law 15%
Political and International Law 15%

Criminal law 10%
Labor Law and Social Legislation 10%
Taxation 10%
Legal Ethics and Practical Exercises 5%