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Wong Brothers have over 40 years manufacturing experience in refrigeration. Our
products range covered prefabricated polyurethane panels, composites truck bodies,
refrigerated containers, commercial and industrial refrigeration systems, etc.
Our prefabricated polyurethane panels manufacturing plant is the most advanced in
Malaysia. All products are manufactured according to British 4840 standard. Our
prefabricated polyurethane panels is designed for reach-in, walk-in, drive-in cold room,
hot room, refrigerated warehouse, burn-in room, clean room, and etc.
Polyurethane is the most effective heat insulating materials known to date. Majority of
the new cold rooms constructed in the United States, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Europe
are insulated with polyurethane. With the use of polyurethane, thickness of the panels
can be reduced by 40% while still maintaining effective heat insulation as of other
In addition, Polyurethane is thermally stable (does not shrink or deform), fire proof
(reduce fire risk), strong, vermin proof, non-moist absorbing and has a very low water
permeability property.
Summary of specification
The cold room is constructed according to BS 4840 on modular principle with each
panel being interlocked with its neighboring and drawn tight by cam-lock.
Fire Safety
The panels are compliance to BS 467 class O building materials.
The polyurethane is classified as self-extinguishing according to BS 4735 and ASTM
Each panel to be 'foamed in place' with self-extinguishing, CFC free polyurethane using
high pressure injection technology. This is to give a product of very low thermal
conductivity of 0.020 W/m.K with high mechanical strength at low density (42kg/m3)
and 95% closed cell content.
Thickness is available from 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm to 150mm for various
temperature, structure and application.
Modular panels
Panels are made into 300mm, 900mm and 1200mm widths with 300mm X 300mm
corner panels for maximum strength and perfect alignment. Standard panels of
2400mm, 2700mm and length up to 12.0 metre in single piece should be used. All
panels are precisely formed in a hydraulic steel mould with controlled temperature.
Locking system
Panels are locked together by cam-lock. The lock is securely formed into the panels.
The metal should be roll-formed with 107mm spacing for added strength.
Standard - 0.50mm color bond
Optional - 304/2b stainless steel, stucco aluminum or PVC coated steel in various
Various designs of in situ and panel floors are available to meet storage requirements.
For the specification, please consult your refrigeration contractor or us (Wong
Various designs of hinged or sliding door are available. Doors are insulated with formed
polyurethane and fitted with lever handle with internal safety release handle.
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