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- _______ a student?
- Yes, I am.
A Is she B Are you C Are we D Are they

2. Look at _________ birds in the sky. They're nice.

A those B they C this D that
3. Two little ____________ are behind the box.
Look at the cat in front of the box.
A mouse B mice C city D cities
4. - Has Brenda got blue eyes?
- No, she __________.
A isn't B is C has D hasn't

B her

C my

D mine

10. _______ Patty like the swings?

A Do B Does C Is D Are
11. Tom, don't give _______ any more food. Dogs
are always hungry.
A mine B their C they D them
12. She often goes to Australia _____ winter.
A in
B on
C at
D to
13. Paul _______ a picture at the moment.
A draw B is drawing C draws D are drawing

5. Is there ________ milk in the fridge?

A an B a C any D many
6. ________ any glasses in the cupboard?
A Are there B Is there C There are D Are they
7. Dora _______ television every morning.
A watch B watches C don't watch D has
8. - ________ is this red cap?
- It's Peter's.
A Whose B Who's C What

A our

D Who

9. That board game isnt Jennifers. Its ________.

A were B was C am D wasn't

14. - ________ you ride a bike? It's easy.

- Of course.
A Can B May C Must D Are
15. _________ the penguins running to the water?
A Do B Can C Are D Is
16. How ______ milk do you drink every day?
A much B many C little D some
17. - Were you at home last night?
- Yes, I ______.

18. There _______ a lot of seashells on that beach.

A wasn't B are C was D is
19. Did you ______ to the cinema last weekend?
A went B go C goes D were
20. - Did Linda write the letters on the computer?
- No, she ________ .
A didn't B did
C wrote D wasn't
21. Yesterday we played basketball, but next week
we ________ play golf.
A are going B is going to C are going to D are
22. The children __________ home early last night.
A are going to come B came C come D are coming
23. Mr Brown is ________ teacher in our school.

A good

B best

C better

D the best

24. _______ you come with us tonight?

A Will B Did C Won't D Do
25. - What is the flat like?
- _______.
A It's big.
B Fine, thank you.
D No, it isn't big.

C Yes, it is.


1. Greece is a _______ in southern Europe.

A country B friend C class D mother

2. My friend is in _________ because he is ill.

A museum B library C hospital D bank

3. I like my teacher. She is ______ and smart.

A unfriendly B kind C long D curly

14. The _____ ordered a grilled steak and apple pie.

A restaurant B reservation C waiter D customer

4. There's a big _____ with books in my bedroom.

A fridge B bookshelf C shower D cooker

15. I'm hungry. Let's _________ lunch.

A taste B have C find D look

5. My uncle works in a shop. Hes ________.

A a chemist B a builder
C a farmer
D a shop assistant

16. Small children are sometimes _____ of the lions

in the zoo.
A scared
B unusual C tasty
D ugly

6. My dad usually _______ his newspaper at noon.

A works B reads C lives D rests
7. I am never _____ at parties.
A bored B dark C small
D wooden

17. Please ______ me about your home.

A sing B tell
C listen D think

8. I ________ pictures of basketball players.

A ride B write C play D collect
9. The trip to Africa was very _______. We saw lots
of wild animals.
A woollen
B heavy C exciting D thick

18. I ________ books to school every day.

A wear B give C fight D carry
19. My mother _____ my bicycle for me so I can ride
it again.
A stayed B turned C repaired D phoned
20. The astronaut described his ____ in outer space.
A planets B journey C sun D universe

10. It's cold in Finland, so ________ some warm

clothes with you.
A see B bring C leave D come

21. Our teacher _________ the words to us.

A explained B travelled C studied D returned

11. At school we _________ magazines every week.

A laugh B learn C read D work

22. A _____ has to get up early to make the bread.

A florist B baker C grocer D chemist

12. All my friends want to win the ___________.

A activity B competition C information
D exercise

23. I ___________ for my key to open the door.

A disappeared B spent C tried D searched

13.The monkeys are very funny and everyone is

___________ at them.
A laughing B standing C living D visiting

24. My friend is very ___ and loves asking questions.

A curious B magic C patient
D secret
25. I must ________ where I put my school books.
A give
B keep C cut
D remember


Read what Sarah writes about her school.

My school is very modern. It has a library, science labs and a sports field. Many students go to my school.
I have a lot of friends there. We talk together in the break and sometimes play games.
The teachers are really friendly and make the lessons interesting, but sometimes we don't pay attention
and then they shout at us. The head teacher is stricter and is always angry with us when we are late.
We do many good projects at school and there are other activities after school. I am in the school band.
We meet on Thursdays and we are preparing a concert for the end of term. This week we are having
exams at school, so we are studying hard. We all want to get good marks!
Write True (T) or False (F).
The school is big and new. -----------Sarah doesn't know many people there. ------------The teachers are always angry.-------------There are exams every week.-------------Sarah likes her school.------------Answer the following questions.
1. What does Sarah do with her friends in the break?
2. Have you got a lot of friends at school?
3. When is Sarah's head teacher angry with the students?

4. What are they having at Sarah's school this week?

5. Is there a science lab at your school?