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Hotel i cazare

B&Bs (abbreviation of bed and breakfasts small low-priced
hotels which include breakfast)
self-catering apartments
youth hostels

mi putei recomanda un ...

B&B (hotel ieftin cu mic
dejun inclus)
moteluri pentru tineri
loc de camping

how many stars does it have?

cte stele are?

I'd like to stay in the city centre

a dori s stau n centru

can you recommend any good ...?

how much do you want to pay?

ct dorii s pltii?

how far is it from the ...?

ct de departe este de ...?

city centre

centrul oraului



railway station


Cum s faci o rezervare

Checking availability - Verificare dac au locuri disponibile
do you have any vacancies?
avei vreun loc liber?

from what date?

pentru ce dat?

for how many nights?

pentru cte nopi?

how long will you be staying for?

ct vei sta?

one night

o noapte

two nights

dou nopi

a week

o saptmn

a fortnight (engleza folosit n SUA: two weeks) dou sptmni

what sort of room would you like?

ce fel de camer dorii?

I'd like a ...

a dori o ...

single room

camer pentru o persoan

double room

o camer cu pat dublu

twin room

o camer cu dou paturi

triple room

o camer pentru trei persoane


(un) apartament

I'd like a room with ...

a dori o camer cu ...

an en-suite bathroom

baie n camer

a bath


a shower


a view


a sea view

vedere la mare

a balcony


I'd like ...

a dori ...

half board

fr mic dejun

full board

cu mic dejun

could we have an extra bed?

am putea avea un pat n plus?

Asking about facilities - ntrebri despre faciliti

does the room have ...?
camera are ...?
internet access

acces la internet

air conditioning

aer condiionat



is there a ...?

este ...?

swimming pool





sal de fitness

beauty salon

salon de frumusee



do you allow pets?

acceptai animale de companie?

do you have wheelchair access? avei acces pentru crucioare?

do you have a car park?

avei parcare?

the room has a shared bathroom camera are baie comun

I've got a reservation

am o rezervare

your name, please?

numele dumneavoastr, v rog?

my name's ...

numele meu este ...

Mark Smith

Mark Smith

could I see your passport?

a putea s v vd paaportul?

could yu please fill in this registration


ai putea completa formularul de nregistrare?

my booking was for a twin room

rezervarea mea era pentru o camer cu dou paturi

my booking was for a double room

rezervarea mea era pentru o camer cu pat dublu

would you like a newspaper?

dorii un ziar?

would you like a wake-up call?

dorii s v trezim de diminea?

what time's breakfast?

la ce or este micul dejun?

breakfast's from 7am till 10am

micul dejun este de la 7:00 pn la 10:00

could I have breakfast in my room,


a putea s iau micul dejun n camer, v rog?

what time's the restaurant open for


la ce or deschide restaurantul pentru cin?

dinner's served between 6pm and 9.30pm

cina este servit ntre 18:00 i 21:30
(six and nine thirty)
what time does the bar close?

la ce or se nchide barul?

would you like any help with your


avei nevoie de ajutor cu bagajele?

here's your room key

aceasta este cheia de la camera


your room number's ...

numrul camerei dumneavoastr

este ...



your room's on the ... floor

camera dumneavoastr este la

etajul ...







where are the lifts?

unde sunt lifturile?

enjoy your stay!

edere plcut!

Things you might see - Lucruri pe care le putei ntlni

Reception Recepie
Concierge Recepionist




Restaurant Restaurant
Pe durata cazrii
my room number's ...

numrul camerei mele este ...



could I have a wake-up call at seven o'clock?

a putea s primesc un apel de deteptare la

ora apte?

where do we have breakfast?

unde lum micul dejun?

where's the restaurant?

unde este restaurantul?

could you please call me a taxi?

ai putea s-mi chemai un taxi?

do you lock the front door at night?

ncuiai ua de la intrare pe timpul nopii?

if you come back after midnight, you'll need to dac venii dup miezul nopii, trebuie s
ring the bell
folosii soneria
I'll be back around ten o'clock

m voi ntoarce pe la ora zece

could I see your key, please?

a putea s v vd cheia,v rog?

are there any laundry facilities?

avei i curtorie?

what time do I need to check out?

la ce or trebuie s prsesc camera?

would it be possible to have a late check-out?

Problems - Probleme
the key doesn't work

a putea s prsesc camera mai trziu?

cheia nu funcioneaz

there isn't any hot water nu curge apa cald

the room's too ...

este prea ... n camer






mult zgomot

the ... doesn't work

... nu funcionez







one of the lights isn't working

una din lumini nu funcionez

there's no ...

nu mai este ...

toilet paper

hrtie igienic





could I have a towel, please?

ai putea s-mi dai un prosop, v rog?

could I have an extra blanket?

ai putea s-mi dai inc o ptur, v rog?

my room's not been made up

n camera mea nu s-a fcut curenie

could you please change the sheets? ai putea s schimbai ceareafurile, v rog?

I've lost my room key

mi-am pierdut cheia de la camer

Things you might see - Lucruri pe care le putei ntlni

Do not disturb
Nu deranjai
Please make up room V rog s facei curat n camer
Lift out of order

Liftul nu funcioneaz

Prsirea hotelului
I'd like to check out
I'd like to pay my bill, please
I think there's a mistake in this bill

a dori s prsesc hotelul

a dori s pltesc factura, v rog
cred c este o greeal cu factura

how would you like to pay?

I'll pay ...
by credit card
by cheque
in cash

cum dorii s pltii?

voi plti ...
cu cartea de credit
cu cecuri

have you used the minibar?

we haven't used the minibar

ai folosit minibarul?
nu am folosit minibarul

could we have some help bringing our luggage


ar putea s ne ajute cineva s coborm


do you have anywhere we could leave our

could I have a receipt, please?
could you please call me a taxi?

avei vreun loc unde s ne putem lsa

a putea s primesc o chitan, v rog?
mi-ai putea chema un taxi, v rog?

I hope you had an enjoyable stay

sper ca ai avut o edere plcut

I've really enjoyed my stay

we've really enjoyed our stay

am avut o edere plcut

ne-am simit bine aici

Servirea mesei
do you know any good restaurants?

tii vreun restaurant bun?

where's the nearest restaurant?

unde e cel mai apropiat restaurant ?

can you recommend a good pub near here? mi-ai putea recomanda un pub bun pe aici?

do you fancy a pint?

vrei o bere? (informal)

do you fancy a quick drink?

vrei s bem ceva repede? (informal)

shall we go for a drink?

vrei s mergem s bem ceva?

do you know any good places to ...?

tii vreun loc bun unde s ...?



get a sandwich

lum un sandwich

go for a drink

bem ceva

shall we get a take-away?

s lum la pachet?

let's eat out tonight

s mncm n ora disear

would you like to ...?

ai vrea s vii ...?

come for a drink after work

s bem ceva dup munc

come for a coffee

s bem o cafea

join me for lunch

servim prnzul

join me for dinner

servim cina

Things you might see - Lucruri pe care le putei ntlni

No smoking Fumatul interzis
La un pub, bar sau cafenea
Nu e niciun loc mai plcut n care s-i exersezi engleza dect un pub! Aici sunt cteva
expresii ce te vor ajuta s comanzi de but sau de mncare ntr-un pub, bar sau cafenea.
n Marea Britanie, n pub-uri se obinuiete s comanzi de but i de mncare la bar,dei n
unele i se poate lua comanda i de la mas.

Ordering drinks - Cum s comanzi de but

what would you like to drink?
ce vrei s bei?, ce ai dori s bei?
what are you having?

ce bei?

what can I get you?

ce pot s-i aduc?, ce a putea s v aduc?

I'll have ..., please

a dori ..., v rog

a pint of lager

o halb de bere (un pint nseamn ceva mai mult de

jumtate de litru)

a pint of bitter

o halb de bitter (bere tradiional englez)

a glass of white wine

un pahar de vin alb

a glass of red wine

un pahar de vin rou

an orange juice

un suc de portocale

a coffee

o cafea

a coke

o cola

large or small?

mare sau mic?

would you like ice with that?

no ice, please
a little, please
lots of ice, please

a beer, please
two beers, please

dou beri, v rog

three shots of tequila, please

trei shoturi de tequila, v rog

are you being served?

vi s-a luat comanda?

I'm being served, thanks

da ni s-a luat comanda,mersi

who's next?

cine este urmtorul?

which wine would you like?

ce fel de vin dorii?

house wine is fine

un vin de cas e bun

which beer would you like?

ce bere dorii?

would you like draught or bottled

dorii bere la halb sau la sticl?

I'll have the same, please

i pentru mine la fel, v rog

nothing for me, thanks

eu nu servesc nimic, mulumesc

I'll get these

iau eu astea

keep the change!

pstreaz restul!



whose round is it?

al cui e rndul s plteasc?

it's my round

e rndul meu

it's your round

e rndul tu

another beer, please

inc o bere, v rog

another two beers, please

inc dou beri, v rog

same again, please

tot la fel, v rog

are you still serving drinks?

nc mai servii buturi?

last orders!

ultimele comenzi!

Ordering snacks and food - Cum s comanzi snacksuri i mncare

do you have any snacks?
avei snacksuri?
do you have any sandwiches?

avei sandwichuri?

do you serve food?

servii mncare?

what time does the kitchen close?

la ce or nchide buctria?

are you still serving food?

nc mai servii mncare?

a packet of crisps, please

un pachet de chipsuri,v rog

what flavour would you like?

cu ce arom dorii?

ready salted


cheese and onion

brnz i ceap

salt and vinegar

sare i oet

what sort of sandwiches do you have? ce fel de sandwichuri avei?

do you have any hot food?

avei mncare cald?

today's specials are on the board

specialitile zilei sunt pe panou

is it table service or self-service?

preluai comenzi sau e auto-servire?

what can I get you?

ce pot s v aduc?

would you like anything to eat?

dorii ceva de mncare?

could we see a menu, please?

putem s vedem un meniu, v rog?

Cnd facei comanda la o cafenea unde putei lua mncare la pachet, putei fi intrebat:
eat in or take-away? mncai aici sau luai la pachet?
Bar games - Jocuri la bar
does anyone fancy a game of ...? vrea cineva s joace ...?






Internet access - Acces la internet

do you have internet access here? avei acces la internet aici?
do you have wireless internet here? avei internet wireless aici?
The next day... - Ziua urmtoare...
m simt bine

I feel terrible

m simt groaznic

I've got a hangover

sunt mahmur

I'm never going to drink again! nu o s mai beau niciodat!

Smoking Fumat
do you smoke?

fumezi?, fumai?

no, I don't smoke

nu, nu fumez

I've given up

m-am lsat

do you mind if I smoke?

te deranjeaz dac fumez?, v deranjeaz dac fumez?

I feel

would you like a cigarette? vrei o igar?

have you got a light?
La restaurant

ai un foc?

Booking a table - Rezervarea unei mese

do you have any free tables? avei vreo mas liber?

a table for ..., please

o mas pentru ..., v rog







I'd like to make a reservation a dori s fac o rezervare

I'd like to book a table, please a dori s rezerv o mas

when for?

pentru cnd?

for what time?

la ce or?

this evening at ...

n seara aceasta la ...

seven o'clock

ora apte

seven thirty

apte i treizeci

eight o'clock

ora opt

eight thirty

opt i treizeci

tomorrow at ...

mine la ...



twelve thirty

dousprezece i treizeci

one o'clock

ora unu

one thirty

unu i treizeci

for how many people?

pentru cte persoane?

I've got a reservation

am fcut o rezervare

do you have a reservation?

avei rezervare?

Ordering the meal - Cum s comanzi de mncare

could I see the menu, please?
a putea s vd meniul, v rog?
could I see the wine list, please?

a putea s vd lista de vinuri, v rog?

can I get you any drinks?

a putea s v aduc ceva de but?

are you ready to order?

suntei gata s comandai?

do you have any specials?

avei vreo specialitate?

what's the soup of the day?

care este supa zilei?

what do you recommend?

ce recomandai?

what's this dish?

ce este aceasta?

I'm on a diet

sunt la regim

I'm allergic to ...

sunt alergic la ...


produse din gru

dairy products

produse lactate

I'm severely allergic to ...

sunt foarte alergic la ...





I'm a vegetarian

sunt vegetarian

I don't eat ...

nu mnnc ...





I'll have the ...

eu voi lua ...

chicken breast

piept de pui

roast beef

friptur de vit



I'll take this

voi servi aceasta

I'm sorry, we're out of that

mi pare ru,nu mai avem felul acesta

for my starter I'll have the soup, and for

my main course the steak

pentru felul nti voi lua supa i pentru

felul doi voi lua friptura

how would you like your steak?

cum dorii friptura?


n snge


mediu spre n snge



well done

bine fcut

is that all?

asta este tot?

would you like anything else?

mai dorii ceva?

nothing else, thank you

nimic, mulumim

we're in a hurry

ne grbim

how long will it take?

ct va dura?

it'll take about twenty minutes

va dura cam douzeci de minute

During the meal - n timpul mesei

Dac dorii s chemai chelnerul, cel mai politicos mod este s zici:
excuse me! m scuzai!

Aici sunt alte expresii ce le putei auzi sau folosi n timpul mesei:
enjoy your meal!

pofta bun!

bon apptit!

pofta bun!

would you like to taste the wine?

vrei s ncerci vinul?

could we have ...?

mai putei s ne aducei ...?

another bottle of wine

inc o sticl de vin

some more bread


some more milk


a jug of tap water

ap de la robinet

some water

nite ap

still or sparkling?

plat sau mineral?

would you like any coffee or dessert? dorii cafea sau desert?
do you have any desserts?

avei desert?

could I see the dessert menu?

a putea s vd meniul pentru desert?

was everything alright?

a fost totul n regul?

thanks, that was delicious

mulumesc, a fost delicios

Problems Probleme
this isn't what I ordered

asta nu este ceea ce am comandat

this food's cold

mncarea aceasta este rece

this is too salty

asta este prea srat

this doesn't taste right

asta nu pare bun

we've been waiting a long time ateptm de mult vreme

is our meal on its way?

mncarea noastr este preparat?

will our food be long?

va mai dura mult?

Paying the bill - Pltirea notei de plat

the bill, please
nota,v rog
could we have the bill, please? putei s ne aducei nota,v rog?

can I pay by card?

pot s pltesc cu cardul?

do you take credit cards?

acceptai cri de credit?

is service included?

baciul este inclus?

can we pay separately?

putem s pltim separat?

I'll get this

iau eu asta

let's split it

s mprim asta

let's share the bill

s pltim amndoi

Things you might see - Lucruri pe care le putei ntlni

Please wait to be seated V rugm s asteptai s primii mas


Service included

Baci inclus

S-ar putea să vă placă și