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Family essay

in English
teacher: Smotoc Nadejda
made: Potoroaca Tatiana

causeni 214


The family is a well-known theme of art of all time .It defines a

society in a certain stage of civi-lysate, but profoundly marks the
destiny of each individual. Literature mainly follows the route of the
man who is born in the family to the family who founded it, planting
her status as social.Familia is a collation of Coverage ages but also a
conflict between generations. Traditional society requires
individuals, as a way of integrating into the community, but also of
individual accomplishment, starting a familii.Modelul it is adopted
or rejected depending on their experience and training, but the
spirit gives the stability of the family institution epocii.Ca companies
therefore, it is protected through the written and unwritten laws.
The state takes responsibility tuning relationships between
individuals within the family, especially in crucial moments. Church
settles highlights state institution for the evolution of a family
through baptism and marriage, two of the seven Sacraments.In
socialist society, the family is a unit based on a higher
consciousness, lasting feelings on mutual respect, equality and wife.
Each family is a small group of people integrated in the great
collective work in our country. It can not be conceived of a family
life and work life and activity outside of our entire society. Between
family and our society there is a full unity of interest and lofty goals.
In light of these characteristics of the socialist family, parental
responsibility for raising and educating their children is projected
stronger. Some of the most important factors that keep the family
together is mutual respect and love, the desire to lead a life partners
shared their involvement in raising and educating children,
authentic communication between family members, their homes
and there is a satisfactory income. A harmonious family has a
balanced lifestyle through openness and willingness of its members
to fully carry out its role within the family. In other words, family
harmony is the product of a relationship based on trust, respect and
love between husband and wife, parents and children, parents and
grandparents, grandparents and children.

In this world full of hardships, the family is that by
understanding, trust, respect and mutual love manages
to depasasca, it is also one of the things in this
world that life makes sense; one thing for you to die
and live at the same time; a wonderful thing that can
not be defined in words; something mysterious,
something that embodies good, and also how and where
both find their children self-control and respect and
confidence in yourself. "