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1 tartrat de ergotamin

2 hidrazin hidrat
3 Hidrazid
4 Acid clorhidric
5 nitrit de sodiu
6 bicarbonat de sodiu
7 Dietilamina
8 eter
9 Baloane
Hrtie 10 filtru
11. manta de nclzire
12 2 litri cu trei gturi balon cu fund rotund
Timp: aproximativ 36 de ore.
Procesul de:
PASUL 1: ntr-un balon de 2 litri cu trei gturi cu fund rotund
adaug la 2 grame de tartrat de ergotamin despre jumtate gram
de hidrat de hidrazin. Procedai cu atenie atunci cnd se adaug
hidrat de hidrazin, pentru c este foarte otrvitoare,
n special pentru ochi.
PASUL 2: Se pune o coloan de condensare pe una gtul
balon. Punei un dispozitiv de agitare n gt centru i
plasa o plnie de separare n gt gros. (Not:
hidrat hidrazida poate fi adugat printr-o separare
plnie dei nu este necesar.)
PASUL 3: Se pune vasul pe o manta de nclzire i se fierbe
soluia timp de 2-3 ore cu agitare din cnd n cnd.
PASUL 4: Eliminai coloana de condensare de la balon i a continua
pentru a gti timp de 10-15 minute sau pn cnd soluia iniial
este redus la jumtate.
PASUL 5: Dup ce soluia sa rcit, se toarn soluia
prin hrtie de filtru i se colecteaz cristalele care
format. Se spal cristalele ntr-o cantitate mic de
alcool absolut.

PASUL 6: Se dizolv cristalele n aproximativ 30cc de diluat

acid clorhidric. (Not: diluat de acid clorhidric este
amestecate n proporie de 1 parte de acid la 10 sau 15 pri ap.)
PASUL 7: La soluia de acid clorhidric se adaug aproximativ

15cc de soluie de nitrit de sodiu diluat n ap.

(Not: o parte nitrit de sodiu la 10 sau 15 pri
ap.) Fie aceast soluie stea timp de aproximativ 30 de minute.
PASUL 8: La aceast soluie se adaug aproximativ o lingurita de
bicarbonat de sodiu (bicarbonat de sodiu), pentru a face soluia
de baz.
PASUL 9: Punei aceast soluie ntr-o plnie de separare i
la ea se adaug o cantitate egal de eter. Se agit aceast
soluie uor timp de aproximativ 5 minute.
PASUL 10: Se separ soluia n eter
plnie de separare i se pstreaz soluia de eter.
restul pot fi eliminate.
PASUL 11: Se rcete soluia de eter la 0 grade Celsius
i la soluia se adaug o soluie de aproximativ 0.5 grame
de dietilamin amestecat cu eter.
PASUL 12: Meninerea soluia la 0 grade Celsius pentru
24 de ore de agitare se ocazional (probabil 4 or
PASUL 13: Se nltur soluia din baia de ghea i
las s stea la temperatura camerei timp de aproximativ 2
ore, sau pn cnd se evapor. Cristalele rmase
va fi LSD brut.
Eng vers.
1. Ergotamine tartrate
2. Hydrazine hydrate
3. Hydrazide
4. Hydrochloric Acid
5. Sodium Nitrite
6. Sodium Bicarbonate
7. Diethylamine
8. Ether
9. Flasks
10. Filter paper

11. Heating mantle

12. 2 liter three-necked round bottom flask
Time: Approximately 36 hours.
STEP 1: In a 2 liter three-necked round bottom flask
add to 2 grams of ergotamine tartrate about 1/2 gram
of hydrazine hydrate. Exercise caution when adding
the hydrazine hydrate because it is very poisonous,
particularly to the eyes.
STEP 2: Place a condensing column on one neck of the
flask. Place a stirring device in the center neck and
place a separatory funnel in the thick neck. (Note:
hydrazide hydrate may be added through a separatory
funnel although it is not necessary.)
STEP 3: Place the flask on a heating mantle and simmer
the solution for 2-3 hours while stirring occasionally.
STEP 4: Remove condensing column from flask and continue
to cook for 10-15 minutes or until the original solution
is reduced by half.
STEP 5: After solution has cooled, pour the solution
through filter paper and collect the crystals that
formed. Wash the crystals in a small amount of
absolute alcohol.

STEP 6: Dissolve the crystals in about 30cc of diluted

hydrochloric acid. (Note: diluted hydrochloric acid is
mixed at a rate of 1 part acid to 10 or 15 parts water.)
STEP 7: To the hydrochloric acid solution add about

15cc of a solution of sodium nitrite diluted in water.

(Note: one part sodium nitrite to 10 or 15 parts
water.) Let this solution stand for about 30 minutes.
STEP 8: To this solution add about one teaspoonful of
sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) to make the solution
STEP 9: Place this solution in a separatory funnel and
add to it an equal quantity of ether. Shake this
solution gently for about 5 minutes.
STEP 10: Separate the ether solution from the
separatory funnel and keep the ether solution. The
remainder may be discarded.
STEP 11: Cool the ether solution to 0 degrees Celsius
and to the solution add a solution of about .5 gram
of diethylamine mixed with ether.
STEP 12: Maintain the solution at 0 degrees Celsius for
24 hours, stirring it occasionally (perhaps 4 hour
STEP 13: Remove the solution from the ice bath and
allow it to stand at room temperature for about 2
hours, or until it evaporates. The remaining crystals
will be crude LSD.

1. Ergotamine tartrate-i found this with caffiene? you could buy some of this and extract
it: http://www.valuephar...m/Cafergot.html
2. Hydrazine hydratehttp://buy.ecplaza.n...ne_hydrate.html
3. Hydrazide- this looks like a pill...
4. Hydrochloric Acid- http://secure.scienc...-P6548C670.aspx
5. Sodium Nitrite- http://www.sciencest...hem-Rgnts/C2664
6. Sodium Bicarbonate- http://www.sciencest...hem-Rgnts/C2538
7. Diethylamine-
8. Ether-

1 tartrat de ergotamin
2 hidrazin hidrat
3 Hidrazid
4 Acid clorhidric
5 nitrit de sodiu
6 bicarbonat de sodiu
7 Dietilamina
8 eter

Recipie one:
Ingrediants- Finely crushed up Cagerfoot pills
Candy thermometer
Double broiler set-up
1)Hook the candy thermometer to the top section of your doulbe broiler
2)Place in Cagerfoot Pills
3)Get the temature of the pills up to 400 degrees ferent hight (If to goes above 460, this is ruined, so be
4)Ergotamine tartrate's melting piont is below caffine's so if all goes well it sould melt and the caffine
5)Once the pills have become a sludge... add about 2 table spoons of water for every pill and mix well
(remebering to keep temp at 400)
6)There should be two liquids and they sould separate (i dont know the density of caffine or Ergotamine
tartrate so the Ergotamine tartrate could be the top layer or bottom layer)
7) take a turkey baster and suck of the top layer (eaither using that or using whats left)
-Remember when using the turkey baster.... its better to lose a bit of Ergotamine tartrate then have what
you do have contaminated so you may want to leave a bit of the Ergotamine tartrate in the broiler as to
not bymistake pick up some caffinated water
Recipie Two:
Ingredients--Cagerfoot pills
Hot water (at boiling piont)
Coffie strainer
1) place crushed pill in water
2) stir like theres no tomorow
3) strain and rince with water and strain again (repeat as many times as possible)
4) let water evaporate
This method is easier but will leave quite a few impurites