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Date: 05 oct 2011

Surveyor: Capt. k.k. sharma

Capt. Sagar
Attempt: fourth
functions: fn 2
... Result: p

capt. sagar asked which oral was left and status of writtens, passed the file to capt. sharma. he didn't
look at my past remarks and started his own questions.

Function 2
1. which is more dangerous high or low angle of repose?
2. safe oils and unsafe oils on tankers
3. hazards of d.r.i.
4. effect of i.g. when put into hold containing d.r.i.
5. precautions for cold briquette iron
6. differnce between hague, hague visby, hamburg, mtd rules 93.
7. difference btw lng and lpg.
8. function of brine trap.
9. instrument to calculate co2 content.
10. co2 requirement for meats.
11. what all checks to be made while carrying coal during the voyage.
12. action in case of concentration liquification.

none of the above questions were my previous remarks. but they couldn't be otherwise i would have
had cleared fn 2 earlier. these were very simple. oral lasted only 15-20 minutes.

Here Comes Another Mate of the Month....... What a Relief !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Attempt: 3rd Attempt

Ext: Capt KK Sharma
Time: 25~30 mins
... Func : 1
Result: Finally Pass

After formal introduction with capt. Sagar & file wsas transfered to Capt. KK Sharma, Battle
1) Carriage of ECDIS ( last remark) ? ( he asked me to write on a piece of paper all the points, )
2) what is ENC, SENC, diff b/w ECDIS & ENC, hdqtr for IHO, ( had to answer lot of cross qns... )
3) Wreck buoy in detail...
4) ETA requirement for cargo vsl.... which regulation.... eta requirement for tankers..... he was
specific for ETA part.....
5) working of Echo sounder.. errors....
6) speed log.. bottom track...water track... grnd speed.. water speed.... collision avoidance which one
to use... ( quite cross qns for this also)
7) standard qns... pilot pick up..cross tss..current 4 kts..... show on paper
8) 3~ 4 random ROR cards...
9) Dreger at Anchor... lights....... trawler at anchor lights... fog signal for pilot vsl at anchor..
10) Synoptic charts.. prognosis charts..( cross qns)
11) Trial Manoeuvre.. in details.... how it helps in collision avoidance... which speed to feed in
ARPA...( he put one remark .. insisting ..ground speed for collision avoidance... didn't agree for water
12)TRS but in Brief...

13) how wud u calculate sight...

14) how to use star detail...
15) how to find planets using star finder..
Thats it & he told me to go out..... before i cud go capt.. sagar asked to come back...
Capt sagar..asked three qns...1) pd vsl at anchor sound signal 100 m or more
2) aground vsl sound signal 100 m or more
3) NUC & Aground vsl Difference... light..shapes..signals..
Finally he said golden words... Ratan U R Pass......ooooooooohhhhhhhh thanks...
I must say guys.. pls do share ur qns on this site .. it has helped me to prepare a lot.. Thanks to
everyone for their continuous posts on this forum.... Thanks bhaiyon....

Venue: MMD Noida

Event : Historic
Date : 16.08.2011
Time : 35 mins
Appeared for: function 2
External: Capt. K.K.sharma
Internal: Capt. Sagar
Result: P

When you win a race you want to credit everyone involved in this endeavour!!!!!

1) Which is more dangerous less or more angle of repose?

2) To which all ships grain applies?
3) Requirement w/o DOA?
4) One method of securing grain surface in filled compartment? How will you calculate vertical
heeling moment?

5) Why saucering not carried out for linseed?

6) When will you use timber load line? Why you require extra strengthening within the mid-ship half
7) What is a walkway?
8) What will be the height of timber deck cargo considering navigational bridge visibility ?
9) Lashing requirement with & w/o superstructure on timber carrier?
10) Angle of sliding and tipping?
11) What are uprights? Purpose of uprights and why are they not welded? I told him for lashing
timber deck cargo. Then he asked what else is the use? He wrote in pencil in file- purpose of
uprights. Then next question he asked what do you mean by jettisoning of cargo? I explained him
and then i went back to previous question n said in case of jettisoning the cargo the uprights need to
be removed so thats why they are not welded. )
12) What is wood pulp and how will you stow it onboard and what precautions are you gonna take?
Explained him regarding M. Notice 1051.
13) Coal liquefies Action?
14) Difference b/w LPG & LNG? (he wanted egs- i gave him 2 for each and later i said that there are
only 14 gases which can be carried, so he didnt ask anything more)
15) Pour point, cloud point?
16) What are safe oils?
17) What is union purchase?
18) What is yo-yo gear? How many derricks are used for it?
19) Changes in ISGOTT?
20) What is stale B/L? ( i explained him w.r.t. discharge port then he told me to explain as per load
port and what are remunerations as per that.)
21) What is the difference b/w MTD & CTD?
22) What is demmurage and whether it is applicable to voyage or time charter? (i explained him that
it is charge payable to the owner of a chartered ship in respect of failure to load or discharge cargo
in time. He said wrong.)
23) Claused B/L Himalaya clause, grandfather clause, hitch clause?
Func 1 question by Capt. K.K.Sharma....

1. All sailing vsls situations.

2. Lights of Pilot vessels, dredger @ anchor, air cushion vsl., towing and pushing ahead(composite
and non composite)..
3. What does flasing light indicate in air cushion vessel. (I told him to indicate that its in nondisplacement mode, he was not satisfied..No idea whats the correct answer..Anybody..!!! )
4. Limitations of air cushion vessel.
5. Various definitions from tides.
6. What is conventional direction of buoyage. (Capt Sagar's answer - Its in the direction of flood tide)
7. When is earth closest to sun
8. Precision of the euinoxes.
9. KK's standard TSS crossing situation with pilot station on other side. Shoals on both side of pilot
10.Emergency wreck buoy markings, where it is used.
11. Actions on sighting of submarine buoy.
12. CBD and PD Vessel crossing in TSS. (P & S)
13. Equinoxes nd Solistics,dates.
14. Crossing vsl from 22.5 degrees. He's very particular about sound signals.
15. Couple of simple RV situations with radar,(Vessel fwd of beam and overtaking)
Venue: MMD Noida
Date : 16.08.2011
Time : over an hour
Appeared for: function 3
External: Capt. K.K.sharma
Internal: Capt. Sagar
Result: P

Q1)what is operational management

Q2)when r stcw amendments coming into force
Q3)what r the stcw amendments

then the real war started...surprise package

Q4)what is lofing and fairing
Q5)what is plate nesting
Q6)what is wire frame model
Q7)what is cad/cam
Q8)what is hardness and roughness
Q9)what is brittle facture and ductile fracture
Q10)what is bilge keel and duct keel
Q11)what is breeches buoy)
Q12)what is LTA and how will u throw it..he showed the direction of the wind and asked me how will
v throw the lta now
Q13)Double bottom regulation on oil tankers
Q14)What is CAS
Q15)how is the bilge keel connected with the hull
Q16)psc in detail....can a psc inspector stop cargo during inspection.....what happens if the flag state
does not agree with the psc on detention of the ship...what r the detainable deficiancies
Q17)what is mediterranean moor
Q18)pms of anchor cable
Q19)what is ranging of anchor
Q20)what r statutory certificates
Q21)name some statutory certificates
Venue: MMD Noida
Date : 12.08.2011
Attempt: 3rd
External: Capt. K.K.Sharma
Internal: Capt. Sagar
Result: --P

What is operational management?

Changes in ISM Code?
Change in the definition of Major non Confirmity?
Grades of Steel ?
Normalising, Annealing, Tampering ?

6) condition for assignment?

7) Racking stress? structures on ship to prevent racking stress?
8) Contents of ORB? Changes in ORB?
9) Psc inspector detains ship. Your Flag state thinks otherwise. What to be done?
10) What are the changes in AOA? Bi-party or Triparty?
11) Which ships are required to be registered in India?
12) Which MOU India is a party? Where headquarters located?
13) Dragging of Anchor? Which direction chain leads while dragging?
14) Drydocking will you go wid ballast or without ballast. How will u empty remaining ballast
15) Famous K.K.Sharma Anchoring situation with lots of ship at anchor?
16) When ammendment to STCw conv will come in force ?
17) Interim SMC. went in detail as per ISM?
18) London Dumping Convention and its protocol?
19) Cesser Clause.
20) Redilevery Clause ?
Venue: MMD Noida
Date : 02.08.2011
Time : 30 mins
Attempt: 3rd
External: Capt. K.K.sharma
Internal: SANTA CLAUS Capt. Sagar
Result : P - formal introduction by capt. sagar writtens result and vessels done...wished me luck
1. when is the earth closest to sun?
2. formation of seasons?
3. Pilot vessel underway light and towing alongside and pushing ahead light?
4. rate of ingress of water through a hole underwater if the area of hole is A and Depth
below water is D?
5. Damage stability and its booklet and bilging calculation procedure?
6. Gyro compass? every thing u knw.... i just uttered few sentences he stopped me... His
Remark...i guess u have become a gyro researcher now..... :)
7. sights and 'c' correction?
8. dew temp given so how will u decide to ventilate the cargo?
9. formulae for squat?
Thats it and i was told to wait outside....Capt sagar called while i was way out he said
congratulations told me that i dnt need to ask u anything he gave me 9/10 said its excellent
performance and wished me luck for future endeavors