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com to register and see Opportunities for

course descriptions. Also register by phone (407) 514-4224.
Spiritual Growth
2008 Spring A.C.T.S. Classes
Starting Wednesday, April 9 at 6:00 pm
Abraham: Becoming a Friend of the
Nick Meola E2-212 7 2 hrs.
Faithful God
Bible Geography (STARTING APRIL 30) Dr. Dan Warner E2-215 5 1 hr.
Biblical Financial Principles (Crown) Tony Gravanda & Daniel Jimenez E2-310 10 2 hrs.
Biblical Insights into Child Training CeCe & Dutch Owens E2-342 9 1 ½ hrs.
Business by the Book Mike Wells E2-312 8 2 hrs.
Cult Awareness Carl Mickens E2-208 8 1 ¼ hrs.
Please visit our web site at Daniel – Part 2 Laura Messina E2-211 10 2 hrs.
For Women Only Chris Hammond E2-229 7 2 hrs.
Galatians Larry Margarella E2-207 10 1 ¼ hrs.

to register and see course descriptions. Greek Intro Carol Hotz E2-213 9 1 hr.
II Corinthians Bob Taylor E2-214 10 1 hr.
Also register by phone (407) 514-4224. Leading and Loving/Heart That Makes
Kevin & Delaine Gabriel E2-232 6 2 hrs.
a Home
Lord, Teach Me to Pray Suzy Bobbitt E2-228 5 2 hrs.
Love and Respect Wally & Lynette David E2-206 7 2 hrs.
• Many classes are stand alone • Some classes require a
MasterLife 1 for Men Pete VanScoy FH 301-C 7 1 ¾ hrs.
and may be joined in mid-term. workbook that may be MasterLife 2 for Women Dawn Pici E2-231 7 2 hrs.
purchased from the First Parenting with Purpose Naida Hardy E2-340 6 1 ½ hrs.
• Child care is provided for Baptist bookstore. Check the Please Open the Door Gail Brown E2-308 4 1 hr.
Wednesday classes. course description for cost. Raising a Modern Day Knight Roddy Wagner & Chris Fernandez E2-338 7 1 ½ hrs. Academy of Christian Training and Service
Ruth & The Kinsman Redeemer Tom Headley E2-210 7 1 ¼ hrs.
Search for Significance Bob Myers & Dona White E2-306 9 2 hrs.
Shine John Harris & Tim Grosshans E2-308 8 1 ½ hrs.
Questions? For general information, please email
Sign Language (407-514-4238) (continued from Winter) E2-223 10 2 hrs.
Betty Slaton, Director of A.C.T.S. The Case for Easter Terrell Yon E2-209 9 1 ½ hrs.
Women’s Ministries: Monday and Tuesday at 9:15 am

Starting Monday, April 7 at 9:15 am CLASSES

Lord, Teach Me to Pray Jennifer Adamson WC 132/134 5 2 hrs

Starting Tuesday, April 8 at 9:15 am

Lord, Teach Me to Pray Sharon Hodges/Michelle Ellison WC-139 5 2 hrs

3 0 0 0 S . J o h n Yo u n g P k w y. • O r l a n d o , F L 3 2 8 0 5
Daniel – Part 2 (Precept) Laura Messina AP-2 10 2 hrs To register call 407.514.4224 or click
D r. D av i d U t h , S e n i o r Pa s t o r
web: F ir stOr • phone: 407.425.2555 For child care on Mondays (407) 514-4432 Spring 2008

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SPRING 2008 COURSE DESCRIPTIONS • Register at • Classes begin Wednesday, April 9, 2008
Abraham: Becoming Biblical Insights ences and how to defend our but He sees you as clothed with through the Biblical perspec- life that makes a difference! Open the door of your heart foundation of Jesus Christ.
a Friend of the into Child Training faith. Discussion will include the righteousness of Christ. As tives. Workbook available in Take the fi rst step of a four- and your mind to develop Workbooks available in class
Faithful God Parents can accidentally train Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormon- such you are acceptable and bookstore. part program to develop a acceptance of persons with ($15).
In this Precept study of their children to disobey. ism, Seventh-Day Adventists, carry authority. victorious Christian life and disabilities into the church
Genesis 12-25, learn prin- They can also exasperate Freemasonry, and the New Age Lord, Teach grow a deeper relationship family. Shine – 5 Empowering
ciples and truths from the their children through their Movement. Greek Intro Me to Pray with Christ as you practice Principles for a
life of Abraham, the friend of own improper attitudes and This is an extension of the Jesus gave His disciples a the six biblical disciplines Raising a Modern Rewarding Life
God, that will ground your inconsistencies. Reb Bradley’s Daniel – Part 2 class, Learning New Testament perfect pattern for prayer in of a disciple. This is not only Day Knight This study is to encourage be-
faith, challenge your walk, video series gives us tools Are domestic and international Greek, and will be covering the Lord’s Prayer. In this study, for new Christians, but for A compelling new video lievers to envision their work
and give you hope for your to establish parental control tensions, terrorism, and moral chapters 11 through 19. Any- Kay Arthur leads you to put the all who thirst for a deeper study for dads that will – no matter what it is – as an
future. Workbook available in in our home. God’s design decay getting you down? Daniel one interested in continuing Lord’s Prayer into practice. You relationship with the Master. give you the opportunity to ordained calling to real life
bookstore. for training and disciplining lived as a captive in a foreign this class for advanced study as will gain insights from God’s Workbooks are available in explore how we can raise our ministry. It will be particu-
our children are found in His land, but he made a lasting im- well as for review are welcome. Word on how to pray, what to the bookstore. sons into a noble, vibrant larly interesting to those in
Bible Geography Word. This class is aimed pact not only on his people, but pray, and what to expect when masculinity and a healthy industry and commerce. S –
Our Mission: (STARTING APRIL 30) toward parents planning for also on his enemies, because II Corinthians you pray. Workbooks available MasterLife for manhood propelling your Serve others, H – Honor God,
The course will look at the a family, and for those with he knew El Elyon – God Most Paul writes his second letter to in bookstore. Women – Part II fatherhood to another level. I – Improve continually, N –
High. You can know the same the church in Corinth. As the Be energized to claim the Some of the topics include Navigate by values, E – Excel
To Make physical geography of the
world of the Bible. Our journey
newborns through children in
mid to late elementary school. Mighty God! Workbooks avail- most personal of all his letters, Love and Respect victory Christ won for you Sizing Yourself Up As a in relationships. Workbooks
will take us to Ancient Meso- $12 will cover the cost of the able in bookstore. he expresses both how exciting The love she most desires; the on the cross. Maximize your Dad, Shaping Up As a Dad, $10 available in class.
Disciples of potamia, Egypt and fi nish
with Israel. One will gain an
book and syllabus available
in class. For Women Only
and how painful his life as a
missionary has been. He also
respect he desperately needs.
Marriages today face a moun-
spiritual potential; break the
bonds that are holding you
Dad’s Workout Program for
Sons, and A Son’s Defi ning Sign Language
appreciation for the emphasis Need help unraveling the mys- fi nds it necessary to defend tain of challenges. Busy sched- back. Achieve personal excel- Moment. Cost for the class (407-514-4238)
Jesus Christ the Bible places on the geo- Business by the Book tery of manhood? The inner himself against those who are ules, family-of-origin issues, lence; abound in the fruit of is $39 and covers the book, We offer several levels of
graphical movements of God’s Find your purpose in busi- lives of men are not a mystery criticizing him. As you study work expectations, addictive the Spirit. Workbooks avail- Participant’s Training Guide, Sign Language and interpret-
people through these various ness. How important is to frustrate, puzzle, or even to this letter, think about how behaviors, affairs and dwin- able in bookstore. the Dad’s Workout Program ing. The current classes are
countries, and each country’s servant leadership? Make solve, but God’s plan from the exciting it can be to serve the dling romance all conspire for His Son, and a six-week carried over from the winter.
topographical features. good decisions and learn how very beginning. This study is Lord, but realize too that being against healthy marriages. Parenting with daily devotional. New class will begin in Au-
to manage and keep good for every woman who wants to a Christian can sometimes lead Often the mountain of marital Purpose gust. For more information
Biblical Financial employees the Biblical way. support her man in becoming to pain and suffering. problems seems insurmount- Intentionally bring greater Ruth & the or details, call 407-514-4238.
Principles (Crown) Improve your role in business all that God intends him to be. able, prompting too many peace and harmony into Kinsman Redeemer
Want to learn how to manage marketing, business planning, Eye-opening discoveries and Leading and Loving/ couples to give up and consider your home! Using the DISC The book of Ruth is a time- The Case for Easter
your fi nances God’s way? His and organization. To order practical tips growing out of Heart That Makes a divorce as their best option. We personalities, learn how to less love story. Set in ancient Easter is the foundational
principles on money are found materials go to www.Crown. biblical principles will help you Home believe hope can be renewed motivate your child toward Israel during the time of the event of the Christian faith.
in over 2,300 verses in the org. Questions? Contact Mike put new insights into practice MUST HAVE COMPLETED in every marriage, and that cou- better behaviors. Cost Judges, it is a story of hope The Apostle Paul wrote that
Bible. Find out how you can Wells at 407-748-7546 or mi- and focus on understanding “Biblical Portrait of Marriage” ples can acquire and develop includes individual personal for the hopeless and life to if the Resurrection did not
change your future by reduc- the man in your life to provide PRIOR TO TAKING THIS new tools and skills that will assessment, book, and a fun, the lifeless. Come discover happen, we of all people
ing debt, saving, spending, the loving support he wants CLASS. We’ll take a more facilitate a transformation in informative and practical God’s plan of redemption as are most to be pitied. Best
earning money, budgeting and Cult Awareness and needs! Workbook available detailed look at the husband’s their marriage. Book available way to parent your child. $35 told through the life of Ruth selling author Lee Stroebel
giving. Materials are $25 per Explore the process in which in bookstore. and wife’s roles in a marriage, in bookstore. per person; $55 per couple. and The Kinsman-Redeemer. addresses the evidence for
couple, or $35 per individual. people are deceived into including what it means for the Resurrection in his new
To order material (Title: “New believing things contrary to Galatians the husband to be a Godly MasterLife for Please Open the Door Search for book, The Case for Easter.
Day Student Group study”) Orthodox Christianity. Many God has a standard. But He leader, and precisely what the Men – Part I Understanding the basic Significance We will explore this impor-
call SBC at 1-866-902-6578 cult groups are flourishing makes it possible for you to be role of the wife was designed This is a discipleship course for needs of people with dis- Discover why a life based tant apologetics issues and
and tell them FBCO is with in our neighborhoods and acceptable to Him at all times to be, not according to our men to discover how to make abilities and helping them on needing the approval of become equipped to defend
the SBC to receive discount. around the world. The cultic when He gives you righteous- culture, and not according to Christ Master and to master explore God’s purpose for others and achieving more the faith that we hold as we
For questions or further infor- indoctrination is subtle, so ness as your clothing. Your psychologists, but according to life by developing a personal their lives is the focus of does not bring lasting fulfi ll- review and evaluate the evi-
mation, contact Mike Wells at many Christians are caught faith in Christ enables God to the unchanging truth of God’s lifelong, obedient relation- this course. Discover what ment. Trace the cause of dence for ourselves and learn
407-748-7546 or michaelow- off-guard. This class will regard you as righteous. He Word. Dr. Bruce Wilkinson and ship with Him. Put power into Jesus did with the weak, the harmful emotions and build the case for Easter. Book discuss the doctrinal differ- doesn’t see your sin any longer, his wife Darlene will guide us your spiritual walk and live a lame and the downtrodden. your self-esteem on the solid available in bookstore.

ACTS Spring Cover 06I.indd 2 3/25/08 7:29:12 PM