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M. Anastasescu - Romania
This automat AD2000-M is design to switch the door knob lock with TAG or
password key.For this function are used two software (codes) password keys.
The both password keys with factory default code are written in USER
I. First step :
Connecting the automat at power supplyConnect this automat at 12VDC with
correct polarity (according PCB)When the power supply is applied, the
automat produce 2 beeps and the POWER LED (red, rst LED on front panel)
blinking.This is the waiting state of automat (LED red blinking).
II. Second step:
1. The rst password key is used to be accessed the programming mode. This
is the key for automat.2. The second password key is used to open the door
without tag sensor. This is the key for door.IMPORTANT: if you don't know the
factory combination of the rst key, is not possible to use this automat
a. suppose that the rst (programming) key on factory default (from User
Manual) is : pppp. Power LED(red) blinding.b. The key on front panel with *
symbol is assimilated with CANCEL functionc. The key on front panel with #
symbol is assimilated with ENTER function.d. the common and the rst
sequence for all programming subroutines is *pppp#
Theme 1
: modify the factory default programming rst password key (pppp) with user
dened password
STEPS:a. Press *pppp#. After this step the status is: POWER LED (red) and the
OK LED (green) are continuos lighting.b. Press

(zero) - led green blinkingc. input with keyboard the new password in format
nnnnd. press #e. reenter the new password nnnnf. press again #. If all are
correct, LED green continuous lighting.g. Press * (EXIT,CANCEL)h. Power led
(red) blinking.Note: nnnn can contain maximum 10 digits.
Theme 2
: modify the factory default second password key, i.e. the code used to open
the door (described in User Manual)STEPS:a. common sequence i.e. step a.
on Theme1 with NEW PASSWORDb. Press
c. input with keyboard the new password in format xxxx. Recommended 6
digits.d. Press #e. reenter step c. passwordf. press #g. press * to exit
Theme 3
: Add user tagNOTE: all tags are NOT factory programming for the code of
your automatSTEPS:a. common sequence i.e. step a. on Theme1 with NEW
c. add the rst TAG in proximity of Control Paneld. the automat emitting
series of beepse. press #f. press * to exitg. repeat the routine steps for rest of
Theme 4
: Modify relay working time(time of door open)STEPS:a. common sequence
with NEW PASSWORDb. Press
c. input with keyboard on panel the time in format nn (seconds 2 digits!). Ex.
for 5 sec. input "05"
:1. max format is 99.2. Recommended 05.d. Press #e. Press * to exit
Theme 5
: Modify the work mode (1. only TAG; 2.TAG
second password key; 3. TAG

second password key)I recommend 3 sequence= TAG OR second password
key (in situation when you don't have TAG, the steps 1 and 2 keep you to look
at closed door!!!)So, the 3 step= TAG OR password keya. common
sequenceb. Press
c. Press 3d. Press #e. Press * to exit
III. Third step
Hardware connections
1. Vcc at +12VDC
2. GND
3. COM with GND strap
4. PUSH with Vcc connect the coil of knob door lock.
Probe 1.- Connect the coil of knob door lock- input the new second password
key or use TAG. The knob door lock rest open with the time selected on
Theme 4
Probe 2.- Connect a 12V LED or 12V/ 0,1A bulb between Vcc and PUSH
terminals- the bulb (LED) rest lighting with the time selected on Theme 4.
5,6. connect OPEN SW+ and OPEN SW- through push button = access indoor
knob door lock
7,8. connect DOOR Bell. This is the button switch of door bell, connected
when is pressed.
IV. Four step
1. Power of
2. Strap the terminals RESET on PCB
3. Power on. Red and green led's blinking simultaneous.
4. Power of.
5. Remove the strap

6. Power on. All settings are restored with factory default.All described in this
article are veried.
Good work!For other questions about this article please mail at this address: