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a Member
The Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation
119 Britannia Walk, London N1 7JE
t: +44 (0)20 7336 1555 f: +44 (0)20 7336 1556
! A current CV or appropriate document (see section 3)
! An organisation chart
! Certified copies of educational certificates
! Cheque/credit card details for subscription fee
! Completed Direct Debit mandate
best practice and technical excellence
qualifications and development
a voice for the profession
a networking community
JAN 2010/1 A Registered Charity Registered Charity in Scotland No. SC040873
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CIHT brings together professionals who build, maintain, operate, design and plan transportation
networks, particularly roads. Our members work in contracting, supply, consultancy, local
government, central government and academia what they all have in common is a desire
to meet societys need for sustainable and safe transportation systems and for protecting
the environment.
Whether you are a student or a company director, CIHT has a place for you and a
commitment to fulfilling your professional development needs throughout your career.
Please refer to the Institutions diversity policy on
Branches joining CIHT gives you membership of your local branch. There are 18 branches throughout the UK,
and several in the rest of the world, and each branch organises regular meetings and seminars. High profile speakers
often address these events and they provide a convenient means for gaining continuing professional development
(CPD) experience, updating knowledge and networking with colleagues.
Each branch also holds at least one annual social event. These events are well attended by members and
local industry figures, and provide a chance for you to relax and meet fellow professionals in an enjoyable
social atmosphere.
Getting involved CIHT can only provide a strong and informed voice if it represents views from the frontline. We
therefore provide opportunities for members to participate in the running of CIHT at Council, board and branch levels.
The Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation (CIHT) is the
leading professional body for transportation practitioners. Founded in 1930,
CIHT leads the way in promoting all aspects of sustainable transport
systems and infrastructure to its members, the industry and society.
We support people working in highways and transportation who have
a balance of work experience and qualifications, and help them in their
professional development.
CIHT has around 12,000 members worldwide, working across the
full highways and transportation spectrum. The Institution provides
specialist advice to government and other bodies, and aims to
stimulate debate on a range of transportation issues, improve
policy formulation, provide qualifications and encourage best
practice in the industry.
We believe in serving and promoting the highways and transportation
profession for the benefit of our members, the public and society.
a leading magazine, Transportation Professional, ten times a year
routes to Chartered or Incorporated Engineer status
routes to the Transport Planning Professional qualification
recognition by employers and the industry for your knowledge
and experience
a gateway to professional advice and career support
meetings, seminars, and conferences on cutting edge
developments and current issues
an opportunity to contribute to, and learn from, best practice
in transportation
access to CIHTs Special Interest Groups
online members area My CIHT on
an opportunity to influence transportation policy formulation,
presentation and delivery
the support of a like-minded professional network
access to, CIHTs recruitment website
designatory letters FCIHT, MCIHT, AMCIHT relating to your
grade of membership
excellent programme of professional and social events,
offered by our local branches
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I have always been actively involved in CIHT.
At the beginning of my career in London, I often
attended the free evening seminars. Having studied
no transport at university, it was a great way to
expand my knowledge and to meet other people
involved in the profession

RACHEL FOGG, PRINCIPAL ENGINEER, JMP CONSULTING APPLICATION FORM wherever you are in the world, logging on to CIHTs website provides instant access to
an online community of around 12,000 transportation professionals. Featuring an exclusive members area
My CIHT, consultation responses and a comprehensive events guide for your area, CIHTs website is an ideal
means of keeping up to date with the latest topics and issues.
Transportation Professional CIHTs leading industry magazine provides detailed coverage of
topical business news and is delivered free of charge to members ten times a year. The magazine features
thought-provoking articles and interviews with industry figures, as well as CIHT news, people and events.
Online Special Interest Groups These provide opportunities for individuals to gain access to expertise
and advice on key issues, and make contact with others in specialist areas.
CIHT has allowed me to meet likeminded
transportation professionals who are willing
to support members through their professional
development and to share knowledge and
experience of the broader transportation industry.
Evening technical meetings and seminars offer
great opportunities for members to meet and
openly discuss topical issues


Visit to download a transfer form if you are transferring between grades
(Please select the appropriate grade) !Fellow !Member !Associate Member
Title Forename(s)
Surname Designatory letters
Date of birth (dd/mm/yy) !Male !Female
Full postal address
Postcode Country
Home telephone Mobile
Job title Employers name
Employers address
Postcode Country
Business telephone
Business e-mail
How did you hear about CIHT?
Technical/Academic qualifications and dates achieved
!Degree !Other
Please enclose copies of all academic certificates, signed by your Proposer or Seconder as true copies of the original.
Membership of other institutions and grade of membership
Are you registered with the Engineering Council UK (EC
) !Yes !No
If yes, which professional institution are you registered through:
Registration No. Section: !CEng !IEng !Eng Tech
Specialist Field: !Transport Planning !Research
!Transport Related Structures !Traffic Management
!Materials & Geotechnics !Infrastructure Design
!Road Safety Engineering !Construction Maintenance
!Road Safety Audit !Project Management
!Safety & Systems Engineering !Other
Please attach a current CV including your current appointment, positions held and time in each post. Also include
an organisational chart showing your current role highlighted. If you have been in your current role for a short time,
please submit organisational charts from your previous posts. Fellow applicants, please include information on
company turnover, previous senior posts and organisational charts for posts held in the past ten years. You may
download a proforma online.
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4. OTHER INFORMATION I am interested in (please tick):
Becoming a Chartered/Incorporated Engineer through CIHT:
!CEng !IEng
!Transferring my CEng/IEng registration to CIHT
!Gaining the Transport Planning Professional qualification
!Serving on a CIHT board, panel or branch committee
!Becoming an assessor, reviewer or mentor for CIHT professional qualifications
5. PAYMENT See for current subscription fees
I enclose payment for by !cheque !debit/credit card
!Visa !MasterCard !Maestro Issue No.
Card No. !!!!/!!!!/!!!!/!!!! Security No. !!!
Valid from Valid to
I wish to pay by !direct debit
It helps you and saves CIHT money if you pay by Direct Debit. To set up a Direct Debit from your bank account, please
complete the form overleaf. Direct debit payers receive a discount.
The Proposer and Seconder must be Corporate Members of CIHT (i.e. either Members or Fellows). If resident overseas,
applicants may obtain signatures of Corporate Members of the Institution of Civil Engineers, the Institute of Highway
Engineers or the Institution of Structural Engineers. The Proposer or Seconder must validate by signature all additional
documents required in support of the application (Certificates, CV and organisational chart(s)).
Name !Member !Fellow
CIHT Membership number Other
I confirm that the information given above is complete and true
Name !Member !Fellow
CIHT Membership number Other
I confirm that the information given above is complete and true
If elected, I agree to abide by the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Institution, and to promote its objectives
to the best of my ability. I agree to comply with the Institutions requirements for Continuing Professional Development
(see for details). I further declare that the information regarding my training, experience, position and
other matters is, in every respect, accurate.
Signature Date
Please ensure that your supporting documents are validated with your Proposers or Seconders signature
The information you provide in this form is required to enable CIHT and its branches to communicate with members, and
to fulfil the requirements of CIHTs Memorandum and Articles of Association. CIHT is required by the DPA to ensure that
such data is accurate and up to date and you are requested to inform the Institution of any changes.
We use the information you provide about yourself to fulfil your requests, queries, updates and orders. We do not share
this information with outside parties except to the extent necessary to complete your requests. Full details on how CIHT
uses its data are available at Once you have been elected, you will be able to edit your contact
details and preferences via the members section at
Authorisation: I give my permission for CIHT to hold the information provided in this form on its membership database
and use it to communicate with me regarding relevant services. I agree to inform CIHT of any changes to this information
in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
Signature Date
CIHT monitors its policies and practices to ensure that they remain free from any form of direct or indirect discrimination.
To help us in this monitoring process, please complete the following section. This information will be held in the strictest
confidence and will not be available to anyone outside CIHT.
Ethnic origin
White Asian or Asian British Mixed
!British !Indian !White and black Caribbean
!Irish !Pakistani !White and black African
!Any other white background !Bangladeshi !White and Asian
!Any other Asian background
Chinese or other ethnic group Black or Black British !Any other mixed background
!Chinese !Caribbean
!Any other ethnic background !African
!Any other background
The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 defines a disabled person as someone with a physical or mental impairment which
has a substantive and long-term adverse effect on his/her ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities. Having read this
definition, do you consider that you are a disabled person or that you have a disability? Yes !No !
If yes, is your disability related to !Sensory issues (sight &/or hearing) !Mobility issues
!Mental health issues !Other (please specify)
For Office use only Acknowledged ..../..../20. Information sent ././20.
Approved by Council and elected as Date
Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation
119 Britannia Walk, London N1 7JE
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This Guarantee is offered by all Banks and Building Societies that take part in the Direct Debit Scheme.
The efficiency and security of the Scheme is monitored and protected by your own Bank or Building Society.
If the amounts to be paid or the payment dates change the Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation
will notify you 20 working days in advance of your account being debited or as otherwise agreed.
If an error is made by the Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation or your Bank or Building Society,
you are guaranteed a full and immediate refund from your branch of the amount paid.
You can cancel a Direct Debit at any time by writing to your Bank or Building Society. Please also send a copy
of your letter to us.
!! !! !!
Please fill in the whole form using
a ball point pen and send it to:
Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation
119 Britannia Walk, London N1 7JE
Name(s) of Account Holder(s)
Bank/Building Society Account Number
Bank Sort Code
Name and full postal address of your
Bank or Building Society
To: The Manager
Originators Identification Number
Reference Number
Please pay the Chartered Institution of Highways
& Transportation Direct Debits from the account detailed
in this Instruction subject to the safeguards assured by
the Direct Debit Guarantee. I understand that this
Instruction may remain with the Chartered Institution
of Highways & Transportation and, if so, details will
be passed electronically to my Bank/Building Society.
Banks and Building Societies may not accept Direct Debit Instructions from some types of account DD12
All CIHT members have to undertake a systematic programme of Continuing
Professional Development (CPD). CIHTs CPD scheme is a way of helping
members at all levels to take reasonable steps to maintain their professional
competence and commit to a concept of lifelong learning. We recognise
that individuals and employers are usually the best judge of their CPD
needs and of the value of CPD activities they have undertaken. To this end,
CIHT stipulates quality and relevance as the key criteria for undertaking
CPD, rather than mere quantity. Members are obliged to remain competent
and up to date by undertaking the CPD activity that best meets their
development needs.
Further information is available from
and proformas are available to download from
CIHT members are obliged to exercise professional skill and judgement
to the best of their ability; to discharge their professional responsibilities
with integrity; and to safeguard the public interest in matters relating
to their work in highways and transportation.
Members are bound by a Code of Professional Conduct that covers
the areas of competence, conduct and professionalism in members
duties to employers and clients, and to the profession and the Institution.
It also details members obligations to safeguard the public interest
and maintain professional competence. Any allegation of a breach of
the Code of Professional Conduct is investigated by CIHTs Disciplinary
Committee, and appropriate action taken.
A full version of the Code of Professional Conduct, which also details
CIHTs disciplinary and appeals procedures, is available in the members
area My CIHT on
9 1 2 7 6 2
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Membership is open to anyone working in highways and/or transportation. The level of membership depends on your
experience and qualifications. Our routes to membership guidance is given below. Please contact CIHT if you would
like advice on which grade to apply for.
FELLOW FCIHTApply if you:
hold a degree or a professional qualification or full certificated Level 5 NVQ/SVQ and have held a position of
independent responsibility in links with transportation for two years, and can demonstrate significant experience
hold and have held a position of independent responsibility in connection with transportation for at least five
years, and can demonstrate significant experience
head a large national or multi-national highways and/or transportation company or government department
that has a direct influence on transportation policy
MEMBER MCIHT Apply if you:
are a registered Chartered Engineer (CEng) or Incorporated Engineer (IEng) in a field related to highways
and transportation
hold a degree or a professional qualification and have at least two years office/site training and/or experience
in a relevant field(s) within highways and/or transportation
hold a Level 4 NVQ/SVQ or Continuing Education Diploma in Accident & Safety Management and/or an IRSO
Advanced Certificate in Road Safety Studies and have worked in transportation at an acceptable level for at
least three years
hold an academic qualification below degree level e.g. HND, HNC, or another qualification accredited by the
Engineering Council UK for IEng level, and have worked in highways and/or transportation at an acceptable level
for at least four years
hold a BTEC National Certificate or Diploma in a relevant subject and have worked in highways and/or
transportation for at least six years
have ten years experience in highways and/or transportation and significant ability by virtue of practical
experience (an interview may be required)
hold a degree or HNC/D and are currently engaged in highways and/or transportation
are an EngTech registrant
hold a BTEC National Certificate or Diploma in a relevant subject and have worked in highways and/or
transportation for at least one year
have worked in highways and/or transportation for three years (an interview may be required)
No person may be admitted as an Associate Member if they are eligible for a higher membership grade.
Associate Members should transfer to a higher membership grade when they become eligible.
Please look online at for the latest membership subscription fees or contact the
Membership Department on t: 020 7336 1571 e:
Your application will be acknowledged within three working days. You will normally be notified of the results
within six weeks but often sooner. If you have not heard from us within six weeks and wish to check
the progress of your application, then please contact the Membership Department on
t: 020 7336 1571 e:
For details of becoming a student member,
please view our website or request a student
membership booklet.
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