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The friend ghost

Copyright R 2009 Anna.

All rights reserved

This easy ghost of Halloween is a fun bookmark useful to people

like me who loves to read but can also become a nice decoration or
use it as a keychain.His execution is simple and will ensure a
"thrill" of happiness as soon as you have made!

One piece of white satin, a ribbon of black satin top 1 cm and
30 cm long, a bit of cotton wool, a pastel-colored silver or light
gray, 3 strands of cotton or wool length varies depending on the
size of the book, 2 paillets silver, 3 black beads not very small
(2 for eyes and 1 mouth, to taste 3 different pearls that will
follow to lock the wires of the bookmark, a pair of scissors to
zig zag (to prevent frays or use transparent enamel soon after
cutting the fabric). A fine needle and black thread.

The cloth must have put on the reverse.With a crayon on the fabric
to achieve a square of 20 cm per side, with special scissors that
cut a little square out of the pastel strokes, if you use regular
scissors past a layer of enamel transparent immediately after cutting.

Put the cloth on the hand always at the back and put in the
middle a little bit of padding (which then will form the head of
the ghost). At this point with his hand to block the "head" and tie
the black ribbon around it, and then tighten tassel.With on fingers
to distribute a good folds that have formed.

With needle and thread to fix the beads to sequins as shown in the

photo and then place the bead that will form the mouth.

At this point make a braid with cords,you can use everything,I

used a gold cord and two smaller black cords.To do a little knot
with three wires and then start the plot.To choose the length that is
questo punto realizzare
the braid una
cordoncini,si può ofusare
on the length the
di tutto,io
braid ho utilizzato
with another node un
not cordoncino
to pull thedorato
stringspiù grande e due
then take todidocotone nero apiùlittle
the knots piccoli.Fare un piccolo
further away and letnodo coi tre
us move the
fili e quindi iniziare
beads,blocked l’intreccio.La
with another knot so lunghezza la si remain
that the beads decide in
alla lunghezza desiderata.Bloccare
in the treccia con un altro nodo
per non sfilarla poi prendere i fili singolarmente e fare dei nodi
un pò più distanti e farci passare le perline,bloccare con un altro
nodo affinchè le perline rimangono incastonate nel filo.

With small points locked hidden on the back of the

head of the ghost the other end of the node.The ghost of the
bookmark is ready... nice right?

Copyright R 2009 Anna.

All rights reserved