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Entrance Survey


Please place your (full) name, section # and third favorite color in a text box in the top right hand corner of the
header, and proceed to answer all of the following questions as fully as you feel comfortable doing. These
questions are intended to evoke your story of who you are, where you came from, and where you are going,
so please do not feel constrained from elaborating beyond the precise words used. If you are going to answer
a question dishonestly, or deliberately omit relevant information, or if you are less than 99% certain about
something you write, you should so indicate with the greatest specificity possible. Compare implicitly includes

1) What is your birth date, place, sign, and meaning if any that you impute to any of that?

2) What are some colors, animals, shapes, ideas, and people that mean something to you? Compare. Why?


3) What places have you lived? What are your impressions about those places? Compare.
4) List all of your close friends and acquaintances. Compare.

5) What amazing skills/talents/superpowers do you have, or does someone that you know have?


6) What are all the other skills/talents/distinctions that you have at all?
7) What food allergies do you have and how strongly?
8) What foods or categories of foods do you have little to no experience with and may be allergic to?


9) What spices/flavors do you have substantial experience with and like/dislike? Why?
10) List everything and only the things that you need. Why?
11) What are your seven favorite activities respectively? Why?
12) What are the seven activities you spend the most time doing, respectively? Why?
13) What is the longest word that you know how to spell?
14) What do you consider valuable?
15) Estimate your IQ and that of seven other people.
16) Would you describe yourself as more or less gregarious than the people around you?
17) Compare and contrast your social habits and adeptness with those of seven other people.
18) How many times per conversation do you get confused?
19) Think about seven different people with whom you have had conversations. How many times do you get
confused per conversation with each?
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Entrance Survey
20) How many times in the past day has your mind gone completely blank when it shouldnt?


21) How does your mind process information?

22) What are the ways in which you learn things? Memorize things? Forget things?
23) What common patterns do you notice in your thought processes?

24) Suppose that empathy means transposing others feelings onto oneself. If you see someone cut their
finger, you imagine/remember the pain, and it is similar to cutting your own finger. Different people
transpose feelings to a greater or lesser extent, ranging from empath to sociopath. Thinking about
your experiences, where do you think that you fall along the range relative to those around you? Where
do you think that seven other people fall? Why?


25) What holidays do you consider important? Why?

26) What are seven points of random trivia that you consider important that other people might not know?


27) List at least 14 of your goals.

28) List all of your dreams that you can remember, and approximately when they occurred.
29) List any crimes you have committed, bad things you have done, or failures that you have experienced.
30) List every emotion that you have or have not experienced and can think of.


31) List all of that attitudes that you have had about people.
32) List all of the reasons that you think people should or should not have power, wealth, fame, beauty,
intelligence, skill, talent, potential, position, access, etc.
33) List the reasons that people actually do or do not as you perceive it.
34) How do you think the government works?
35) What does the word institutions mean to you?
36) Think about all of the different kinds of organizations. List them.
37) What is a religious organization?
38) How do institutions interact with one another?
39) What role do institutions play in society?
40) What role does the government play in society?
41) How does the governments role differ from that of a religion or a charitable organization?
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Entrance Survey
42) Have these institutions always played the same roles? How have they changed?

44) Why do religious doctrines change when they do?


43) Why do you think that the laws that get passed get passed?

45) Describe your religious/philosophical/economic/partisan beliefs/affiliations/sympathies/thoughts in



46) Think about this question very carefully before answering. What is the most fundamental thing that you
believe or assume on which everything else that you think or believe is based? E.G. I think (see, feel,
touch, experience) therefore I am, the fundamental laws of logic (non-contradiction, identity, etc.),
God?, emotions, thought, pain. What does it mean, that we exist? How can everything have a reason, if
there cannot be a reason for everything?
47) What would a perfect world look like?
48) What would a better world look like?


49) What does the world look like?

50) Is the world getting better? How? Why?

51) What does better mean?


52) What does utilitarianism mean?

53) What does money mean? What does it do? What role does it play in our society?
54) What is the optimal role of childcare and reproduction in our society?
55) What are the seven most important things that you dont have, arent capable of, etc.?
56) Can you solve a rubix cube? Ski? Swim? Write? Act? Lie?
57) What do you know about computer programming?
58) Physics? Chemistry? Biology? Linguistics? Cooking? Dancing? Singing?
59) What is the extent and characterization of your belief in anything supernatural?
60) What does clean mean to you? Detail the steps that you consider appropriate and the steps that you
actually take to clean your bathroom, kitchen, carpet, etc.
61) What are the seven most dangerous things that you have ever done/been involved with?
62) List 17 different kinds of berries.
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Entrance Survey
63) List 17 musical acts/groups/types that you enjoy.

65) What kinds of foods do you consider healthy? Why?

66) What is the extent of your knowledge about nutrition?
67) List 43 of your areas of expertise.


64) What is it about food that you really like, that you really crave, or that you really dont like?

68) Rank conceivable superpowers in order of importance, detailing why/how they are important.

69) Rank all other talents/attributes in order of importance.


70) Why is entertainment important to you? Why isnt this entertaining to you?
71) What kinds of experiences have you had that make you unique?


72) What kinds of experiences have you had that haunt you to this day?
73) Discuss seven things that you would really rather not.
74) Have you had any traumatic experiences?

75) List all of the ways in which other people/things/institutions/fate/chance have harmed you.


76) List all of the ways in which you have harmed yourself.
77) If you are not gay, then who would your ideal life partner be if you were?
78) Do you identify as gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual, bi-curious, transgendered, allied, queer, gender queer,
male, female, intersex, butch, masculine, feminine, femme, asexual, pansexual, omnisexual, black, white,
Asian, Latino, southeastern European, African, Caribbean, Canadian, Russian, Arab, Palestinian, Israeli,
Singaporean, New Zealander, Icelandic, or do you not identify by your sexual
79) Tell all about your family, including any genetic predispositions for which you may be a carrier of
recessive alleles.
80) Do you know or are related to or have a connection to anyone powerful, wealthy, influential, famous, or
who is particularly skilled or talented in any way?
81) Do you go out of your way to network with people who wield influence in the world? Why not?
82) What does the word, hero mean to you?
83) What is a villain? A bad guy? A bad act? What is the difference between right and wrong?
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Entrance Survey
84) What does morality mean to you?


85) Does morality mean altruism?

86) Have a philosophical conversation with yourself. What is important? How should things be
characterized? How should things be framed?
87) Think about communication. What does communication mean? What does it accomplish? How can it
best accomplish that?

88) List any reforms that you think are important in society. List also any problems that you are not certain
how should be reformed. What makes something a problem? What makes something a solution?

90) Why do you do what you do?


89) What is important?

91) Why did you do each of the small, insignificant things that you did today?


92) What interested you about this club?

93) What do you want from this club?

94) How much are you willing to dedicate to the goals outlined by this club?


95) Do you want to be in this club? How badly?

96) What do you want this club to be?
97) What would you like to do with your life?

98) What would you like to happen in the world during your lifetime?
99) What would you like to happen after you are dead?
100) What steps are you taking, or have you taken to prepare for the future?
101) Tell me in detail 14 different possible courses that you think your life could take.
102) What does networking mean to you? Do you network? Why? How?
103) What does collective action mean to you?
104) What is the prisoners dilemma?
105) What is the optimal political system?

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Entrance Survey
106) What should the climate do long-term? What is it likely to do? To what extent do human activities
influence the climate? To what extent should they? What other considerations do you find persuasive?


107) What are the 20 most important problems facing the world, and why?
108) What are the 20 most important problems facing you, and why?

109) What other problems do you perceive at various levels of locality?

110) Do you like math? Statistics? Video games? Beaches? Sea shells? Shopping? Netflix? Hulu? Board/card
games? Taking risks? Gambling? Drinking? Doing illicit things? Money? Sports? Being OCD?


111) Do you prefer to do things slowly or quickly? Do you like writing? Are you meticulous? Are you detailoriented? Are you quick? Are you tone-deaf? What do you care about when you cook? What do you look
at when you are at the store? Do you care about money? Do you care about fame? Do you care about
having children? Would you like to have a clone? Would you like to be a superhero? Do you welcome


112) What does fear mean to you? What does pain mean to you? Would you like to live without pain and
113) If you had what you seek, would you be happy?
114) Why dont you like Lady Gaga right now?


115) Are you altruistic? How would you feel about doing 20 hours of study to create the perfect test-outlineguide thing, and then sharing it with everyone else, enabling everyone else to get solid grades with
relatively little work? How do you feel about giving $2 to the bums on the street that just need it for the
bus? How do you feel about doling out your hard-earned cash to free and feed starving children who
have been in slavery in some terrifying corner of the world? How would you feel about going hungry in
order to feed a starving rapist? Why do you care more about the needs of some people than others?
116) How do you feel about the incarceration system?
117) How do you feel about drug criminalization?
118) How do you feel about gun control?
119) How do you feel about the Mexican drug wars? Do you think that tens of thousands of people dying in
Mexico every year should be a factor in our gun control and drug criminalization debates? Do you think
they are?
120) How do you feel about immigration?
121) How do you think about isolationism?
122) What do you think about China?
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Entrance Survey
123) What do you think about Columbia?

125) What do you think about criminals?

126) What do you think about pedophiles?
127) What do you think about registered sex-offenders?
128) What do you think about international legal systems?


124) What do you think about terrorists?


130) What do you think about gay marriage?

129) What do you think about federalism? States rights?

131) What do you think about the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA)?


132) What do you think about race issues?

133) What do you think about the 2016, 2018, 2020, 2022, 2024, and 2026 national elections?
134) What do you think about state law?

135) What do you think about small countries?


136) What do you think about large countries?

137) What do you think about education?

138) What do you think about underserved communities in the United States?
139) What do you think about racism?
140) To what extent are you influenced by subconscious biases?
141) Are you are racist?
142) Compare your bias to the bias of seven other people.
143) What do you think about communism? Socialism? Capitalism? Happy medium? Fascism? Dictatorship?
Oligarchy? Monopoly? Theocracy? Unregulated markets? Highly regulated markets? Anti-trust? Too big
to fail?
144) What is the extent of your knowledge of the health-factors that should go into selecting cooking oils?
145) What poisons/toxins do you know of?
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Entrance Survey
146) List your phobias.


147) List your strengths.

148) List your weaknesses.

149) Estimate the length of your nose and that of seven other people.

150) What is the extent of your knowledge about health and wellness?

151) What is the extent of your knowledge of plants? Can you recognize and name a lot of plants? Can you
recognize wild edible plants? Can you survive in the wilderness? Can you grow a garden? What does
sustainable living mean to you?


152) How do you feel about hunting? Have you ever hunted? Are you good at it? What is the extent of your
experience and ability with gun use? What about other weapons? Self-defense? Unarmed combat?


153) How do you feel about eating animals in general? What foods or food groups do you consciously avoid
and why?
154) Do potatoes have enough protein to keep you healthy if that is all you are eating for a time?
155) Do you know what makes foods colorful? How does that influence their healthfulness?


156) What are antioxidants? What are free radicals? What is an omega 3/6/9 essential fatty acid? Why should
you try to get more omegas in your diet by consuming fish regularly and avoiding plant-based oils with
the exception of flax and purslane? What are phytonutrients? Why is salt bad for you? Why is salt good
for you? What are the three reasons that cacao can be good for your brain? Are walnuts and salmon
good for your cognitive health? What other things are good for your cognitive health? What is
pantothenic acid, and is broccoli the best source of it? Why should you avoid all seed and vegetable oils
most especially ones that are not canola oil or olive oil, but also them to some extent? Why should you
avoid most animal based oils and coconut oil? Why should you try to incorporate olive oil into your diet?
Why should you NEVER cook olive oil on high if you dont want to be poisoned when it starts smoking?
What is the optimal ratio between fat, protein, and carbohydrates? Is sugar a carbohydrate? What are
the reasons that you should avoid foods high in added sugars? Should you avoid foods that are naturally
high in sugars too? What is the nutritional value of a pumpkin? What is the simplest, most delicious way
to eat one? Do you like pumpkin pie?
157) How did you study for the LSAT, and how did you do? How about the ACT/SAT/other standardized tests
that break you into percentiles? What do you think should be changed about the LSAT?
158) How well do you think you will do on each of your finals respectively (answering in potential range
159) What are your pet peeves? What do other people like or care about that you dont?
160) How do you feel about corporations? What about non-corporate entities?
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Entrance Survey
161) How do you feel about corporations paying taxes twice?


162) How do you feel about taxation? Government size, scope, efficiency, power?
163) How do you feel about textualism? Originalism? Antidisestablishmentarianism?

164) If you visit Hawaii, could you catch pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis?

165) How do you feel about the stock market? Do you have any experience thereto?
166) How do you feel about Nate Silver?


168) How do you feel about the media?

167) How do you feel about memory?

169) What kind of people do you think own the media? Do they control it? How? Why? What is the result?


170) List everything on the desktop of your computer. Why is each thing there?
171) Why did you decide to wear what you are wearing today? Why is it different than what you wore
yesterday? Would there be a problem with wearing the same thing every day? Why? If you had to wear
the same thing every day forever, what would you wear? If you had to eat the same meal every day for
the rest of your life, what would it be?


172) Do you use Excel regularly? What for? What about other ingenious programs? Are there programs that
you could use to make your life easier but dont because you are lazy?
173) Are you lazy? Stupid? Compare yourself to seven other people?
174) How do you feel about breaking the law? Why?
175) How do you feel about honesty? What does it mean to you? Is not lying the same thing as being honest?
How do you feel about lying? Can you lie? Are you a bad person? Are you a good person? Are you a
person? What does that mean? Why are you doing what you are doing right now?
176) What are the first seven things you did in order after your most recent breakfast? Why did you do each
of those things? How do you feel about having done those things? What could you have done differently
in order to increase the probability of making your life or the world a better place?
177) Are you fat? Muscular? Healthy? What are your health habits? Do you go to the gym? Why?
178) What do you care about in other people?
179) How many words per minute do you type? How fast do you write? How legibly? Compare yourself to
seven other people.
180) How confident are you? Compare yourself to seven other people.
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Entrance Survey
181) Would you date yourself if you were another person? Would you be best friends with yourself? What?


182) How attractive are you? Compare yourself to seven other people.

183) Imagine yourself 20 years from now. Paint your surroundings. Think about 20 details of the idealized
microcosm of the world that you see around you. List each of those details. Tell me why that detail is
important to you and list seven different factors that will go into determining whether that detail actually
becomes a part of reality. Now list seven different ways in which you can influence each of those factors.


184) Now list every single goal you have ever had in your entire life that you can remember. What effort did
you put in? What was the result? Which goals do you still have? Which ones did you give up on? What
goals can you make right now? Of all the goals that are currently relevant, what are the ways in which
you could influence the achievement of those goals? What ways do you actually plan on, and how? What
are the ways that you are actually likely to and how? Predict your success/failure. Be prepared to update
this list at least once per month.



185) What are any questions (and their answers) that are not on this survey that you might expect to be, and
why? Feel free to add any other comments, questions, or communications.

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