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STAR VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL A Newsletter for Parents and Students

December 2009

Braves Bulletin Star Valley High School’s Mission Statement

The mission of Star Valley High School and its stakeholders is to provide a
safe, secure, respectful, and stimulating environment where all students
will be engaged in a rigorous, relevant curriculum.

Success will be measured through local, state, and national

testing. All students will be challenged to become collaborative
workers, effective communicators, and critical thinkers with
problem solving skills.

Their development will be fostered by positive relationships. All

students will be guaranteed equal access to available

Upon graduation, they will demonstrate personal

accountability, become responsible citizens in a democratic
society, and be prepared for the challenges of an ever-
changing global society.


On most nights and weekends, the parking
lot at SVHS is full of cars. Upcoming Events
To find out what is going on at the high
school, go to
December 17-19
Flaming Gorge Basketball Tournament
December 18-19
Varsity Wrestling at Weber
for events and activities. December 18-19
J.V. Wrestling at Worland
December 22

Last Day of School in 2009
December 23

Christmas Break Begins
December 29

Varsity and J V Basketball at Jackson

(J. V. 4:00; Var. Girls 5:45; Var. Boys 7:00)
Math Goal: Reading Goal: December 30

Basketball Home vs. Bear Lake

(Fresh 2:15; J.V. 4:00; Var. Girls 5:45;
All students All Students will

Var. Boys 7:00)
will improve improve in January 4, 2010
Student and Teachers Return
in math and reading skills January 8

Last Day of 1st Semester
in problem and in January 5

Fresh Basketball Home vs. Jackson
solving skills. comprehension. January 6

J.V. Wrestling at Bear Lake
January 7

Fresh Basketball at Green River
January 8

Last Day of 1st Semester
January 8

Fresh Basketball Home vs. Teton
READING January 7-9

Basketball at Riverton (SO. J.V., Varsity)
MATH January 8-9

Varsity Wrestling at Nampa
January 9

J.V. Wrestling at Bear Lake

Activity dates and times are subject to change.

For up-to-date activities information, go to


Seniors just want to have fun, but...
Seniors sometimes think that they have
worked so hard for over three years and
that they should have fun their senior year.
Admittedly, seniors will find ways to have
fun, but they should also think about their Earning More Than a Diploma
near futures.
In an effort to create a rigorous and relevant
College is expensive and getting more curriculum to prepare students for the future,
expensive every year. Even if a student SVHS offers the following college/technical
receives the Hathaway Scholarship, he or courses:
she will most likely have to pay for other
3 credits
expenses, like room and board. The faculty
English 1010 3 credits (required for all college
at SVHS hopes that seniors will realize the freshmen)
value in taking college classes or earning English 1020 3 credits (required for college
certifications in high school. Most of the freshmen)
college classes are free. A few classes Physical Geology 4 credits
require a few additional fees, but for the Office Procedures 3 credits
most part, taking these courses in high Spanish III
4 credits
school is an unbeatable deal. Spanish IV
4 credits
Honors French I
4 credits
Brad Kovach, a 2008 SVHS graduate, said, Honors French II 4 credits
“Tell your juniors and seniors to take all the Computer Info. System
3 credits
college credits that they can. Believe me Desktop Publishing
1 credit
they are much more intense on a college Internet Web Design
2 credits
schedule, and they cost a lot. They will have Desktop Publishing
1 credit
more time and money to do other things, Drafting II, III, IV
3 credits each
like have fun. SVHS teachers prepare you CNA/CPR
5 credits
well and are very helpful. ” Calculus I
4 credits
Calculus II
4 credits
Pre Calculus College Algebra
4 credits
Pre Calculus College Trig 4 credits
Am. Sign Language 1 & 2 4/4 credits
Machine Tool Processing
4 / 4 credits
Ag Welding III

3 /3 credits

Students and Parents: Don’t forget Students must be juniors or seniors to take these
to sign up for txtwire for text and email courses. Students need to check on the
notifications from your student’s school. requirements to get into these courses.
Go to Star Valley High School’s home For more information, please contact the SVHS
page Counseling Department.
and click on the link
If you have any suggestions, questions, or
Note: By signing up you accept
responsibility for the quantity of text comments about “The Braves Bulletin,”
messages. Normal text messaging rates please contact Melanie Robinson by phone
through your wireless carrier will apply. 885-7847 (extension 7296) or by e-mail:
An Ounce of Prevention: 880-CARE

You may have seen the 880-CARE posters in the halls

or heard the ads on the local radio station, but what is
the real scoop behind the Star Valley Prevention
Coalition (SVPC). Here is some information,
courtesy of Alesia Winters, the Prevention Specialist
for Star Valley, about a new, important program.

1. What is the SVPC?

The Star Valley Prevention Coalition is made up of
Educators, medical professionals, at-risk
coordinators, parents, law enforcement officers,
business people, and media journalists. These people
are are dedicated to finding and implementing
strategies and programs that educate students about
underage and binge drinking.

Funded by the Wyoming Department of Health with

Federal SPIF SIG funds

2. What is the 880-CARE text hotline?

Lincoln County School District #2 (LCSD#2), High Country Behavior Health (HCBH), and the SVPC has partnered
with Silver Star Wireless (who donated the equipment and the cost of service) and the Lincoln County Sheriff ’s Office
in Afton to implement a sustainable program (primarily from grant money) that can stay in place for years to come.
The text hotline gives youth and adults in the community a way to report underage drinking, potential suicides, drunk
driving, other abusive or dangerous encounters, or crimes.

3. Is the text line anonymous?

Yes, the text line is anonymous. The text line is available 24 hours a day and is manned by the Lincoln County Sheriff ’s
Office Dispatchers, who cannot talk or text back because they cannot identify the texting individual.

4. How are SVHS students involved?

SVHS has had Rise Above Drugs (RAD) a youth coalition and prevention group, for several years. Currently, 127
students participate in RAD and are trained to be role models and leaders in the school and community. Aaron
Daniels, who is the SVHS advisor for the group, correlates training and activities with the SVPC, like Red Ribbon
Week, which is a week full of activities to educate students about the dangers of drug abuse and misuse.

5. What is the goal of the SVPC?

According to Alesia Winters, “The primary goal is to educate the community about the positive things the youth are
accomplishing as well as educating adults in the community about the skewed misperception that most SVHS
students have substance abuse issues, when, in reality, they do not. In fact, research shows that most SVHS students
do not drink or have substance problems. Some students do need help with these problems, and preventative
programs to encourage youth to stay away from that influence, are being implemented.”

6. Whom can one contact for further information?

Students who want more information, can contact Mr. Aaron Daniels at SVHS. Parents or educators who would like
more information or the minutes of the SVPC can contact Alesia Winters at

In addition to the textline, if someone has a concern or needs help, he or she can contact the counseling office at SVHS,
can visit with a teacher or administrator, or call 911 for an emergency.
A Dramatic Finish
After months of preparation, the SVHS Drama Team, SVHS Drama Team
attended the State Drama Competition, which was held in
Casper on December 3, 4, 5. Under the direction and
instruction of Venice Lancaster, Drama Teacher and Coach,
SVHS’s Drama team did well in the competition.

State Drama Competition 2009 Results

1st Year Real Make-up – Angie Lariviere 2nd place
2nd Year Real Make-up – Meagan Kittrell 1 place
1st Year Costume Design – Angie Lariviere 2nd
2nd Year Costume Design – Alyssa Erickson 2nd Place
1st Year Lighting Design – Trinity Charleton 3rd Place

All-State Medals
1st Year Real Make-up – Angie Lariviere
2nd Year Real Make-up – Meagan Kittrell
1st Year Fantasy Make-up – Ashleigh Armstrong
1st Year Costume Design – Angie Lariviere
2nd Year Costume Design – Madison Wade

All-State Honorable Mention Photo by Julie Wade

Arena Performance - Jordan Ames
Humorous Two Person Scene – Cassie Ricks
Dramatic Monologue – Kalin Schwab
Dramatic Monologue – Ashleigh Armstrong

Shae Wilkes 4A West All-Conference Volleyball

4A All-State Volleyball
Lachelle Winters 4A West All-Conference Volleyball

Ashley Hall

4A West All-Conference Cross Country
Brittney Nethercott 4A WestAll-Conference, 4A All-State Cross
Brooke Nethercott 4A West All-Conference Cross Country
Hailey Ricks
4A West All-Conference, 4A All-State Cross
Randi Robinson 4A West All-Conference Cross Country
Jared Inskeep
4A West All-Conference Cross Country

Michelle Campbell
4A All-State Music (Choir, 2nd Soprano)
Logan Christensen
4A All-State Music (Orchestra, Bass) Each issue of “The Braves
Melissa Lechner
4A All-State Music (Choir, Soprano) Bulletin” highlights clubs
Audrey Luthi

4A All-State Music (Band, Bass Clarinet) and activities. SVHS has
Megan Saberon
4A All-State Music (Orchestra, Violin 1) approximately 20 clubs to
enhance learning and to
Larry Chavez

All-Conference, All-State Football form relationships with
Alex Cooper

All-Conference, All-State Football others.
Nick Edwards

All-Conference Football
Images in “The Braves Bulleting”
Mark VanSlyke
All-Conference, All-State Football from
Bill West

All-Conference , All-State Football clipart/
Braves in Action: A Great Day
Four years ago, the SVHS staff wanted a way to thank the
community for its support, to help community members, to involve
students in service, and to build relationships within the school and
community. The staff came up with Braves in Action, which is a day
dedicated to community service, and for the fourth time, the
students and staff at SVHS spent the day helping others.
On November 25, 2009, students and staff participated in many
projects, like rebuilding porches, Christmas tree cutting, quilting,
making food boxes, sending letters and putting together packages to
the military, reading and acting with elementary students, sewing
Christmas stockings, organizing the food bank, working at the
Thayne Senior Citizen Center, tearing down a damaged shed,
building a fence at the Child Development Center, cutting, splitting,
and delivering wood, and a few other activities. Overall, Braves in
Action is a great day, and SVHS hopes to continue this program for
many years.

McKay Erickson, Student Body

Office Advisor and
Coordinator of Braves in
Action, says, “I look forward to
the Braves in Action because
of the great opportunity it
provides to see how many
good, caring and unselfish
people we have in our
community. Where else can
you find over 320 people who
willingly go out and serve
others? I also get to see the
appreciation shown in return
by those grateful recipients of
this service.”
Photos by SVHS Staff

SVHS Administration: Homer Bennett, Activities

Director; Shannon Harris, Principal; and Shelly
Cowell, Vice Principal

A Message from Principal Shannon Harris

Polly Erickson Update
These first months of the school year have been very
busy and it’s hard to believe that the first semester is Most of you are aware that Mrs. Polly Erickson
nearly over! We have completed the fall sports and was in a serious automobile accident in
activities and the winter sports and activities are well September. She suffered damage to her right
under way. We have hosted a successful accreditation
ankle, left leg, right wrist, and internal injuries.
visit, been privileged to see our students perform a
She spent several weeks at the University of
wonderful fall musical and started construction on a
new concession stand/storage/restroom facility out at Utah Medical Center in critical condition. She
the Braves track & field. These are but a few of the has undergone several surgeries and continues
many things that have occurred at SVHS! to improve. At this time she is undergoing
rehabilitation at South Davis Community
We are pleased with all the many wonderful Hospital in Bountiful, Utah. She is appreciative
accomplishments of our students and staff, which are of the many cards, notes, calls, visits, and gifts
too numerous to mention. We encourage students and that she and her family have received from the
parents to keep an eye on their grades as we come close students, staff and community. We wish her a
to the winter break, as we only have one week left in complete recovery and all the best this holiday
the first semester upon our return in January. Let’s season. Due to a recent infection, visits must be
finish first semester on a strong, positive note.
brief, and visitors must be totally healthy and
use masks and gowns. However, she can receive
We also ask for parental support in sending your
all the mail we can send her! If you wish to send
students to school appropriately clothed during the
her something, the address is:
winter months. Please make sure that they have
appropriate footwear and cold weather clothing. In
South Davis Community Hospital
the event of a transportation or school problem, we
want our students to be appropriately attired. Also Attn. : Polly Erickson
please make sure that your students have warm
weather gear if they are traveling for activities. 401 South 400 East

For more information about upcoming events, please Room 91

visit our website at As always if you
have concerns or ideas to improve SVHS, please feel Bountiful, Utah 84010
free to contact me at 885-7847 or by e-mail at

We wish you all the best for the holidays and the
upcoming year. Travel safely, and we’ll see you after
the winter break on January 4, 2010, ready for finals