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There he was right on time when the sun was highest in the sky, inside 'Joe's Lunch

Place'. The place was not so old but Joe's Lunch Place always had enough customers for it to
get running without closing up his business once and for all. Jason is his name. He was sitting
there at the corner of that dimly lit restaurant furnished all classic. Jason was waiting for his
meal, that same meal he orders every day, Peppered New York Strip Steak. Having a meal all
by himself as always. Just as he took a sip of the austere yet dense wine out of the wine glass,
he saw a family of three coming through the doorway. Something instigated inside Jason. That
family bothered his peace of mind. The sight of them so happy and peaceful left him in a
troubled state of mind. Unknowingly this piqued a certain resentment of his past.
For years Jason had been locked up in ideas and now he feels like he got to do here
what he had to do in order to keep himself free of those torments in his grey matter. He
slowly cut his steak and put it in his mouth and started chewing while observing the
happiness filled in their eyes and laughter. As they finished their meal, he set aside his plate
and wine and started walking out following them without their awareness. All that while his
mind was calculating and devising a devious plan by itself. It felt like something else
overtook his brain planting ideas in his head. Even though he had that feeling, he just shook it
off and went ahead with what his brain told him to.
Jason had been keeping that knife for years with him for a purpose utterly different
than his intention now. All this while he had been ducking and moving just to hide his bruises
but now he wants to be the crossfire with bullets and expectancies and so it is time for the
knife to be put to good use he thought. He watched the family head into their house he was
taken aback by his own ploy so he stood outside and observed. They had a little garden at
their front yard. Of course, they didn't have a car. The floral were so beautiful and fragrant
that its very existence stings in Jason's mind to do the deed quicker. Not just the flowers but
the family's happiness' very existence instigates him to do it. And then he made up his mind it
is for the betterment of all.
He walked straight ahead in that pavement to the doorstep and rang the doorbell
precisely once for not too long or not too short but just nice. And then the lady opened the
door. Hello sir, can I be of any assista-, before she could finish Jason thrust the knife right
into her abdomen. And she collapsed to the floor screaming for her husband and her little
daughter. When the husband came running for his better half, Jason just slashed his upper
torso mercilessly and stabbed him in his stomach. Sophie hide.., were his last words as his
crimson blood oozed out of every slash and that deep stab. Slowly the man was drained of his
energy and blood as well as his consciousness was blacked out. Just when Jason took his
knife to slit his throat that little girl who should be Sophie believed Jason came running and
stood between him and her father.
When that girl stood there, something triggered Jason. His memories came flooding
back to him that he paralysed there. He remembered the time when he was scared and
disappeared to his family house's basement. He was running around before that killer joy of
his life cornered his family. And now his life is a wreck. The day that man in his early 30s
with a gun robbed his house and shot his parents came back to him piercing his every muscle
and stopping his ability to move thus to finish Sophie's father. When it was Jason and his
parents, he did nothing he just watched from the basement and ran away. Only came out
when everything is safe for him because he knew he was helpless. But this little girl was not.
She was brave unlike him a coward. How can he do the same to Sophie and let her go
through everything he did. He dropped the knife and took a step back.

It seemed unfair that his parents needed to die but Sophie's didn't after all, the world
isn't fair neither is it a wish-granting factory. This girl is putting up a fight unlike him a
caitiff. She deserves to grow up with her parents. On the other hand Jason deserves a
punishment to serve justice that was not served to him all those time ago. He took out his
phone and called the police and let himself to be arrested. At the court, on his judgement day,
he was sentenced for 10 years of prison. When the judge read out his sentence he just smirked
at the prosecutor and took one look at Sophie and her mom. Her mom gave him a nasty look
showing she was disgusted by the likes of him but he was more interested in Sophie. Those
big blue eyes full of confidence and bravery is what redeemed him from his past at last.