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Yesterday: Generation Gap.

Today: 2Generation money gap.
Yesterday: Army adarshhain.
Today: Army Adarshhain.
Yesterday: Colgate.
Today: Coalgate.
Yesterday: Tata.
Today: Tatra.
Yesterday: Saare Jahan se accha Hindustan hamara.
Today: Saare Jahan se bada Scamistan hamara.
Scam after scam of such mind boggling sums and high profile frauds orchestrated
by our leaders and the guardians of our public finances makes one wonder if India
should not be re-christened 'Scamistan' or the Republic of Scams! Indian
politicians believe in the theory of relativity - everything is for relatives! The 2G
spectrum scam, the CWG scandal, the Adarsh Housing Society debacle, Coalgate ,
Irrigation scam and so on have contributed to shatter India's image on the global
Our Prime Minister states that the government does not have a magic wand to
end corruption in India! We Indians have a deep and complicated relationship
with corruption. As in any long marriage, it is not clear whether we are happily or
unhappily married! The countrys economic system is fused with many strands of
corruption and organized systems of tax evasion. Most Indians have paid a bribe.
Most Indian businesses cannot survive or remain competitive without stashing
away undeclared earnings. Corruption is such an integral part of Indian society

that one of the suggestions by a high ranking government official was legalizing
the payment of bribes!
Whether you are a true blue Indian citizen or a tourist from abroad the corrupt
system remains evenhandedly exploitative.To call corruption a hydra-headed
monster is to grossly underestimate its size, reach and appetite.
Behind the power of Indias anti-corruption movement in 2011 and 2012 is the
rise of a new emotion: We young urban Indians are more interested in our nation
than ever before. Today, there is a perceptible increase in the number of young
people who are acutely politically aware and interested in the fate of the
nation.Public education and raising awareness is the only answer so that we are
sufficiently empowered to know and demand our constitutional rights, to acquire
the intellectual tools to elect effective public servants and leaders who will act
with honesty, clarity and thoroughness.
The idea should be to fight corruption in everyday life, to find ways of not giving a
bribe. The idea should be to follow the law and implement the law, rather than
just having the law.
People get the leaders that they deserve. Let us change ourselves to change the
nation. Only then will we be able to openup bright vistas to good governance for
the common people of India. Only then will we be able to sing 'Sareh Jahan se
accha Hindustan hamara' proudly and without a hint of irony, again one day.