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Proposed Consumable Buff System Renewal

Its common in MMORPG games to have consumable items that gives players a boost
in status to aid them in grinding for level or in a PVP/PK situation. But most if not, all
well known and successful MMORPG like World of Warcraft, Guildwars 2, and Rift just
to name a few, place a limiter on the amount of consumable buffs a player can use.
This is to preserve the distinction between each playable class and to protect the
balance and integrity of the game.
In Dekaron the current buff system have no limit on how much one player can use
every single consumable buffs stacks indefinitely. And some if not most players are
abusing it. Another problem is the tedious process of keeping a significant amount of
various consumable buffs. Currently an average competitive player needs to have
atleast 25-30 different consumable buffs ready at any given time. With the limited
storage available to a player it is very annoying to always keep a susbstantial amount
of various consumable buffs just to be able to keep up with others. It not only
compete with the space allocated for restoretative potions it also uses 90% of a
players storage space and this lack of storage space makes players lose interest in
farming or doing dungeon runs.
Looking at this problem in a gamers point of view, I can honestly say this is a huge
flaw in a mmorpg, without placing limitations on consumable buffs, distinction among
the role of each class is destroyed. As evident on the games current state the number
of players playing hunter and mage class is very low and a huge number of players
switch to playing Half Bagi and Aloken class. Why? The answer is simple Aloken and
Half Bagi can deal the same or higher amount of damage as the hunter and mage and
at the same time tank 4x as much compared to the other 2 damage dealer class using
the same number of consumable buffs. This does not only destroy the class distinction
it also destroys the game balance. A very good example would be the current state of
DK square. Where a lone aloken using a huge number of cosumable buffs can take
out a whole party with ease. The same goes for the half bagi. A simple solution for
this problem is to put a limit on consumable buffs.
a. Consumable Buff Classification:
A limiter on consumable buffs is a must in mmorpg. This is to protect the balance of
the game and to keep the distinction between playable class. In most mmorpg every
class is only allowed to use one of each type of consumable buffs at a time. One for
offense and one for defense, using another kind of offensive/defensive consumable
buff would overwrite the previous one. This system keeps each class in their place i.e.
A tank class will never be able to deal the same amount of damage against an equally
geared damage dealer class, and the damage dealer class cant tank the same
amount of punishment a tank can.
In Dekaron we have different types of consumable buffs and some even give both
offensive and defensive status at the same time, which is a very bad thing in terms of
game balance. A solution for this is to put a classification on consumable buffs namely
Offense, Defense and Utility. A good rework on all the existing consumable buffs to
only give one of the following buff classification.
Offense Buffs are consumables that gives x% attack/magic attack, x+ attack/magic
attack, vitality, critical damage, critical rate, x% elemental attack, x+ elemental
attack, x% attackspeed, x+ attackspeed, x% accuracy rate, x+ accuracy rate, x+
Defense Buffs are consumables that gives x% defense, x+ defense, x% elemental
resistance, x+ elemental resistance, x% magic resistance, x+ magic resistance, x+
critical resistance, x% critical resistance, x% guard rate, x+ guard rate, x% block
rate, x+ block rate, x% max HP, x+ max HP, x% HP regeneration, x+ HP regenration,

x% max PK/PVP shield, x+ max PK/PVP shield, x% PK/PVP resistance, Shield

regeneration, x% abnormal status resistance, x+ abnormal status resistance, x%
defeat resistance, x+ defeat resistance, x+ HEAL.
Utility Buffs are consumables that gives x% movement speed, x+ movement speed,
x% skill cooldown reduction, x% max MP, x+ max MP, MP consumption reduction, x%
MP regeneration, x+ MP regeneration, +x monster lure, x% Skill debuff effectiveness.

What to do with the existing consumable buffs:

A consumable buff that gives both offensive and defensive status should be removed
and replaced with a single status boosting buff. A very simple solution for this is to
make all the existing consumable item buffs excluding D-shop buffs as a nonconsumable exchange ingredient for the new set of consumable buffs. This will also
encourage and promote farming and grinding among players.
Defensive consumable buffs should strictly only give a boost on a particular category
of defensive status a table for a proposed Defensive sub category is given below.
Defense Buffs Category:

Magical Defense

Shield buff

Luck Base

+x% Defense

+x% Elemental

+x% max HP

+x% guard rate

+x max HP

+x guard rate

+x% HP Regeneration

+x% block rate

+x HP Regenration

+x block rate

+x Defense
+x% Physical

+x Elemental
+x% All Magical
+x All Magical

+x% max PK/PVP

+x max PK/PVP shield

+x% All

+x% PK/PVP
+x% Abnormal
+x% abnormal
+x% Defeat

+x% Critical

+x All Elemental

Offensive consumable buffs also needs to have a strict singular status boost primarily
due to several class who can switch between magic and physical skill set i.e. Vicious
Summoner and Consera Summoner. So the same sub category should be given to
consumable offensive buffs.

Offensive Buffs Category:

Physical Damage

Magical Damage

Critical Boost

Special Offensive

+x% Attack

+x% Magic Attack

+x% Critical


+x Magic Attack
+x Attack Damage

+x% Accuracy Rate

+x Vitality
+x Accuracy Rate
+x% Critical Rate
+x Critical Rate

+x% Elemental
+x Elemental
+x% Attack Speed

The table above sets a sub category for consumable defensive and offensive buffs this
is to further ensure that an imbalance would not occur.
A partial sample list of consumable buffs that gives both offensive and defensive buff
effects. That needs to be removed and replaced with a more organized and logical
new set of consumable buffs.
Partial Sample List of Consumable Buffs that needs to be remade into nonconsumable quest item. Making only its status boosting effect disappear without
totally deleting the item.
Ice Mushroom
Valentines Day
Rolling Candy

Blessed Scroll
Gold ( Ice
Castle Scroll)
Torn Penril
Priest Scroll
(Ice Castle

Current Buff Effect

10% Defense
100 Vitality
5% all attack
10% defense
5% max HP
5% max MP
+250 Critical rate
5% max HP
+5000 HP recovery
+200 Hit Rate
+5000 max HP
+100 Critical Rate
+20 SPR
+10 HEAL

Proposed sample of new set of consumable buffs with recipe

Proposed new
consumable buffs
Crespos Cold Steak
Crespos Cold Soup
Ice Elixir
Chocolate Steak
(Physical Damage)
Chocolate Soup
(Magical Damage)
Salty Treat
Sweet Treat
Delightful Treat
Scroll of Power

Scroll of Spirit
Scroll of Endurance

1x Ice Mushroom
1x Greasy Smoked Carmin
1x Ice Mushroom
1x Crisp & Pure Water of
1x Ice Mushroom
1x Blessed Scroll Gold
1x Valentines Day
1x Half-cooked laker Steak
1x Valentines Day
1x Clear Mullet Stew
1x Rolling Candy
1x Sharp Loam Cheese
1x Rolling Candy
1x Soft Fairie Cake
1x Rolling Candy
1x Fresh Fairie Cake
1x Torn Scroll
1x Scroll of Vitality

Torn Scroll
Scroll of Wisdom
Torn Scroll
Scroll of Patience

Proposed Status buff

10% Defense
+200 Resistance to all
+100 Vitality
+10% Attack Damage
+10% Magic Attack

+300 Critical Rate

+10% Max HP
+6000 HP Recovery Rate
Choose: 1 Status only
+20 STR
+20 DEX
+20 SPR
+20 HEAL

A proposed singular stat boosting effect of buff with increase buff amount will make
each class choose wisely on what to placed on their limited consumable buff slot. This
will also encourage farming and grinding since most of the recipe ingredients are only
obtainable thru dungeon runs or Ice Castle.

b. Allocation of consumable buff slot for each Class

Currently Dekaron have 4 role base class. This are: Tank, Damage Dealer, Support
and Bruiser/Initiator.
Tanks: Bagi warriors, Shield Azure Knight, Half Bagi, Aloken (Guard Arm and special
Damage Dealer: Segita Hunter, Incar Magician, Vicious Summoner, Conssera
Summoner, Dark Wizard
Support: Segnale, Segueripper, Aloken
Bruiser/Initiator: Dual wield weapon Azure Knight, Two-Handed wield weapon
Azure Knight, Half Bagi, Aloken
Base on the role of each class we can allocate the appropriate number of
allowable consumable buffs. So that we can maintain the integrity of the role
playing game and at the same time preserve the balance and distinction
between each class.

Initial Limit at character Level 1 to 179

Bagi Warrior
Azure Knight
Half Bagi
Segita Hunter
Incar Magician
Dark Wizard
Vicious Summoner
Consera Summoner

Defensive Slot

Offensive Slot

Utility Slot

Offensive Slot

Utility Slot

Final Limit at character level 180 ~

Bagi Warrior
Azure Knight
Half Bagi
Segita Hunter
Incar Magician
Dark Wizard
Vicious Summoner
Consera Summoner

Defensive Slot
3+2 =5

The final and initial consumable buff limiter is base on each class role and
their current skill set both passive and active, character status
(STR/DEX/SPR to damage ratio, HEAL to HP and Shield ratio) and PK/PVP
damage convertion for each class are all put into consideration. Each class is
given a total of 9 final consumable buff slot purely base on their skill set.
Segnale gets the most number of consumable buff slot at 10 as it is the most
targeted character on a mass pk/pvp situations.
Bagi Warrior: This class gets the most number of defensive buff slot and the least
number of offensive slot this is to ensure that the class stays as the toughest tanking
class ingame.
Azure Knight: Considered as secondary tank, this class gets the second most
number of defensive slot. In a PK/PVP situation an Azure Knights lack of natural
status resistance (active and passive skill) calls for a much needed additional
defensive slot as compared to a Half Bagi and Aloken. A decent number of offensive
slot is given to Azure Knight to maintain its bruising capabilities.
Half Bagi: Having the same most powerful defensive active skill of a Bagi warrior;
resistance and vital drain. And its own unique skills namely earth divider, bust slash
and various dash and stun/ skill locks is a game changer for this class if buff limit is
left uncheck it becomes the most overpowered class in the history of mmorpg games.
After rigorously reviewing and testing its skill set a proposed equal balance of both
defense and offense buff slot is given to prevent it from being an overpowered class.

Aloken: Aloken gets the same defensive slot as the other damage dealer class and
gets more slot for offense and utility. The reason is simple. Giving aloken the same
amount of defensive slot as an Azure Knight or Half Bagi would again make the aloken
on an equal tanking ability as the Bagi Warrior. Considering their special self buffs like
La Defense, Aqua Remover and Decrease Damage. Offensive wise Rebellion sword
which gives 20% more damage upon trigger gives this class on par with the damage
of a hunter. Plus the boosted trigger rate of the said buffs from the guard arm
passive skills. To balance out the class and to make sure it stays as a hybrid
bruiser/support an additional 1 slot for utility is given to Aloken.
Incar Magician: Considered as the primary nuker. The magician class gets 3
defensive buff slot, 4 offensive buff slot and 2 utility buff slot. The ability to deal
various elemental damage and reduce a targets elemental resistance at a medium to
long-range, the difficulty of obtaining elemental resistance on all the elemental
damage a Incar Magician can deal are all considered, so 4 offensive buff slot is given.
2 utility buff slot is given to this class to compensate its lack of skill cooldown
reduction skill as compared to its counterpart dark wizard (Devils Promise).
Dark Wizard: This class is made as a counterpart of the Incar Magician class. Only
able to deal 1 type of elemental damage (Dark) They can be countered by stacking
dark resistance gears. To compensate for the lack of elemental damage choice this
class is given 5 offensive buff slot, 1 slot more than its counterpart Incar Magician.
Segita Hunter: The primary long-range physical damage dealer. This class is
currently considered as the underdog class the very reason it is being outclassed is
primarily due to the broken consumable buff system. Another reason is the armor and
gear set progression. As we all know higher level gears tends to give higher amount
of physical defense. This makes it really easy to stack physical defense. To place it
again on par with other class this class is given 5 offensive buff slot so as to make it
excel in terms of dealing physical damage among all other class.
Consera Summoner (Dual Blade): This class is considered as a hybrid melee/longrange Physical damage dealer, an assassin type. This class is currently overpowered
due to the skill set given to it. First the chakras, soul link, consecutive use of
invisibility as a great escape mechanism and last the heavy damage it can deal at
both medium and long range which also heavily debuffs a target. Wether staff of dual
blade all the said skills are accessible to this class not to mention that the dual blade
gets the maximum 4 gem sockets as compared to the weapon of its counterpart class
Vicious Summoner which only gets 3 gem sockets. Considering all this a Consera
Summoner is still considered as a physical damage dealer class next only to hunter.
So a great emphasis on offensive buff slot is given to this class.
Consera Summoner (Staff): Also considered as the secondary nuker with access to
only 1 type of elemental damage (poison). It is given the same amount of
consumable buff slot as the dual blade wielder. Because of its access to the dual blade
skill it also enjoys the same defensive capabilities of the dual blade Consera
Vicious Summoner (TwinBlade): Vicious Summoner is a special case they are
originally designed as a hitter dps class but with their current limitations like 1 less
weapon gem slot (twinblade), as compared to the other 4 hitters and the serious fact
that twinblade skills are melee oriented. Unlike Half Bagi they also suffer from the
lack of status resistance. Even with invisibility skill it still is not as good of an escape
mechanism or a good way to make a surprise attack for twinblade Vicious Summoner.
This is beacause of its natural skill set and its inability to use the invisibility
consecutively nor does it have a skill that detargets your oponent like its counterpart
Consera Summoner. So a much needed offensive boost is given to keep them on par
with the other hitter class. 3 defensive slot and 5 offensive slot is given to this class.

Vicious Summoner (Staff): Like Dark Wizards they are also considered as the
secondary nuker. Also lock on using only 1 type of elemental damage (poison). It
shares the consumable buff slot as the twinblade although it has 1 gem socket more
on its weapon as compared to twinbalde most of its skills are dodgeable and easily
interruptible and without the same escape mechanism as the Consera Summoners
consecutive invisibility and detarget ability, they share the same dillema as the
twinblade user.
Segnale: Is considered as the primary support in Dekaron so a balance of both
offensive and defensive buff slot is needed both for survivability and self defense. The
highest priority kill is always given to support class so to be an effective support it
needs to survive the onslaught a fair amount of defensive buff slot will ensure this.
The highest number of utility buff slot is given to this class to sustain its effective
support role and to keep itself alive thru continous attacks.
Segueripper: Is the secondary support class but with more emphasis on offense so it
is given 3 defensive and 4 offensive slot and 1 less utility slot compared to Segnale.
Unlike Segnale this class is often ignored and gets the lowest priority kill. But that
doesnt mean that it should be given less defensive buff slot than Segnales. For an
offensive class it lacks the movespeed to make an effective kill. And as a support it
lacks the skill set to fully support a group of 5-7 people. This class is made to
incapacitate a vital player on the opposing team and to do that a fair amount of
defense and offense is needed which is the reason behind its allocated consumable
buff slot.
The proposed consumable buff limiters would further enhance the distinction
between each class and this will be a unique way and system of making a
game more balance. I have yet to see a mmorpg that gives a unique number
of consumable buff slots based on the class being played. If this gets
implemented Dekaron would be the first in the industry to use this simple yet
amazing technique of game balancing. And with the abundance of
consumable buff variety Dekaron have its sure to appeal to the majority of
the players. Simple tweaks on the number of buff slot allocated for a
particular class will give huge results on its overall performance and create a
more balance playing field for both new and old playable class.

c. Special consumable buffs (D-shop Potions)

A limiter should also be put on special consumable buffs or what most of us know as
D-shop buffs. If left as it is the previous buff system limiter would mean nothing since
D-shop buffs are too powerful of a buff and if used in conjucntion with the other Dshop buffs without any limit it would again cause a major imbalance. A maximum limit
of 2 special buff for all class will ensure that everyone stays on a leveled playing field.
Ive conducted a survey using 6 concise Yes or No questions with regards on placing a
limit on the use of D-shop buffs with 15 dekaron players (guidlmates and
acquaintances) as participants all 15 players are occasional D-shop spender. The
result would give us an idea on how a gamer would react to a possible change in Dshop buffs limits in both their D-shop expenditure and the way they see how this
change would impact the game balance. Here is the result of the survey.
With the current
consumable buff system
(no limit) would you say its
makes the game more
If a consumable buff
limiter is place for D-shop
buffs like a maximum of 2
D-shop buff at a time will
this encourage you to play
the game in a more
competitive manner?
Speaking of competitive
playing this will involve a
fair and consistent amount
of 2 of your most favorable
D-shop buffs will this make
you buy D-shop buffs
With the current state of
the use of an indefinite
amount of D-shop buffs
you need to buy to
compete with other players
makes you turn away from
buying it?
So moderation on the Dshop buffs you need to buy
in order to compete on a
leveled playing field with
others will make you a
regular customer of Dshop buffs?
Do you think that the
indefinite amount of Dshop and regular buffs that
can be use is one of the
reason thats making
people not play this game?








Base on the survey data it is very clear that majority of the players are in favor of
placing a limiter on D-shop buffs. It indicates that most players think that placing a
limiter on D-shop buffs would put a balance on the game. It also suggest that by
placing a limiter on the D-shop buffs more players are willing to spend a regular
amount on D-shop buffs believing that the said proposed limiter would level the
playing field for all class and players. It also dictates that spending in moderation on
consumable buffs with real money plays a very significant role in this major change. If
people or players think that it is a moderate or small amount of money they will be
spending on a game they tend to make regular purchase. In the spirit of competitive
gaming. But when we put indefinite number of consumable buffs without limiter on its
use average players tend to not spend any money at all thinking that the game is
broken and imbalance and the money spent on consumable buffs would just go to
waste since they will always be bested by someone who uses all the available
consumable buffs on sale in D-shop. It would also be advisable to rework the current
D-shop buffs removed D-shop buffs like abbadon powder, holy ghost powder and
trieste water. And just retain the really special ones like great holy ghost powder. This
will make a more logical approach in terms of consumable buff game balancing.