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(Vide Paragraph 801)
All items of stores mentioned in this list should be purchased through the Directorate
General of Supplies and Disposals whether classified under the heads under which they are
shown in the list or under any other heads in the Indian Railway classification of Stores.
(Group 60)-Bridgework
Indian, Railway Standard Plate, girder spans complete, for Bridges. Plates, steel trough.
(Group 65, 66, & 67)--Engineering plant and components
Apparatus gas making.
Blocks Pully.
Boilers, non-locomotive and tubes for same.
Carts, water.
Coal tubs and fittings.
Coal cutters and fittings.
Coal screening plant and fittings.
Engines, Fire, Steam or Manual.
Engines steam portable or semiportable with or with or without hoisting gear and crane gib or
Forges, portable.
Haulage engines and fittings.
Hoists and winches.
Hydrants, loco.
Lifts electric.
Machines, riveting, hydraulic.
Machines, rock drilling.
Machines, stone breaking.
Mail cars and fittings.
Mills, mortar.
Mlls, pug.
Mills Source.
Plant, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning excluding the required for rolling stock.
Plant, disinfecting.
Plants, chlorinating and water treatment other than plant forming part of large water softening
and filtration schemes.
Pit head gears and fittings.
Pumping plant of all types including tube-well pumps and spare parts therefore.
Road rollers.

Ropes, wire, of all kinds.

Vessels, sea-going and river craft.
Vices, stand and hand.
Weighing-machines and weighbridges.
Wheels and axles for trollies.
(Group 65, 66, 72 & 78)-Workshop machinery, plant and equipments including pneumatic
machinery and tools.
Air compressor, (Excluding those required for rolling stock)
Bearing, ball and roller. (Excluding those required for rolling stock)
A crucible including rings and stands therefor.
Electric welding plant.
Electric cranes, all kinds.
Fans and blowers, foundry and forge.
Forges, portable.
Furnaces and forges.
Gauges, pressure (steam, air and water).
Hand and steam cranes of all kinds with the exception of breakdown cranes.
Machine tools of kinds and accessories not already included in the list.
Motors and control gear for driving machines (except where the motor forms a component part
of the machine).
Presses, hydraulic (forging, wheel, etc.).
Pumps, boiler testing.
Sand blasting apparatus.
Shafting pulleys and shafting fittings.
Small tools (such as milling cutters, reamers, twists drills, etc.) grinding wheels of approved
brands as
recommended by railways.
Vices, stand and hand.
Weighing-machines and weighbridges.
Wood working machinery.
(Group 67)Road motors and parts and fittings.
Tyre bicycle
Motor vehicles and accessories.
Tyre ,pneumatic ,motor cycle
Tyres, motor
Tyre pneumatic , motor
Tyres, motor cycle
Tyre pneumatic , cycle
(Group 61) Building Material etc.
All brass and gun metal water fittings, such as stopcocks, bibcocks, etc.
Borads, sign, enamelled, iron.
Chests cash, travelling.
Clocks watches and timepieces.
Columns water.

Metal, expanded.
Meters, water.
Sanitary ware and fittings.
Standard Steel windows doors.
(Group 62) Pipes, Fittings and Specials (Cast Iron, Wrought Iron and Steel, Gas Water and
Steam Qualities)
Pipes, Earthenware, Glazed.
Rodding, point.
Safes and strong boxes.
Sheets, asbestos and cement, including sheets and fittings, etc..
Sheets, galvanised, corrugated.
Sheets, galvanised ridding and fittings.
Sheets, galvanized, plain.
Tanks, cost iron, mild steel and pressed steel including staging where necessary.
Valves, sluice.
Wire, barbed.
Wire, fencing.
Window glass.
(Group 73 & 74) Hardware, copper, tin and Zincware
Bolts and nuts of all kinds and sizes
Buckets glavanized.
Chains, iron, steel, brass, etc.
Hings, of all kinds.
Lead seals.
Locks, drawer, cupboard and box
Locks, pad, black, galvanized and brass.
Rivets of all kinds and sizes.
Screws wood.
Screws, coach
Split pins and cotters.
Washers, steel, spring.
(Group 74 ) Oil and Petrol Lamps and fittings
Pressure lamps and fittings (Petromax, Washington, Coleman and Kitson, etc.)
Lamps, hurricane.
Wick, cotton.
(Group 75)-Leather, India rubber and canvas goods.
All leather, India rubber and canvas goods. (except those required for Rolling stock)

(Group 76, 90 & 91)-Metals

All items except fin and phosphor copper ingot.
The purchase and inspection of Indian Railways' requirements of electrodes through the
D.G.S.&D. is subject to the condition that, when arranging supplies, the D.G.S.&D. will take the
necessary steps to ensure that various types and makes of electrodes which individual railways
have found from experience to be most satisfactory for their respective purposes, are included in
any contracts which the D.G.S. & D. enters into for these articles, and no restrictions are placed
on Railway Administrations in the selection of the class of electrodes required by them.
(Group 92-Fuel and Fuel Oil
Liquid fuel (excepting commitments under existing contracts).
(Group 78)-Furniture, Crockery, Cutlery, Napery, etc.
Almirahs, racks and shelving steel.
Hospital equipment, e.g. beds, ward furniture, sterilises X-ray apparatus, etc.
Stores and cooking ranges other than stores and ranges required for rolling stock.
(Group 79)-Cloth, clothing and personal equipment.
Bunting, made up or in piece.
Buttons, metal, engraved, or embossed, for uniforms and buttons, horn, bone, aluminium brass,
iron, etc. and hooks and eyes.
Blankets of all sorts (including Kumblies).
Cloth, glass and duster.
Cloth, long.
Cloth, Oxford (woollen overcoating)
Cloth, muslin.
Cloth, melton.
Covers, waterproof.
Cloth, bandage.
Cloth, dasuti, bleached.
Cloth, oil and leather.
Cases, slip hospital.
Cases, smattress.
Cases, bolster.
Cases, pillow.
Cases, slip bolster.

Fiannel, white and coloured.

Material for clothing in general.
Putties, woollen and cotton, blue, khaki etc.
Sheets, bed.
Towels, towelling cloth.
Textiles, for clothing and other purposes including nets, mosquito, mosquito netting cloth, tapes,
newar and webbing.
Thread, sewing cotton and linen.
(Group 70, 71, 75, 79, 80, 81, 82, 84 & 86)-Miscellaneous Stores, Lubricating Oils, Grease,
Aceetylene gas dissolved.
Acid, sulphuric, nitric and hydrochloric.
Alumina ferric.
All chemicals, excepting pharmaceutical.
Alumina sulphate.
Anhydrous ammonia.
All glass other than window glass and glassware.
Bags, Jute, canvas, cotton and hemp.
Soda ash.
Soda caustic and washing.
Bitumens, Bituminous Products and all Road Dressing and Surfacing Materials of a Taroil, or
Carbide of calcium
Cleaning compositions in common (e.g. soaps, soft and hard).
Coir, fibre, yarn, matting and door mats.
Cement, portland, (except commitments under existing contracts).
Chlorine, liquid.
Emery cloth.
Explosives, e.g., Dynamite, powder blastting, etc.
Fire extinguishers.
Gluids, disinfecting.
Glass, paper.
Grease, lubricating, etc.
Graphite, foundry.
Graphite, lubricating.
Jointing material.

Jute manufactures, hessian and gunny cloth, dressed and undressed jute.
Oil, lubricating.
Oil, kerosene.
Oil, cutting.
Oil, gas making.
Oil, petrol.
Rope, cotton, hemp, Jute, Manilla, etc.
Tape for sealong wagons.
Tents and tent components (all descriptions except wooden tent pegs.).
Twine, jute, flax, hamp and cotton.
Vaseline, pure, for protective purposes.
Wood preservatives of all kinds.
Wool, packing,
Yam of counts, cotton and woollen (including yam for lubricating trimmings).
(Group 47)Generators, Switchgear, etc.
Electrical plant and equipment including Generating plant and prime movers, motor
generators, rotary converters, rectifiers, transformers, motor and all switchgear and controlling
apparatus for plant of this description. Except those requried for Rolling stock).
Bearings, ball and roller. (Except those required for Rolling stock).
All electrical measuring instruments and meters with accessories.
(Group 46)--Distribution and transmission line materials.
Conductors, bare.
Cables, insulated, electric (all kinds).
Piping, conduit, steel, enamelled and insulated.
Pole steel, for overhead lines, excluding poles for electric traction purposes.
(Group 40 & 41)-Electrical Fittings, Cables and Insulating materials.
Ebonite rods and sheets and substitutes.
Fans, Ceiling.
Fittings, electric, e.g., ceiling roses, lamp holders, wall plugs, etc.
Lamps, filament.

Switches (excluding train lighting unless of normal type and similar to house switches).
Tape, Egyptian.
Tape, adhesive, insulating.
Tape pure para rubber.
Electrical heating appliances, Electrical fitting for external lighting including flood lights and
flood light fittings.
(Group50,52)-Telegraph and Telephone Equipment.
Bells and bell pushes.
Primary cells, e.g. , inert, Lanche and other electric cells including component parts, thereof,
such as zincs, glass jars,. porous posts, etc.
Telephone and telegraph apparatus, excluding block instruments and fittings.
Detailed Reasons for Revision :(i) New Group Code Numbers have been indicated in place of Old Alphabetical Classification of
(ii) Items exclusive to Railways circulated under Board's letter No. 69/RS (G)1645/1A,
dated 6-3-1975 have been deleted.