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Ithaca Commons Repair & Upgrade Project


10:00 AM

11:00 AM

2014 Construction Meeting #19
City of Ithaca
Downtown Ithaca Alliance
Sasaki Associates
Labella Associates
Vacri Construction / ACP /
Power & Construction Group
NYSEG Electric

C#3A Surface, C#3B Electric

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Next Time
10:00 AM

Prepared By
Jessica Buckley

Commons Project Office 215 East State St Ithaca, NY
(Present at meeting unless noted: A absent)
Michael Kuo, Jessica Buckley, Nicole Mason
Tammy Baker
Susannah Ross, Eamonn Hutton (A), Kimberly Michaels TWM
Dan Walker, James Matzat (A)
Ralph Avery (A), Andy Breznay, Matt Thomas (A), Roberto DeVincentis,
Bob Bellavigna ACP
Lou Zupan, Bill Planert
James Edwards (A), Dave Comer (A)
Doug Stafford (A), Jack Barker (A), Dawn Stillwell (A), John Mattiace (A)
Jeff Bubb (A), Flint Brann (A), Andy Gana (A)
Jack Czapranski, Dennis Kuhn (A)

Item / Description
1.1. Vacri (Contract #3A):
1.1.1.Granite Coordination (#87) PCG to
evaluate sample EX6 fixture and give
core details and locations to AC+P
1.1.2.Curb Sample (#89) AC+P to price
additional cost to saw front face
1.1.3.RFI#20 Sasaki rejected herringbone
pattern; AC+P/Syrstone/Hanover will
produce revised warranty letter

1.2. P&CG (Contract #3B):

1.2.1.Lighting Submittal #13R4 PCG to
provide structural calcs to Sasaki;
PCG to assess feasibility of Extra
Strong 0.5 tube thickness; Sasaki
reviewing remainder of submittal;
City to review photo cells for EX2s

EX6 light fixtures are to arrive today; PCG
are to coordinate with ACP for granite cut
out; Seat walls are to sit below grade on a
slope; Granite to be resubmitted after ACP
has EX6 detail; Standard curb will be
sawed on one side; Curb line cannot be
split any straighter unless cut; Split face
may result in 2 gap between railing and
the curb; Aesthetic warranty on paving
pattern will be void unless herringbone
pattern is used; Vacri is to have submittal
on Bernie Milton Pavilion by end of the
week; Water feature vault in production
Lighting calcs are to be sent out today
including 0.5 tube thickness; EX1
controlled at panel, EX2 and EX8
controlled by photocell on poles; SRs
preference is to have all lights controlled
at the panel; EX2 are to be separated from
stage lights; SR to issue recommendation

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1.2.2.Kiosk Submittal #21 hole in base

plate to be enlarged to 3 x 6 oval;
Sasaki to coordinate conduit feeds
up to kiosk
2.1. TTC Alley: Design for TTC issued 7/21;
NYSEG E relocation and vault infill
required at #156 to complete storm
2.2. Electric Panel & Kiosk Housekeeping Pads:
Bulletin #13 issued 7/14/14; Labella to
revise SKL-16 to reverse layout of kiosk
and LP-4
3.1. P&CG (Bank Alley): Status of Power
Bollards @ Bank Alley? Finish install of
LP-4 and kiosk pad after Vacri completes
Storm CB #5.D (see Item #3.1); move to
200 Block E State
3.2. Vacri (Bank Alley): Pavilion footer #3;
Storm CB #5.D scheduled for 7/31
3.3. NYSEG Gas: Tie-in on Tioga and South
Cayuga; Finish all services on N/S 200
Block and S/S E State; materials for 4
services available?; infill 148 E State;
adjust valve boxes at Tioga; target date
for retiring portion of extg gas 8/8
3.4. NYSEG Electric: Need to disconnect feed
at SW corner of intersection btw HH and
light pole; JC to provide start date for
pulling wire to Aurora St
3.5. 202 E State Waterproofing: Notify
property owner of schedule for demo
paving above vault
3.6. Pavilion Lighting: MK to issued summary
HH locations
4.1. Vacri to submit work sequence to City for
review of pedestrian access, etc. prior to
start of Bank Alley work (sidewalk demo,
grading/compaction testing, set valve
boxes, MH covers, slab pour, pavers, etc.)
4.2. Site Maintenance: Vacri to mark out
boxes; DDS & P&CG to locate and dig out

for lighting control and MK to review with

the city to determine preference; FLTG
confirmed that security wiring will fit in
modified kiosk base plate; PCG is to
resubmit kiosk
NYSEG electric to do disconnect /
reconnect; Temporary electric may be
necessary; DW to discuss Home Dairy
alley design with JM
A new 12 x 12 HH will be installed for
telecom; Two 4 galvanized conduits are
to be installed into panel; NYSEG power
services are to bypass HHs and run
directly to panel
Power bollard mates on site and ready to
be installed 07/31;

Vacri to install CB 5.D 07/30;

Punchlist to be issued; MK to issue target
date for retiring gas main to allow water
feature vault installation

Wire to be pulled 07/31; Location of

temporary panel is further from actual
location to prevent wire splicing
MK to contact owner to recommend
Meeting to be scheduled to review open

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valve boxes and remove excess material;

All trash and debris must be removed on
a weekly basis
5. New Business

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