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Grand Canyon Tour June 2013

Grand Canyon Journey


Adamus Saint-Germain

Grand Canyon Tour 2013

Arizona USA

Adamus Saint-Germain
channeled through Geoffrey Hoppe
assisted by Linda Hoppe
Amir Yakobi on djembe

2013 Geoffrey Hoppe

Golden, Colorado. All rights reserved.
Do not duplicate, copy or distribute without written permission from the copyright owner.
Adamus is a trademark of Crimson Circle IP, Incline Village, Nevada USA
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Grand Canyon Journey Arizona USA

(Channel given after a group of Shaumbra spent time at the edge of the Grand Canyon)

LINDA: So, what a joy it is to be at one of the seven natural wonders of the world, really celebrating
something special as we all come together. And I think that we are truly ready for Adamus, I hope.
So, to make sure that Geoff is ready, were all going to breathe, each of us. And I love the conscious breath
because you do it for you. Each of us getting comfortable, and just stopping in this Now moment to breathe
in deeply, to breathe for you.
And as you breathe, imagine the specter of beauty that we have already seen today. Just breathe that in.
Breathe it deeply, and notice what you feel.
Breathe, and maybe allow yourself to breathe and recount what you noticed at the Canyon this morning.
Breathe the grandness, the grandness of you, the beauty of this group. Breathing, each of us, sovereign,
complete in this Now moment.
And as you breathe, feel your body. Feel the energies that fill you with each breath, inviting your soul to join
you with each breath.
And as you breathe, feel the beat of your heart.
Breathe and feel. Open your senses, human and divine.
(drumming begins)
Breathe and feel, inviting Adamus close to you, if you choose.
Breathe and feel.

Grand Canyon Journey Arizona USA

(drumming continues for several minutes)

ADAMUS: I Am that I Am, Adamus of Sovereign Domain.
Welcome, dear Shaumbra. Could you feel it? Could you feel it as Amir was playing? Could you feel the
beat, the energy? Ah! It was there. It is here. Energy of this place. Oh, Cauldres telling me not to walk today
because of the cameras. (laughter he walks anyway)
Could you just feel that energy come up from the Earth? I hope so, because if you didnt, youre probably
dead, or soon to be. (Adamus chuckles a little) Its not so bad.
Energies of This Place
So here we are, dear Shaumbra, in what is called one of the seven natural wonders of the world. I would go
so far as to say one of the seven natural wonders of this cosmos, right here. So much more here than what
meets the eye, so much more. Layers and layers and layers of energies and patterns and sacred geometry and
history, of course. So much of the connection that you have with your angelic families coming right here.
This is an interdimensional highway exchange, brewing, filling with energy, right here. Right here.
This is a place where, I would say, that you could take this statement that I make, the I exist I exist and
here you could say, I exist in my existence. I exist within my creation. I exist. Ah, I love that. I exist, but
here I exist within my creation, because it is. It is yours, other humans, other angelic beings, an amazing place.
Now, you know from our past discussions that I dont like to spend a lot of time talking about portals,
crystals, those other makyo accoutrements, because were on a little bit different path here. Oh, I didnt
mean to offend you (to an audience member; some chuckles), but Ill have your drink.
But here is one of those unique places that is worthy of some discussion and definitely worthy of an experience
this afternoon. I hope youre ready for an experience (audience agrees), that youre not too sleepy. No.
So here you can exist within your existence. You can feel; you can live within your creation in an amazing
place like this.
I say that I normally dont talk too much about the crystalline structures, I dont talk too much about some
of the trappings or distractions of the spiritual, because youre on a bit different path. Not better necessarily,
but different. The path that youve chosen is embodied enlightenment in this lifetime. And if you havent,
theres the door. (some chuckles)
And I say that somewhat jokingly, but I say that because when others come into the group and their desire
is not oh, I like this; higher and higher each step (hes ascending the dais) if their desire is not embodied
enlightenment, it changes the dynamics in the whole group. If somebody is here with Crimson Circle just
putting their toe into spirituality or using spirituality as either an escape or a justification for everyday
human life, it disrupts the overall resonance or harmonics of the group. So from time to time I intentionally
ask them to leave.

Grand Canyon Journey Arizona USA

Crimson Circle is not a place for those who are just window-shopping for their enlightenment. Not at all, and
I can tell by the look in all of your eyes, even though at times you get a bit doubtful, that that is why youre
here embodied enlightenment in this lifetime. Its not a dream. Its not something youre just thinking
about. Its not just a far-off possibility. It is absolutely doable or, should I say, receivable in this lifetime.
I know that there are so many struggles getting out of some of the old patterns, out of mass consciousness. A
lot of doubts come up, wondering what youre really doing. But I ask you today, especially in this gathering,
to tap into that core, that choice, that allowing of embodied enlightenment in this lifetime.
Oftentimes, I am accused of being provocative, sometimes a bit rude I dont think sobut all as a way of
saying, dear Shaumbra, youre almost right there. And the energies are there for you. The doubt comes in,
the distractions come in, but youre almost right there. Just that little step, that little graceful step.
So it has been my honor and pleasure to work with all of you these last three and a half years, moving forward,
clearing the distractions, going beyond the mind, because, as you know, you cant think your way into
enlightenment. You cannot study your way into enlightenment. You cannot will your way into enlightenment,
because the will generally comes from the mind. You cant negotiate your way into enlightenment. You cant
scream and kick your way into enlightenment.
Enlightenment and the Now
How often do you sit, lay in your bed at night, thinking about the enlightenment from up here (head),
thinking about what to do next, thinking about what your obstacles and challenges are, thinking about
what you may have been doing wrong. Unfortunately, thats a tremendous waste of energy, also very, very
stressful, and you lose some really good dream time when you do that, because its not going to come from
here at all. You cant think your way into it.
It was said recently by my good friend Dr. Doug Davies, you cant even think your way into the Now
moment a brilliant, profound perception because the mind does not understand the Now moment at all.
The mind understands its past or at least its distorted perception of the past and as Ive said many, many
times, the past is not really what the mind remembers. Not at all. The mind only sees a narrow spectrum of
what really happened. And even though youll fight and insist and say, Well, no, this happened on this date
and this was the outcome, its not true at all.
You see, the mind it doesnt understand the Now. It actually really doesnt even understand the past. It
tries to, it pretends to; tries to understand the future, whats going to happen next, but it does so from the
perspective of a distorted past and a Now that it cannot understand. The mind cannot understand the Now
moment at all. Try. The mind cannot grasp it.
For one thing, the Now moment just disappeared. The mind tries to lock into the Now moment something
that happened just five seconds ago, but its no longer the Now. The Now moment is about an experience,
absolute experience. And in enlightenment or, actually, I like the word awareness better, because thats
really what happensonce the junk is cleared, there is a simple awareness.
By the way, as a bit of an aside, weve talked often about how technology and consciousness work hand
in hand. As consciousness is changing, watch how technology gets simpler. Gets simpler, but yet more

Grand Canyon Journey Arizona USA

powerful. In your case, you simplify. You distill. Especially for the Keahakers who understand the concept
of distilling, you distill. You get it down to the essence. Rather than all of the thoughts and all of the mind
junk thats in there, you get it to the essence. You distill it.
The Now moment is a simple experience. Its distilled. It doesnt come from the mind. There are really no
thoughts with it. And when you try to think about what the Now moment just was, its fleeting. It goes away.
It can only be experienced.
In enlightenment, its a constant Now moment. There is no past. There doesnt need to be a future. Its a constant
Now moment. But you cant get there from here. You cant get there at all. Its a constant Now moment.
So often you think about you worry, you wonder about whats going to happen next. You wonder what
the future is going to bring. You wonder where that synchronicity is, where the abundance is, where the
relationships are, but thats coming from a consciousness or a mental state of assuming that something is
going to be wrong, assuming that you have to protect, that you have to defend, that you have to plan for
something. In the true Now moment, you dont even worry. You dont think about synchronicity. Those
words all start disappearing. They all start going by the wayside.
In the true Now moment, you dont have to wonder. You dont even consider where the abundance or the
health or anything else is coming from. And its not difficult to get to that Now moment at all. Its not, unless
youre thinking about it; unless youre thinking about, Now, how do I get to the Now moment? Unless
two or three days from now youre laying in bed thinking, Now, what was it Adamus said about the Now
moment I have to remember? Its not going to work, and youll be on this constant endless hunt for how to
get to the Now moment, how to get to that point of absolute grace absolute grace where nothing really
matters anymore.
Thats grace when youre not even thinking about how the energies are serving you, because they just are.
Absolute grace where youre not worried about whats going to happen tomorrow, because you know its
already worked out, and now you just choose how you want to experience it all working out.
One of the greatest challenges of the spiritual journey is taking that step that takes you beyond the mind. The
mind will still be an important part of your embodied enlightened experience. Its still going to be there, but
it just wont be the predominant player, wont be the lead force in your life. Taking that step into beyond the
mind is really quite simple, really quite simple. So much so that when you finally get that taste of it, when
it finally happens, I know youre going to say, Adamus, why didnt you just tell us? And Ill say, I did.
But there was so much efforting going on in the mind, so much worrying worrying that comes from the
mind; the soul, the consciousness does not know worry, doesnt really careso much activity going on in
the mind. And one of the things I want to do with you today is to have you have an experience. What grander
place than being right here in the Grand Canyon.
Lets take a deep breath with that.
Attributes of the Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon one of the many original names was Umpumqua. Not quite right, Cauldre. Umpunqua.

Grand Canyon Journey Arizona USA

Umpunqua one of the original, original names of this beautiful area. Grand Canyona lot of theories
about what caused it, how it came to be. Theyre right up there with the theories of the flat Earth, of course.
Its a unique geologic feature. Matter of fact, the geology is so beautiful, so captivating that it deceives the
eyes and the mind. And then people start to look at what actually caused thisobviously the river carving
into the stonebut lets look at it a very different way.
This beautiful area where we sit right now is an interdimensional crossroads. Interdimensional crossroads. In
this area is a unique blend found in very, very few other places, a unique blend of Earth energies. Remember
in our last Shoud1 I talked about the different types of energies. Earth energies, obviously. There are also
very strong cosmic energies that flow right through this area.
Part of it was originally designed that way by the bringers of life force energy to this planet. This was one of
the pivotal points always has been; probably always will be for an energy matrix that keeps this planet
in its alignment and its balance. You see, this planet is unique very, very unique; matter of fact, I would
call it a sort of miracle for the ability to infuse life force energies into, basically, a rock. Bring in growing,
breathing, colorful, life force energies, to infuse it into a rock and then have it spread, have it grow and have
it continue to grow and to live. Thats a miracle.
You live in a very large universe, obviously and could we have the air-conditioning turned so its warmer
in here. Turn it off. Yes. Turn it just turn it off. Shaumbra making it very cold in here.
Its a miracle to take life force energies any energy infuse it into something, and have it sustain itself.
There were many other places in this cosmos where life force energy was brought into something like a
rock, a physical planet, a star system or any of these things, but it wasnt able to sustain itself; wasnt able
to continue growing and going through its life and death cycles.
But here on this planet, it worked. It worked because of the energies of Gaia, who has been in service to
all. Its been here because of the humans who first came here, bringing their essence, allowing it to descend
down into this very deep and dense dimension. And its happened, its sustained itself because you, dear
angels-turned-humans, you allowed yourself to embody within it through the reincarnation or the rebirth
cycles. If you hadnt eventually taken on the rebirth, getting back into physical body, this planet would not
have been able to sustain the trees, the water, the sky, any of that. But you see, once you dipped in so deep
that you were birthed from a biological being into a biological being, it started a whole pattern that has
sustained Earth ever since. Its amazing. Very, very few places in all of physical creation have this attribute,
and the ones that do are the result of what was learned here on this planet Erath. A miracle, truly.
Its been tried in many, many other places, tried to bring in the life force energy, but it was by different
groups of angelic beings. It was different types. It wasnt you that did it. You did it heresomething to be
very proud of and certain days something to probably curse as well.
So this beautiful canyon was originally created as you could basically say, with the energy dynamics in this
area, it literally parted the land opened it up, separated it creating this wonderful chasm of amazing energies.
Now, one of the interesting attributes here is that the energies in this canyon are not in regular resonance. Theyre
out of balance. Some of you may be feeling that right now. Most geological areas of high energies maintain a
certain resonance. It will shift, it will flow, but theyre generally in harmony with each other.

Bringers of the New Energy May 4, 2013


Grand Canyon Journey Arizona USA

This canyon is quite different. The energies change constantly. [Its] not very often when they are in
resonance, when they are harmonizing together, and when they do, it feels very odd here, very strange.
Most of the time the energies are out of balance, and the out of balance of these energies allows it to keep
moving, to keep flowing, to keep circulating itself.
Generally, in a very strong vortex or portal area, the energies have a particular pattern of coming in and
going out. But here the energies, as some of you may have felt when you were looking over the rim, the
energies are swirling. Theyre coming in and going out at the same time. There are no particular patterns.
Theyll come crashing down. Theyll explode inside the canyon. Most humans arent going to necessarily
feel this. There is no current scientific measurement units that can actually measure or detect it. But if you
allow yourself to experience it, to feel it, youll realize that this is also a canyon of chaos. Beautiful chaos.
An amazing chaos, but so many different energies converging Earth, cosmic and crystalline, crystalline
energies all together.
The amazing thing about the canyon is that you cannot only feel them, if you allow yourself to tune in, but
you can see them with your physical eyes. You can see the layers and layers. You can start to see the energies
dancing, but if youre looking for a graceful coordinated dance, youre not going to see it. But if you open
your eyes and your heart, youre going to see these energies dancing in kind of a brilliant chaos.
And chaos is not bad at all. Chaos represents movements, shifts, changes, clearing. This is a great place
to come if youre looking for some clearing. Were going to do some clearing today of some really stuck
mental concepts, if you dont mind.
This canyon various estimates about how old it is. Age is particularly when you get into thousands or
millions of years age is a skewed or a relative thing, because human time measurement is actually different
than a universal or especially different than interdimensional time measurement. So if I tell you that the
canyon by your human measures is about 50 million years old very old, more than the, how do they say,
15, maybe 20 million at least 50 million years old. And if you get outside of the human time perspective,
you could say that this canyon area is several hundreds of millions of years old.
Theres been times when it has been filled in with silt and dust and other things, but it quickly is moved out,
because the energies here are so strong and so imbalanced, it blows away anything that might accumulate,
including water. There are times when this canyon is filled with water and everything else, but eventually
cleared away.
The beautiful thing is you can look over the rim, or you can hike down into the canyon, and you can literally
experience history, the different ages that are kept uncovered on the canyon walls. The Lemurian age,
Atlantean ages, going back to the time of Yeshua and certainly of the Indians and the natives that were in
this area. But its all right there for you to view. Very few places on this planet offer that.
It also means that there are still energies and entities from those time periods that are still dancing, that are
still flowing, that are still swirling in the energies. There are definitely Atlantean energies, because some of
the Atlanteans came up through this area. They came up from underground.
This area, this canyon has tunnel systems leading up to it. Tunnel systems right in the walls of the canyon,
a few that have been discovered and then quickly covered over again; many that have not been. Not only
tunnel systems from the Atlanteans, but many other civilizations as well.

Grand Canyon Journey Arizona USA

You see, it hasnt really been that long that humans have predominantly lived on the surface of this Earth.
For eons of time, even into the Lemurian times, there was much life under the Earth itself. There still is.
There are still I wouldnt call them civilizations, but I would call them small groups that never came up,
that also are helping to maintain some of the balances of Earth energies. I dont normally like talking about
this because I dont want Shaumbra to go running and digging tunnels underground and trying to find the
inner Earth people. (some chuckles)
Why? Why is that? Why is it I dont like talking about the alien activities? I dont like talking about a lot of
these because its distraction. Absolute distraction. And also because they are here serving you. They want
you you to have this awareness in this lifetime. Its all about serving you.
So theyre not here to give you answers. Theyre not here to take you back in history. There are alien beings
who communicate through here Im not going to say physically visit, but they communicate through here
but they are here to support and serve you also.
The stars are here to serve you the stars in the sky. The answers arent out there. The stars are here to
support you here. The stars aligned to serve you; you arent here to serve them. All of these things the
history, the stars, the energies, all of this here to support you, to serve you, especially in this lifetime of
embodied enlightenment. Theyre here to serve you. Thats why I dont like talking about them so much, but
when we come to a beautiful place like this, its worthy of a bit of discussion.
So here are some amazing but yet chaotic energies, and the chaos is going to go to work first on your mind
on your mind because right away the internal devices kick in. You try to start figuring out what youre
feeling. And that makes about as much sense as trying to figure out the Now moment. You can experience
what youre feeling, but you dont have to figure it out. Youre not going to be able to figure it out. Pretty
soon youve got a headache; pretty soon youre confused; pretty soon you say, Why am I tired? Why am
I feeling off today? I cant wait to get back to my hotel room. I cant wait to get some sleep. What did I eat
yesterday that ... Whoosh! You see what happens?
So its about the experience. I would like to do that with you today.
First, I ask you to take a good deep breath into this moment that were in. The energies here a combination
of Earth, cosmic, crystalline all right here.
And one other thing. There is an interesting little attribute located not too far from here, about half way
between here and Sedona. Its actually where the Sedona energies shifted to a number of years ago. Interesting
little attribute called the 21st Crystal Cave, located here some of you felt into this as soon as we began
talkingabout halfway between here and Sedona.
No, were not going to go visit there today. You dont need to. Those energies will come to visit you. This is
one of the very special places.
You notice that many times, in cases of very high energy areas, geography, that theres not a lot of lifeyou
look out into the canyon, not a lot of greenery because the energy is so high. So high, it actually, what you
say, overwhelms the fragile nature of nature. So oftentimes ... oh Egypt, another place. Not a lot of greenery
there, for those who have been. The energies all right around the great pyramids, so strong that not a lot of
things will grow there naturally.

Grand Canyon Journey Arizona USA

Thats why not always a good idea to try to live right in the middle of an energy portal or a vortex. A little
overwhelming. And particularly, if youre still balanced more to the mind and not to experience, it will burn
out your mind. Some of you even who have lived in places in Hawaiian islands have experienced this. You
say, Why is it I just dont feel right here anymore? Well, because those intense energies are being brought
in through your mind, being absorbed through the mind, and burning out the mind.
But when you get into the feeling or the experience, its a totally different thing. It doesnt burn you out. It
actually rejuvenates you. It actually brings up energy in your body, and at the same time clearing out a lot
of stuck energy. And I know theres a lot of stuck energy, particularly in the physical bodies here today, and
the minds, of course.
So lets take a deep breath in this beautiful area. Were so close to one of these crystal caves that Ive talked
about. And there is a line that runs right along this canyon, in the canyon, energy lines attaching itself right to
the crystal caverns. Really actually energizing, taking a lot of this, what you would call, chaos energy from
the canyons, flowing right into the crystal caverns all here to serve you. Hm.
Lets take a good deep breath.
You Are Consciousness
How do you go from being in the mind to being in experience? You think about it? No. You tell your
mind to do what? Shut up! (Adamus chuckles) Shut up! Really, literally, its very spiritualshut up! Yes,
tell your mind to shut up. You come back to if you have to think about it at all you come back to the
core concept you are consciousness. Youre not energy. Pretty simple. Pretty hard, for most, to really
understand. Youre consciousness.
So lets do this. Lets take a deep breath into consciousness.
Consciousness is not your body. Consciousness is not even your mind. Consciousness begins at this point
of I exist. I exist nothing else matters. You dont think about how you exist, why you exist, how long
youve existed. None of that matters. I exist. Thats all. Thats the Now moment. I exist.
You dont think about how big your existence is. You dont think about when your existence is going to
terminate, because it wont. Its simply I exist. I exist.
Take a good deep breath into this consciousness that is really you.
Take a good deep breath and feel into that.
Now, I didnt say think. Dont define it by color, size, texture, its force or anything else. Simply the beauty
that I exist. I exist.


Grand Canyon Journey Arizona USA

I say that energy is here to serve you, and everything outside of your consciousness is energy. Its all here
to serve you.
Where did energy come from? Where did energy come from? And this is an open question, but please, for
those of you who were in Slovenia recently, dont give the answer. Where did energy come from? I should
have a writing board,but if youre consciousness, represented by the circumpunct, and there was nothing
outside of consciousness nothing existed, it was void; it wasnt even just dark, it was nothingwhere did
energy come from?
I ask you to feel into this for a moment. Where did energy come from? It wasnt at Home with Spirit. It
wasnt sitting out in outer space, because there was no outer space. Where did energy come from?
There was nothing but consciousness your unique I Am, your unique consciousness. Where could energy
have come from?
It didnt come from Spirit, because Spirit was just consciousness. Spirit is just consciousness. Spirit is not
energy. Never has been, never will be. Where did it come from? Yes.
SHAUMBRA 1 (woman): Passion.
ADAMUS: Passion. Passion. Good. Excellent. Passion. You get an Adamus Award. Yeah. Later, says
Linda. Passion.
Ill explain more of this later when I have a board to write on, but the intense passion of the I Am, of you, of
your consciousness, so passionate that it literally condensed or compressed part of its consciousness, part of
itself. Such a desire to know itself created this thing called energy. Kind of like Earth when it really is under
pressure and pushing down the tremendous forces of Earth it will create a diamond. Your consciousness,
under such beautiful pressure of passion, created this thing called energy.
It compressed it. It refined it in such a way that it created energy. Energy, therefore, is compressed
consciousness,highly condensed consciousness. So much so that it was, you could say, one of the original
alchemies transmuting consciousness into energy. That in itself is amazing.
That energy never goes back to consciousness. The consciousness doesnt need it back. Consciousness truly
has no limits, but its not like the energy ever then dissolves back into consciousness. Its always out there
as energy.
So important point now, as we go into our experience, is to realize that you are consciousness. Youre not
your body. You already know that. Youre not hopefully, youre not your mind. Those are energetic
reactions to consciousness. But always keep in mind that energy came from consciousness. Energy came
from consciousness.
Energies are here to serve you, but energies in themselves are not feeling. Energies do not have sensory
Now, one could argue that the body the body through its vision, through its hearing, through its sense of

Grand Canyon Journey Arizona USA

smell, through its human senses one could argue that the body feels things. But it really doesnt. Its just
an energy measurement system. Its energy measuring energy, interpreting energy. Its only consciousness
that can feel that can really feel.
Passion is really only contained in consciousness. Some like to think that passion is contained in the mind
or in the heart. Its not. Those, once again, are energy measurement systems created from energy to measure
or to perceive energy itself. But the real feeling is in the consciousness, in the passion. Thats very important
to remember, particularly when youre feeling energies or taking journeys.
Lets take a deep breath into that consciousness. Its not your body. Its not even your heart. Its definitely
not your mind.
The mind likes to think that it feels, and weve talked about this over the years. The mind actually has
created false feelings that are really called emotions, but the mind has no way of feeling. The mind does not
know passionnever will, never can. Its only consciousness that knows passion.
Two Journeys
Now, next step. Lets have an experience. Lets call up our friend Amir for a little accompaniment.
Now, I have to point out things work out in beautifully beautiful ways. The fact is I dont want a lot of music,
a lot of singing, a lot of musical harmonies today. Its the beat, the rhythm, because thats one of the ways
for you to actually feel something here today, to actually feel this area that were in. So the drumming, the
beat ... (Amir begins) Ah yes!
So take a good deep breath. Were going to go on a few journeys here. Not merabhs, but these are going to
be journeys.
Take a good deep breath.
You are consciousness expressing, manifesting in the physical experience, in the energy experience. You
are consciousness. There was a passion in that consciousness, a passion to know and to feel and to realize
the I Am.
Consciousness has a passion to realize itself, to be aware of itself, to know the depths of itself.
Consciousness has what you might call depth tremendous depth and not even the consciousness is aware
of how deep it can be. The I Am has yet to discover the depths of its I Am. And this is its passion to know
thyself, to love thyself, to be aware of thyself.
This tremendous passion for Self it creates the true feelings, the true awarenesses. And as the Self dives
into experiences, these feelings are ignited, are opened up and felt within the consciousness far beyond the
mind, deep within the consciousness.
The mind cannot possibly understand, but the consciousness can feel. The I Am can feel.
You could say we transcend the mind. We come into the truth, into the consciousness.

Grand Canyon Journey Arizona USA

~ Feeling the Energies

Here we are in an energy center, energy chaos, an energy crossroads. Interdimensional energies flow through
here. Cosmic, crystalline energies flow through here.
And you can feel those. You can experience them, particularly with this safe space, with this group, and by
just allowing yourself.
So feel into it now, as the drum plays. Let yourself feel deep into the energies of this very special place.
Tell your mind it can take a rest. Tell your body nothing will happen to overwhelm it, and then allow the
Let all these energies of this Grand Canyon come to you.
Let the energies of the crystal cave thats located between here and Sedona come to you. Dont try to figure
them out. Just feel them.
Keep breathing
Ill go without talking now for about four or five minutes. Give yourself permission now to experience in a
whole new way.
(long pause as the drumming continues)
Now, you find that a true experience is something that at first you wonder if you even experienced, because
you dont need to be thinking about it in terms of color or seeing pictures or anything in particular. A true
experience actually at first is wide open. There is not necessarily a mental reaction or even a physical
reaction. Youre suddenly just in the moment, and some of you began to experience thatin the moment.
The drumming allowing the energies to coalesce, to focus. The drumming taking your mind off of the
everyday thoughts and letting yourself slip into experience.
Then at some point the mind will begin to understand or at least to expand to grasp some of the things.
But still, its not about whether you saw a picture of a dancing Atlantean. Its not that you need to see
something in particular, but itll start coming later. It could come tonight. It could come tomorrow. You
might have gotten just a glimpse now. But were not trying to force anything here. Were not trying to force a
reaction, because a true feeling doesnt have to have an associated physical reaction or a mental association.
You dont have to have a mental association.
At first, the true feelings may even seem empty, because youre grasping to attach something to it, whether
youre thinking that the body should move or you should see pictures or you should feel heat or cold. The
initial true experience actually feels a little awkward, because there is nothing that you currently know of to
associate with.

Grand Canyon Journey Arizona USA

But you know something is happening because, well, you feel a passion. A passion that later may be
experienced physically, but a passion, something opening, something expanding. Its actually very beautiful,
very simple. Part of the problem is that in having an experience or feeling, you keep trying to mentally or
physically associate.
~ Feeling the Tunnel
So were going to do another interesting journey here interesting journey but allow yourself to go
beyond having to have a defined mental or physical association. (a cell phone is heard) You probably will
have ahem one later, but in this next experience, let yourself just flow with it.
Now, Im going to give you some parameters or where were going with it, and therell definitely be an
attempt to have a mental construct. But if you really want to experience it, if you really want to feel it, let
even that go.
There is a very strong association with this particular canyon and parts of Egypt, particularly around the
Giza Plateau very strong association so it should be no wonder that many of the features here in the
canyon have Egyptian names. Why did you think that was? Because the explorers just happened to like
Egyptian names? Or because the energies are embedded here?
You could say that there are tunnels between here and Egypt, and the mind immediately says, Thats a long
way. Who had to dig that one out? (some chuckles) Ah! Ah! You see the mind is so literal. It goes, What a
long tunnel between here and there, and can you stop for potty breaks and can you buy food along the way.
Tunnels, underground tunnels, are very interesting. There is an entire network of them in this Earth, and at
one point tremendous amount of underground activities. But the interesting thing about tunnels and about
using interdimensional energies all you need to do is start the tunnel. All you need to do is set the direction
of the tunnel, and then at some point, because of the energies of the Earth and particularly the way that these
particular tunnels were built, you dont need to dig anymore.
In a sense, it is a space warp. A space warp. You start into the tunnel. You almost imagine, as were going
to go into this experience, like a train starting up, starting to go faster and faster. Were going to experience
going further along a very physical, a very real tunnel, not very far from here. But as we get into this tunnel,
you go beyond space and literally hit a point, as we go into this, where it corresponds with a tunnel under the
great pyramids. Its also not terribly long in length, but the two have an energy dynamic between them, so
that at a point we go nonphysical and we come to a feeling, an experience that brings together the energies
of Egypt and the energies of this Canyon.
Its not like we have to literally go to Egypt, but there is a center point between these two tunnels that is also
the energy of Egypt, and thats how many of the ones who lived here or dwelled in the mountains, in the hills
around here, tapped into the Egyptian energy; literally had Egyptian experiences.
So, once again, going out of the mind into experience, lets take a deep breath. Remember, you are
consciousness. Youre not energy. Energy serves you. Energy is here to serve the realization of the I Am.
Lets take a good deep breath.

Grand Canyon Journey Arizona USA

Were going to go down the tunnel with a little drum. Well start slow. Well start very slow.
(drum begins)
You can take your body with you,you dont have to go out of body,so that it is a total experience body,
mind, Spirit all supporting the experience of the consciousness.
Take a good deep breath as we enter the tunnel. It is a physical tunnel.
And here in this tunnel imagine yourself hovering, just floating. Go beyond the mind. The mind thinks it
needs to walk with its feet and is affected by gravity. But literally, as you enter this tunnel, there are attributes
that defy gravity. There is also the imagination, which defies the gravity.
So here you can float. You can hover. But yet you can still have the attributes of your physical body.
Take a good deep breath, and lets start proceeding into this tunnel.
Now, the mind wants to start defining the tunnel by thinking of rock walls or lighting or how wide the tunnel
is. But Im going to ask you to go beyond this, because in some of these tunnels, as you entered into them,
it would particularly the electromagnetics and the attributes of the tunnel would literally scramble the
brain, so the size, the type of rocks, the type of carvings no longer mattered.
Take a good deep breath and lets continue going into this tunnel that has a corresponding tunnel in Egypt.
Well go a little bit faster now, moving along
to the point where the tunnel size, its formation, really doesnt matter so much anymore. Now were just
going in an energetic direction, an energetic flow.
Lets pick up a little bit of, what you would call, speed or really intensity. Energy intensity.
We start gliding through this tunnel easier, smoother no effort, actually. No effort at all.
Even if you still are trying to define this experience in terms of things like the size of the tunnel or the
resistance against your body or anything like that as we pick up speed, these mental associations, they start
being torn away or you can just release them.
You dont need to associate with physical attributes. Now its just allowing yourself.


Grand Canyon Journey Arizona USA

(long pause, as drumming continues)

Suddenly, outside of the constructs of the mind and outside of space, you realize there actually didnt need
to be a tunnel. Suddenly, youre just there, in this feeling, in this multi-dimension that connects the energies
of Egypt with this great place. Youre just there. Let yourself feel into this now.
This connecting point between Egypt and here is outside of physical space, but has all the energy attributes.
Let yourself feel into that, even going beyond your perception of Egypt. For those of you who have been
there, beyond what you saw with your eyes. For those who have never been there, beyond what you believe
it would be like.
So now enter the space where the Grand Canyon and Egypt connect, and feeljust a little light drumminglet
yourself experience going beyond the mind, going beyond what you think it should be.
Theres something very unique in this dimension, in this experience, but it goes beyond the mind.
(long pause as drumming continues)
Let yourself receive or perceive what these true energies are.
Theyll come to you. Theyll come to you. When youve released any preconceived notions or beliefs,
theyll come to you.
When you let go of the need to have a physical experience or a mental stimulation, theyll come to you.
Good. Take a good deep breath. Good deep breath.
Now, youre going to have a variety of reactions the rest of the day and into the night.
Number one I didnt get anything. Yes, you did.
You got it at a level that may not trigger a mental or a physical reaction, but you did. You cant help but be
in an energy place like this, a safe space also, surrounded by Shaumbra, and allowing, choosing to feel it. So
you did. It just hasnt associated with anything or it hasnt landed yet. But you did.
Secondly, the rest of the day many of you are going to feel dissociated. I think Linda has a word you call
it drifty or out of your body. Youre going to feel dissociated. Dont try to become associated. Dont try to
slam yourself back into your mental condition.
Some of you are going to have some experiences or interesting dreams tonight. Dont ask yourself whats
wrong with you, why are you having these crazy dreams. Youre having the crazy dreams because your

Grand Canyon Journey Arizona USA

mind is still going to be searching to associate something with the experience and your mind is still going
to be saying, I dont know if I really had an experience, but you did. Its just that the mind hasnt figured
out what to associate it with, because the mind has actually never had that experience. It doesnt know what
to connect the dots with.
So its going to eventually, out of frustration, your mind not being able to connect the dots, its going to
show up in your body probably. Youll suddenly have a physical experience. It generally can be pretty good,
because in a non-associated experience with the physical body, it can actually make it feel very light, very
relaxed. So theres a very good chance youll have a physical reaction. Could be later today, it could be
tomorrow or even next week.
Number three is that if you just allow yourself to know that there was an experience with energy, it will just
come to you. It will be the knowingness. It will just come to you. And, again, maybe later today, maybe in
the next few days, but youll say, I get it now. Ive been trying to think my way into feeling, and all the
time it was really there, but it was being blocked out. You just get a knowingness. Youll suddenly get that
feeling, get that sensation.
Through all of this, youll start to learn how consciousness affects energy, how energy is here to serve you,
and how real feelings not cheap mental feelings, not emotions, but real passion of the soul is going to
move and align energy in the way that youre choosing in your everyday human life. In other words, the
passion the awareness of the passion is going to align the energies in perfect harmony where youre in
that Now moment, you dont even have to worry about it, its just there. Just there.
So take a good deep breath, a good deep breath, as we finish our session.
And many of you are going to walk out the door saying, What did we just do? (some chuckles) I dont
get it. If you do, that probably means that you got it, and youll begin to understand it later not from here
(head), but from the passion, from the consciousness, from here (heart) a whole different way of living.
So with that, dear Shaumbra, a good deep breath as Linda does some extended breathing into this beautiful,
beautiful energy. And special thanks to Amir for the accompaniment. Thank you.
With that, I Am Adamus, just one more thing in service to you. Thank you.

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