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Facts & Figures

Tata Consultancy Services is an IT services, business solutions and outsourcing organization that delivers real
results to global businesses, ensuring a level of certainty no other firm can match. TCS offers a consulting-led,
integrated portfolio of IT and IT-enabled services delivered through its unique Global Network Delivery Model,
recognized as the benchmark of excellence in software development. A part of the Tata Group, Indias largest
industrial conglomerate, TCS has over 198 600 of the world's best trained IT consultants in 42 countries. The
company generated consolidated revenues of US $8.2 billion for fiscal year ended 31 March 2011 and is listed on
the National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange in India. For more information, visit us at

Revenues: USD 8.2 billion (financial year ended 31 March 2011)
Profits after tax: USD 1.9 billion (fiscal year ending 31 March 2011)
Ticker/Exchange: TCS.BO (Bombay Stock Exchange), TCS.NS (National Stock Exchange, Mumbai)

Tata Consultancy Services has been servicing the Norwegian market for close to 10 years, and the
Nordic region for the past 22 years.
TCS has a registered office in Oslo and has over 200 consultants servicing Norwegian clients.
Beyond Norway, TCS has offices in all the Nordic countries (Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki and
The Nordic region represents a significant and fast growing market place for TCS.
TCS currently has over 3 800 consultants servicing more than 55 enterprise Nordic clients.
TCS customer base spread across Banking & Financial Services, Energy Resources & Utilities, High
Technology, Insurance, Manufacturing, Media & Information Services, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Retail
& Distribution, Telecom and Travel, Transportation & Hospitality.
Tata Consultancy Services has grown rapidly in the Nordic region over the past five years and offer
today a full scale of consulting, applications, infrastructure and BPO solutions.
TCS ambition is to be among the top 10 IT service providers in the Nordic region.

Integrated full-services player: Portfolio of offerings extends from consulting to implementation, testing
and support; from engineering services to BPO; from products to end-to-end solutions.

Tata Consultancy Services has a well proven delivery model and can offer its customers extra value
through its experience from its group company Tata Group (conglomerate of 100 companies, main
companies in seven business sectors: IT & Communications, Engineering, Energy, Chemicals, Consumer
Goods, Materials and Services).

The Global Network Delivery Model is a delivery model based on a global network with 79 delive ry
centers in Hungary, Germany, Luxemburg, Switzerland, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Morocco,
Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, China, Australia, Singapore and India.

Around the world, the level of quality, safety and skills is common and gives every customer the same
degree of reliability.

TCS has an innovation network with 20 laboratories and maintaining strong links with start -ups,
universities and partner alliances.

Robust growth positions TCS as a mainstream IT player in the Nordic region
o Total number of consultants servicing Nordic clients cross 3 800.
o Added a number of new clients last FY taking the total number of customers serviced in the
Nordic region to over 55.

Strong client portfolio across industries and Nordic countries.
o Partner to key brands in each industry and each Nordic country.
o Represented in the Nordic region through 5 offices, significant presence in the Nordic

Partner to Nordic clients for business critical and transformational initiatives.
o Chosen by key clients to be part of its business critical transformational programs across
industries. Examples include a leading manufacturing company, 2 of the leading banks, leading
insurance company, leading telecom operator etc.

Servicing end-to-end needs of Nordic clients through rich service portfolio.
o Nordic clients use TCS end-to-end capability across service lines such as Consulting,
Outsourcing, Enterprise Solutions, Testing, BPO and Engineering to get higher returns on its
supplier relations.

Building strategic partnerships in the Nordic region.
o Set-up of an Aeronautics Design and Development Center (ADDC) to service a leading defence
aircraft manufacturer and the aerospace market.
o A leading telecom equipment manufacturer chosen TCS as a strategic outsourcing partner for
global operations.

Strengthened local capabilities in order to adapt to the local business conditions.
o Senior experienced local managed services consultants.
o Local offices.
o Local delivery capabilities.

The Tata Group has 5 companies that operate in this region.
1. Tata Steel Corus Steel: Significant presence as a steel supplier for major Nordic manufacturing
companies, 50+ year relationship with Volvo.
2. Tata Consultancy Services: Over 22 years of history, servicing Nordic customers.
3. Tata Motors: Recently acquired Miljbil in Norway for manufacturing green cars, global
owner of Jaguar and Land Rover.
4. Tata Communications: Wholesale ILD provider.
5. Tata Tea: Since 2001, Tetley Tea distributed through partnership with Arvid Nordquist .

A leading Finnish telecom operator chose TCS as its sole SI partner to replace its core billing and
customer management systems with flexible, open and future ready solution architected by TCS.
A leading Nordic manufacturer selected TCS as its partner to harmonize and consolidate multiple ERP
systems spread across various business units into a single SAP based platform.

A leading Swedish telecom equipment manufacturer outsourced the maintenance of its mission critical
telecom platform to TCS.
A leading Northern European financial service organization selected TCS as its strategic partner for
transforming its IT operations to help drive portfolio consolidation and modernization.
A leading Scandinavian retailer selected TCS assurance services for improving test efficiency by
deploying superior test processes and significantly increasing test automation resulting in faster release
cycles, better test coverage and reduced testing cost.
A Finnish manufacturing company awarded TCS a 5 year contract for maintaining its ERP applications
A leading Swedish pharmaceutical company selected TCS BPO for clinical data management services.
A leading Swedish media company used TCS tool based reengineering approach to migrate its core
legacy system to open platform helping it improve business responsiveness.
A leading Norwegian engineering company chose TCS to set -up an offshore engineering center to help
reduce design cycle time and costs.
A leading Swedish manufacturer outsourced the management of its data center operations spanning
across IT service desk, server, mainframe and network service management to TCS enabling it to
achieve better service coverage, ITIL process deployment and significant cost economies.
Leading airlines in Sweden and Finland use TCS BPO for revenue accounting services.
A leading Danish high-tech company has chosen TCS to support with product software development
and hardware design solutions and services across complete product development lifecycle.
A leading Swedish defence aircraft manufacturer has partnered with TCS for establishing an
Aeronautical Design and Development Centre (ADDC) in India.
A leading Swedish telecom equipment manufacturer chose TCS as one of the key service providers for
their IT transformation initiatives.
A leading Danish transportation and logistics service provider chose TCS to implement and maintain an
SAP based ERP to orchestrate core business processes.
A leading Scandinavian insurance company has chosen TCS to build its future Nordic IT platforms.

Tata Consultancy Services has relationships with leading Northern European academic institutions in R&D and
business areas. These include Mlardalens Hgskola in Sweden, Copenhagen Business School and Aalborg
University in Denmark, Tampere University and Helsinki University of Technology in Finland. TCS also supports

Tata Consultancy Services is also a strong believer in corporate responsibility and sustainability and supports
institutions like the World Food Program, the Global Reporting Initiative and the Red Cross.

TCS customers span different industries and have operations spread across the world.
More than 97,8% of revenues come from existing customers and 6 of our top 10 customers have been
TCS customers for over 5 years.
Six of the Top 10 Fortune-500 US Companies are TCS customers as are 49 of the Top 100 Fortune-500
US Companies.

Number of active customers: 1034.
Percentage of revenues from top 10 clients: 30,2%.

198 614 employees worldwide (average age: 28 years).
6,9% employees are non-Indian nationals from 80 nationalities.
57% of the workforce has more than 3 years experience.
Lower attrition rate in the IT industry: 13,13% (over the last 12 months).
30,3% of the employees are women.

Extensive Global Footprint: 162 offices in 42 countries.

Revenues by Geography in % (Year ended 31/03/2011)

Our model of domain-led solutions is focused around nine industry practices that bring in-depth global
knowledge of these industries for our customers, extend best -practices across markets and help us create
business solutions for customers that also take account of their business, regulatory and market needs.

North America 53,9
Latin America 3,6
United Kingdom 15,5
Continental Europe 9,3
India 9,2
Asia Pacific 6,6
Middle East & Africa 1,9

REVENUES BY INDUSTRY VERTICAL in % (Year ended 31/03/2011)

Our Services capture the entire chain of a customers technology requirements from consulting through to
implementation, testing to support. We also provide BPO, engineering, infrastructure services as well as
solutions and products, primarily in the financial services space. The number of customers using multiple TCS
services is increasing with 320 international customers now using at least two or more TCS services.

Banking, Financial Services & Insurance 44,3
Telecom 12,1
Manufacturing 7,4
Retail & Distribution 11,0
High-Tech 4,9
Life Sciences & Healthcare 5,2
Travel & Hospitality 3,4
Energy & Utilities 4,2
Media & Entertainment 2,1
Others 5,4
IT Solutions & Services in % (Year ended 31/03/2011)
- Application Development & Maintenance 46,5
- Business Intelligence 5,3
- Enterprise Solutions 10,1
- Assurance Services 6,8
Engineering & Industrial Services 4,8
Infrastructure Services 9,4
Global Consulting 2,2
Asset Leverage Solutions 3,6
Business Process Outsourcing 11,3