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Understand the patients perspective

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Exam Summary:

Responses For: Andy Hsieh

Question 1
Discussion Question 1 :
In one or two paragraphs, summarize what you have learned from this module. For example, consider the
concepts and skills in this module, and the things you are already doing well, then comment about what you
think might be easy for you to implement and what might be especially difficult for you.

Your Response:
In this module, i have learned the importance of discriminating a case not
solely based on the presenting symptoms, but also understanding the patient
a bit better so to potentially find underlying issues facing them and causing
them to become ill again. As doctors are prone to dealing solely on the
biomedical perspective of an illness, this module has shown how many other
factors could cause a psychological, social or personal cause for the
presenting illness (e.g. guilt from the death of a family member, lack of funds
to buy medication or illiteracy could all cause someone not to take medication
and result in a relapse of an illness).
With respect to the skill of actually being able to discern the "real issues"
from the patients perspectives, I believe that i would be able to identify and
inquiry about some of the issues with more obvious signs (i.e. patients
mood/disposition in the interview can indicate depression or anxiety). To be
able to bring about more personal issues such as income, education or home
situation, I am sure that I would require practice in eliciting and responding to
these more delicate responses.
Question 2
Discussion Question 2:
From the Questions for Reflection (listed below), choose the question that you find most compelling and write,
in one or two paragraphs, your thoughts in answer to the question. Be sure to reference the number of the
question that you are answering.
1. How would I respond if a physician asked me to describe myself? Who am I? What and who is important to
me? What life circumstances affect my everyday life, health and well being?

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26/08/2014 10:52 am

Online Exam

2. How would I explain to the physician what I value and how I make decisions?
3. Many patients perspectives on illness mechanisms differ from the prevailing biomedical views. How would I
engage in conversations with patients about their explanatory models?
4. Am I able to inquire non-judgmentally about beliefs and social context?
5. What shifts in values or attitudes will I need to make in order to better understand patients' perspectives in
my clinical work?

Your Response:
If a physician asked me to describe myself I would most likely respond with
generalized and vague answers about my physical state and personality but I
would probability neglect to revel anything about my psychological or
emotional states as I believe that these are too personal and would leave me
vulnerable, especially if I was diagnosed with a serious illness. In response to
"what and who is important to me", I would focus on my family and friends
and would also give some detail about my hobbies and what I would wish to
do in the future if I still could with the illness. Income, time and mindset
would be the main circumstances in life which I would say affect the other
aspects of everyday life and especially for your health and well-being.

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26/08/2014 10:52 am