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Test 2 VIII -gradeDecember, 2014

Name and Surname:

1. Complete the sentences with the missing form of the comparative and superlative of the adjectives.
1. These books are ________ (expensive) as my brothers!
2. I sometimes think we live in _________________ (good) place in the world! I love it!
3. I dont think Matts idea of going to Madrid is __________ (good) than Jacks.
4. Alan is ___________(lazy) than most of the boys in the class.
5. My teacher says that we will be ___________________ If we see all people as friends. (generous)
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2.Complete the missing letter in the word.



Sta_ _ um

co_ _ ident






depar_ment st_ _ e

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3. Write suggestions using the word in brackets.

1. go to the Stadium ( Shall..?) ________________________________________________________?
2. watch the film together (Why..) ______________________________________________________?
3. go out together this weekend ( How?) ________________________________________________?
4. organize Marys birthday party ( Lets..) ________________________________________________!
5. visit Jacks grandparents this evening (Shall..?)___________________________________________?
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4. Complete the sentences with the verbs given below.

/get/Get ready/get out of/get home/get up/Get into/
1. We managed to ____________ the bus, but we entered through the back door.
2. I usually ___________ at seven oclock and quickly _____________ for school.
3. My grandmother often suggests me to _______ a job and leave this place.

4. My mum is very exhausted when she _______________ from work.

5. I was bored, but I just couldnt __________ the room and leave Jack alone.

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5. Complete the questions with too much/too many/a lot of/ enough.
1. I havent got __________meat. Can I take a salad too?
2. I dont want to travel by train. There are always ____________passengers inside.
3. We dont need ____________money to go out tonight, so dont worry.
4. My father has __________________ of flowers in his garden.
5. I cannot make a cake. I dont have ________________ chocolate.

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