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Ambuja cement

Company Profile
Ambuja Cements Ltd, a part of a global conglomerate Holcim, is one of Indias leading cement
manufacturers and has completed over 25 years of operations.
The cement industry is literally the building block of a nation. In that context Ambuja plays a key role in
Indias development and its blueprint for the future. It has always stayed on the fast track to growth and
has gone on to become a major player in the countrys cement sector.
The company, initially called Gujarat Ambuja Cements Ltd, was founded by Narotam Sekhsaria in 1983 in
partnership with Suresh Neotia. Global cement major Holcim acquired management control of Ambuja
in 2006. The Company has also made strategic investments in ACC Limited.
Ambuja Cement is an established brand in India for Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) and Pozzolana
Portland Cement (PPC), with significant footprints across western, eastern and northern markets of
India. Our customers range from individuals house builders (IHB) to governments to global construction
Ambuja has grown dynamically over the past decade. Its current cement capacity is 27.25 million tons.
The Company has five integrated cement manufacturing plants and eight cement grinding units across
the country. It is the first Indian cement manufacturer to build a captive port with four terminals along
the countrys western coastline to facilitate timely, cost effective and environmentally cleaner
shipments of bulk cement to its customers. The Company has its own fleet of ships.
Today, the Company has established itself as one of the most efficient cement manufacturers in the
world. Its environment protection measures are on par with the finest in the country. It is one of the
most profitable and innovative cement companies in India. The Company has also pioneered the
development of multiple bio-mass co-fired technologies for generating greener power in its captive
The Companys most distinctive attribute is its approach to business. Ambuja follows a unique home
grown philosophy called I CAN, that gives people the authority to set their own targets and the freedom
to achieve their goals. Its focus has been consistent on two major building blocks that are resonated
through its daily operations Quality (of the product) and Safety (of the human resources involved in
the creation of the product).

Vision & Mission


To be the most sustainable and competitive company in our industry.


Mission - Create Value for all

Delighted Customers

Inspired Employees

Enlightened Partners

Energized Society

Loyal Shareholders

Healthy Environment

Mr. N. S. Sekhsaria, Chairman
Mr. Paul Hugentobler, Vice Chairman
Mr. Markus Akermann
Mr. M. L. Bhakta
Mr. Nasser Munjee
Mr. Rajendra P. Chitale
Mr. Shailesh Haribhakti
Dr. Omkar Goswami
Mr. Naresh Chandra
Mr. Onne van der Weijde,

Product & Services

Ambuja Cement is committed to make high strength cement that would enable our customers build
strong and durable structures.

To achieve this, the finest quality of limestone is used and state-of-the-art technology deployed. But our
people have also used one more ingredient Innovation. They have developed an innovative way of
using fly ash to produce high strength Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC)

Millions of tons of fly ash is generated as waste annually by thermal power plants and poses a high
environmental hazard. This waste is put to productive use and this innovation has also meant 25% less
limestone is used in the production of cement.

Ambuja Cement latest breakthrough is the launch of Ambuja PLUS, a high quality cement with a promise
of more strength. This new cement, just released in the eastern and western markets, offers twin
advantages higher strength in concrete as well as long term durability.

Our wholly owned subsidy Alccofine, specializes in micro materials which are widely used in high
strength concrete at prestigious projects throughout India. The Alccofine Micro Materials range from
high strength concrete additives to special applications in tunnels and dams.