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A deeper understanding of Enlightenment.

Nirvana (or Nibbana) is a spirit.

Coming in contact with this spirit - is done - through opening
your "third eye".
This you do .. through "combining your Kundalini with your
"Pineal Gland".
A small "sidestep".
"A girl .. is waiting with patience .. for the boy - to claim up
the mountain .. so they can join in marriage.
For those .. who doesn't know .. that this is "a marriage", would
have difficulties to se .. that this means:
"The POWER of the Kundalini AND The POWER of The Pineal
Gland .. are joined to one" --- because of the language, used.
I take this as an example of .. what I wrote about last time.
The Language .. can lead us astray.
The Language .. can slaughter .. what we try to relay.
The language .. can also lead us .. to new discoveries.
This is a marrige, and - our own marriage .. is a symbol - of this
marrige ... Not The Other Way Around - as we could be attempted
to think.
Because of this .. our marriage is a symbol of something so high, that
it should never be terminated.
Through marriage .. we achieve .. enlightenment.
This is a real way .. to uptain Enlightenment.
This is a real way .. to uptain .. marriage.
This is a part of "The Salvation".
We are permitted to marry .. in spite of .. that things - included in
marriage .. is "a sind".
To understand the last sentence correcly - we must first understand
"The Nature Of Sind" (as we [in general] - until now - not have
understood it).
Every thought .. that distract us - from searching for enligthenment,
is sind (from the moment we become aware of .. that this is our main

task - in life).
Since this contains so much .. I will stop here.
I just encourage .. those who wander about these claimes .. to read
"The First Letter of John 3,9" (in The Bible).
Here you will find .. that:
-The Teaching of The Bible..
-Contradicts .. "The SERMON .. OVER" The Teaching of The Bible.
The last says:
-A human cannot be free of sind. Only Jesus was free of Sind.
Well .. the Bible .. does not agree.
(But to understand this FULLY - requires a greater understanding,
than what you get .. from this short comment.)
What is:"To be borne of God"? one of the questions - we must ask...
To find the answer of this question .. may take a lifetime - and you
are "lucky" (to use .. a partly wrong expression .. but a videly USED
expression) IF you should find it .. after searching for only 31 years,
as I have done.
Just so you don't confuse this statement .. with boasting.
This is proclaiming my gratitude to God .. because he has lead me
to this knowledge.
To be Borne of God = Enlightenment.
To make "The Kundalini marry The Pineal Gland" = Enlightenment.
To develop .. from "Living Soul" .. to "Spirit of Life" = Enlightenment.
Enligtenment = Nirvana.
And .. as I am sure that we already have understood: Sex is sind, until
we have learned to control its power.
In spite of that .. it is permitted in a marriage.
There are two reasons .. why we choose different .. in the west and in the
What we .. in our language .. understand - from a comment, can be "pretty
far" from what they understand in Tibet .. Thailand etc.
Ask a munc .. in one of the two countries .. how he would interpret "In
the beginning was the word" - and make him aware of .. that what is translated
as "The Word" .. is - in the original language - "Logos".

Maybe (just maybe) .. you would get an interesting aspect .. that you haven't
thought of .. before..??
Out from our understanding of the language .. we choose - out from what is
correct .. according to our culture.
This is true .. until we are FREE...
Free .. from the culture.
Free .. from "The Needs of The body".
Free .. from those who subjugates us (read:The New World Order, The
Illuminati, The 200 families who [behind the curtains] have ruled this world,
REAL Enlightenment .. means:
-Never ill.
-Can create (among things: food .. as Jesus did when gave 5000 people food
in the desert)
-Can nourish yourself .. from (The Mantra) "Aum". (Yes, it can be used as a
mantra, but it is - much more. Another name for it, is:"The White Word of
God .. through the universe".)
-Can open portals to other dimesions. mention - some of the "knowledge" (read: "abilities", if you wish) that we
If we don't look upon:
-Choises .. combined with language and cultural belief...
we may come in a situation .. were we will never complete a discussion.
IF you can call something .. "A waste of time" .. than - this is .. one example.
-"Every distraction - we are influenced by .. from the way to enlightenment .. is
sind" ... is a way to look upon it - UNTIL we understand the deeper meaning
of sind.
I use .. the word "sind" .. on purpose - because it is a negative charged word.
This I do .. in a hope .. to reveal - how to "uptain" (read: "understand", if you
wish) .. The Nature .. of the negativity - in the word.
The day we do that .. we will never considder "sind", as something negative,
in itself .
What we are left back with .. is .. The difference in doing:
-something we KNOW is wrong (and)
-the same action - but this time, not knowing that we are doing something wrong.
In connection to our development .. both actions has a negative effect, but the
first one .. has a much greater effect, than the last one.
Enlightenment .. is very much .. about forgiving.
This difference .. is important to understand .. in this context.
What shall we share with others? .. and .. What shall we keep to ourselves?

And old saying is:"Don't throw perles for swines".

Meaning:"Don't share knowledge of high (spiritual) value - with people who
obviously .. are not interested in what you talk about".
We have however, entered a very special time now.
"The birth" of this time, was in 1999 - although we had expected much more
to happen .. than what DID happen.
Some of .. "what was missing" .. was because of somthing - you can find
ONE sentence about .. in the book "The Bible Code".
Since this is not important .. for finding .. "Your Divine Nature" - I stop here.
Everything that IS important .. we should share - with as many as possible.
We should pass "The Old Boarders" - because it MAY result in .. that ONE
more is saved.
Even .. one .. is an achievment .. and a BIG one.
But .. of course .. we shall not FORCE our knowledge on people .. who have
made it clear .. that they are not interested.
What we WRITE however, anyone can stop reading - when he or she .. want
to stop.
No-one is FORCED to read it.
This is not the people I share with.
I write - and talk - to people who are:
-open to listen (with their ears and their hearts).
Greetings Aage.