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It was dusk and Harry Potter was staring at number 24

privet Street wondering how long it would take for the street
lights and mail boxes to stop creaking, when he heard a noise
he turned around to face his son Albus and said “why are you
up so early”? When you should be in bed and ready for the
Hogwarts express at 10:00 tomorrow.” Said Harry.

“I couldn’t sleep”
, replied Albus,
“Ok it’s alright let’s go watch some television”, said
, on their way to the living room they found an owl
standing as if it had been there a long time Albus jumped to the
window and immediately knew it was a Hogwarts bird because
the tag said Hogwarts. It contained a letter Albus read it
aloud: Dear Mr. potter you have been asked to be
head master at Hogwarts School of witchcraft and
wizardry please reply as soon as you get this

Sincerely Minerva McGonagall

At these words Harry didn’t waste a second he went to

the phone and called Mr. and Mrs. Weasley (Ron and
Hermione) and told them all about it, unfortunately they knew
because they had been asked to be teachers at Hogwarts (Ron
was the quiditch coach and Hermione was a charms teacher)
and also got information that Harry was also defense against
the dark arts teacher because they could not find another one.
Then he went up to his bedroom to tell Ginny all about it, but
he found James on the bed talking to Ginny, so he told them all
about it and they were all surprised. “The first thing tomorrow I
will be Hogwarts head master”, said Harry,
“And I will be deputy headmistress, McGonagall sent
me an owl just now” explained Ginny,
“Well we will be working together”, said Ginny,
“Where is lily?” asked Ginny,
just as James was going to answer Lily and Albus
came into the room, they all went down to breakfast after
having a nice long conversation they all sat down on the
kitchen table and Harry read the paper just when a very happy
Neville appeared “Harry your our new headmaster and Ginny
right after you that’s amazing”, said Neville happily,
“We know Neville”, said Harry,
“Well I just came to tell you”, called Neville as he
The next morning they woke up and immediately
went to king’s cross at s8:00PM because as head master and
with Ginny as Deputy Headmistress they need to be there
earlier which gives Albus Lily and James an advantage of
being there first though they were sleeping in the car, they
entered platform 9/3 and were staring at the glistening red of
the Hogwarts express “all aboard”, said the driver gesturing at
So they got onto the train and they saw Ron,
Hermione, Rose, and Hugo “hey Harry Haven’t seen you in a
long time!, exclaimed Ron,
“Hermione”, said Ginny in excitement,
“Ginny”, said Hermione,
and they hugged each other then the train started
moving, a few hours later a trolley with roast lam and lobster
passed by and gave all of them a tray and a plate “so they give
us candy and give you delicious food that’s not fair”,
complained James,
“Well not any more you will be coming with us every
year”, said Harry,
Just as they got their robes on the train stopped. they
got out and immediately saw professor McGonagall and other
teachers waiting for them they greeted all of them, then a
familiar voice said “Harry how are yeh, jus came ter greet
yeh, now if you’ll pardon me I’ve got somet teh do”, said
Hagrid with delight,
And after those words they got onto the boats that
would take them to the castle “just smelling the grass makes
me happy to be here again”,
Said Harry, and just when the boat stopped they
caught sight of Neville holding a torch. He gestured at them to
follow him, entering the castle Harry wanted to enter the great
hall but McGonagall told him to follow her and he did as she
said wondering where they were going Harry saw recognizable
face come out of the wall “Nearly headless Nick,” he shouted,
And the white face turned around and went straight
down to Harry “I must be dreaming, no it’s not a dream oh
bless my eyes Harry Potter has returned to Hogwarts haza,”
And he darted off in what seem to be like a sprint.
When they reached their destination Harry knew straight away
it was Dumbledore’s office (it would be his now) “choose a
pass word,” McGonagall said,
Harry thought for a long time then said “I want it to
be Dumbledore,”
“Very well stand back. Ridulus Momentum,”
She said and with a flick of her wand a purple flash
erupted around the door “Dumbledore,”
She said and the door opened Harry was the first to
enter and the rest followed “Mr. and Mrs.Weasley I shall escort
you to your rooms, you to Mrs. Potter,”
And they all left at once including Neville, Harry was
about to sit in his chair and watch the sun set when a familiar
voice said “hello Harry”
He immediately turned around to face the former
headmaster before Snape (a former teacher at Hogwarts)
“Dumbledore,” Harry said
“You are wondering where you will sleep,” asked
Harry nodded and Dumbledore pointed to where his
pensive was “there is a certain kind of bottle that is darker than
others pull it,” Harry did as Dumbledore said and to his
amazement the pensive and containers moved aside and
revealed a room with a bed cover, candles, and more “good
day” said Dumbledore.
When Harry got dressed the he realized he had slept
with his glasses on and turned to scan the room for a bathroom.
Then a bathroom door appeared in front of him just like the
room of requirement he thought, he entered the bathroom and
took a bath. He thought of principal robes and then a robe rack
appeared. He put it on and started his journey to the great hall
on his way he saw a new student. There was one that looked
familiar it was a second year “no, it can’t be- can’t be what,”
It was Ginny “I thought I saw a first year that looked
like- Harry we’ve got the get teh the great hall,”
They walked to the great hall surprised to see bigger
tables. He headed to his seat when he realized he had forgotten
to right a speech. So he decided he will make it up as he goes.
An he clapped his hands as Dumbledore did and
silence followed he cleared his voice and began speaking
“Students and new students I wish you a happy year at
Hogwarts and hope you students can help me get trough my
first year as principal”,
And Harry sat down as the students clapped at his
made up speech “may the sorting begin”
“Shane lee, Jane lee, mike Stan,” and it went on till the
last person “Fred weasley the second,” shouted the sorting hat,

Harry gasped realizing George had children.

Then a loud noise of chattering and laughing erupted
as the children ate. Harry sipped the fire whisky glad that his
speech was over. After that they all went to sleep and Harry
headed to his office when he got to the door he said
And the door opened he entered and said good night to
Dumbledore. He pulled the lever and the room appeared he
entered took a shower got on his night robes and went to sleep.
The next morning Harry joined the teachers at their
table as the children rushed in. When he sat down Ginny asked
what he saw yesterday he said “I- Harry you better get a fast
meal because your class is next “explained Neville,
“Ok” sighed Harry
He had some toast and some pumpkin juice then
headed off out of the great hall. He was about to walk to the
classroom when he remembered he could apparate so he
apparated into the room and saw it hadn’t changed. He went to
the board and began writing what they were going to do that
morning. Just as he finished a second year came in and some
other students then when the last one came I thought I saw him
“Can any of you tell me what the unforgivable curses

Harry asked?

Right then the boys hand shot up and I recognized him

it’s the boy I saw. “Yes, er, what’s your name “Harry Asked?
“Tom Riddle, sir” Tom answered,
And Harry gasped but remained focus “the
unforgivable curses “Tom continued “are three curses that are
forbidden because they are horrific their names are the
cruciatus curse, the imperius curse, and the avada kedavra
curse.” Tom listed
“Good, 5 points to slytherin”harry said as he grinned,
He wasn’t surprised that the boy was so interested in
the three curses “any questions” Harry asked
Then most of the class put heir hands up “yes you” he
pointed at a tall boy at the back, “is it true that you- I meant
about the curses” Harry said, before the boy finished “you
didn’t let me finish, anyway, is it true that you survived the
avada kedavra curse when you were just 1 years old” the boy
asked” “yes” he answered, unpatiently and it went on till it
was near the end of class until a student said “is it true you
killed Voldemort” and every thing went silent then after a few
seconds Harry broke the silence and said “yes”
“So let’s get back to work” then he saw the time and
dismissed the class. He went straight to the second place he’d
wanted to go since he got there. When he got to the quiditch
field he found the Gryffindor team ready to fly off into the sky
“Good afternoon, Headmaster”they all said as they
spotted him,

“afternoon students” Harry said, just then he caught a

glimpse of somebody whos face he hadn’t seen in