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Power of Attorney:

KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, I, _______________________ citizen of

_______________residing at________________________ do hereby nominate, constitute and appoint
my ______ ________ to be my true and lawful attorneys jointly and severally or singly for me and in my
name to do the following acts, matters deeds and things and execute the following powers, that is to
1. To open and operate savings or current bank account or accounts or invest in fixed deposits, sign
cheques, deposit or withdraw money and transact money dealings and invest in or redeem Government
or other securities, Public Provident Fund accounts etc.
2. To carry on any business on my behalf and to represent me in all business matters.
3. To demand, sue for, enforce payment or delivery of and receive from all and every person, and to give
good receipts and discharge for all sums of money, debts, goods, and things now or hereafter due,
owing or payable to, or receivable in respect of my properties.
4. To pay all taxes, rates, charges, expenses and other outgoings whatsoever payable by me for and on
account of my property or any part thereof and to insure any premises or buildings against loss or
damage by fire or otherwise and to pay all premia for such insurances.
5. To look after my Income-tax, Wealth-tax, Gift-tax and other tax affairs and for that purpose to receive
notices and sign and file appeal memos and other papers and attend before the Income tax,Wealth-tax,
Gift-tax or Appellate Authorities or other authorities, to produce my accounts, documents and evidence,
to get my assessments completed, to receive notices of demand, to make payments and to do all other
acts necessary for this purpose.
6. To buy, take on lease or hire or otherwise howsoever acquire immovable or movable property and to
make any investments on my behalf.
7. To sell, transfer or otherwise deal with any shares investments or other movable property.
8. To sell, transfer, give on lease or leave and licence or otherwise deal with any immovable property, to
sign agreements, execute conveyances, to carry on any litigation, appear before the Sub-Registrar or
any other authority and make applications to any tax authority, society or other person and otherwise to
do any other act, deed or thing in respect of any property in which I have interest.
9. To sell, endorse, gift, transfer and assign all or any Government Securities and securities of any
description whatever.
10. To demand and receive all interest and dividends now due or which may hereafter accrue or become
due on all or any such securities.
11. To demand and receive all debts, sum of money, principal money, interest, dividends and dues of
what nature or kind so ever which now or at any time hereafter may be due or payable or belong to me.
12. To sign application forms, contracts, agreements, transfer, acceptances, receipts, a quittances,
dividend, mandates or other documents.
13. To endorse and transfer any Government Securities, Shares, Stocks or debentures in any company
or corporation.
14. For all or any of the purposes aforesaid to appoint a substitute or substitutes and such substitution
at pleasure to revoke.
15. To make any application to the Reserve Bank of India and to any other Departments of Government
of India as may be necessary.

16. To appear and represent me in all courts, civil or criminal Income-tax, Wealth-tax, Reserve Bank,
Municipal Corporation etc. original or appellate or appellate or in the office of the Registrar or in any
other office or offices of the public or the Government for business transactions or litigation, as may be
deemed necessary by said attorney and for that purpose to sign or verify and file claims, written
statements petitions and affidavits and produce documents as may be legally required to be done and
also to present appeals etc. in any Court.
17. To appoint and constitute on my behalf Pleaders, vakils, Advocates, Chartered Accountants, Incometax Practitioners or other Attorneys whenever my said Attorney think proper so to do.
18. AND GENERALLY to do, execute, perform any other act, deed, matter or thing whatever which in
the opinion of my said Attorneys ought to be done, executed and performed in relation to my property or
business and other business in general as fully and effectually in all respects as I myself would do the
same if I were personally present.
19. All acts, deeds and things lawfully done by my said Attorneys jointly and or severally or singly shall
be construed as acts, deeds and things done by me if I were personally present and all or whatever my
said Attorneys shall lawfully do in good faith, I ____________________________ do hereby agree to
ratify and confirm.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I, the said _____________________ have set my hand this ______ day of
________ 2000.
withinnamed _____________)
in the presence of)


WHEREAS I have executed a Sale Deed in favour of ____ ______________ therein called " the
Purchaser" for sale of all my rights, title, and interest in ______shares numbered ___ to ___ of
______________________________ Co-operative Housing Society Ltd. situated at
________________________, Mumbai- 400 0__ (and hereinafter referred to as "the said society");
together with all my rights, title and interest as such shareholder in unit no._________ of the building
known as ___________, situate at _______________- belonging to the said society; and received full
consideration payable for the sale.
AND WHEREAS I am desirous of appointing Mr._______________to be my Attorney to do and execute
the following acts, deeds and things in order to have to aforesaid shares and Units transferred to his
name or to the name of any nominee or assign;


hereby nominate, constitute and appoint ____________________ as my true and lawful attorney to do
and execute the following acts, deeds and things, that is to say:
1. To complete the sale of the aforesaid shares and Unit No.___ of situated __________________,
situated at ________Mumbai 400 0__ to the name of the said Purchaser or to the name of any nominee
or assign of the said Purchaser.
2. To execute any instruments of transfer or other documents as may be necessary for the transfer or
sale of my entire right, title and interest in Unit No.___, ___________ _________________________,
including rights of occupation.
3. To enter into any correspondence with the ___________ ____________________ Coop. Housing
Society Ltd. to make any applications to any such person or body, to pay any amounts, to receive
discharges and to do such act, deed or thing whatsoever to complete the title of __________________
to the aforesaid shares and Unit No.___ of the Society.
4. To attend any meetings of the _______________________ ________ Coop. Housing Society Ltd.
and to vote on my behalf.
5. To accept service of any notice or letter or correspondence from the Society.
6. To apply for any permission from the Society, from the Bombay Municipal Corporation Electricity
Authorities and any person or authority in respect of the said Unit.
7. To sign any agreement or documents, to appear before the Income-tax and other authorities and
before the Sub-Registrar of Assurances and any other authority in connection with the said shares and
8. To file appeals, applications, petitions, Affidavits and to appear before any Court in any proceedings in
which I am concerned in connection with the said shares and Unit.
9. To appoint and engage advocates, solicitors, Notaries and other agents as may be required for doing
all or any of the acts, deeds or things which by virtue of these presents, the said Attorney is empowered
to do.
10. To submit any transfer form and other documents as may be required in respect of the said Unit.
11. To appoint any other attorney and to sub-delegate all or any of the powers herein contained.
12. I hereby agree that all acts, deeds and things done by the said Attorney in good faith shall be
construed as acts, deeds and things done by me, I hereby undertake to ratify and confirm whatever the
said attorney shall do by virtue of the powers hereby given, provided however that all the costs and
consequences of any act done by the Attorney shall be to the account of the Attorney, and I shall not be
responsible for the same, and the Attorney shall be liable also for stamp duty and other costs in relation
t this Power of Attorney and provided the Attorney indemnifies me in respect of all such costs and
I hereby declare that the powers hereby given are irrevocable being for a consideration.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I, ______________________ for ______________ have hereunto set and
subscribed my hands this ____ day of ________, 200_.
SIGNED AND DELIVERED by the withinnamed)

in the presence of

Before me
Identified by me

BY THIS POWER OF ATTORNEY dated_________________ I _________________S/o____________________ residing at

________________________ Plaintiff/Petitioner/Appellant in civil suit No./Writ Petition/Appeal _______ of ____________hereinafter
referred to as the said suit, pending in the _________________court at __________ hereby nominate, constitute and appoint Mr.
___________________ S/o Mr. ________________resident of _____________ as my attorney for me, in my name and on my behalf
to do or execute all or any of the following acts or things in connection with the said suit:

1. To represent me before the said court or in any other, where the said suit is transferred in connection
with the said suit.
2. To engage or appoint any Solicitor, Counsel, Advocate or lawyer to conduct the said
3. To prosecute the said suit and proceedings, to sign and verify all plaints, pleadings, applications,
petitions or documents before the court and to deposit, withdraw and receive document and any money
or moneys from the court or from the defendant either in execution of the decree or otherwise and sign
and deliver proper receipts for me and discharges for the same.
4. To apply for inspection and inspect documents and records, to obtain copies of documents and
5. To compromise the suit in such manner as the said attorney shall think fit.
6. To do generally all other acts and things for the conduct of the said suit as I could have done the
same if I were personally present.
And I hereby for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators and legal representatives, ratify and confirm
and agree to ratify and confirm whatsoever our said attorney shall do or purport to do by virtue of these
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I the said.............. has hereunto set and subscribed my hand this................
day of................... 200-.
Signed and delivered by the within named
Identified by me

Irrevocable Power Of Attorney

KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS THAT WE/ M/s________a public/private ltd. Company
incorporated under the Companies Act, (1 of 1956) with its registered office at___________ through Mr.
________________ authorised by the Board of Directors of the Company vide Resolution dated or
Constituted as a Sole/Proprietor ship Concern /Firm under the Indian Partnership Act, 1932 with its
principal place of business at____________ through its partners/namely Mr.____________ having
executed in favour of the Maharashtra Financial Corporation a Statutory body incorporated under the
State Financial Corporation an agreement a deed of hypothecation for Rupees __________only and
secured the repayment thereof by deposit of the Corporation empowering the corporation to execute a
deed of mortgage in the form of an English Mortgage and have the same registered at the cost of the
Company /Firm Concern if and wherever the Corporation find it advisable to do so during the pendency
of the liability of the company firm concern to the corporation. Do hereby appoint the Corporation to be
its attorney for its and in its name and on its behalf for otherwise for the Company/Firm/Concern for the
purpose hereinafter mentioned.
To execute a mortgage in the form know as English Mortgage of the whole of the assets of the
company/firm sole proprietor including and building machinery a electric fittings both present and future
in favour of the corporation on terms and condition contained in the agreement and deed of
To sign the said deed of mortgage for and behalf of the Company/Firm concern and to have it
registered with proper registering authority by admitting its execution and passing of consideration on
behalf of the company/firm/concern and for the company/firm/concern.
And also execute and to do all such other acts and things as our said attorney shall deem fit for the
purpose of securing the said repayment of the loan by the company /firm concern aforesaid.
To perform and obtain the Income-tax clearance certificate under Section 230-A (I) of Income-tax Act,
for and on behalf of the borrower
To apply and obtain the necessary permission/exemption under Urban Land Ceiling and Regulation Act,
1976 for and on behalf of the borrower, if necessary to perform the above functions either through him
for through lawfully constituted authority.
And the company/firm/concern hereby does agree to ratify and confirm whatever its said attorney shall
do here under.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I/We ____________have hereunto set my/our hand(s) this __________day of
________in the year ____________

Deed Of Revocation Of Power OF Attorney


of ............2000 by Mr / Mrs................ s/o / w/o.................aged about.......vears, residing
at ...................

WHEREAS I have executed a general power of attorney favour of

................s/o w/o / D/o .........................aged about..........years, residing at .......................... .
A copy of the said Power of Attorney is hereto annexed and is hereinafter referred to as "the
said Power of Attorney"
WHEREAS the aforesaid Sri..............has been acting adverse to my interest and I
have already revoked the said power of attorney my registered letter
dated............sent to the aforesaid person Sri...........
1. I do hereby confirm that I have cancelled and revoked the said Power of Attorney granted
to Sri ______________ dated........... with effect from.......... and I have also absolutely and
completely revoked all powers or authority given under the aforesaid power of attorney to the
aforesaid person with effect from the aforesaid date.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF. I have signed this deed on the day, the month and the year first
mentioned above.